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Wednesday, October 5, 2016... so we drove up to the parking gate and was asked if we would like to park a ways and walk about a quarter mile down the shopping venue for $18 or $25 to get closer parking. Being the first time there at the park with my husband and three boys, we were very excited to walk and experience everything. I handed the parking attendant a $100 bill and received $82 in change along with the receipt. Count my change, slid the money with the receipt and stuck them inside my cross body purse where it was resting snugly by my wallet. We then parked and took the elevator down.

Now before you enter the park, there are security checking your belongings, like any of the other parks. This park has two security people per line. My husband and son went through one line and my other two sons and I went through another. I placed my purse and a bottle of water on the table where belongings were being checked. A ** woman open my purse and was running her fingers through my wallet and receipt and whatever else. Almost like when you would look through a card catalog in the library. I thought it was strange but I didn't think anything of it of course. But why would I?

I was with my purse the whole time... until she said "you can take your water bottle with you." "Oh, OK" I said, and went back for the stinking water and trying to keep a 5 and 7 years old kids in line. That's when my eyes were away from my purse. Thinking she would put everything in the "white dish" and hand them to you. But no, next my purse was handed off to the second ** security guy behind her. He gently patted my little purse as he slid it down the table to me with a nice grin. Thought it was strange but I didn't think anything of it again, of course! But why would I? Any who, first stop was the bathroom. No biggy, everyone emptied their bladder, washed hands and off we went. We were so excited to be here, adrenaline pumping everyone was enjoying the moment.

Next we came up to a butterbeer cart. It's a must! I got in line to order, went into my little purse to get the $82 change from the parking attendant to pay for the butter beer. Yup. You know it. I was left with just the parking receipt that was suppose to be folded in half with the $82 change in my purse. I was furious. Why didn't I make a stink about it over there? Well, believe me I wanted to. But it's not worth my time to ruin my family's time together. Especially when we're out of town and the park closes at six.

Instead I do it online on my own time and just to get my story out and get it off my chest. In spite of all my ordeal my whole family had a great time! Universal Studios is an amazing park and we would definitely go back. This time with more precaution. With anywhere I go now, lesson learned. Just want to give someone a heads up, that's all. Ladies don't let your guards down. And for shaniqua and jose, take care of your family and enjoy your vacation. It's on me. Best, Karma.

We arrived to Universal Studios Tuesday 4th October 2016 and as Universal and Disney does not have a hoist for the many disabled guests they have each day, and as they do not offer any discounts for careers to help assist their client to access the park, and the fact my mother is unable to stand and transfer to use the toilet we had brought our own hoist with us to use at the parks, as it's a very long day to be not able to use the toilet, plus due to the heat you have to drink LOTS, seems totally unfair and disappointing as would have thought such places that say they are disabled friendly...

All saying that Disney were great and helped transport it to a central first aid room for us and allowed us to use it as a base, however Universal was rude, unhelpful and said we would have to transport it all the way to the other side of the park ourselves as they couldn't, and if anyone who has been there it's a trek in itself and with the crowds of people staring at us all struggling push a hoist through the park you can only imagine how my mother felt, as if it's not bad enough my mother is in a wheelchair dealing with the fact she has a disability it's the fact everyone knows her business. We felt as a family that was supposed to be a holiday of a lifetime is turning out to be a nightmare for us.

Sorry but to pay the amount of £1950 just on park entry is crazy. I really did think you would be up on your customer relations and help people with disabilities enjoy their day as you are quick enough to take our money. Staff are rude and unhelpful on the ET ride where it says you don't need to transfer and can stay in your chair, to get there and be told you have to get up and go in a standard chair as in their words "I know for a fact the chair will not fit" after asking several times to just try it, my mother's chair fitted just fine with no problems, I wonder how many other wheelchair users was made to leave without being able to try... plus the park closed early at 6 pm even though it says 7 pm on website... so I know we only lost an hour but that meant we didn't get chance to ride the Hogwarts Express.

I just hope we get enough time when we do Island of Adventure... as we have already paid for tickets. We have already lost 2 days due to hurricane Matthew and the park is shut till Saturday... which I know is not anyone's fault. I just hope and I mean hope that we get staff that will help instead of just sitting on their bum and not caring at all.

