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A long time ago I took advantage of the free month from Netflix - I only used it for about 2 or 3 days as the site was far from user friendly. Looking for UHD/4K/Bluray content I checked out Netflix again. But I had to pay this time to see the content and went for their more expensive UHD package. However once inside it is clear that whatever UHD content that is available is simply somewhere in their list of movies etc. and when you click on a movie (eg Call Saul) you are not informed what the format is or given a choice. When you "chat" to anyone at Netflix about this you are just wasting your time - they try to confuse the simple issue with all sorts of nonsense. And for an internet service, guess what - no email facility or other way to get your concerns across. Talk about "head in the sand" - unbelievable in the 21st Century. So my new membership has lasted less than one day - I have canceled again.

I am a new user of Netflix. I was hesitant to call tech support due to previous experiences with other companies. I was delighted when I was connected to a real person within 20 seconds! Rose was pleasant, cheerful and very knowledgeable. Thank you for a great experience, Rose! I would highly recommend Netflix!!

I have previously signed up to the Netflix one month free trial, and recently received an email offering me another one. I immediately signed up to this through the email which already had my details, so no payment details needed to be added to sign up. I had set up the payment plan with Netflix previously using PayPal as a payment method should I wish to continue after the free trial.

After signing up I received an email to say welcome back to Netflix, and I checked that it was working on my TV and thought everything was fine... that is until moments later when I received the email from PayPal to say 7.49 had been taken by Netflix! I rang Netflix straight away and the customer services representative said I had received a spoof email??? I tried very hard to explain that I had not given payment details, and it was indeed Netflix who took payment, so how could the email be spoof/fake? He talked over me the entire time and even raised his voice to shut me up and told me that I was not listening to him! But I had to try and explain that the email couldn't have been fake, it had to have been a mistake on Netflix's part. I sent the email to their spoof email department, but I feel this was a redundant move as the email was from Netflix. He just didn't seem to want to admit it was a mistake.

Anyway, they gave me the free months trial which is good, but PayPal told me to cancel the payment agreement we had set up with them to stop them being able to take payment once the free trial ends... I got the impression they had heard this many times before. I wonder if Netflix have a glitch in their system, or is it a cunning way to get people to sign up and pay without even realising it in time to cancel? Perhaps not, but it is fishy nevertheless and leaves me with little trust in them now. To be shouted down by a customer services representative was perhaps the worst part. I have always known customer services in the US to be very good, and in the UK we occasionally receive this kind of rude service. But this time it shocked me a little bit, I felt very annoyed and think Netflix should be careful how they train their staff. That kind of rudeness is unacceptable really.

So I just found out tonight that since my streaming and dvd account with Netflix didn't start at the same time that if my payment is late I need to update my card to my account twice for them to take out both payments. I was like how in the world am I suppose to know that when I get an email stating that "your account was successfully charged and everything should work fine as long as you remain a Netflix customer." It's the most ridiculous system I have ever heard. I had about $400 in my account when I updated my information on Netflix, why should I have to update my card information twice when it's the same card!!! So now I have to wait until I get paid to pay for streaming which should have already been charged 2 weeks ago.

Netflix's system is broken and needs to be fixed. I work 86 hours a week, take care of 3 dogs, and go to school full time, I don't have time to be wondering if Netflix payments are going through when I have $400 or $1000 in my account. It's just ridiculous and all the supervisor could say was "I'm sorry and I'll report that problem because you should have been getting those emails." I'm like how about crediting my account for the inconvenience and for the fact that your company just messed up big time. It makes me not want to be a Netflix user, maybe I should just switch to Amazon prime instead or maybe even Hulu!!!

Why are you promoting movie streaming when I can NEVER find the movie I want to watch. They are no Disney movies so I don't understand. I would not recommend Netflix. Think I will just get the Firestick and be done with it!

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We have Netflix for several years now. My teenage girl wants to watch some shows during the summer break. We didn't want her to access my credit on file so we decided to buy some Netflix gift cards. We thought she can use the account for three months then we can put the account on hold while she's in school. We called their customer service, ask if we can freeze our account and if they can hold the remainder balance of my gift card until we reinstate. Rep responded: "Unfortunately, we cannot put your subscription on hold. You can cancel your account but any remaining credits will be void." Per REP there is no way for us to hold your account or your credits.

