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Universal Studios Theme Park

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123 Universal Studios Theme Park Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 21, 2018

My family and I are extreme fans of Universal Studios Orlando and we usually go to the park multiple times a year. We had annual passes to the park for the last 6 years in a row until my kids just got too busy with life last year and we no longer had the time to go. In less than a month my oldest daughter is leaving to college so we decided to go to the park one last time together as a family before she leaves us. On Saturday, May 19, 2018 we went to both Universal Studios and Island of Adventures. It rained all day which caused a bunch of rides to be closed which I cannot fault the park for since mother nature just didn't want to cooperate with us. However what I am blaming the park for is their lack in poor customer service and poorly trained employees. Here is why:

Strike 1: My daughters and I are huge Harry Potter fans and Escape to Gringotts is one of our favorite rides in the park. The wait for the ride was 60 mins which is understandable considering that the park was pretty packed that day. What is not ok is the fact that we waited almost an hour to then be pushed out of line right as we were about to grab our goggles. See, I have a fanny pack that I wear whenever we go to the parks. It's very convenient because I have never had to place it in a locker and it holds a lot of items.

This time was different. We had passed 3 other employees (one at the entrance to the ride, one at the photo booth, and another right before we were placed in the room with the dialogue with Ron's brother and the gremlin). None of which said anything to me about my fanny pack. The fourth employee, waited until we were steps away from grabbing our goggles to then tell us that we had to put my fanny pack in a locker and we had to get out of line. At this point I'm frustrated because I just waited an hour and now all of these people are going ahead of me and I have to wait even longer.

Strike 2: Once we were done at Universal Studios we had decided to go to Island of Adventures by using the Hogwarts Express train. Again the wait of about 50 mins. Again we went on the train because no matter which ride we were going to go on it was going to be a long wait due to the amount of people at the park, so a 50 mins wait was understandable. We had fun in line playing heads up and other various games. Once you arrive at the platform we were asked how many people were in our party. We specified 3 and were placed in a line. As soon as we got into the line I knew something was odd because it looked as if there were too many people in our line but I couldn't remember exactly how many were allow in each cart so I kept quiet.

Sure enough there were too many people in our line and my family and I had to wait till the next train. Our 50 mins wait is now an hour and 20 min wait. We specifically decided to take the train because we wanted to get to IOA before it started to rain. Well, as soon as we got to IOA due to the overcrowding and us having to wait, it started to rain and we were poured on. Yes, it was our fault for not bringing umbrellas or ponchos but we were trying to make it to IOA to purchase ponchos before the rain kicked in.

Strike 3: The new Fast and Furious Supercharged ride is not worth it. We did the virtual line which was great because it cut our time in line by quite a bit but the ride malfunctions and we missed a huge part of the ride. We were given premier ride passes good for 1 ride but we were all over this day at the park already. We left the park at around 7 pm and were so disappointed and upset with everything that happened that day. I understand that things happen and some of them are out not the park’s fault, like the rain and the fact that they had to close some rides because of the weather. However, I have never had such a horrible experience at the parks before. I don't know how long it will be before we go back, if we go back, but I can only hope that my money is not wasted next time because as you all know... the tickets are not cheap!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 8, 2018

Recently I took my extended family to Universal Studios. We purchased the express passes for the whole family, so it was not an inexpensive day. I found the staff to be a giant step DOWN from anything we experienced at Disney. The park was inferior with more 3D events versus actual rides and when there were ride there were height and weight restrictions that limited options considerably. Overall it was a wasted day... We left the park after only a few hours and spent the rest of our vacation at Disney attractions. Take my advice. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME. Stay away from Universal and spend your time at Disney.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 2, 2018

My Wife and I just bought season passes to Universal Orlando. This was our day 2 and we decided to go with 2 of our Gay male friends (who are also married). We were sitting at the "Fat Tuesdays" bar in City Walk, we had been holding on to the same drinks for about 1.5hrs, so no one was intoxicated just having a conversation among 4 friends. Well, an elderly ** woman sitting outside of the bar seating area was offended by our Language and conversation, she never asked us to lower our voices or anything. All this woman told us was she knew William Davis. We later learned after doing some research that William Davis is a CEO at Universal. Well security was called to us, one of the gentlemen in our party went to talk to the Security Officer and explained the situation.