We saved all year to take our children to a Disney/Universal Studio vacation. Our kids had to see the Harry Potter ride and the Minions ride at Universal. When we got there, we were told that rather than staying open that night until 9 PM they were going to close the park at 6 PM. When we asked for a discounted price, considering that we were going to lose a third of our day there, we were told that we could get an Express Pass for a cheaper rate. One condition: no Harry Potter ride. There was no negotiation. Either pay the full price and be taken for $30 dollars a ticket or tell the kids that they could not ride Harry Potter. So we paid the full $100 a person ticket.

When I got home, I called to complain and after getting the runaround with the automated system, finally spoke to a woman who could not give a damn. Her response was that we should have told the kids that we were not going on Harry Potter if we wanted to "be cheap about it". Then she had the nerve to ask if she could help me set up a future trip. That will never happen.

Fun much. Memorable! "Nobody Fools Mother Nature". No one's perfect. Other than rain sometimes and squabbles with family members, I'll tell you my worst day there was on my 50th birthday (you only have one shot for your 50th). My husband and I went and he knew we needed a wheelchair. As soon as I purchased one I got in it and he said "I really don't feel like pushing you in the wheelchair. Can't you walk knowing it was already having to walk all the way from the car." So furiously I went back to the wheelchair place to take it back. No refund. That's nice so to cut to the chase we ended up separated in the park. He called me and said he'd gone to our hotel. He said he was sick. I was so pissed. Ended up he really was sick leaving him in that hotel room alone that night. My son picked me up.

The park was fantastic and interacting with the characters was great fun. The military discount was a great package deal. So much to do and see. It's hard to get it into only a couple of days. You pay for everything, but it's nice you can find an outlet to charge a phone. It was a great time at the park. The rides were fun, and there was a great variety for everyone. Meals were good, and fairly priced. The only draw back to the entire visit was the crowds at the Harry Potter sections. Lines moved fast but to take in the simple exhibits and try out your wand was a constant challenge when people lack patience.

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Top of the line. One of the greatest places on earth. The whole family would love. You ever get a chance to go, please go. Lots of fun for the whole family and friends. Come on let's get ready to go!!!

Very good. The rides and attractions were both exciting and fun. My only complaint was the long wait in lines. But we managed to ride the Transformers ride three times. It was my family's favorite! We will definitely go again before the season ends.

My stay was pleasant. Great service! Great food, fun rides. My mom had free rooms and free tickets to the theme park. I think the only thing I have a problem with was the prices!! $$$$ everything.

"Front of the line" passes - I know that waiting in line is a necessary evil when visiting a theme park. Universal Studios has added to the negativity of the process, though, by making you wait even longer behind those who are willing to pay more money to go to the head of the line. Please know that Universal is selling YOUR time and keeping the money while you wait. My wife and I brought my son there and we spent nearly $500 between parking, admission, food, and two small gifts. My wife and I were there for my son so he provided our fulfillment. I must admit that he thoroughly enjoyed himself... except for the waiting. But, no matter how much he enjoyed himself, it's hard to justify spending $500 to make that happen. Think hard before giving your time away to Universal so they can sell it to others.

Worth the money. Fun and so much to do that you can't get it all done in one day. The ultimate pass was awesome. We bought the $45 one that starts after 4 and we had so much fun. Much better than anything Disney had to offer, spend your money here. It's worth it.

I have never taken time to leave a poor review for any company before but Universal deserves my attention! I have been an annual pass holder for 2 years and paid by the day for 3 years. You would think they would accommodate loyal visitors... NOPE! They lost one here due to their misleading booking agents and condescending customer service manager whom I trusted would handle the issue professionally.

I booked 3 nights at Universal Resort Cabana Bay and Blue man group for night 2. We've been to Blue man before so this was just an extra. Only Instead of staying on-site 3 nights, we spent 1st night at Disney (1st visit ever) back to Cabana Bay night 2 because it wasn't refundable then back to Disney night 3. It was exhausting going back and forth but I wasn't giving Universal any more than I had to. Disney was soooo much more accommodating and friendlier. Their customer service was amazing! Bye Universal. Our 700.00 annual passes didn't mean much to you so we have decided to give Disney that revenue moving forward. Your rides are great but customer service sucks.

