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I've been an avid Snapple drinker for years and was quite happy when they introduced the 64oz. bottles. Now for the past 3 years or so we come across bottles that are bad. You can smell it the second you open the bottle. The first thing that comes to mind is stink bugs. That's exactly what it smells like. You can see the product reacts differently when shaken up compared to Snapple that's not bad. There's also a thick slime that's left over when you empty the bottle out. I've turned in over 50 bottles, some with product still in but it doesn't seem to be doing any good. I tried to figure out if it was temp. problems, storage issues, etc. With no luck.

It's been months since I've came across any bad ones, but last week, all 3 I'd just bought, were bad. Then it hit me, early spring and late fall is when I have the biggest problem. Well that's also the time of year that stink bugs are the most active. So I'd be willing to bet that production has insect problems, esp now that I'm seeing people have found roaches in their Snapple??!? We pay good money to drink this, but yet we can't trust the company to provide us with a safe product. I'm thinking a complaint to BBB might be in order. If anyone else reads this and thinks that they're having the same issue, please contact me.

I was drinking my bottle of Diet Snapple, when I looked at bottom of bottle, and saw all these blacks pieces floating in the bottle. When I put the bottle down, black floaters settled down at bottom of bottle. I feel so disgusted. I have no idea what is in the Snapple bottle. I noticed the black pieces, as I poured the tea into a glass to drink the second half of the bottle. I feel scared of what was in what I just drank. I will never buy Snapple again.

I purchased a fruit flavored Snapple from a convenience store. Although the drink tasted fine, after only about 1 hour I felt a little nauseated. Thinking that it would pass, I gave it some time and after 6 hours I'm still feeling queasy and bloated. Obviously there must have been some type of bacteria in the drink I brought. After googling "nausea after drinking Snapple" lead me here - I see that my hunch was correct. This company need to be investigated with a pop-up visit from the Texas Board of Health. Now after reading that some people have found roaches in their drinks makes me want to throw up. I wish I knew how to expose what's going on there on a large scale.

I always buy Snapple well the last few weeks. And I had Bought a Snapple apple from my nearby gas station. Put in refrigerator for few hours. I fell asleep and woke up thirsty. I went to get my Snapple and started to chug it. OMG. The taste was horrible! I thought was just me so I smelled it. Awww just awful. IDK if it expired because can't read expiration date! Eww will never buy this product again! I feel sick to my stomach. It was a very sour taste!

My father has Alzheimers, and was drinking the watermelon Snapple. No one noticed the mold until he had almost finished it. We had just bought it, it hadn't even been sitting long. Hopefully it doesn't make him sick. Someone please stop this company.

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Bought a twelve pack of Snapple Apple. My son drank six bottles and upon opening the seventh bottle he noticed some black spots in the top. Upon examining the bottom of the bottle we noticed cloudy looking blobs big and small floating around in the bottom. It turns out they were mold spores and the black on the top was mold. So disgusting. Wrote Snapple and am awaiting a response. I will never buy the product again and we always had Snapple in our home on a daily basis but would like to help inform people to be aware with this company.

Right now, I was just reading the reviews for Snapple and thought it couldn't be that bad. I had been drinking Snapple my whole life. Well, I heard about the black flakes, and I have seen them before. I always thought they were from a tea bag, but realized they would have taken it out. Snapple is very unsanitary, do they have an inspector? If so, I really wonder how they pass, because this is so gross. Let's add onto the fact that most of it is sour and not good.

I've been drinking Snapple for years. I absolutely loved their beverages until Mothers Day 2016. As I begin to drink the Snapple apple in the 32oz, I notice a big glob of slimy stuff floating around. It tastes like pure poison or chemicals. I immediately went to the website to file a complaint. They told me the slimy substance was mold or spoilage. I have never heard such nonsense in a supposedly all natural beverage. However I won't be buying another one or using the coupons... just reading reviews show me how unsanitary the company is. Best of luck to everyone who ever had to experience a bad taste with Snapple.

I've been drinking Diet Peach Snapple for years and have always enjoyed it as an alternative to diet soda. I bought the 32 oz bottle at my supermarket and when I got home I poured a big glass and took two big gulps and nearly spit it out. I read the label on the bottle 3 different times to make sure it was Snapple and not bottled water from Flint, Michigan. It was almost scary bad, it tasted like pure chemicals that might be deadly poison. I'm going to write to the Snapple company and give them the product code and distribution center where it came from which is Plano, Texas. I'll never buy Snapple again, it's too scary.

Every time I get Snapples I look at the bottom and there is always little black flakes that I thought were the tea leaves. Then I went over it in my brain and realized that they would strain those out right. Snapple needs to get it together and make their drinks drinkable again because the flakes are disgusting and when they are in my bottle I pour it out and don't drink it. Snapple disgusts me.

