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Took my 84 year old mother to Sears Optical in White Oak, MD today and she saw Dr. Angela **. Best appointment she has ever had. Loved the staff and Dr. **. A special thanks to all at Sears Optical in White Oak, Maryland.

I went in and had an eye exam for glasses and contacts. The doctor was awful but I got my contacts and since my insurance will only pay for glasses or contacts I got contacts and planned on getting glasses the following year. Eyeglass prescriptions are good for two years... Well not at Sears. Found that out today when I went to get it so could get my glasses. They said all prescriptions only last 1 year with them. Please go anywhere else besides Sears. They are no good.

OMG. I will never go back to Sears - The eye doctor sucked but it was what I could afford. I received my receipt for my eye exam and glasses - which I then submit to my insurance. Well they want the actual exam breakdown with the medical codes and all that or they will not reimburse me - logical - I called back Sears to explain that I needed from the doctor the actual eye exam form for insurance - not just a paid receipt. This is month 2. Months later 4 calls and I still don't have it. Keep getting the "we will call you back" - "have to talk to the manager" - "have to talk to the doctor" - and no one has ever asked for this before REALLY!!! So I guess I am out the 80.00 reimbursement for the exam.

Nightmare - from getting the right prescription, to the correct fit on frames. Ordered frames from New York, brought them in for prescription lenses. Have been dealing with Sears back and forth now for over 8 months. Finally got the prescription right, but now frames are ruined. Nightmare...:( This is Sears Optical in Citrus Heights, Ca.

4/15/2016 Paid for glasses and eye exam 4/15/2016. Told doctor I had eye infection and the medical DR requested I be in silicone contacts. They also checked my old glasses and stated they have the wrong prescription in them. Old glasses have 6.50 - 6.75. Glasses came in and I picked them up with contacts. I said the Biofinity contacts work. Came in to get fitted for contacts. Asked them to fix my eye strain. Gave me another eye exam. I had to explain to ** that I came in here for eye strain and also to include eye infection. Small argument took place. She stated I only came in for eye infection. #miscommunication here. Not sure why she gave me another eye exam? But then proceeded to write me a prescription that is the same as my old glasses and to include are the same as my contact prescription. Ridiculous and unprofessional. Regardless of what I came in for I should get the problem solver.

Lady #2 states we can send the glasses back and take the high index off the glasses. I also asked her why the glasses prescription is different in both eyes. She stated I have astigmatism. I called and asked them to call me back. Nobody called me back so I just came up there again. Wasting some more of my time. Asked Donna (Lady #1) why did my prescription is lower now. She stated that it depends on where she measured my eyes. Received refund for glasses. I ALSO gave Donna a piece a paper to help her explain to ** that my old prescription doesn't need to be on my eyes. Also I requested a refund and she said she will tell **.

I called but nobody called me back. Again. 5/14/2016 I asked to speak to her boss. She said she is the boss. I demanded a refund. Dr. refused because she said she tried her best but can't figure it out. Also stated that she can write me the prescription for 7.25. Well if you can't figure it out then she should give me a refund for what she can't figure out. 5/16/2016 Stated she used a starting point from doctor **. Ridiculous. Why do you need a starting point from another doctor to do a eye exam?

Solution: Came to the conclusion that this doctor doesn't know what she is doing. I also will try to seek a refund of $55 because she refused to do so. Confirm that the first and second time she gave me the eye exam it was a real eye exam. I'm trying to figure out why my eye sight changed so drastically. "Did you give me a eye exam or were you just checking my eyes?" 5/18/2016. Contacted Sears Customer service again on 5/23/2016. Wrote a analysis up and dropped this work paper off to them printed 5/23/2016. Horrible Sears transaction. Very unprofessional services. Never came and spoke with me personally until after the case was over and she stated she can't help a refused to give refund.

