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I had left behind my bank account information at a hotel. I didn't think anything of it because I didn't use my account. Two years later, I found out that I can't get a checking account because I have an "abused" account with Bank of America. They said I had overdrafted my account for a lot of money. I told them I had only used my account once to pay for some car insurance online. The whole purpose of me getting car insurance and a bank account was so that I could get my driver's license.

I also told the lady that I lost all of my banking information at a hotel in Texas. She started to dig more into the charges on my card and told me that 200cash.com had charged my checking account twice. Once on July 1st and the other on July 9th. Since they tried charging and the bank denied it, they gave me a fee. Well, the fees kept piling up and then they started charging me overdraft fees. Now they can't do anything. They have forwarded this to a collections agency and now I have to make payments for a long time so that I can one day have good credit. When you go to 200cash.com, it is just an affiliate website that forwards you to other sites. Obviously, they are really good scam artists or they would still be in business.

I, as a single parent, was strapped for cash. I saw an email that came to me about a loan service. I tried it, but they never told me about fees. They were supposed to put money in my account, but never did. They charged my account up to $870.87, until the bank closed the account. I feel, I shouldn't have to pay for something I didn't say yes to. Then someone called me, and threatening me. The caller said, I better get a lawyer, and that they are sending the cops to my house, because I owed them money. I told them that I never received any money, and that they stole money from me, and then he hung up on me.

Scammed me out of $19 and threatened me if I stopped payment on ACH transfer.

I have never applied for a loan. They took $19.00 from my account and I want the money back. They threw my account into negative balance and now, the bank is going to charge me $34.00 also.

200cash.com took 19 dollars out of my checking account. I do not ever remember filling out an application with them. And I did not receive any cash advance money from them. I will fill out a police report if necessary. Their phone number is 714-839-1300. I want my money back and I do not want them to go into my bank account ever again.

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This company like the others on here took money from my account, a $19.00 fee. And I never got the loan at all! I tried contacting their customer service and everything. I got ignored and turned down by emails that didn't work! This company is a fraud and should be investigated!

I applied for loan and was charged $19.00, which I did not have in the bank at the time as I did not know that they were going to charge that amount until they got all the information from me, and so I tried to cancel the transaction and could not find a way to do it on the site. I called the main office and got a recording. So I couldn't cancel out the transaction. I will be turning them into the scam hotline and my bank for a complaint and take necessary actions to get my money back.

I was charged $19.00 plus $34.00 return fee from my bank once so far, and it better not happen again as I did not receive the money I tried to borrow.

This company tried to take $19.00 out of my checking account. I did not receive any money from this rip-off company. I was given three numbers: 1-714-839-7700, 1-480-2262, and 1-714-839-1300. I spoke to a rep named Joanne, who threatened me. But I threatened her back with the BBB, Attorney General, and FBI fraud squad, which I am currently pursuing. I told them to sue me, and that they will not get any money from me, since I changed my bank account. I already spoke to my bank and requested that they not let this company have access to any money. They are affiliated with Check Gateway and numerous other companies.

This is the 2nd or 3rd time 200cash.com took $19.00 out of my checking account. I never received the payday loan I applied for months ago. Now, they have our account number and every once in a while $19.00 will come out. When I try to call them, they can’t be reached and they keep overdrawing my account. I am a disabled veteran 100 percent and I am on a fixed income. I can’t afford to give money away to rip off artists.

I was allegedly got approve for a $200.00 cash loan but they took out $19.00 from my checking account twice. I electronically signed up but never received the funds. My checking account crashed so I had to pay the bank over $200.00 to the bank. And now, I have restrictions after being with my bank for 24 years.

I applied for a loan but never received the loan, yet the company took $49 plus $19. I want my money back. I have tried to contact this ripoff company but I can't. When they call, if you say that you don't want the services, they'll hang the phone up in your face. Beware, do not apply for a loan from this company. It is a ripoff!

I contacted 200cash.com about a payday loan and they requested for my personal information. I agreed to pay an application fee and was charged for insufficient funds. They said that I didn't have to pay the fee if I cancelled my loan. I cancelled the loan request and they insisted that I still owe them the application fee. I emailed them stating that I wanted to pay that by money order. I told them that my savings account was being closed. They emailed back saying that I still owed the fee. I emailed saying that the money was in the account for them to extract but they did not take it that month, instead they requested an insufficient fee charge plus the application charge. By this time I was catching on that something was amiss.

