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As stated in an earlier comment, I fell behind in the payday advance trap and was advised both by someone that knows the industry and by cccsn that I couldn't get out of that trap unless I was in default or behind. So I called them each and told them I would have to make arrangements to pay them either through cccs or myself if they would work with me. I put a stop on the checks with my bank and explained why. Every one of them was notified prior to that action, they all said they had to run the check and would not work with me prior to that.

AAA formerly know as EZ Payday Advance treated me like I was just a crook out to get them even though I was a long time customer. They refused to take less than $125 every two weeks, told them I couldn't pay that much at once and proceeded to get them on cccs program after I did try to make a payment on the day they insisted but I was unable to pay $100 at one time.

Others are taking payments of $40 or $50 or less. One day they tried to call me, I was at work on the phone when saw call come through, immediately called them back this was like at 10;33 in the am, that they called. They then began calling my references, like at 10;35 when I asked about that because a friend complained to me about it.

I called them and they said it was corporate policy if they can't get a hold of you. I can understand that after repeated attempts but they called once and then immediately 2 minutes later called my friends. This is unacceptable. They called me a couple of days before the 17th, I told them I would not be able to pay that much-$100, Debbie started getting an attitude.

I told her that I put them on the cccs and they would be hearing from them in about 1 week and then getting a payment. Today, the 17th, I stopped at my bank to get cash and was told I was negative $27 because AAA did an ACH for $500 which the bank is sending back because there is a block. These people are total crooks.

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