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I purchased my glasses from Sears for 4 years. In 2014 I ordered a pair of sunglasses with my regular glasses. I received my glasses in about 2 weeks, but it took over 4 months to get my sunglasses. I was so upset with Sears that I did not get my glasses from them after that. Last year it was 3 years after the sunglass incident, I decided to give Sears a try again, so I ordered my regular glasses from them. BIG MISTAKE.

Getting help to order was a task in itself. It took 3 visits to get someone to help me. When I did receive the glasses, they were not right. The lady would not return them (although Sears has a 90 day satisfaction that comes with the glasses), she would not adjust them either. They hurt my ears and nose, the lenses are not right. I have worn them for MAYBE 12 hours out of a year. Needless to say I will NOT be getting this year's glasses from Sears. Go to JCPenney, they have a great selection, great prices (cheaper than Sears), friendly employees, they are helpful, and they will work with you!

The glasses I purchased in September 2015 are the worst pair of glasses I have owned in the 25 years I been wearing glasses. You can only clean the lenses with soap and that doesn't last long before they are smudged terribly. Even lens cleaner will not clean the lenses. I never had trouble with my distance vision but with these lenses I do.

I bought glasses at Sears Optical in Midland, Texas. A very nice and knowledgeable man helped me. When the glasses arrived, there was a lady there instead of the nice man. I asked her to adjust the glasses and she refused. She said that she would be blamed if she messed them up so I would have to come back the next day for the man to adjust them. I came back and the man did a great job. Since then, I have been in twice for adjustment.

The first time, the lady acted like she didn't want to adjust them and just bent the earpiece a little and gave them back to me. This made them fit even worse than when I came in. I went back today to ask for an adjustment and the lady was on the phone. She told me that she was on the phone and I would need to come back in 15 minutes when she was finished. I told her that I could not come back in 15 minutes because I had to be at work in 20 minutes. She then told me that I had to at least give her time to put her call on hold. I left and went to work. After work, a nice lady at Eyemart Express adjusted my glasses, even though I didn't buy them there. Do not buy glasses at Sears. Evidently, it takes a major effort to get them to service their products.

My kids and I received exams and new glasses without any problems last year (4 people). All of our glasses were around the $100 limit of the insurance and we had a variety of choices. I just called for a contact lens appointment for myself (one year later) and the office set me up to see the doctor tomorrow. I will be seeing the same doctor as I saw last year. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient.

I went to Sears for glasses, given the wrong Rx in glasses. Verified by eye dr. there. Gave them a chance to make me new ones. When I picked them up from Neil employee, was told they were right and I had to get use to them. I realizes they gave me the wrong Rx again for the second time. I have gone back numerous times and there is always a problem. I asked for my money back and was told "That's not gonna happen".

Beware of the bait and switch. They will tell you, you get two glasses for the price of one but by the time they offer you all the special discounts and suck $479.00 out of your wallet you find you are paying double the price of their competitor for one pair! We were already shocked when the total came to almost $500.00 knowing how cheap the glasses are and how long they last but when given the total we paid.

The wait was one week more than promised and when we finally got them in, we were told we owed more than the money we paid in full to place the order. We needed to pay $80.00 more for the eye exam. So they tacked on $80.00 to bill already paid in full! You don't just leave $80.00 off the total and then come back 2 weeks later and say "oh, by the way, we didn't charge you for the eye exam." Had we known all of it was going to cost beyond our budget we would have declined the order. My husband and I are on a fixed income, both disabled and have limited funds. Sears should be ashamed of themselves. It's as if the manager saw that the sales clerk didn't charge enough because of the so called discounts and they came back and tacked more on.

Never go to Sears for anything. No wonder they are going out of business. I gave up on Sears years ago when they scammed me on lousy tires that unraveled and blew up. They refused to honor the warranty and corporate never responded to my complaint for that problem. The craftsman tools that used to be great, are all made in China now and rust out in your garage within a year. I decided to give them one more chance and this is the thanks we get. Forget Sears. They are nothing but a scam operation treading water with concrete blocks attached. We haven't even picked up the glasses yet and these are the problems we had. I can just imagine how long the glasses will last before breaking.