Security apologized to us and agreed that the situation didn't make sense. Well after about a 5 minute conversation with 2 security officers another man in a Blue Shirt showed up and said he was going to have us leave the park. We were not confrontational and asked, “Can we know why we were getting kicked out of Universal.” The response was "You are not getting kicked out the gentleman in your group is". I asked why and was repeatedly advised I had nothing to do with it, I DID NOT have to leave. I said, “Okay well we came in a group we will leave together and return later on (my wife and I).” Well when we returned about 2 hours later after leaving our friends (that were asked to leave) we were approached by Security and brought into an Office.

Here we were given each a 1 year trespass warning. When I advised them the officer that walked us out said my wife and I did not have to leave, to which they responded he's gone for the day, we were not there, and their boss said to trespass us. On the trespass notice the "Reason for Trespassing" is Manager Authorized. No one ever told us what we did wrong, or should not return for the rest of the night. A woman who knew the CEO just had to drop a name and because we are Gay and she was offended by our language we had to leave the Whole Park! Not even just the area. What happened to freedom of speech? We were having a conversation, no one told her to listen in. If she was offended sitting outside of the bar area, why didn't she leave. Why did we not get a verbal warning? We asked if the woman was going to be asked to leave also and they said "No, she knows William Davis." How is this acceptable Universal?

We asked, “What can be done about our annual passes, we only came for 2 days paid $418 down with $37 monthly charge for 11 months.” The Officer at Universal said they have nothing to do with that, call guest services. We called Guest Services this morning and they said they can't do anything about annual passes, and told us to email someone what happened. Why the run around? We still have no answers. This is definitely discrimination at its best. The Younger Gay Hispanic group has to leave with no explanation, while the elderly ** group can stay. Please continue to share our story. This occurred on 5/1/18.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 16, 2018

First experience 12 years ago was enjoyable day. Changed since then, geared for teens, not older people but prices so high and too hot in summer months to want to go there. Not enough places to chill. Grandson had horrible experience with friends, arrested for trespassing even though he was on his way out, finding a taxi. It's an expensive place, security is terrible and money racket for local police and courts.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 13, 2018

First off, I have never written a review or complained about a business. With that said, the way we were treated the other day at Universal, the way I was spoken to by one of your employees, urged me to address that. We had just gotten married, and all over our extended family were hanging out in the park, waiting on us. Monday the 9th around noon, we go through the turnstiles, and my wife is immediately stopped by one of your survey takers. I know they are a survey taker, by the numerous times I have been to your park. However these are different, they are more deceptive in that they immediately take your pass and say they need to scan it, before they begin asking you questions, making it feel like there is an issue or something is wrong.

I knew this, as I said, having passed these employees several times in the past. The gentleman took my wife’s pass, she looked at me confused and so I informed her that it was just a survey and we don’t have to take it, we can go join our guests. The gentleman taking the survey immediately got defensive, while at no point I addressed him or gave a harsh word towards them, the survey taker put his hand up to me and in a stern tone told me “you need to relax”.

They both looked back towards her and said “we have to ask every third person to do this and it’s only one question”. I asked the two gentleman to clarify “but does that mean that she has to take the survey?” The 2nd gentleman ignored my question and said “We have to ask and it’s only one question”. So I asked again, “but does that mean she has to take it?” After a long pause, again they said “It’s just one question”.

My wife responded “Fine, but will you hurry because we are trying to see our family.” So they asked what country we were from, she said American. Thinking that was it, he started with his SECOND question, “What is your zip code?” she responded with “Is that the ONE question?” clearly confused since he as still wasting our time. He proceeded to ask a couple more before finally letting us go.

I’ve held my tongue for a long time about how manipulative this tactic is, but after the way we were spoken to and the pure waste of our time this was, I didn’t feel like just letting it go as I have in the past. I have always been very courteous when we’ve been asked to do a survey in a theme park, They are always forthcoming, they try and tempt you with incentives, and there are times I’ve done them and times I haven’t. But it’s always been a choice. You KNOW what you are doing. You are being manipulative, making people feel this is a required thing as guest enter your gates and you waste their time, time that could be spent having fun with your family. But instead, you show that your data collection is more important than your guest experience. The gentleman who was at the front gate in particular should be ashamed of himself and the way he handled the situation.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 8, 2018

I arrived to Universal and they stopped my daughter and then refused her to inside because now they not liable for emotional therapy dogs! My daughter was upset and her dog felt that and started crying, of course he felt her pain and that wasn’t nice! I have been coming with my daughter and emotional therapy dog many years and now this rule??? Very upset!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 27, 2018