July 7, 2016, My family and I were visiting for the first time and were in the Harry Potter section. The kids had gone off to ride a coaster. Due to medication, I was feeling extremely hot, lightheaded and my heart was racing. There is no shade in that section. I truly felt I was going to pass out so I sought shelter in the air conditioned Confectionary where sipped cold water, turned on my fan, and sat down in the front corner of the shop out of the way. I was reaching for my phone to text my sister when an authentic Harry Potter Witch came by and told me that I couldn't sit there! I told her I was so hot. It was obvious I was in distress and I was just shocked of her lack of concern. I should have requested first aid, but I am stubborn so the feeling of pissed off took over and I left. Employees should learn to recognize heat-related illnesses and be more sensitive to guest's needs. I am a grown woman not a child.

My wife's birthday fell this year on Father's Day and besides the Magic Kingdom we also had tickets for Universal Studios. She is fond of all things Dinosaur and I wanted to see Harry Potter. We are newly married and had high hopes for a wonderful delayed honeymoon. Disney is wonderful. Even the merchandise is priced "respectfully" knowing you're in an enclosed circus. But Universal Studios is something else. Something I do not recommend. Maybe I can make an exception for Harry Potter because the food was good and the ride exciting and we made many photos and they were very appreciated by the family afterwards.

But at Jurassic Park, after a long long wait, we had the opportunity to be videotaped with a "real" moving dinosaur. My wife was so happy - till the man who set us in front of the "life" beast tore off my brand new Mickey Mouse bag and threw it to the ground meters away from us so that now we both have angry faces on the video taken in front of this robot dinosaur. That did it for us. We were so pissed off we immediately sauntered to the exit, extremely hot from being so long in line in the sun. Then came more trouble. We had arrived very early in the morning and were told to speed up to go to the entrance quick and neither of us knew where we had parked. Oh boy.

This had happened to me at Disney many years ago and the attendants there with a sort of golf cart went all out of his way to find our car. Not so at Universal. We met at the stairs with not one but 3 uniformed security guards (all 3 **) and only one was willing to "help" us by asking if we were in the right parking. The 2 others snubbed us. We were by now even more confused. Going around, we were met by a ** guard on a bicycle who asked what time we had gotten in and consulted a sort of map. He directed us to the lowest level but did not stay with us. We eventually found our car there after at least 1-hour search. I'm sorry but I do not recommend Universal. The attitude of the staff is horrible. Stay away from Universal!

A group of 13 people tried to enter the Groove Night Club at Universal Studios and one of our party had a government identification issued by the Department of Homeland Security and they turned us away because we were **. They treated us as if we were being belligerent. We explained that her identification FL license was left earlier at a paintball facility 45 mins away however she has a VALID ID issued by the US government. One manager accepted the ID for Universal.

However the manager of the night shift named Michael at the Groove said he could lose his liquor license if he lets her in, and it's private property and you could get kicked out if you continue to show your valid ID and debate with us. We were threatened and bullied to back down when we were 100% right. I even told them FL Statute 562.11 says all she needs is a valid ID issue by government. I was ignored. It's because we are **. I have seen this action before when a business chooses to ignore what's right because you're not their kind.

I paid $100 for a 3 day PhotoConnect pass and was extremely disappointed. We got less than 100 photos which resulted in 53 good pictures after eliminating duplicates. First there were very few photographers available throughout the park limiting the number of available poses. Our files included pictures that were not ours and excluded many that had been taken. Additionally, most of the poses were not enhanced with frames, character inserts or animated backgrounds. Unlike the Disney World Memory Maker which is automated by the wristbands, the PhotoConnect process is highly subject to human error. The photographer takes a picture of your card followed by the actual pictures which explains the misfiled picture. I definitely do not recommend wasting money on the PhotoConnect product.

On May 30, 2016, my son and I were humiliated when an Universal Studios employee from the Harry Potter ride singled out my son to test prior to riding. So as not to discriminate, he proceeded to ask our entire family to be tested. My son is 17 and is six feet. He is not overweight. Additionally, there were other guests who were in front of us who were overweight and were never asked to be tested and they proceeded to the ride without being stopped. My son just graduated from high school and we were celebrating with family who were also visiting from CO that had never been. The humiliation that this caused my son was upsetting. We waited in line for over 30 minutes and we were never informed by employees at the front entrance of the ride that there would be restrictions. Not to mention the locker process was a disaster! There's absolutely no guidance. The employees were unhelpful.