I'm from Australia. I was holiday in San Francisco and popped into Sears Oakland. I saw the deal, 2 for $186. I went in with my script and they organized them for me. I had them posted to a friend in Iowa, although they didn't do that, so had to call and get them sent to Chicago. They have been awesome. We are off to LA this year. I'm due for new specs. Guess where I'm going. Here, they cost $1000 per unit!

I bought some glasses from Sears Optical in Twin Falls Idaho. I could not see anything. Everything was blurry. I called and told the receptionist that I could not see. She responded by telling me that I just needed to get used to the new prescription. So I waited two more weeks and called again. She was rude and told me to come in but insinuated that I was being a difficult customer. It turned out that the lenses were reversed in the frame. No wonder I couldn't see. The new glasses came and I still could not see out of them. I called - got the same runaround about eyes adjusting to the prescription etc. So I took them to a different eye center they told me that it wasn't even close to my prescription and they were supposed to be trifocals and they were not! I called Sears Optical and the receptionist told me that my warranty was up & they couldn't do anything for me. My advice is, go to a higher quality service. Your eyes are worth it!

Sears Optical, 200 Whitehall Mall, Whitehall, PA 18052 - I got a pair of glasses from Sears for the 1st time July 2014. They were wonderful and I was very satisfied. I get a new pair every year so I went back to them late November 2015 for my next pair and was very disheartened. I could not wear the glasses. It felt like my right eye was being pulled to the center and I could not see across the street. I left them there and they had me come back when the doctor was there. I came back, he checked the glasses, bent them, and I was able to see a little better but I felt like my eyes were being pulled forward. They told me to wear them for a week to used to them. I wore them for 9 days and had to take them back. My eyes felt strained constantly and I found myself taking them off repeatedly to rub my eyes. I could not see any distance especially at night.

I took them back and the doctor changed my prescription to my old glasses from 2014. When I went to get the second pair I experience a slight double vision from about 10 feet forward. This was my 5th time there and they wanted me to come back again when the doctor was there. I asked if they changed labs from 2014 and they assured me they were using the same lab for 30 years. I immediately asked for my money back. They did refund my money, less my shopping points but would not refund the eye exam. I asked to speak to the manager and the manager told me it was like going to a medical doctor that couldn't cure you. I could not have my exam money back. Monday I started asking my co-workers if they heard anything about Sears Optical.

A passer-by overheard me, stopped and started telling me about her husband having the same problem. She also told me about her friend who has been wearing glasses since she was 9 and could not see out of her Sears lens. Sears also told her to take them home and wear them. She flatly refused and explained she has been wearing glasses her whole life and knows there is a problem. They did refund this lady's friend and husband's money but not the exam. I plan on polling more people to see if anyone else had a problem. Don't get me wrong. The service was wonderful but, I truly feel we should have gotten our exam money back as well. They didn't have to cure anything. They only had to correct.

Aug 2015 went in for new glasses - paid almost $500.00 - received new pair of glasses. Upon receiving I complained about everything being "fuzzy" - was told to wear them a certain way and try them for a while. Returned several times (3 to 4) during a 3 month period with no results - continually told to "try this", "you have to get used to them". Finally on Nov 20, 2015 I returned them and asked for a "new" pair, was told by Donald that that is not an option now, but he will "see what he can do". It is now Dec 3, 2015 and I have not heard anything from these folks.

I purchased a pair of glasses from Sears Optical Concord NH. The lens of one side of the glasses was very loose where I could wiggle the lens in the frame. I returned the glasses to get repaired. The clerk told me to "keep the glasses and new ones would be made". She never mentioned I had to keep the glasses until the new ones came in. I went to pick up the new glasses and was told I could not have them because I did not bring in the defective glasses. Unfortunately I did not keep the defective glasses and I called the Sears Optical District Manager and he would not release the glasses to me. I lose $164.99.