We took our teenagers to both Universals and Volcano Bay - all great parks! Fun rides, amazing customer service. My husband went with us but was in an accident the night we got there and spent our vacation in the hospital. We went to the parks without him and on morning #1 went to Guest Services, not expecting to be able to get a refund for him, but just thought we'd ask if there was anything they could do (we'd bought a 3-day pass to 3 parks, and Unlimited Express passes for all of us). Andrew helped us and was so compassionate to our situation, refunded his tickets in full. Unbelievable to us - we were so relieved. For us, who went to the parks - best vacation ever. For my husband of course, not so much. I'll bring him back next fall for a "couple's retreat" so he can experience it all.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2018

My mom paid for my brother & I to go to both Islands of Adventure & the main Universal park, but we only made it to Islands of Adventure. I had a great time at the Harry Potter World, but the Hulk was closed for refurbishment because I went in mid-July in 2016. We did get to go on Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit before the parks closed, but disappointed in the fact that we paid for both parks but only made it to one. My brother & I were also looking forward to the Hulk, but since it was closed we didn't get to ride it, which was disappointing.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 24, 2018

I literally couldn't understand half the reviews, here. People can't speak or write the English language properly, so perhaps reading is a challenge for them, too? Because if they actually put a little time into doing their homework, they'd know when the busy seasons are, when the lines will be really long & when it'll be hot outside. If you don't want to stand in long lines, then go in the off-season (Sept, early Oct, Nov & early Dec). If you can't go in the off-season, then save up for Express Passes, or stay on-site, where you get free Express passes for Royal Pacific, Hard Rock &/or Portofino. If you can't afford to stay on-site, then buy Express passes for half your family & switch off. But consider this: if you stay on-site for just 1 night, you get Express passes for 2 days for all of your family members. So, do your homework & make a couple of very simple, Elementary-level math calculations.

If you can't afford any of the above & have to go in the off-season, then expect long lines, & heat, & plan accordingly. Pack lunches, snacks & drinks & if it’s possible, have 1 family member wait in 1 line, & 1 wait in another that's not as long & switch off, go on the shorter ride, then join the member that's in the longer line. If possible. If it's still too much money, then don't go. All of the info for the costs, rides, food, lockers is public information. If you fail to research these items before going, it is not Universal's fault, it's yours. Yes, all they care about is making money. This is all that 95% of the large conglomerates care about. So what. We all know that they're greedy ** most of the time. All you can do about it is not go & never support a Universal movie or product again.

I agree that if they don't post certain info, like if rides are closed or this private events thing (wth?), then you should be appropriately compensated in some shape or form & take it up with management or your credit card company. That's not right, and I've personally had to deal with a situation at HHN with security & agree that they treat people as if they're criminals & there is no call for that. They take the simplest things incredibly seriously, so I'm guessing that some terrible things have happened in the past (I mean, you have adults & teenagers at an event that's complete madness & mayhem all night long, & you add alcohol to it. Can't always turn out well!). So, bear that in mind if choosing to go. And go early in Oct so that the lines aren’t long anywhere. Otherwise, buy Express passes, or plan to wait in very long lines.

Again, do your homework. This applies to everything in life. If you do, plan accordingly & abide by their rules, you will have a great time. If you don't do your research, just show up & *expect them to accommodate you*, then you're not going to have a great time. Everyone is not going to stay home so that you don't have to wait in long lines, & Universal Execs aren't going to change the rules so that someone who didn't do their research & really can't afford to be there can just show up & expect some kind of special treatment.

As far as the disability access, I haven't used it, but I do know that power wheelchairs are on a first come, first served basis. It's the same at Disney. So, show up really early, or use a 3rd party company for those. There are many companies that you can use if you don't want to show up early. Again, it's all down to doing your homework when you're planning your trip. If you don't, then don't blame Universal or anyone else for your own shortcomings. If something happens that you couldn't have known, then certainly complain away & always use your credit card in case you have to dispute anything.

In general, Universal's rides are excellent, there are some surprisingly great things for small children, as well, that I didn't know about; like the huge hidden waterpark for kids at Universal Studios. Wow, that place was incredible. And the kids could run around, get wet on a hot day, parents could sit on a bench to rest, or cool off, also & be assured that the kids are in a safe, secluded environment. There's a great Woody Woodpecker playground/water area & a wonderful indoor playground at Barney ride, also, where kids can roam. Universal has way, way more places to cool off, as most rides are indoor in air conditioning, or you can partake in many water rides & activities, misting places, fountains, etc, than at any of the Disney parks. Harry Potter lands are so amazingly well done; you have to see it to believe it - and so many hidden gems there!