I have been drinking Snapple off and on for many years. I drink many different flavors but had begin to suspect that the orangeade had an effect on me. My heart would begin to race and beat very fast after drinking it. At first I chalked it up to my high blood pressure but decided to watch what I ate when I felt my heart racing the next time. Sure enough it happened more than one time and stopped drinking the orangeade for a few months. Today it happened again. Just drank a Snapple orangeade and work up with my heart beating very fast. I'm not sure what kind of poison they put in that thing but please stay away from it if you have any type of heart problems.

Over the past month I have bought at least ten 64 ounce bottles of Snapple. I had to throw away 3 of the bottles because of a very bad taste. They were bought at different stores. I have been drinking Snapple for years in the smaller bottles and it was always fine.

I bought a Snapple product at a restaurant just today with the mix flavors like grapes, etc. It was sealed, and me and my daughter were sharing this drink. My daughter was the one who mentioned that it tasted kind of weird. When I looked at the bottom of the inside of this product, it had a very slimy thing, like a blob looking thing. I pulled it out and I showed it to the owner and they got me another drink. I have never seen anything like that before and my stomach feels kind of queezy now. Gross! I am not ever buying this product.

I went out to the gas station today before work and bought a diet Snapple lemonade iced tea. I was extremely thirsty and tired, so I drank most of it without thinking. I looked in the mirror above my seat and saw small, black things in my teeth. I glance down at the Snapple bottle in my hand and saw small, black things floating around in my drink. Absolutely disgusted.

Yesterday I went to the gas station to get gas and a drink. I purchased a new Snapple drink called mangosteen. When I got to the car I pop the seal and began to drink the Snapple and felt sharp objects in my mouth. Wipe it off and notice my lip was also bleeding. There was glass in my drink - the mouth park was not damaged at all and the seal popped when I opened it. So I went back in the store showed the store clerk the glass. I asked for paper towel and said it might have got damage and offered me a new one so I grabbed the same flavor he wiped it down and I poked the top in front of him. Soon as I got to the car I took a couple sips and found another piece of glass. At this point I was upset and late for where I was heading so I left the store. I will never buy a Snapple product again.

I've been drinking Snapple ice tea for years, but that has come to a end today. I've never physically examined the bottles until now and I'm absolutely disgusted.

My 1st bad experience was several days ago with my daughter. I purchased a Snapple ice tea for her and when opening (sealed) cap I noticed a small cockroach dead inside lip of cap. Complained to store employee and they told me to take another one. We did, but a different flavor this time. When opening that one guess what??? Yes, another dead cockroach, this one was a baby. Disgusting!!! I notified Snapple via phone and explained to them the incident.

I then went home and went online and found this website and read the complaints from other consumers. I was horrified what I was reading. So, I went to my refrigerator where I have Snapple I've bought from my local supermarket and inspected my bottles. No roaches, but worse I found what appeared to be mold or some sort of a black substance in almost every bottle. Not only in the lemon ice tea, but also in the peach tea diet Snapple. OMG! I bought these 2 different flavored cases about 2 weeks ago. My kids have been complaining of stomach pains. I hope this is not the cause of their problem. Totally disgusted with Snapple. I will never buy another Snapple product again. Something needs to be done here, since people are experiencing the same.

I went to the store last week and bought 2 Snapple drinks from my neighborhood supermarket. I drunk one and felt sick most that day but didn't genuineness it was from drinking Snapple. Today I opened the other bottle and took a few sips 3 hours ago and feel the dance sickness I felt last week when I drunk the first bottle. I'm ready to send the remaining contents to get checked. Who do you complain to? I want my money back.

It is hot outside, about 98 degrees this week. I normally go in the Shell gas station and get 2 bottles of Snapple for $2. I drink them fast and most of the time, I take one home because my daughter likes them too. After seeing a glop of floating mold or mildew, I will not be drinking Snapple again. I feel really sick just thinking about it. Another victim.

It tasted like alcohol, straight up, and I'm in recovery. A friend in AA dropped it off for me with some lunch and I am trying to find out right now where she got it from. It's hard enough making a decision every day not to drink or use... I don't need Snapple passing off a Long Island Iced Tea as Lemonade Half and Half. And now I'm all paranoid maybe my friend is not working her program and "accidentally" put something in it.

Yesterday I drank a Apple Snapple for the first time and the first sip made my stomach hurt really bad. Not thinking it was the juice I drank a little more. About 2 hours later I began to feel weak, nauseous, and I had pain in my body. Totally regret it!!

Upon opening my Snapple for my 3 year old son to drink I notice a small bug on the inside of the cap. I'm so disgusted will never drink snapple again.