I asked to speak with a manager only to get a supervisor who tried to appease the circumstance by re-testing my son and realized they failed us when my son passed. He apologized and asked me who tested him. I pointed to the employee. The supervisor took our family through a staff entrance to get on the ride. We were separated from our party of eight because the others went on to ride without us. In addition, he gave us four front of the lines passes to sweep this incident under the rug and keep us from filing a complaint.

I was so disappointed with the ride process and believe restrictions should be posted on the ticket or website that this ride is not for everyone. This would have helped us make an informed decision not to visit Universal Studios. This should have been a happy occasion for son; however, this was the worst experience ever. We left after eating at Hog's Head and yet another terrible experience. The food was horrible. We left and didn't use the passes we were given. My son felt so embarrassed and no longer wished to be at a place that could cause him such humiliation in front of his cousins, aunts, uncle, and strangers passing by at the Harry Potter ride.

Unfortunately, I was unaware to go to Customer Service to ask for refund. I'm submitting a formal complaint to senior management to ask them for reimbursement for the shame they caused my son. And to use this concern as an additional training opportunity with their staff and as a process improvement. What is even more upsetting is that this issue pre-existed in Orlando, FL and nothing was done to remedy the situation. With that said, my son had a blast at Disneyland where he was not ever singled out to be tested for any rides. Disneyland is truly the happiest place on earth and can make a 17-year-old feel so wonderful about himself. "All dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them." We are so disappointed with Universal Studios; Harry Potter ride process, outrageous prices for a wand, and the horrible food at Hog's Head. The only thing good was the butterbeer.

Last May, my husband and I went to Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. We were very excited because they have the newly opened Harry Potter area! When we got in we lined up for the first ride that we saw- it was a Japanese anime called Attack of the Titans. We had to wait around 2 hours just to get in the ride. And it was not even a ride - it was a 4d movie with no english translation. So we just relied on the movie/pictures itself.

After that we decided to go to the Harry Potter area only to find out that we had to have our entry scheduled. We had to go to a place where they would enlist us and then give us our tickets for our scheduled entry. We enlisted around 12 noon and we got the 4 pm schedule. Bummer! We just went to eat and roam and shop around while waiting for our schedule because if we decided to wait in line for another ride, we might miss our schedule at the Harry Potter area! We entered the HP area at our scheduled time and guess what? Yes, they let us in but we still have to wait in line for another 2 hours just to get in one of the rides. =( It was really disappointing going to Universal especially because the ticket was very pricey and all we were able to do was wait in line for hours! It was not worth it. The only good thing about that trip was the Butterbeer that was sold at the HP area and it was very delicious!

So, my complaint is not on Universal's theme park directly. It is mainly pointed towards the hiring for the contractors and fabricators, the people who physically build/repair the rides. My fiancé works for a company who is contracted with both Disney and Universal. With Disney there was an incident with a foreman/boss physically putting his hands on a crew member and starting a fight between the two. Instead of firing the foreman, Universal allowed him to be switched to their contractors crew and denied the crew member who was assaulted, this resulted in him being terminated. Does Universal not do any kind of background checks on who they are hiring to do such an important job? This only causes an unsafe environment and no crewmembers want to work with foreman now. Doesn't this cause problems? There are so many problems behind the curtains that no one wants to deal with.

On May 5, 2016 my husband and I were humiliated when a Universal Studio worker ask my husband to leave the Harry Potter ride because of his size 6.4 tall, 280 pound. I did ride alone and could not have enjoyed it. There is nothing on the ticket or website about restrictions. My husband [firefighter] is a very Proud man and if the website would have a warning I can assure you, we would have stayed home instead of be made fun of by hundred of people.. He was not the only one to have to leave the ride.

I could not have let it go. I went to customer service and demanded a refund for his ticket. And did received a refund and apology. But how many people did not. Universal Orlando had the same problem but did nothing to try to fix the new ride in California. So customers will pay then be split from family, humiliated without knowing they could get a refund. For not to disclose, the ride is not for everyone. It's not bad enough how expensive, overcrowded. Now they have to humiliate people instead of a warning on the website not just in front of the ride. SHAME... SHAME.

