There are so many different types and styles of strollers that it can be overwhelming for parents to determine which one is right for them. They might even feel compelled to buy multiple strollers to meet their different needs.

Fortunately, there are many strollers that have multiple functions, eliminating the need to spend a lot of money on several strollers. When choosing a stroller, think about how you plan on using it, whether you have the space to store it, how long you want the stroller to last and whether or not the stroller is easy for the driver to handle.

Top 10 Best Rated Strollers

Cosco strollers are designed to be simple to use while still having all the major features parents and caregivers need out of a stroller. They sell travel systems and umbrella strollers, starting at $19.
With roots going back to 1920, Evenflo manufactures durable gear for infants and children. Their stroller lineup includes jogging strollers and easy-fold strollers that are ideal for families on the go. Prices start at $99.
Maclaren revolutionized strollers in 1965 with the Baby Buggy®, which was the first stroller to collapse like an umbrella. Current models are still easy to fold and come in a range of colors and styles. Prices start at $150.
Italian company Peg Perego has been designing stylish, durable and innovative baby and children products since 1949. Their stroller options include all-terrain, strollers for multiples and classic styles and start at $249.99.
Founded in the 1950s, Graco’s lineup features three types of strollers: lightweight, three-wheel and double strollers. Many strollers are compatible with Graco’s Click Connect car seats. Prices start at $79.99.

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What features matter most when purchasing a stroller?


How you intend to use the stroller will play a major factor in the one you choose. You may find that you need to buy more than one stroller to meet all your different needs, or you might find one that can work for all occasions.

  • Regular commuting: If you regularly walk around town with your child, you will want a stroller that is durable and has the option to add weather accessories. You will likely want to find a stroller that is easy to maneuver, particularly if you will be walking on crowded city streets. If you are getting on and off subway trains or buses, look for a lightweight stroller that can fold quickly and easily.
  • Infrequent trips: If you want a stroller that you can toss in the trunk of your car for those few times when you need it, a stroller that’s easy to fold, such as an umbrella stroller, might do the trick if your child is older. Many other types of strollers are easy to fold and tuck away, so you can always have one with you without it being in your way.
  • Running/jogging: Parents and caregivers who want to take their child(ren) running with them will want to spend additional money on a jogging stroller. These strollers are specifically designed for jogging, with additional safety features other non-jogging strollers lack. Do not use any other type of stroller for jogging.
  • Transporting multiple kids: Many parents enjoy taking their children on hikes or walks on trails instead of flat pavement. If this describes your purpose, look for an all terrain stroller. These strollers have high impact wheels and tires designed for rugged terrain.


No matter your purpose for using one, you need your stroller to be reliable and durable. Take some time to test out different types of strollers in retail stores to get a feel for how they handle walking, turning and stopping.

  • Weight: Add weight to the stroller in the form of a heavy object (your diaper bag could work, or another object in the store) when you’re testing out a stroller. See if the weight difference makes it harder to handle.
  • Expensive versus cheap: In the case of strollers, you do, in many cases, get what you pay for. But not necessarily because lower priced strollers aren’t designed well or made from good materials. Cheaper models aren’t necessarily designed to be used every day. Basic umbrella strollers, for instance, aren’t designed for everyday commuting, so they will wear out faster than a stroller with a sturdier design.
  • Warranty: Strollers generally come with manufacturer, and often retailer, warranties that cover damage due to poor workmanship or factory flaws. They don’t usually cover damage that is the result of excessive use or accidents.


Strollers come in a wide range of prices, from under $20 to over $1,000. Several factors play into how much a stroller will cost, including its features, manufacturing material and durability.

  • Priced under $20-$100: You can find a decent umbrella stroller for under $20, and they can be a great option for parents in many situations. They can also be useful for grandparents and other caregivers to keep around for surprise visits. These strollers are very basic. They do not have storage capacity, and they often do not have large canopies. The price is low because there are no bells and whistles attached.
  • Priced $100-$500: The majority of strollers used for infants in America fall into this price range. These strollers are stroller systems, meaning they have added features like cargo storage space, a tray for snacks, cupholders, a speaker system and more. If you are expecting a baby, expect to pay somewhere in this price range for a nice stroller that will keep your child safe and grow with her.
  • Priced $500-over $1,000: These strollers generally have a specific purpose, and they are ideal for people who use strollers for hours every day. Strollers for doubles and triples also tend to land in this price range, since they are essentially two strollers in one.

Age/weight limit

Kids of different ages and sizes have different safety and support needs depending on how old they are and, perhaps more importantly, how much they weigh. Many strollers adapt from newborn all the way up to five years old, while others are geared for kids in specific age and weight ranges.