Even with small children, I prefer Universal to Disney parks, any day. I just plan & budget, accordingly, bring a misting fan, change of clothes for my 4 yr old daughter, bring snacks & drinks & we all wear bathing suits, board shorts & a top that will dry off quickly. Also, wear open-toed, orthopedic shoes so that they dry quickly & your feet don't hurt by the end of the day. It's all about research & planning.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2018

My Wife and I decided to have a "Universal" vacation (April 2017 Trip to Both parks for 4 days), we paid roughly 600$ for tickets and never purchased a fast pass. There was a significant wait for Both Harry Potter rides but the theming really makes the time fly by. The park was extremely clean, every significant ride was functioning and we truly had the time of our lives. Though it was expensive we felt that the overall quality justified the price and can't wait for additional prime-time attractions to be added. I'm a 33 year old father and have never cared about Harry Potter, but the quality of the park's attractions have made me a fan, I watched all of the films as a result of my trip and it's not too bad.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Jan. 9, 2018

On Jan 1st, our family of four paid $116 each (total $464) to get in there only to find out all attractions had 1-2 hours waiting lines. Starting at 10:00 am and by 5 pm, we could only get into two of them and watch one show (animal actor), and then it was time to leave. Obvious they ignored the park's capacity and kept (over) selling tickets to maximize profit. Even worse in the gift shop, the Harry Potter magic wands were sold $50 each and their prices were not marked at all. Only when my kids brought them to check out, they were told the costs. But it was too late since the kids already determined to have it.

We thought for $50, they must be of good quality and made of real wood. When we got home and checked it carefully, we found it was cheap solid plastic! (We were not able to notice it in the store since the gift shop was intended to made very dark.) I checked it online (on JCPenney, Amazon, Best Buy, etc) and saw ones of similar quality sold for $6.99 to $14.99. It was just ridiculous.

Furthermore, 2 days after the visit, they sent me an email titled 'share your opinion'. I thought was a survey so I spent several minutes to go through their questions with intention to give them my honest feedback so they know what their customer feel. After answering many questions about our profile, I was surprisingly presented the 'Thank you' page. It gave me an impression that they do not care what you feel at all. What they want is to capture your information for their marketing use! If you are thinking to go there, think it twice. I will never go there again!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 6, 2018

We went on Jan 1, 2018. Spent $615 for 2 park to park tickets with express pass so that we could do both parks in 1 day. 8 out of the 11 rides I rode were all the same... 3D, 4D sit in a car of some sort and chase, fly, spin until you cant see straight. The rides were all too much motion. My husband rode 1 and said he wanted to go home. The only good ones that didn't make me dizzy was Jimmy Fallon and ET. I dont recommend anyone go there! I couldn't even go to sleep that night because all I could do was spin, go backwards, dodge things etc.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 5, 2018

When my wife call to pay and renew our Premier pass with Universal, they said because we paid off our card early last year, when my wife started it with flex pass. They said that we had violated the agreement and even though we've had a premier pass, for the last year. They would not give us the renewal price, and wanted us to pay 300 extra dollars. Well this is not going to happen, I want to let people be aware, that they may pull this on you. However we do have annual Platinum cards at Disney World, and annual passes to SeaWorld. This year we're going to bypass Universal, and it may be the last time we ever go there.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 3, 2018

They are very overpriced and then want you to pay another $150! a person for FastPass. As I stood in line 3 hours for Harry Potter I watched in dismay how they allowed 31 FastPass enter the front of the line and only 9 of regular customers, by the way my one-day ticket for 2 parks was over $200. A hamburger was $15. America wake up!! Boycott this rip-off. Universal should visit Disney. They got it together.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 23, 2017

Prices were so outrageous I almost threw up and price is the same for a 3 year old as an adult. Just bad business taking advantage of families... Does not have the same ambiance as Disney World... No magic here!

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 20, 2017

I am completely disappointed in this company. They are a mega rich corporation, and I just wanted to take my daughter to Universal Studios for her birthday... I am unable to get time off of work, as several other employees asked for the same time off... I naively expected that because I asked so early, it would be fine, but now I cannot go, and because you are selfish and greedy you will not offer me a refund or exchange so that I cannot take my daughter later... So now we will never attend this park because they can't have a little compassion for people who have things come up in their lives and are not able to attend, so then they lose hundreds of dollars. It's a bad policy and they should be ashamed.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 2, 2017

Yesterday I was visited Universal Store for return the themed T-shirt what's my friend purchased to me but I never liked, so I brought original receipt and came to Universal CityWalk. I must tell about my experience with everything I expected and met at Universal CityWalk, including free shuttle from my hotel. I'm staying in Comfort Inn at International Drive, free shuttle I took was scheduled to depart hotel at 11:45, and was about same time, driver was nice and professional, making a stop at Best Western next door, I came to Parking Garage Bus Stop, waiting for my friend who ride own bicycle, then park security was assisted him to show where he could parked his bike before going to park entrance. Next security at checking point to Universal CityWalk were highly professional too, you must understand security reasons why they must check your bags, pockets, so cooperate and don't bring unnecessary items for Park!