I asked my bank to close my account and put a stop on any money going to this company. They agreed to do this, I was able to verify that I sent emails to 200cash.com that I was going to send them a money order for the charges due them. I emailed 200cash.com again letting them know that I have the money order to send to them if they would give me an address to send it to. They emailed back saying that I only owed them if my loan was approved, which it was not. I thought the matter had ended. Almost 8 months have passed and I heard nothing from them.

Until this morning when I got a phone call from a foreigner who sounded either Arabic or Indian. From the sounds in the background I could tell that this must be a prank caller. The person asked who I was. I told them and asked who they were. They refused to acknowledge who they were. They told me that they had my social security #, my license # and had my credit reports from all three major credit companies. They said , "you have contacted 200cash.com, you have defrauded the government, you will be needing a lawyer". I told them they didn't know what they were talking about, that I owed no money to 200cash.com. Then they hung up. I was shocked and baffled. I immediately freaked. I came online to see if there was any email from them and there was none. I then went to Google their address and saw these complaints from others who have been defrauded. These accounts prompted me to write to consumeraffairs.com.

I have a mental diagnosis. I suffer mental depression, obsessive compulsive disorder and mental anxiety. Receiving this phone call today has caused an emotional setback for me. I am due for an immediate follow up appointment with my physician this week of 1-10-11.

They took $19.00 out of my bank account. There is no way to contact them to cancel, and I never received anything from them. I want this to stop now. They over withdraw my bank account, and now I’m in a real tight spot. I want results now. They should be made to pay the over draft fee. They are crooks.

They charged a $19.00 processing fee. It was supposed to be charged one time only, but they charged it three times. Then after that, they charged my account $44.00 three more times. I never got any money from them. This has cost me several hundred dollars in fees to my bank. They need to be stopped. Please, help me. Thank you.

I applied for a loan and got accepted. They took 19 dollars from my bank and took 44 dollars plus 45 dollars from my account for payment, but I never got the loan. I could go to the bank and stop it but it will cost me money again. I really don't have to, but I will do it.

This is a follow up on my earlier complaint, with the phone number and the name of the bank.

I applied for a loan from them and soon after I looked them up at the Better Business Bureau and other websites and realized they were a scam. Immediately, I e-mailed them to cancel my application. They replied saying they would still take 19 dollars out of my account anyway. That's exactly the scam I read about online. They will deny the loan but still take 19 dollars. I hate a shyster so this will be my personal crusade until someone does their job and shuts them down. They make Delaware look bad and I won't do any kind of business with anyone in that state till this company is investigated and prosecuted.

I needed a short Payday loan to cover some holiday expenses and I tried to fill out a form. When I saw that I would have to pay $19.00 servicing fee, I closed out of the form, but I had already given them my account number. Sure enough they debited my account $19.00 and now I cannot get it back. And of course, no loan, just like everyone else. If you try to reverse the charge as unauthorized, they will charge your account $44.00. These people should be stopped. They are predators taking advantage of other people's misfortunes. I have been debited $19.00 in my checking account, and I am afraid since they have my account number, they will do it again. I would like my $19.00 back.

They took $30 from my account after I authorized the $19 payment to come out. After searching high and low for a real working number, I finally called to talk to the woman. She was rude, like it's my fault they took more money out of my account. She tried to convince me that it was my bank's fault and I should take it up with them. Actually, my bank was really cool about it and didn't even charge me an overdraft fee. Please call this number ** and tell her how you feel about the ridiculous scam that is going on.

I applied for a loan and did not get an answer and money was taken out my account and caused me to have a over draft. In the first place, I was not told that money was to be taken. I really would appreciate it if it was returned. Thank you.