  • Newborns and infants: Newborns and infants under six months old and/or who cannot yet hold their head up without help need to be in a stroller that reclines. Many strollers have a bassinet that allows babies to lie down flat, while others have the option to attach a car seat so your infant can easily transfer from car to stroller without being disturbed.
  • Toddlers: Toddlers want to see everything going on around them when they’re in a stroller, so they will want to be in a stroller that is upright. If you think your toddler will nap, you may want to look at a stroller that also reclines for added comfort. Keep in mind that toddlers may not want to be strapped into a stroller, so a three- or five-point harness is essential for this age group.
  • 4-5-year-olds: Older kids tend to use strollers less frequently than infants and toddlers. They might use them for longer periods of time, however, such as a long day at the zoo or an amusement park. This means you will want a stroller that is easy for you to maneuver and that has space for cargo. Also keep an eye on weight restrictions, as some five year olds might weigh more than is safe in a particular stroller.

Safety features

Keeping your child safe is always a priority, especially when you are transporting them from one place to another. There are several safety features available on strollers that apply to different situations.

  • Recline: Any stroller used by an infant who cannot yet hold his head up without help should either mostly or fully recline. This design protects the child’s head.
  • Safety harness: Strollers for toddlers come equipped with either a three- or five-point safety harness. Both should keep your child safe and restrained while the stroller is moving. Five-point safety harnesses are found on baby joggers and cross terrain strollers.
  • Brakes: Brakes are an essential part of any stroller system, and they should be easy for you to access and use. They should be well out of reach of the child using the stroller. Make sure to use the brake any time the stroller is stopped.
  • Weight guidelines: Weight guidelines are established by manufacturers to ensure the safety of the stroller passenger. Ignoring or disregarding these guidelines can endanger a child and risk breaking the stroller.

Additional features

Strollers have many additional features and accessories available that make life easier and more fun for parents and kids alike. Some features are included with a stroller, and some need to be purchased and assembled separately.

  • Speakers: Many strollers (especially jogging strollers) have speakers and an outlet to connect an MP3 player. This is convenient to use while running, and they can also be used to play soothing music when you are taking your child on a walk to calm him/her down.
  • Weather gear: If you plan on using your stroller in all weather, you will want to buy accessories to protect your child. Rain covers, blankets and sun canopies (some with UV protection) can all keep your child comfortable in any type of weather.
  • Organizers and storage space: Having storage space and/or organizers on your stroller can make it easy to always be ready to go. Use your organizer to store diapers, wipes, snacks and anything else you will frequently use while you are out on the town with your child.

What are different types of strollers?


Umbrella strollers are lightweight, compact strollers intended for older children. They are easy to fold, store and transport. Their compact size means they do not have added features, including room for cargo, and they are the least expensive option out of all the stroller types.

Travel system

A travel system combines a stroller with a car seat, making transitioning from the car to the stroller (and vice versa) smooth and simple. These are often sold as sets, and many companies have a variety of compatible options, allowing parents and caregivers the option to mix and match their car seat and stroller.

Double or triple

Parents and caregivers with multiple children who need to use a stroller will want to look for one that is made for two or three children. These vary in configuration and weight capacity. Your choice will depend on the age of your children, whether they are twins or children of different ages and your purpose. Strollers of most types are available in double options. Select strollers are available for three children.

Jogging strollers

Jogging strollers are specifically designed to absorb the shock that comes from running. These have a three-wheel configuration and a five-point safety harness to protect the child during the run. Use only a jogging stroller to go on runs with your child, as the other types of strollers are not designed for moving at speeds faster than walking.

All terrain strollers

All terrain strollers have tires and wheels specifically designed to handle terrain other than flat pavement. These strollers provide a smooth ride on trails and are ideal for families who frequently take off-roading adventures with their stroller.

Who's it for?

Parents/caregivers with limited space

Parents who have limited storage space in their vehicle and/or home will want a stroller that folds easily. When you are shopping for strollers, ask if you can take the test model out to your vehicle to see how it fits inside the back or trunk. There are many safe and durable stroller options that become compact when folded.

Parents/caregivers of multiples

Parents with more than one child may want a stroller that can fit two or three children at a time. These strollers are more expensive than single strollers, but they can make it significantly easier to go places.

Active parents/caregivers

Parents and caregivers who are active and plan to hike or run with their child will want a baby jogger and/or an all-terrain stroller, based on the activities they enjoy. These types of strollers are specifically designed for active lifestyles and have safety features in place to ensure the child enjoys a fun, smooth ride.