At Universal CityWalk other employees show where Universal Store is located, actually it's located on the left near approach to the manmade canal, what separate CityWalk from Themed Parks, there, store employees were nice. I didn't have original gift card what purchase was made, and they issued me new Universal Gift card, for $31.90, good for any purchases on Universal Parks and CityWalk, including food, we decided to go Panda Express 2 meals for $27+, and what's left on the card, $4+. We bought ice cream near canal, both employees there and they were professional and nice to us, and I am Jewish, from former SU, while my friend is ** PR.

Then we spent little time sitting on stairs near the canal, then my friend left, while I'm decided to take short round trip on canal boat to nearby Hard Rock Hotel, where I pass the lobby and small food court to return on the boat, again security point, before return to the boat, but it’s simple necessary after 9/11 and Las Vegas shooting! Again security people were professional and nice to you, kindly remain me to pass over electronic boot, since I barely notice it! Then it was about 3:30 pm, so I rush to my earliest shuttle to my hotel, there it was only drawback is for boarding, line 75 doesn't have seating area closer 10 lines down, like 55, and it was sunny day, so I waiting for my bus seating like 10-15 lines down from line 75, and return shuttle was late about 15 min, after 4 pm.

Return shuttle had a longer route back to my hotel too, it was made stops on Quality Inn in Kirckman area, then made stop at La Quinta on American Loop on I-Drive, then drop me at Mango near my Hotel. Overall experience was great, it was leisure spending of my time, and it was like free and completely car free adventure, visiting free of any charges area of CityWalk there, using provided hotel shuttle to parks, btw my shuttle to Universal at 11:45, then continued to Disney's Epcot, where you could use free Disney shuttles, runs often to all Disney Parks and to shopping and entertainment area in Disney Spring (former Downtown Disney)!

Just expect this security screening at the all park entrances, don't bring bulky and unnecessary items, knives, weapons, drugs, opened bottles, but you could bring sealed bottles, sealed cans of water or non alcoholic beverages in reasonable amount, bring extra layer of clothing and rain poncho, if you expected visit parks and stay there for long, but for short visit, don't bring all of that, especially if your visit limited to free CityWalk area. Take your phone, instead of bulky unnecessary cameras, organize your cash and credit cards in your wallets and pockets, get rid of change upon entrance to Universal, loose items too, compact them in one bag and organize it!

Avoid special events, overpriced and below what your expectations, better do them at SeaWorld, instead of Universal, there are sea animals and fish, and Halloween events there are free, for best experience in Florida amusement parks, visit Busch Garden, free shuttle from I-Drive and just slightly over 1 hour ride there, about 70 miles, same as Sea World but Mammals and Wild Animals, better than Disney's Animal Kingdom!!!

Again, on my personal opinion Universal, SeaWorld, and Busch Garden are 3 best parks in Florida, but don't be fool, don't sip wines if you are minor below 21, don't bring knives, sharp scissors and weapons to any amusement parks, don't feed wines to your children and teens, remember legal drinking age in US is 21, don't be fool, and ** smoking is illegal in Florida too, also smoking tobacco inside the building, including e-cigs!!! Sorry for my long comment and choose hotel on I-Drive, it's a main tourist hub in Orlando!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 25, 2017

My husband and I have not been to Universal Studios for many years. We decided to visit Universal Studios to see all the new attractions and enjoy ourselves for the day. We were charged $264.14 just for us 2. I asked why it was more than I had seen on website. We were told the Universal Studio representative that it was more because of the Halloween Horror Nights. So we paid in cash. After paying, we were told we had to leave by 5:00pm. I asked why, most parks we stay until the late evenings to see the parades and fireworks. We were told because of Horror Nights would begin. I told them with the price, we understood it was included. We were told no.