On or about December 5, I was referred to 200Cash.com, by ACE Check Cashing. I applied for a payday loan. I understood that an application fee would be debited from my account. The application fee was taken out of my account, but I have never received my loan status. On Friday December 17, 2010, 200Cash.com, debited my checking account for $44.00 dollars. The explanation is an application fee. I have contacted my attorney, bank, and will be seeking civil charges and possible criminal charges on Monday, after contacting the Harris County District Attorney's office. I have notified the FOX, and ABC affiliate television station's consumer advocates of this situation. I refuse to be a victim of a scam! I am going to do what I can to hold the owner, and his staff (including the computer designer and system person) responsible for this "fraud", scam. This group has committed not only state crimes against the State of Texas, but perhaps Federal crimes, in violation of the Conspiracy Title.

As of April 2010 I had identity theft someone used my information to obtain a loan through a payday loan co. Was not seen nor caught since I am a single guy and work to pay my few bills which I handle just fine without a loan. The info was passed on and on to each company and now there are 13 companies that loan money and take out at least 166% interest so over the last few months they have collected several thousands of dollars from me. And since the bank said they actually loaned the money there is nothing they can do.

But these companies did not have my permission or anything else to do so. So how it was caught was they cleaned my account out 2 weeks before Christmas. They have been caught and account closed but now is too late they already have thousands of dollars of my money and it seems none want to discuss the fact that it wasn’t me that did it. Each claims I signed an online agreement which I have never or even seen one. I would never give any personnel information online to anybody at any time so it’s quite a scam these companies have and now that they have cleaned me out I have no money to fight them so what do I do?

There are 13 companies that hit me so it wasn’t just the 200cash.com. I have called these companies and some refused to talk with me because I did not have the correct information and some just hung up on me. I really give fault to my bank because when it was hit this last time I wasn’t notified but sent a bunch of overdraft fees and returned item fees. So I paid for their theft.

Beware! I placed an order for Wen hair products and was told after ordering that Sheer Cover had a promotion and to try them. Apparently, they are the same company. They would send me a trial of Sheer Cover for $9.99 and it would be a one-time deal, no automatic shipments, just a trial. Well, one month later, I was charged $206.00. I called customer service and the lady said that I was set up for automatic bill pay and they sent me a six piece set out. I was furious! I explained to her that I was told that this was a one-time charge and there would be no bill pay. These people are crooks! Seriously, I would never trust them! I have to have my bank credit me back as Sheer Cover customer service said that I have to wait until I receive the shipment, return it and then I would be credited. I do not trust them!

I recently applied for this loan. When my husband and I were expecting the cash, my husband called his account to find it was negative 51 dollars. He called to find the last transactions. It turns out it was 200 cash company really confused. We didn’t know why. The statement showed the $19 fee and bank fee from them overdrafting. We are a family of 5 and we struggle day by day. We asked for a loan for a little help and this company ** us even more. We are scared that if this doesn’t end, it will keep drawing every penny we have. We want this to be resolved ASAP even if we have to go to the news with this. How can people pry on people that need help and search for it? We go through enough already with the economy being so bad. Now people are stealing from us when we have little mouths to feed and shelter. This is just pathetic.

I did not complete the application and this company somehow tried to take money from my account. The funds were not there so my bank charged me. Then this ripoff company took $44.00 out of my account! I definitely want my money back! I am going to change my account number in the morning!

I applied for a cash advance. My bank account was debited an application fee of $19. The money was never deposited into my bank account. This company is getting rich off of unsuspecting good intentioned people seeking a temporary advance from their paychecks. This is consumer fraud!

I had applied for a loan on 11/26/2010, 200 cash, said I was approved for $700 dollars. They never mention taking money from my savings account. I did not have much to begin with little. I did have. They took it out, I had an emergency for my vehicle and my daughter I got to the bank account was zero 19.95 not much but when I needed it, it was gone. They mention nothing about money that the app. was free but is not true.

I was charged $44 dollars for nsf fees and never signed the loan agreement. When I called the number all I got was recording after recording. This caused my bank account to be overdrawn and caused other checks to bounce because I did not know about it.

Well, they took out $44.98 out of my account when I did not give them permission to. My bank is handling it right now, but I just want them to know charges are being filed.

I do not remember dealing with these people but I have $19.00 taken from my bank account without me knowing. I have neither heard a word from them nor any money. My bank account is in the red because of these people doing this.

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