Sears Optical staff was very friendly. I tried on several pairs of glasses and found ones that fit my face. I didn't get the 1 year warranty should something happen to them, budget control. I kept my pair I wear now for back up. The older, older pair, I donated to The Lions Club. I liked Sears Optical. Hope the new pair look good when the lenses are put in.

On 8/24/15 I made an online appointment with Sears Optical at the Western Hills location in Cincinnati. On Friday 8/28/15 I arrived 10 minutes early for my 10:45 am appointment and was told they don't have me scheduled and there was no Doctor there! I showed the receptionist a print out that said I had an appointment, but she said it must have been a computer glitch because the Doctor had blocked out that time. She asked if I would like to reschedule and I told her "no thanks I'll go someplace else". To be fair they might have good doctors and products, but I wouldn't know. I walked outside and saw another place in the same strip mall and they got me in to see the Doctor almost right away and I had my new glasses within a few hours.

I purchased a pair of Versace Frames offline, and I took the frames and my prescription to the Newmarket Fair Mall Sears to have lenses put in. I spoke to a salesperson who read the prescription and quoted me a price on everything I wanted to be included in my lenses. The sales was completed, a quote of 7 to 10 days indicated.

Fast forward to when they were to be in. I called the store and my salesperson took my information, apparently saw in the system that there was a problem, which was never relayed to me. He stated he had a lot of customers and would call me back. Time passed, no call. Next day I called, at that time he stated there was a problem and it depended on how I took it, if it was good or bad. I was advised that they had broken my frames, and that they had a pair of frames that just happened to come in that I could have. I went in, the frames did not fit my taste. I advised the salesman that Lenscrafter had them in the Patrick Henry Mall. He stated that he would open the store and go to the mall that I told him had them, and since I worked nearby he would check to make sure I was satisfied and get the problem fixed.

I waited, and no call by 3 pm that next day. I called the store and he acted like he didn't know me, and then he stated he had been so busy, he had not had a chance to do what he said he would do. Now, I'm feeling angry. Ultimately, he advised me since I did not buy the frames from Sears, I was out of luck. The problem is, he NEVER stated that to me during the transaction. He basically did I was out of luck and he would try to make it right, but he provided a bunch of reasoning and excuses as to why I was kind of out of luck.

I called the management of Sears, left a message, in which I was called by original salesperson to tell me, "Sears management could do nothing." I was told I could pick a frame from Sears. If I wanted what a Sears had to offer, I would have brought it from them in the first place. So with all that said, Sears optical will say and do anything to make the sale, but will dismiss you for any concerns after the fact. My advise would be to shop someplace else, where there is crystal clear customer service after the sale.

My wife and I paid over $1,200 for eyeglasses and "FREE" sunglasses in July of 2015. The eye exam was pleasant, but the process of buying the frames and lenses was a nightmare. The salesman was very pushy, talking us out of the frames we liked and instead pushing us to get frames that we didn't really care for. He also told us that we needed to get the progressive bifocal prescription lenses for our sunglasses, even though we didn't want the reading portion to be part of the sunglasses. He told us we wouldn't be able to see the dash gauges in our cars properly without the progressive lenses. Well first we got a call that our order was in. Drove all the way to the store only to find out that just our sunglasses were in. Why would they call us in for only half of our order?

Well wearing the sunglasses gives us both a headache. The long distance (top) portion of the lenses are good, but the progressive bifocal prescription was a horrible idea for our sunglasses. Looking down at our dash gauges is just a blurry mess. We have to tip our heads way down in order to see the gauges clearly. This is obviously not a safe way to drive. A few days later our regular eyeglasses arrived at the store. My wife called them to check on our order, and they told her the glasses were in. Sears never bothered to call us to tell us the glasses were in. After picking up our eyeglasses, we have found that the progressive line is way too high, and we cannot sit and look straight at anything as it is blurry. I understand that you need to tip your head to some degree when using progressive lenses, but you shouldn't have to tip your head way down just to see things clearly straight ahead.