June 13, 2015 I drank some of the Snap Tea Sweet Tea from Snapple & my heart started beating real fast. I started to get hot & I felt like I couldn't breathe. My eyes felt strange. My ears popped. I was hot & sweating & my throat & tongue is still itchy!!

I have not had a SNAPPLE in many years. So after I found out my local grocer was out of my normal unsweet tea, I bought a case of Diet Peach Snapple. After having nachos and DIET PEACH SNAPPLE for dinner, I went to bed a few hours later. I awoke to extreme intestinal cramps that night. It felt like an alien was trying to chew his way out of my intestines. My stomach was distended and I was 2 seconds from going to the emergency room. I took every over the counter stomach medicine offered (Pepto-Bismol, Mylanta, gas-x, and 2 extra strength Tylenol - for the pain). After about 2 additional hours of agony, the pain and bloating started to subside and I went to sleep feeling like my intestines had been put in a blender.

My husband and I thought that it must be the Mexican food so I went on a bland diet and drank nothing but water for the next 3 days. I was still apprehensive about eating anything spicy because the memory of the pain was too fresh so I kept to the bland diet, but with my bland dinner I had another DIET PEACH SNAPPLE. About 2 hours latter I was starting to have the same pains. I did not let them get as bad as they were before so I took my Molotov cocktail of over the counter remedies in order to stave off the pain. The pain did not escalate anymore than it was and it went away in a couple of hours. Needless to say I will never put another SNAPPLE anything in my mouth. I will never eat anything else with Aspartame in it. I don't know if it was the Snapple or the Snapple with aspartame, but the risk/reward is not worth me finding out.

Purchased 12-pack Diet Peach Snapple in April 2015. Tried two bottles and both had unpleasant taste. Will contact Snapple for refund. Been enjoying this product for 10 years with no complaints. Noticed that the package graphics have been recently changed.

This is the second time I drank the Diet Lemon Snapple and got very sick. The first time, I chalked it up to an unconnected stomach bug. This time confirmed that there is something in the drink that causes extreme stomach upset that I do not experience with other products. Upon inspection, I see all kinds of stuff floating around in the bottles. It's not wonder that this stuff is always on sale at whatever grocery stores I shop. Take it off the market or issue warnings to consumers. I'm an adult woman. Can't imagine how Snapple would affect a child.

I have been buying peach Snapple for the past 3 years, I got my whole family addicted to it when we stopped drinking soda. Always loved the product and never had any issues up until about 2 months ago. Select bottles of your peach Snapple have an awful taste. I know what it is supposed to taste like and don’t know what is going on but something is going wrong with about half of the bottles I buy. If this continues I will have to find another beverage for our family. I spend about 25 dollars per week on your product but am afraid to keep blowing my hard earned money.... PLEASE FIX.

I opened my first ever bottle of Snapple and first thing I do is read the cap. I then noticed a tiny bug running around the edge of the caps inside. After it ran some more I stopped it and it looked like a tiny fly. I have the full bottle sitting here and I'm still contemplating if I should drink it or not. What a wonderful way to try a product for the first time, hmm?

Cracked open a large plastic Lemon Flavored iced tea drink took a couple sips and tasted something that I have never tasted at all in my life let alone Snapple ice lemon tea that I have recently started drinking again after couple years off. Thinking perhaps it was maybe something I ate or drank prior that combined to form the awful taste I left it alone to be unpleasantly surprised this morning. When I opened the bottle it had serious gases of carbonation backed up ie the best example I can give is anyone who opens the kombucha drinks (fermented) where there is gas buildup from the fermentation.

The Lemon Tea appears to have actually FERMENTED and was now having waste gas buildup. Upon the realization I dumped the near full container and just wrote in to Snapple customer service. This is the only time in recent memory that I have bought a juice product (other than kombuchas) that had become fermented. The taste was similar to energy drink + carbonation + vileness + a small taste of iced tea. After this and reading what other people encountered think I may take a Snapple Sabbatical for the indefinite future.

THIS IS THE SECOND TIME: Opened diet Snapple Half 'n Half 16 oz. glass bottle and found glass shards in the lid and pieces all around the inside of the lid and on the rim of the bottle opening. They were barely visible and I would not have noticed them if it weren't for the one big piece of broken glass that was visible, about the size of the head of a match stick, and very thin and sharp.

I inspected the edges of the bottle and did not find any chipped areas. The threads of the bottle that the lid screws down onto also did not have any chipped edges, so it appears the glass was in the tea when the bottle was filled. This is the second time this has happened. The first time, I assumed the bottle was chipped somehow in packaging or transport, and just inspected it really well and then drank the Snapple. Now, I don't think I can drink this bottle. The bottom of the bottle had this stamped on it, if it matters: 14/219/AF/11N/18:43.

I got a 12 pack of peach Snapple and it tasted awful like it was expired or something. I dumped every last one and wasted my $10. I was not happy at all.

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