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The parent's tray of the stroller Graco Quatro Tour Travel System can fall over baby if the sun canopy is not completely in the upper position. An accident would have happened had my baby been in the stroller at the time the tray fell.


I am completely infuriated by the Graco travel system i bought. While the snug ride seat is great the stroller is a big piece of junk. I have only used it a half dozen times, spent 350.00 on this system and screws are popping off the frame left right and center. I am a single mother on a budget and this cost a large chunk of savings to get, my son was born in the fall so we didn't even use it until this past 2 mos with spring arriving. He only weighs 17lbs and is 7mos old, well within weight range

I cannot afford to go out and purchase another and Graco will only send new screws, i do not feel this system is safe. Why does the entire thing have to fall apart before i will be compensated?


I purchased a Graco Lite Rider and shortly after the front wheel snapped off. I called Graco and they refused to send out a new wheel (I got it as a gift and did not have the receipt). I returned the entire stroller to the store for a new one, and within 1 week the front wheel snapped off. I returned it again for a third stroller and wrote Graco a letter asking them switch to a safer model. The Graco rep said that they had far safer models but were unable to help. They basically told me to return the stroller and buy someone else's product. Graco customer service was horrendous.

Damage was 2 strollers breaking with my newborn son inside.


The Car seat does not snap into the shopping carts the cover for the car seat is ripping I can not shop with her in the back or I have to pull another cart which is very hard to do when I have 3 other kids and my husband is serving overseas. I Paid over 145.00 for this stroller.


After setting up the stroller, latching it in place, placing diaper bag and my two children (21 months and 9 months) in stroller it colapsed and folded up on them. It trapped my youngest daughter in the middle and sent my older daughter crashing face first into the cement parking lot. It took a minute to get the stroller unfolded.

My younger daughter was unhurt, but my older daughter had a laceration on her head and swelling. She had to be taken to the ER for a CT Scan and evaluation. There was no concussion; however, she does have a bruise on her forehead.We incurred the cost of ER bills and the stroller needs to be replaced.

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I purchased a Graco Lite Rider Stroller(Day of Hunny model) three months ago. A few weeks after the purchase one of the wheels came off while pushing a brand new baby. Then my husband fixed it and then this past weekend two more wheels came off. This is a serious hazard when you have a new tiny baby.

I set up the stroller correctly and set my son in it. He is one year old and 23 lbs, well within the stroller's weight limit. After I buckled him in, the stroller collapsed and folded. It snapped down on his head and he was trapped. I had to struggle to open the stroller which took at least a full minute.

My son now has a black eye that was very swollen for the first two days. I have been searching for contact information for this company and have only found numbers that do not work. I am very upset. The stroller was purchased new and never damaged. It is called "Adventure Elite"


For my baby shower I received a Coach Rider stroller. The stroller is spacious and beautiful but I have had nothing but problems with it since I have had it. The car seat/ carrier portion of the stroller will not grasp on to shopping carts when I take my daughter shopping with me. Hence, I am left with no choice but to put my daughter in the larger portion of the cart, leaving no room for food.

Another problem that I have faced ever since my daughter could sit up is that the stroller will not allow her to sit up. I am forced to put her in the stroller with a few pillows behind her. At first the back of the stroller would stay up temporarily but not it falls down every time. This stroller was a little shy of $200.00 and I am outraged with the quality of this product. I would appreciate it if you would allow me to send this stroller in for repair because it isn't suitable for my child.

My daughter enjoys seeing the world around her when we go strolling around the park but she is not able to do so. I am embarrassed to take her outside in a stroller that is defective. I cannot afford to buy another stroller and I don't think I should have to.

I purchased a Graco travel system for my daughter for Christmas. Within the first week the left rear wheel fell off, also the right front wheel does not touch the ground making it difficult to control, also the carseat handle and screws are very poorly made.

My daughter is 2 years old and does not have the force to break anything on this stroller/carseat combo. I find this to be very disturbing. I paid $49.99 for this and am now stuck with something thaT IS BROKEN. I could not afford it to begin with, but now I'm stuck with something that is garbage!


I have the Duo Graco stroller that has the straps that can't be adjusted. The foot holes for the child in the back are also too small for my child's feet. Also, while at the park, I set the brakes and was attending to my 3-year-old and the stroller went down the hill and my child landed upside down in the creek. This was horrible, my son was soaked, had scratches on his chest, and was terrified of the stroller for about a week.

The weight of the child in the front pulled the stroller down the hill. Nowhere did it say when I bought this stroller that when only one child is in the stroller that the brakes won't hold. When I got to the stroller the brakes were still on but my son had flipped over.

This could have been much worse, had I not gotten him immediately he could have drowned and there were lots of rocks in the creek that could have hurt his head a lot worse. I have not contacted Graco due to the fact that their website is always down when I try.

I have a problem with my Graco stroller. The straps, which secure my children, do not move. I cannot make them bigger and the opening in which the child's feet go is not big enough for me to get them in and out safely and easily.

The stroller is going on 6 months old. When I tested it the kids were smaller and I had no reason to think that it would become a problem.

I called Babies R Us and talked to a customer service representative, Karen, I told her I was having some problems with the stroller, it was 5 months old and could I bring it in to exchange it for a different kind.

She asked me if I had the receipt, I said yes, she said no problem, come on in and a specialist from that department would help me find a new stroller that best suits my needs.

I arrived at the store and the manager, Adam spoke to me I told him the problems and he himself tried to adjust the straps and could not.

He told me that he could not exchange the stroller for it was after the 90-day return period and all he could do was call Graco, which he tried and could not get thru and told me to call them when they got back from lunch.

He said Graco would not take the stroller back for credit because of the 90-day period and it was not a resellable item.

When I called Graco they told me that this is a design problem and not defective. She could send me a new seat. The straps are all the same and there is a 5-inch opening for the child to get her feet through which should be enough space.

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Graco became a household name in the 1950s when they introduced the first baby swing. They continue to innovate, revolutionizing the baby gear market with products like the pack and play and travel stroller. Today they make three-wheel, lightweight and double strollers, which can be found at major retailers around the world.

  • Click Connect: Graco’s Click Connect infant car seats are all compatible with any Graco stroller that features the Click Connect logo. This makes it easy for parents to customize a travel system by choosing the best car seat and best stroller.
  • Easily find replacement parts: Graco’s website has a search function built for replacement parts. This makes it easy to track down and order the part(s) you need for your stroller or other Graco product.
  • Community connection and alerts: Follow Graco’s Facebook page to join the Graco community and also to receive information about alerts and recalls. They also have live and active Instagram and Twitter feeds.
  • Gear for families with multiple children: Graco has several products for twins and siblings, including their Pack ‘n Play with twins bassinet and their double strollers. Double strollers are available as either side-by-side or front-and-back style, and most fit infants and youth.
  • Personalized registry: Answer a few questions about your lifestyle and budget to receive a personalized registry, which has top suggestions of a variety of Graco products based on how you will use them. Sign up for a free account with Graco so you can save your favorite items to share with family and friends or to keep for yourself.
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