Of course we are both somewhat unimpressed with the frames that the salesman talked us into as well. So in the end, we spent over $1,200 for glasses that we do not like and cannot wear. I would like to buy my glasses elsewhere, but Sears never bothered to give us our written prescription. I paid for the eye exam, so why wouldn't I receive a copy of my prescription? I'm sure this is to try and force you to buy your glasses from Sears. After arguing over the phone, they have agreed to give us a written copy of our prescription if we drive back down to the store to pick it up. So, one trip to get our eye exam and order our glasses. Another trip to pick up our order, only to find out that it was just our sunglasses that came in. Another trip to pick up our regular eyeglasses. Finally a fourth trip just to drive in and pick up our prescription.

My wife has called the corporate headquarters several times, but they refuse to get involved. So we are going to make a fifth trip to Sears Optical to try and get our money back. What a complete waste of time and money! Sears isn't just losing a future customer for eyeglasses, but also for appliances, lawn equipment, clothing, and housewares items. Sears used to be a company that we felt good about doing business with. I guess times have really changed over the past few years. :-(

Waiting for 50 mins for my appt. Still not seen.

First I want to make clear that I think Dr. ** did a great job with both of my eye examinations and I thought she was very professional each time. My initial appointment was on Friday, May 29th at 2:00 P.M. I had my eye examination and then ordered one pair of regular glasses as well as a pair of sunglasses for two pair total. I received a call from Sears optical the following Friday, June 5th that my glasses were ready and I was impressed with how quickly they were done, (exactly one week).

I went in on Saturday morning, June 6th and had them fitted by ** the manager. I wore them all weekend and had two problems. First, I could not see well out of them at all and was disappointed with my distance vision which was very blurry. Second, neither pair fit me well. The regular pair hurt my nose so bad by Sunday afternoon I couldn't wear them any longer and the sunglasses were so loose they kept sliding down my nose. I called Sears Optical back on Monday, June 8th to let them know the problems I was having. I talked to ** and she said to come in after I got off work and she would re-fit them for me. I had the re-fitting done, waited a few days to see if my vision improved and it did not. My distance vision was still very blurry.

I called Sears Optical again on Friday June 12th, again spoke to **, and let her know I just couldn't see well out of these new glasses. She then said I would have to have a 2nd exam by Dr. ** and this was scheduled at 10:45 on Saturday, June 13th. I was told after the 2nd exam that my first prescription was not strong enough and so two new sets of lenses were re-ordered.

I assumed these would take about a week just like the first pair so I waited about a week and a half and called to check the status of my new lenses. I called on Tuesday, June 23rd, (10 days after my 2nd exam), and was told by the girl that answered at Sears Optical that she would check the status of my order and call me right back. I left her my cell number but never got a call back. I waited until Thursday, June 25th and called Sears Optical again. This time I spoke to ** the manager and she said because my prescription is so strong it takes longer but my lenses should be in any day.

This made no sense since they only took a week the first time, why would it take longer the second time? I waited until Tuesday, June 30th and called Sears Optical again and this time talked to **. She said she would have to get on the website to check my order and would call me back. She called me back about 15 minutes later and said the lab received my order on June 25th. I told her that's 12 days after my exam why did it take so long? Of course she didn't know. I honestly feel that Sears Optical forgot to order my glasses and if I wouldn't have called back on June 23rd and June 25th, they still wouldn't be on order.

I am not happy at all with the service I have received. I feel that I was lied to about why they were taking so long and the fact is both pairs of glasses do not fit correctly and I cannot see well out of them. I am going to request a full refund and will try a different optometrist.

Someone I know went to Sears Optical. Because he has a disability and needs accommodation he was treated in a deplorable manner. The Sears Optical manager ** broke his eye glasses when adjusting them and them blamed him and his disability. His disability has nothing to do with the eye glasses breaking because ** broke them. Later optometrist Dr ** would not give him contacts because of his disability and the situation continued to deteriorate to the point ** became openly hostile, gave him dirty looks was outright rude and hateful acting and Sears Optical staff were crossing the line with their obvious malicious attitude.