First of all the drive up was visually nice. The entrance into the park was somewhat long, but you come to expect that. That was the good part. Here is the start of what I noticed first. All of the trees were in the park entrance. After a couple of hours in the middle of the park you become a little sun beaten. There is virtually no place to sit unless you grab a curb. That was impossible as the crowds were so heavy the curbs were busy. I am fit enough. I just like to sit down on a chair now and then. We can create a theme park, we can buy a chair. That is my motto. The crowds are not the fault of the park. The park just cannot handle them.

On this Spring Break day I fully expected it to be busy. Not as busy as it was though. WOW!! Shoulder to shoulder all day long. It was horrible. I could not stop to look at a thing or I was trampled. I never saw anything like this before. And the wait times were killer. 90 minutes for a ride was too much to handle. You needed a bathroom break afterwards and that was a line. My little family of four made it to 3 attractions in 6 hours after restroom breaks and eating. It was the worst 500 dollars you could possibly spend. I would have felt better leaving the park and giving the money to a homeless person and go home.

Everything is just a tick off from an overall good experience. Each step of the way you are left with "If they only did this." That is not my job to figure it out. All of the people that have enough money to make it to the park did their job. They worked hard to make it happen. So the last thing they want to do is go someplace and start thinking about work again. The food was criminally priced and I ran into one stand that was charging 15 dollars for a small hotdog and a coke. For that amount of money I want someone blowing my hotdog and sniffing coke with me. I could go on and on and on. The best ride experience in the park was people movers in the parking garage. They were fun to walk on. I would not go back there and I would not suggest anyone go there. What is good about the park is totally ruined by what is bad.

Overpriced and overcrowded and complaints are mishandled. Took family for day not realizing that night there was a concert. After parade crowds were sent to areas with no exit. People were pushed, shoved, and knocked down in crowd chaos. Families were separated from children and put in dangerous situations. Overwhelmed outside park security (not Universal employees) started threatening parents to leave area without children or face arrest.

Teenagers were climbing poles and statues and jumping over barriers and security did nothing to stop it which caused more people to get shoved and pushed in crowd. Those separated from families had one option - go to customer service and wait. There were 32 families while I was there still waiting for child/parent reunions - only one due to security officer's help. Other children found their parents about four hours later after park closed. Terrifying event. Terrifying day. Wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. Never again will I go there.

They won't let you carry items in line for rides, even if you aren't riding but walking your child. They should at least make the lockers free if they are going to be so **. We missed out on several rides for my son because of this. I wasn't going to pay an arm and a leg for lockers for every ride just for a cellphone... No coolers allowed either. Just not kid/family friendly. No comparison to Disney's family friendly customer service.

I had need to log a complaint with the guest services rep (and manager) about my treatment by an employee and their inability to manage the ride process (and locker process). Rather than provide any resolution (escalation to management in the park etc.), I just get the run around. In true Comcast style, the guest services reps and managers are not given the authority or ability to resolve customer issues - but can offer refunds! When will this company understand that when a customer complains about service (by it in a park or from their cable service) they are looking for a resolution for them and customers. However, the resolution is always offer as a refund - with nothing being escalated or fixed. Come on Comcast, NBC, Universal - give your Guest Service reps the ability and authority to page out your senior management when things are going sideways, rather than just trying to buy off the customer bringing the issue to your attention!

You may tend to simply ignore my complaint but I believe that huge number of your visitors must have felt the same way in the past and their feelings must have been sent to dustbin by you. We, a family of 4 visited the theme park yesterday vide ticket nos ** to **. After entering the park, to our horror we found that there was a waiting time of 60 minutes to 2 hours on most of the rides. Theoretically this would mean that a person would require a min of 20 hours to see the whole park and enjoy all attractions. However your park is open only for 12 hours approx a day and a normal person's legs can not withstand such long waiting in standing. Thus as a result we had to leave many attractions unutilized.

Spending this much amount of money does not pinch me much but what appalled me is that despite technological tools being available with you, your management is simply interested in fleecing the innocent visitors and not providing them with up to date info while purchasing the ticket at the counter. If you can show the waiting time at each ride entry point then why the same can not be shown at the ticket counter so that a visitor can decide to visit or not then itself. While terms like capacity planning and quality of service are preached while selling a product, the same is found completely missing at the time of delivery of service.