Once we entered and got the Park Guide Map for dates: October 9- 21, 2017 we started to look at the things we wanted to ride and see. As we looked closer, most of the things were closed that day. We were never told that although we were paying a higher price, many of the attractions were closed that day, and we had to leave by 5:00pm giving us less time than other days. That's like buying a meal package at McDonald but told after paying, "Oh, by the way, today you don't get fries nor the drink." BE CAREFUL AND DON'T GET RIP OFF AS WE WERE. OR JUST GO TO ANOTHER PARK. VERY UPSET!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 11, 2017

Universal Studios Orlando Florida. Halloween Horror Nights - DON'T GO TO THIS EVENT!!!! On Oct. 6, 2017, my husband and our teenage son attended this event. We were staying on vacation for 11 days. My husband purchased an alcoholic beverage and our teenage age son who has some disabilities with behaviors saw the colorful light up drink and started hounding my husband to taste it. We would never give our son a drink. We are responsible hard working people but we saw he was about to have an outburst with his behavior so as not to make a scene my husband let him take a sip. We went to sit down and my husband put the drink on the table and my son went to pick it up again, I told him to cut it out he cannot have it, at that exact moment a SWAT team of park security were surrounding us. They told us to give them our ID and to come with them and not give them a hard time.

Well what happened next I still can't get over… we filled out paperwork, they took our pictures and told us to hand over our park tickets. Even though I tried to explain what happened and we were not giving him the whole drink. They didn't want to hear it. Then told us we were banned from Universal and all their property for 1 year. Asked us where we were staying, we told them "Cabana Bay". We were escorted out of park and went back to our hotel where hotel security about 6 of them were staking out our room and they locked us out of our room. They then told us we were trespassing on their property for serving alcohol to a minor and we had to leave ASAP. We feel this punishment did not fit the crime. We were treated like low life criminals and once again weren't allowed to speak. I had just recovered from having Cancer and we had been saving our money for this trip for 2 years.

I never ever write reviews but I will go on every website if possible to let the public know how mean and cruel their staff were as well as the police department. I understand the laws of giving alcohol to a minor but for god's sake it was a sip. They are money hungry. They even will throw you out of park if you videotape or take pics of their event. The park tickets were $1,200 which we lost, we also lost hotel money. It cost us another $650 to fly out in morning. I just want people to be aware of this. Did some research and have found out we are not the first people this has happened to. I don't understand why someone hasn't investigated why Universal Studios and the Orlando Police Department are doing this to people. They are rude, obnoxious and threatening. I have been going there for 25 years and spent a lot of money there and never in a million years would expect something like this to happen.

As long as I live I will never step foot on anything Universal nor will I ever go back to Florida... Someone needs to expose that park for what it really is. If they have so much problems with Alcohol in their park they shouldn't serve it... In my opinion, I totally get rules and laws… if we had bought our son a drink and he started becoming rude or if there was vandalism or violence involved but that wasn't the case nor was it the case for other people too. Please look into this and put a stop so another families don't have to suffer the loss of money and humiliation and fear that they put us through. Thank You!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 7, 2017

My daughter and I attended the Sept 30 Halloween night at Universal Hollywood. Universal sold so many tickets that we could barely move. In the 5 hours available, we saw exactly 2 mazes/rides because the wait was 60-90 min per event. We were horribly disappointed - to the tune of $150 for tickets and $35 for parking. This is just corporate greed, pure and simple.

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Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

Please help me! Have you seen anybody 90F outside Humidity % 30 and waiting 3hrs to line just get on one second Harry Potter attraction. They are using people. They are fooling people. All they want charge 100$ allow millions people to get in Universal Studio.

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Original review: July 22, 2017

After driving from Connecticut specifically to go to Universal Studio's Orlando Harry Potter World - one of our children got a stomach virus, which spread to our other 2 children. We waited it out, but there was no way we would be able to attend and have an enjoyable experience. I called customer service 2 times - both times the representatives were pleasant and very helpful. I just got off the phone after I was told we would receive a full refund on all 5 tickets. After reading awful reviews for Universal Orlando online, I was not expecting this. I hope in time we will be able to make this trip again and our children can fully enjoy the Harry Potter experience. The representative ended the conversation by wishing all of our children a speedy recovery. 5 stars for Universal Orlando customer service! Thank you!!!

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Original review: July 13, 2017

I was just told after waiting an hour in the guest services that multiple sclerosis doesn't qualify for attraction assistance pass. I am in a ECV and can stand, but cannot walk any distance. Shame on you Universal. So far, the experience has been awful. The guest services person was less than friendly or empathetic.

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Original review: July 4, 2017

Overcharged on Florida resident pass. I have been Universal season holder since 2009, my wife and son. Our passes are debited out of our account and went from $77.00 for all 3 of us for 5 years and then $118, this year $130. No warning.

