Absolute Home Mortgage Corp.

Marlton, NJ

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I am very pleased with United Capital Lenders. I was approved for a secured loan with my credit. They had me Western Union my payment to my lender directly so I could get my funds within 24 hours. I received my loan the next day as promised. They were very professional and helpful. Thanks to them my family will have the Christmas they deserve. I was extremely skeptical at first. Thank god I made the right decision.

Satisfaction Rating

I was searching for a debt consolidating loan. I was approached via email by an Al ** with United Capital Lenders. I was sent loan papers. However, the catch was I had to prepay approximately a $900.00 sum in order to get a $5000.00 loan. The best part was I was instructed on the phone by Al that my payment was to be sent by Western Union. Red flags were going off every where. He proceed to instruct me to send the money to an Alejandro ** in Barcelona, Spain. I was like really? So I did research and found another person with the same story, etc.

All I can say is that I am thankful I didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday. I can see how financial desperation would make people fall for this. Basically an overall horrible experience. Please beware of this person and company. After getting the information from Al ** for the money transfer, I immediately started researching online. I sent him a fax with a copy of information I found online and basically told him not to contact me at all or I would press some type of charges. If indeed this wasn't a scam, I would have imagined getting a return call explaining that they are for real. Needless to say that didn't happen and I really didn't expect it too either. Thankfully I still have my money!


I am happily retracting my complaint against United Capital Lenders, posted on July 31, 2010. United Capital Lenders has continued to work hand in hand with me in my attempt to refinace. Their management team stepped in the moment I ran into an issue, and together, we were able to resolve everything. Once again, I would like to thank them for all of their hard work.


I am happily retracting my complaint against United Capital Lenders which was posted on July 31, 2010. United Capital Lenders has continued to work hand in hand with me in my attempt to refinace. Their management team stepped in the moment I ran into an issue, and together, we were able to resolve everything. Once again, I would like to thank them for all of their hard work


In response to a complaint made in regards to our company by Benjamin of Morganville, NJ on July 31,2010. The borrower applied for a refinance of their primary home. We pre-qualified them based on the information that they had provided. Their debt to income was very tight due to student loans that were outstanding at the time. Benjamin's wife supplied us with a letter of deferment for the student loans to add to the file. The specific lender that we were using would not allow us to submit a loan without having an appraisal report done and included with the full submission. The appraisal was completed by a 3rd party and charged to Benjamin's credit card.

After the file was reviewed by the lender, they requested a more detailed letter from the student loan company that Benjamin's wife had said was in deferment. When the letter was received, it stated that the loans were already in repayment at this time, so that debt could not be excluded which put Benjamin's debt to income above the allowable threshold. The file at that time was declined. Benjamin's wife was notified of the denial at that time. We did say that we would continue to work on the loan and check other investors to see if we could submit it somewhere else.

At that time, Benjamin threatened to have his attorney involved if we didn't refund the appraisal fee. The service for the appraisal was completed and a report was sent to Benjamin so there was no way to refund the appraisal fee. The appraiser contacted us today to notify us that Benjamin had disputed and issued a cancel of payment for a service that was already completed which is theft of service. We have been in touch with Benjamin's wife throughout this whole process. The loan is still in processed at this time

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United Capital gave me in writing that they will refund my appraisal fee during closing. Mr. Edward ** was misleading and very unprofessional. Upon our refinance approval, he came to our house and signed all papers and waited to close the loan. It has been three weeks that Mr. Edward has not called us back. We have left over 20 several messages and never received a call back.

Then one day, a person by the name of Bill ** answered my call and told us that our loan has been declined. This is when I got a feeling that this company is very shady and very unprofessional. Now, they are refusing to give back my $500.00 appraisal fee. They should have told us before that our lending ratio was off. Instead they said that we were approved, and later, they said that it was declined. Now, nobody at this company answers their phone or tries to help us. Mr. Edward scribbled some notes and signed on the application.


The deal was they would pay off my current mortgage and add my remaining 2009 taxes to the loan. Then my house did not appraise for the value needed, so the loan was reduced and they would not pay off 2009 taxes. I tried to cancel the loan but they called the next day and told me they had worked it out with the adjusters and they would be able to include 2009 taxes.

I reminded them several times my taxes were late and accruing late charges and that a lien would be imposed March 25th but each day I spoke with them, they would tell me we are going to close the loan in a day or two. Weeks went by as they promised to close in a day or two, and on the last day before a tax lien was going to be imposed, we had settlement.

Then Northstar (loan co) called me about five days later and said nothing had been paid and my loan could not be processed because there was a lien on my taxes. When I called UCC Lenders, they said it was a mistake and they would take care of it. Then they called me back the next day telling me I had to go pay my taxes, which had now accrued additional late fines and a lien.

I quickly paid up my taxes, water and sewerage and my house insurance and provided proof to the bank, so I would not be in default of my loan. Then I promptly cancelled the loan. I requested all my personal papers be returned to me (which they were) and that my name be removed from their contact list. A week later, I started receiving calls from their office. Another sales person got hold of my name and was calling to sell me a mortgage. So my name was not removed from their contact list as requested.

I do not know what the ramifications are of having had a lien on your taxes but I am sure it cannot be good. I am almost afraid to investigate the damage that has been done to my name because of this unscrupulous company. I am overwhelmed at the sales tactics that were used and the consistent lies that were told to keep me on the hook. I am writing this complaint because I do not want other people to get taken advantage of by this company that will do anything to close a deal. Late fines, house appraisal costs, damage to my credit record with my bank and my township.

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Company Name:
Absolute Home Mortgage Corp.
Formerly Named:
United Capital Lenders