Going by the same logic why so many copies of movies are released by you. Pl release few per country and let people wait to see the movie. Well done and keep fooling the innocent customers like this. The prime motive of any commercial organization is to earn profit but we also attach ethics and values with organizations. In a positive way you can take one suggestion - that visitors must be shown the actual wait time for important attractions at the ticket counter specially on a holiday, weekend.

Overrated, overcrowded, overpriced. Did not enjoy this experience. Far too many people and the queue times are unacceptable. There has to be an easier way of managing this experience. There are also not enough shaded areas for very hot days. Got fast passes then got a refund and left early. I cannot understand the appeal of standing in line for so long. Would not recommend.

We did not have anything outrageous happen during our stay but I would never go back to Universal. First off, they charge an exorbitant amount of money for the express passes and you still wait 45 min+. Upon arrival to the park, we went straight to Ollivanders so my kids could get their wand specially picked out for them (as you are lead to believe). They waited in line for 45 minutes only to find out once inside that only one child is picked to do the special wand selection. Everyone else just picks out any wand on their own. (Totally misleading!) Each wand costs around $50 and the "magic" you get to do with them is nothing special. Back to the express passes, on some rides, it looked like the regular line was shorter. Clearly there is no limit on express passes and anyone staying at one of the luxury resorts gets them for free.

When planning our trip, we were originally going to stay at Cabana Bay since it is considerably cheaper but still planned on buying express passes. After doing the math, it was actually $600 cheaper to stay in one of the luxury hotels so we booked the Hard Rock. The hotel is very nice, rooms were fine but the food was equivalent to something you would get at a business seminar. We paid $400 for Thanksgiving dinner for 5 people and it was ok but not worth $400! Oh, I did have one alcoholic beverage at dinner but everyone else drank sodas. We ordered room service one night, 2 orders of fried cheese, a sandwich and 3 sodas, the cost was $75. We also had to pay $25/night for a roll-away bed.

On our second night in the hotel at around 3:00 AM a recorded voice comes through the loudspeaker saying something like, "please remain calm, there has been an alarm and we are looking into it". This repeated over and over for at least 10 minutes. After it stopped, an alarm sounded briefly. There was no communication from the hotel on what happened and when we asked the next day, none of the staff knew what happened. With all that is going on right now in the world, it was very scary. Surely they can do mass call outs to all guests to let them know everything is okay.

The rides were pretty good but as other people have stated, the lines are so long that it's hard to do a lot in a day. The staff in the park was whatever, definitely does not make you feel special like Disney. On our 3rd day we went to Magic Kingdom and wow what a difference. The crowds did not feel stifling, the staff is always friendly and helpful and their version of express passes is free and there is almost no wait. You are limited to 4 rides per person but I would much rather that than a bogus express pass that costs over $1000 for 5 people.

Based on the crowds, I'm sure Universal sees no reason to lower the prices but they can spend some of that money and hire better people and/or have better training so people feel they are getting their money's worth. It does not feel magical like the Disney parks and for what they charge, you should feel like they go above and beyond to make sure your experience is commensurate with the price. I can't say I recommend Universal for even a one-time experience. Spend your money on the Disney parks.

Our trip to Universal Studios was marred by the terrible attitudes of the employees. The rides are wonderful but the rude and obnoxious comments by the staff ruined the experience. Every contact with ride and restaurant staff was disappointing and frustrating. The worst staff was the first aid staff. Our son became sick so an employee directed us to the First Aid Center. As soon as we arrived at the office, which was empty of anyone except two first aid staff, we were treated with derision. A four year old child who is sick was ridiculed for being ill and the staff spoke to us, his parents, as if we are complete idiots for even stepping foot in the door.

These people shouldn't work in a service profession, certainly not one involving children! I have never experienced such rude and obnoxious behavior for just walking in the door. We weren't asking for anything or demanding anything. The staff simply idles at "Rude" and responds that way automatically. Save yourself and go to Disney World instead.

Park was disappointing. Actors in shows are bad, no talent. Rejects from TV I guess. A few seemed high during performance which I'm surprised is allowed.