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Original review: June 30, 2017

I would like to explain everyone about my experience with Universal Studio and Volcano Bay in Orlando Florida. I visited Universal Studio and Islands of Adventure on 29th of June, the moment of entrance was amazing except security people; I had a feeling I'm going trough TSA check by their behavior and addressing to guests.

When we entered universal Studio gate it was amazing view and we came to Transformers Nest where we have decided to go for a ride. We waited over 90 minutes to reach the ride and ride was short. After that we went to Despicable Me where we stayed in line over 1 hour and then we were told that ride is closed so we had to find another ride. So far only one close by was 4D Shrek. We waited over two hours for shrek and when we entered the movie auditorium they couldn't find place for us, so we waited some more and finally managed to see the 4D show. My temper is still cool in regards to this however my legs started to hurt including my company.

This is 5 and half hours later we decided since; King Kong, Spider-Man, Jurassic Park rides were closed. The only ride left to see that was any good was Harry Potter. We waited in the line for almost 2 and half hours and then finally see the show that was very nice. From there we decided to go to world of adventure with Hogwarts express where we had 2 and half hours waiting in line for a ride that lasted about 6 minutes. 9 hours waiting and waiting for two rides??? Party of six we decided that that would be all for today and we called it quits. It was waste of time and money.

Next day 30th June we went to Volcano Bay as they said you don't have to wait as you have electronic bracelets which you can check in for a ride and then come back to ride when your time is up! I was happy thinking that this would make up for lost cause in Universal Studio and island of adventure. We arrived to Volcano Bay at 8:30 am. It looks magical, quickly we found place to sit by the Volcano pool and we started to check rides. I went for the most scary one that comes from top of Volcano, I waited almost 212 minutes and upon coming back to check in the guy told me, "You need to weigh in! The weight limit is 200lbs only." I was laughing at the person and ask him why he didn't disclose this at beginning, he said he was sorry and just pretended I was not there!

Finally I checked in for a ride Ohno that was waiting time 95 minutes. I waited and finally I went on the ride when my watch was saying ride now. I arrived to ride then again waited 30 minutes to get my turn for ride that lasted 20 seconds. It was a thrill but two hours waiting for 20 sec ride. After all I wanted to take my team to IKA MOANA ride where waiting was 195 minutes; during this 195 minutes of waiting ride was closed and reopened, delayed and barely at the end we managed to go for a ride almost 4 hours from time of check in. As soon we were done with the ride the park was suspending all rides due to bad weather arriving to that area.

Two things: once you check in for some ride you can't use other rides or check for them. Only one ride at the time you can wait for, so if you miss that one ride you have to go from the beginning. At that point I went to the exit as everyone was leaving so there was no point staying there. I talked to customer service and told them what happened, I talked to manager by name Orlando, I explained to him that I came 16,000 miles away for this event and that I don't have time to prolong this visit and he told me he is sorry but he can't do anything for me. He offered me ticket for one day to come again as well $100 dinner certificate.

Now let's recap: Airplane 4 business class tickets for overseas flights, orange lake resort villa, rental car, and birthday present that went so bad in the childhood. Not to mention almost 1,800 USD tickets for park. I'm in it about 19,000 USD and these people are offering me free one day pass??? Wow what a customer focus and presentation. My honest conclusion is that I will never recommend to anyone Universal Studio or Volcano Bay as the way they showed me how they treat guests. Maybe one day when they realize how much people have spent in order to reach there they would understand that this one time pass means nothing compared to waste of time and money.

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Original review: June 6, 2017

There is NO WAY to pass the lines unless you pay more money. Even then you still have to wait. We spent the entire day until closing and only ended up going to about five rides. As much as I like the rides I will not go back unless they get their act together. They were not at all accommodating to my disabled husband. I was told at customer relations that he can use their wheelchair to wait in line. Most lines were 50 to 80 minutes (This was on a Monday). I feel like I was ripped off. Go to Disney. They have a fast pass that will tell you what time to come back (it is included with the price of the tickets). I brought my 3 grandkids, myself, daughter and husband. Tickets were over $900.00, stay away from this place in Orlando. Not at all worth it. I spoke to many people and heard mostly complaints.

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Original review: April 2, 2017

Upon a recent visit to Universal Studios Orlando the lack of customer service is appalling. From the valet attendant to ride operators to waitresses. Valet thought it was easier to tag write the information on some dust on the window than to fill out a slip. When asked them about that, walked away and never came back. The waitress at the restaurant was fair, but when your family orders a meal it should be brought out together. When only part of the meal came out got told that chef thought parts were burnt and he wasn't going to send out those parts. When asked why not send it all out together got "Well we didn't burn that part."