Urban families

Families who live in an urban center, who frequently walk and/or take their stroller on public transportation, will want a stroller that is durable and easy to maneuver. A lightweight stroller will make it easier to take on and off a subway or bus. These parents will likely use their stroller every single day, so it is worth buying one that has additional features and is made from dependable materials.

Company reviews

  • Cosco Strollers

    Cosco was founded over 70 years ago, as the Columbus Specialty Company. They make all types of baby gear, including car seats, play yards, high chairs and strollers. Their travel systems and umbrella strollers are available at several major retailers in store and online.

    • Best for Cosco strollers are best for budget-conscious parents and those needing an umbrella stroller and/or travel system.
  • Graco Strollers

    Graco became a household name in the 1950s when they introduced the first baby swing. They continue to innovate, revolutionizing the baby gear market with products like the pack and play and travel stroller. Today they make three-wheel, lightweight and double strollers, which can be found at major retailers around the world.

    • Best for Graco strollers are best for families needing a double stroller and new parents.
  • Evenflo Strollers

    Evenflo has been around since 1920, when they specialized in baby feeding products. Today, the company specializes in larger infant and child gear, including car seats, booster seats, cribs and strollers.

    • Best for Evenflo strollers are best for active families.
  • Britax Strollers

    Britax has been a leader in manufacturing child safety products for over 70 years. They specialize in car seats and also make baby carriers, travel systems and strollers.

    • Travel Systems: Britax’s travel systems are designed with the highest safety standards, ensuring a smooth, safe ride for your child, whether she is in her car seat or in the stroller seat.
    • Customizable option: Britax’s Affinity stroller is fully customizable, so you can have your dream stroller. This high-end stroller is available in a wide range of colors, and accessories are available to adapt it to your specific stroller needs.
    • Double stroller: The B-Agile is available in a side-by-side configuration to comfortably fit two children. This model is lightweight, making it easy to maneuver, fold and carry.
    • Replacement parts: Order replacement parts, such as extra wheels, frame replacement, arm bar cover and more, right from the Britax website.
    • Wide availability: Buy Britax strollers and other gear at national retailers across the country and online. Visit their website to see all the retailers that carry Britax products.
    • Best for Britax strollers are best for families with infants who want a high end travel system.

  • Peg Perego Strollers

    Peg Perego has been delivering quality family products such as high chairs, car seats, riding toys and strollers since 1949. Find their products at major retailers nationwide and online.

    • Best for Peg Perego strollers are best for parents of multiples, active parents and caregivers.
  • InStep Jogging Strollers

    One of Pacific Cycle’s five brands, InStep specializes in jogging strollers. Their strollers are available as fixed-wheel or swivel wheel. They also sell bicycle trailers, pedal cars and accessories for their products.

    • Best for InStep jogging strollers are best for active parents and caregivers, including those with multiple children.
  • Maclaren Strollers

    Maclaren revolutionized strollers in 1965 with the invention of the umbrella stroller. Known for their stylish design and lightweight convenience, Maclaren’s luxury strollers are popular among parents around the world.

    • Best for Maclaren strollers are best for parents and caregivers of multiple children and those seeking a luxury umbrella stroller.
  • Baby Jogger

    Baby jogger was founded in 1984 and delivered jogging strollers to active parents who wanted to jog with their toddlers. The company now offers several different types of strollers, all with the same fundamental purpose of allowing parents to take their children with them anywhere they go.

    • All terrain strollers: Baby Jogger offers several all terrain strollers, allowing parents to take their children anywhere and everywhere. These strollers have all-terrain wheels and additional features for children’s comfort and safety.
    • Double strollers: Baby Jogger has several all terrain and jogging strollers available as double strollers. Their side-by-side design keeps kids safe and gives both of them an up-close view of the scenery as parents hike, walk or jog behind them.
    • Age range: All of Baby Jogger’s strollers are designed for children ages six months to five years old to comfortably fit in. Babies should not be placed in the upright seat of a Baby Jogger stroller without a car seat until they are strong enough to hold their head up without any help (usually around the time they are six months old).
    • Adaptable for infants: Infants can still cruise around in a Baby Jogger, even if they cannot sit in one unsupported. Baby Jogger sell car seat adapters and bassinets that easily transform many of their strollers into travel systems. Some models, including the Vue, City Mini®, City Mini® ZIP, City Mini® GT, City Lite, City Elite, Summit and F.I.T., have an increased reclining angle that is safe for newborns.
    • Colorful options: There are several colorful options available for Baby Jogger strollers, including red, blue, lime, gray and more.
    • Best for Baby Jogger strollers are best for parents and caregivers who are active and/or who frequently take their babies and toddlers for walks on unusual terrain.