Went to Universal Studios for the Halloween Horror night on 10/30/2015. We wanted to ride one last ride before leaving which was their only roller coaster. Before getting on the ride we were forced to put our belongings into their lockers which are locked and can only be opened with my finger print. Before leaving the locker I made sure that it stayed locked. We waited in line for 20 minutes before we decided that we no longer wanted to wait. We headed back to get our items to find that my phone, my brothers phone and his wallet were stolen. We got someone to assist us right away who then said "what do you want me to do about it." We call the Orlando police because Universal wasn't doing anything about it.

Come to find out, the police that came were hired by Universal. I asked to see the camera footage of what happened and the response I got was "I can't confirm or deny that they work." I then pointed out the sign posted right above the lockers that said if anyone tries to get into your locker an alarm will sounds... come to find out they said that doesn't work!! We were then pulled behind some building to fill out a police report and be sent to guest services. Guest services refunded our tickets, but that doesn't cover TWO $760 phones. I asked for them to reimburse our phones and they said no. I pushed the issue and they said I would have to call their guest services.

I called the next day and they opened an investigation. They called me today almost a week later to say they would not cover the expense for a new phone because it was my fault they my items were stolen. I was told that I opened the locker again after shutting it the first time. I told them that I tried checking if it locked the first time and it didn't so I tried again and finally it locked. Then they told me that they are not responsible for lost or stolen items. I reminded them that our tickets only stated lost or damaged and said nothing about stolen! Not to mention that they were stolen on their watch! I asked why they didn't have someone looking over the lockers... their response is that the person could have been helping someone else.

How could they have ONE person for all of those lockers? Their lack of security should not be at my expense. I would be happy if they could cover some of the expense of replacing our phones to show accountability for what is clearly a staffing issue and lack of notice on how the lockers really work.

I don't know about anyone else writing these reviews what their main purpose is, but I definitely want my money back. This place is a hands up robbery! I have planned my visit in advance, purchased my tickets online, I am a FL resident so I took advantage of the discount... visited the park on Oct 29, purchased the quick service dining plan tickets, 19.99 each only to find out that all I could have was a 9.99 hot dog + soda... at one of the place listed for the quick service offers. Once I purchase this hot dog + soda... the card was empty. No other snacks or sodas credit remained after the 1st use.. That was not a deal! On the other hand, company seems to limit the houses and rides to certain amount of people at a time. But that does not make any sense since they don't limit the amount of people to the park, or the amount of tickets to be sold, hence the long lines.

We were at 06:30 PM at the park, only to enjoy 4 attractions or rides... ONLY 4... Each one of them took more than 2 hours, 3 HHN houses and the last one being the roller coaster ride... by the time I got off from the roller coaster it was 02:00 AM. Park was closing, I did not enjoyed, since most of the time I was waiting in lines... only to see 3 HHN houses and one roller coaster. This place cares only about making money and selling tickets without taking in account the average person to visit in one single day does not have the time to ride most of the attractions due to the long lines, not to mention the employees were rude all the time. Sincerely, A dissatisfied customer. I want my money back (including my dining pass).

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Universal Orlando opened in 1990 and began expanding in 1994 to become a multi-day vacation resort. It now includes two parks, Universal Studios Orlando and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, on over 200 acres.

  • Rides: Both parks feature award-winning rides. Revenge of the Mummy has won the Golden Ticket award for Best Indoor Roller Coaster every year since 2008. For the past two years, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey has won the Best Dark Ride Golden Ticket.
  • Halloween: Every September and October, Universal Studios Orlando hosts Halloween Horror Nights. During this event, the park is invaded by all kinds of monsters, and visitors can tour haunted houses. Universal has won the Golden Ticket for the Best Halloween Event every year since 2008.
  • Harry Potter: Both Universal Orlando and Islands of Adventure have Harry Potter attractions. Visitors can shop in Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and then take the Hogwarts Express from Diagon Alley to Hogsmeade.
  • Pet friendly: Several of the on-site hotels at Universal Studios are pet friendly. There are designated areas for dog walking, and special arrangements can be made with housekeeping when pets are staying in visitors’ rooms. Pets must have all appropriate vaccinations.
  • CityWalk: This venue offers visitors a variety of dining experiences that are suitable for all different types of travelers, from families with small children to couples looking for a romantic meal. It also has live entertainment, miniature golf, a movie theater and unique boutiques.
  • Best for Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure is great for families, young adults and solo travelers. Movie lovers will especially enjoy many of the attractions.

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