Ride attendants couldn't even answer a simple question about where the nearest restroom was. When asked he told us to check our map. At the same attractions had an attendant accuse us of trying to sneak a fanny pack on the ride. I went through the metal detector, like instructed. It was my stomach and belt that the girl was referring to in front of my children. Definitely humiliating. Will not be visiting your parks again. We were Annual Premier Passholders. Not anymore. Will take my business elsewhere.

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Original review: March 23, 2017

Never ever again standing in line for over an hour... while those that pay the additional fee... get right on the ride. Our line has not moved for 15 minutes while the pay extra line move Thru with no delay... so again I will never bring my family to this pro again... Unless you're RICH and pay extra stay home or go to another park.

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Original review: March 11, 2017

Caveat Emptor!! Visited Louies-6 restaurant on 3/10 at 3:03:26 pm. If you have children or are a senior citizen with a limited appetite due to age and seek a Children's Meal when eating at Louies-6 Italian Restaurant in the Universal Studios park you will not find any child's menu listed on any of this restaurants menu signages... none whatsoever.

Just to see what they would say we asked if they served children's portions of Spaghetti and they said yes they serve children's portions. But there is nothing on thier menu signage saying they sell kids menu items. So what this boils down to is that they are misleading their customers with deceptive dishonest marketing, knowing that if customers do not see a Child's Menu listed they are forced to purchase an adult sized meals for their children. Contemptible business practice that not ethical. This affects whole families who are trying to feed their children on a budget and prevents them from doing so. Also forcing seniors to buy sizes they cannot consume and spend extra money in doing so. Universal should post Children/Kids menus on all of their menu boards. IF they choose not to sell kids meals so be it but do not be deceive your customers.

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Original review: Feb. 24, 2017

My family and I (3 adults) visited Universal Studios on Feb. 24, 2017. We've made this trip part of our vacation for the last 15 years. However every time I visit, it seems like there are two classes of people, the rich and the average consumer. Although as an average consumer, we purchased a one day pass to Universal Studio that cost us $330 plus tax, with meals and souvenirs, we spent a total of $1000.00 in one day. We are a family of professionals, with very good means. However yesterday I truly felt like a second class citizen. I do not mind the fact of paying an extra $95 for an express pass, because you have a choice. However what I do find insulting is when a ride is not accessible at all because it is reserved for a private event!! I believe if Universal Studios wants to offer a private event, it should be done after hours, either before 8 AM or after 8 PM when the park is closed!!

My daughter tried to access the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit all day, but the wait time was too long every time she checked the Universal app on her phone. It was over an hour wait. So we decided we would wait to do the ride at the end. We showed up to wait in line at 6:30 PM just to be told that the ride was closed for a private event! Nowhere was it indicated, we were not told when we arrived and paid for our tickets, there were no signs at the entrance of the ride and no indication on their website. I was so insulted, and truly felt like a second class citizen! This has confirmed to me that my vacation plans will change. My family and I will spend our $1000.00 in one day elsewhere where we will be more respected and appreciated!!

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Universal Studios Theme Park expert review by ConsumerAffairs

Universal Orlando opened in 1990 and began expanding in 1994 to become a multi-day vacation resort. It now includes two parks, Universal Studios Orlando and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, on over 200 acres.

  • Rides: Both parks feature award-winning rides. Revenge of the Mummy has won the Golden Ticket award for Best Indoor Roller Coaster every year since 2008. For the past two years, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey has won the Best Dark Ride Golden Ticket.

  • Halloween: Every September and October, Universal Studios Orlando hosts Halloween Horror Nights. During this event, the park is invaded by all kinds of monsters, and visitors can tour haunted houses. Universal has won the Golden Ticket for the Best Halloween Event every year since 2008.

  • Harry Potter: Both Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure have Harry Potter attractions. Visitors can shop in Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and then take the Hogwarts Express from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade.

  • Pet friendly: Several of the on-site hotels at Universal Studios are pet friendly. There are designated areas for dog walking, and special arrangements can be made with housekeeping when pets are staying in visitors’ rooms. Pets must have all appropriate vaccinations.

  • CityWalk: This venue offers visitors a variety of dining experiences that are suitable for all different types of travelers, from families with small children to couples looking for a romantic meal. It also has live entertainment, miniature golf, a movie theater and unique boutiques.

  • Best for: Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure is great for families, young adults and solo travelers. Movie lovers will especially enjoy many of the attractions.

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