He had to complain to California Fair Employment and Housing and accuse Sears Optical of discrimination and eventually Sears Optical corporate worked things out, however, this still does not change the fact that Sears Optical staff in Bakersfield were horribly unprofessional, rude and even engaged in unlawful discrimination. I would recommend people with disabilities avoid Sears Optical in Bakersfield. Sears Optical optometrist ** still engages in unlawful discrimination, when he requested his prescription she initially refused and only complied when he complained to the Optometry Board. Then she retaliated against him for complaining to fair housing and employment and board by writing a letter saying she will not be his optometrist anymore, the complaint against ** remains open.

Dr. ** has no regard for the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Unruh act and discrimination laws and regulations and engaged in unprofessional and negligent conduct and unlawful retaliation for filing of discrimination complaint. She inflicted emotional distress on him by her hostile attitude and discrimination and never apologized. I strongly recommend anyone with a disability or with a disabled family member avoid ** at all costs. Remember ** is being investigated by the state for disability discrimination.

Tech picked glasses that my strong prescription allows. Told me what I could not have based on my poor eyesight versus anything else. Stressed that I do not have choices. You get these so I paid for them, complained, pointed out what I would prefer with a fight!

Purchased glasses within the last 90 days from Sears-Glenway Avenue-Cincinnati, OH. After waiting 3 1/2 weeks for my glasses I wore them 2 weeks (so my eyes could adjust) only to not be able to see clearly. Took them back for adjustment only to be schooled by the doctor on how to use bifocals (which I have been for several years) and was told that my eyes were dry and I needed to use eye drops and take fish oil. My eyes were drawing, feeling strained and watering. I had to switch back to my old glasses which within 24 hours all my uncomfortable symptoms has dissipated. Got my new glasses, could not see clearly, took them back AGAIN. This time the adjustment went back to my old prescription. Now I and my insurance company have spent several hundred dollars for basically frames which I certainly did not need. I also purchased a pair of sunglasses that are now outdated also.

I have purchased glasses at Sears for many years as well as my family. I think at this point Sears owes me a refund for the glasses. I have made several trips to your facility. I do know that unless some resolution can be made I, nor anyone I can speak with, will use your optical department. I certainly do not care to go back to the doctor that cannot figure out what to do to rectify this situation. Four times to get a pair of glasses that I can read the TV schedule is rather absurd.

I'm very pleased with my glasses and the quality of care I received. I love my new Vogue glasses.

My son and I went to Sears Optical in Hanford where we got his glasses. Unfortunately less than 3 months the spring on his glasses broke that hooked on his ears.. So I told the new manager she claimed that she is.. "I know we have warranty on the glasses.." First she said the warranty expired that we got the glasses 2014! And I said, "I don't think so.. We just got the glasses on January 2015." So she check again and said, "OH! I got it!" I have to pay deductible $25 in order for them to replace the glasses.. which is obviously manufacturer issue.. I never heard of paying deductible for glasses so they can replaced it! He's been using glasses over 10 years... Wow Sears Optical! $25 is not much! Weren't told about the deductible! I don't think this lady knows what she's talking about! What happened to the 1 year warranty? You just lost 4 customers!

3 years ago I purchased no line bifocal glasses and sunglasses from Sears Optical. When I picked up the glasses they didn't check them and could not adjust them. The young man just kept randomly bending them and asking if that is better. I finally gave up and went to Walmart and had them adjusted. I returned to the Sears store 3 times as my vision was distorted and I could not see to sweep the floor. I was told I just had to get used to them. I was persistent about my concern and discomfort but they reiterated that I needed to get used to them and that the optometrist said they are correct.

I was treated rudely and staff was unprofessional and too busy to address my concerns. I was having to wear my old glasses to see and finally asked if I could have a refund so I could go elsewhere. I was told that I let 3 months pass and they could not refund my money. I had no recourse but to wear my old glasses until they got broken and then I was forced to wear the glasses they had given me.