  • Bugaboo Strollers

    Bugaboo is a Dutch company that was founded in 1999. The original design of a modular stroller that can be used and taken anywhere remains the core of their business. Find Bugaboo strollers at major retailers around the world and online.

    • Customize your design: Choose your stroller’s frame, canopy color and seat color for a totally customizable experience. Strollers are available in up to 64 unique color combinations.
    • Mono, duo and twin options: The Bugaboo Donkey stroller is available for one child, two children of different ages/sizes or for twins. There are 17 unique configurations, allowing for the ultimate in flexibility for parents and caregivers.
    • All terrain option: Ideal for parents and caregivers who vary the terrain they take their strollers on, the Bugaboo Buffalo has is designed for all-terrain performance. This stroller grows with your child, taking you from infant to toddler with a bassinet that converts to a seat.
    • Runner stroller: The Bugaboo Runner is available as either a complete jogging stroller or as an easy click-and-go accessory for current Bugaboo owners. The seat of the complete jogging stroller is reversible.
    • Accessories: Add accessories to your Bugaboo to complete the stroller experience and keep your child comfortable in all types of weather. There are many accessories available, including an organizer, smart phone holder, sun canopy, tray, footmuff, mosquito net and more.
    • Best for Bugaboo strollers are best for parents and caregivers looking for a high-end stroller with the durability to withstand frequent use.

  • UPPAbaby

    Run by two parents who use their first-hand experience with strollers and baby gear as inspiration for their products, UPPA Baby is an American company that offers parents several stroller options for babies and toddlers.

    • Infant specific strollers: UPPA Baby’s MESA stroller is designed for infants weighing 4-35 pounds and measuring up to 32 inches. These strollers feature the SmartSecure System, which includes a visual red to green indicator to alert parents when their child is safely strapped in and when they need to be adjusted.
    • Adjustable handle: Some of UPPA Baby’s strollers include a telescoping handlebar, which adjusts to meet the height of individual drivers. This is ideal for instances when multiple caregivers plan to use the stroller frequently.
    • Options for multiples: Several of UPPA Baby’s strollers have an option for multiples. The Vista, for instance, has options for several combinations: baby/toddler, toddler/toddler, twin babies and three children. The G-Link has flexible options for two children of varying ages/sizes.
    • Adjustable strollers: The Cruz stroller easily adjusts and grows with your child, adapting from newborn to toddler with ease.
    • Safety notices: Stay up to date on the latest safety notices, recalls and warnings on your UPPA Baby stroller by visiting the Safety Notice section of the company’s website. Request a replacement or new part as needed to address the recall or safety notice straight from UPPA’s website.
    • Best for UPPA Baby strollers are best for parents and caregivers seeking a state of the art stroller for one or more children.

  • BOBgear Strollers

    Founded in 1994, BOB’s first product was a bike trailer. They added jogging strollers to their lineup a few years later, most famously with their IRONMAN stroller which debuted in 2003. The company was acquired by Britax in 2011.

    • IRONMAN strollers for endurance athlete parents: The IRONMAN stroller isn’t a typical jogging stroller. It is designed for endurance athletes who want to take their kid (or kids) along for the ride. Features include tires built for speed, adjustable padded handlebar for flexibility, two step fold for convenient transport, fully upright seated position, extra large UPF 50+ canopy to protect children from the weather and more.
    • Sport utility strollers: BOB has several strollers made for rugged terrain, making it simple to take your child on any adventure instead of limiting you to pavement. It can have a car seat adapted onto it easily for infants.
    • Strollers for doubles: Many of BOB’s strollers are designed for two children, even their IRONMAN strollers.
    • Stroller Strides fitness stroller: Take your walks with your child to new levels by joining Stroller Strides and turning everyday walks into intense cardio fitness routines. Classes are available around the country, and consumers receive a free week of classes just by purchasing a Stroller Strides stroller from BOB.
    • Travel system compatibility: Find car seats that are compatible with your BOB stroller on their website, and turn any stroller into a travel system.
    • Safety notices: Stay up to date on the latest safety news, information and recalls on your BOB stroller by visiting the safety notices section of their website. Call their customer service team toll free to take care of the recall and ensure your stroller’s safety.
    • Best for BOB Gear strollers are best for parents who are active and/or who frequently run or walk with a stroller on rugged terrain.