Last week I went to get new glasses and complained about my eyes and that I could not see well since I got the glasses from Sears. Also headaches and dizziness. The Dr. checked the glasses and said they couldn't have been made for me, they were totally wrong. I did take them back to Sears and told the receptionist what I had found out.

She not only was rude, but when I asked her for a complaint form and a corporate number, she told me she was new and didn't know where to get that information. I asked her if everyone there was new and was told the only other person there was the optometrist and she would not bother her with my complaint. I should call the manager the next day since she was having a day off. The receptionist was on the phone. She kept asking me questions and when I tried to answer she would hold up her finger like I was interrupting her. When I did speak to the manager, she said she had to call my new eye Dr. and find out what was done wrong before she could reply.

I still haven't heard from her 3 days later. I am speechless about their incompetence and lack of medical morality. What can they possibly do to make this right? Another person at customer service told me that the optical departments were independently owned and I have no recourse through Sears. I get my new glasses in 2 weeks. I can't wait to see again. Needless to say, I do not recommend Sears Optical if you value your eyesight.

I had an eye exam February 23, 2015 because I cracked my plastic frames and need new glasses anyway. The optometrist struggled with the exam and got frustrated with me when I could not see through the exam device when she switched the various lenses. I was told my glasses would be ready in 7 days. I called 8 days later.

This location (Arbor Place Mall, Douglasville) opens at 10 am. I called at 10:30 and the phone rang endlessly. I called 3 times to the same result. Finally I called the main directory and told them I was trying to reach optical but they were not answering and confirmed they should have been open. After holding for 10 minutes I was redirected to optical whom treated me with a very pissy attitude. They sourly asked for my name and put me on hold for 10 minutes. When they returned, they asked me for my phone number, the attitude progressively getting worse. After holding for another ten minutes, she snapped at me that my glasses would not be ready for another 4 days.

When my glasses finally were ready, the customer service rep just handed me the glasses and told me to have a good day. When I asked if they offer fitting, she dismissively waved her hand at me as though to say, "Fine...whatever...put them on." They hadn't put prisms in my glasses so I immediately had double vision. I told the woman I could not use this glasses and she refused to take any time with me and in broken English told me, "Just try a few days. You adjust." I called the next day to ask the optometrist if my prescription has prisms and she told me she would let me know in a half hour. I called back an hour and a half later and I was chastised for not telling her I needed prisms. I thought figuring that out was the doctors job? Isn't that was the prescription reading machine and all the exam machines are for? I simply had forgotten. It's been a long time for me and excuse me for being human.

So she tells me she needs the measurements for the prisms. So I tell her off my old prescription. That's not good enough so I get her my old optometrist's number and she says she'll call me in a hour after she gets them to fax her my original Rx. Two hours later I call back and suddenly they have my phone number wrong and my name is misspelled so they can't find my files. After wasting my day playing phone tag, I went in myself the next day to be informed they had my old optometrist's number wrong but somehow managed to pull up my old Rx within 5 minutes during a time my old optometrist was closed. My new glasses should be ready today 3/18/2015. Let's see if I need to write another horrible experience after 10 am today.

I took a shot in the dark because I couldn't find any good reviews on eye doctors in my area. I am SO glad I chose Sears Optical. Anybody who needs glasses should see Dr. ** at Sears Optical in Castleton Mall. Best experience buying glasses ever. He did an awesome job with the test, and even did one test twice just to be sure his results were accurate. He was polite, knowledgeable, and helpful. He went way above and beyond.

The staff didn't try to pressure me in to anything, I told them what I wanted and they placed the order. The glasses, which are perfect, took less than a week to come in. When I tried them on I told her they felt good. She asked if she could try adjusting them because she thought she could make them more comfortable. She did! She went way above and beyond. I'm writing this because I spent a week trying to decide where to go. I've had bad experiences with glasses in the past. I found nothing but bad reviews everywhere on everybody. I know where I will be going from now on!

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