We don't want to cancel my account. We just want to freeze account for a few months while she's in school because we don't want her to miss school sitting on the couch watching Netflix all day. WOW. We never thought gift card is such a scam. They just take our money like that? Can they do that? If we cancel my account do they have the right to keep my money? The REP keep saying there's nothing we can do with the remaining credits...but we know one thing they can do STOP SELLING MORE GIFT CARDS WHEN THEY CAN'T HELP. Guess what? Netflix gift card is off our Christmas list. At least, Netflix is not the only entertainment site out there. We will look into other company gift card policy and we will definitely switch to other company if they can help us...because Netflix can't help us or not willing to do anything about it.

I subscribed to Netflix off/on since their very start. They have a current, updated browsing system that no longer works. I cannot get anything to load very well, if at all. Sometimes it will load after a long time. But most of the times it is just a big fail. Simply put nothing will load and it's a huge fight to find a good video to watch. I cannot browse the web while the Netflix website is open (I have to close my browser to use Google after I am at the Netflix website, for example). I feel like their competitors provide a better system for streaming videos that don't tie up my browser.

I subscribe for a free trial membership with Netflix on July 15, 2016. I discovered that they had charged me for this so called free membership and asked for a refund. Well I have talked to 3 different reps and a supervisor and they all give me this bogus story about the system being down and they have to enter refunds manually. It is as of today August 12, and still no refund from July 18. This is the worst customer service I have ever had to deal with. I warn everyone to not give Netflix your information cause they will screw you over. I asked the supervisor if they could give me a definite date on when my money would be refunded and his response was "there is no definite date."

I am replying to a comment made earlier... I am having the same issue. When I contacted Netflix about it, they instructed me to fill out a police report against Netflix. WTF?!!! Yes, I have the email saved that stated in order for me to receive past double charges, that I needed to fill out a police report for fraud against Netflix!!! And this is not Australia or New Zealand....but in the USA!

"I do not recall signing up for two separate charges or services. I thought I was paying too much for the terrible services at the $7.99, then to find out I am paying for 2 separate services and $22 a month in all?? For Streaming and DVDs. Why on earth would I want two separate services with the same company and 2 separate billings? Sounds like a scam. Then I call the Customer service line. They have no idea, and don't care. If I really wanted to waste an entire day to request to speak with a human to request I be refunded for two separate services/billings to me for however many months they were billing me for two separate services. Then I decide to read up on some reviews to see if others have the same issue. Imagine that, I am not the only one!"

I made a free subscription, try it out and they took $15 off my card on the first day.

Great Customer service! I called today from Italy about a couple issues, and their representative were extremely helpful in resolving all issues. Netflix Rocks, and will be keeping it for life. I think the representative name was James.

Netflix thank you for treating your loyal long time customers like they matter. The fact that you keep our price locked for being with you makes me happy. Other companies should follow suit. It would serve them well. There is a lack of customer value nowadays and you have been a game changer. New customers should have a different rate than those whom have been around for years. Netflix for life for me. 7.99 makes me smile. I always recommend you to others.

The first month free is a scam. I was charged for my free first month. Then advised it was due to the phone being used before. My phone is a brand new phone. Then was advised they will refund 3-7 business days. After that I still was not refunded. Called back to Scamflix and they proceed to lie and tell me it has been refunded contact my back. I call my bank and they states on sign of a refund. Call back again to Scamflix and now they tell me 10 business days. Ask why does it take 10 business to refund something 1- they should have never charged me for, 2- it only took less than 24 hours for them to take out my account. To date I still don't have my refund. They insist my bank has it. I would never refer anyone to this scam company.

I switched from a DVD plan to a streaming service and now find many movies are not available to "stream" but are available on DVD. WTF, now they want me to subscribe to both and this after raising the price of the streaming service. I enjoy watching a movie when I want and not have to wait for it in the mail, but 2 years ago they said they were going to cancel the mail service because all the movies could be streamed. NOT. Of course the best movies aren't available at all.

What is up with all the foreign movies with subtitles? If I wanted to read about a movie I would read a book. Last thing I want to do is read a movie, it is called a movie because you watch it not read it.

If you want to see new shows just go to Hulu or YouTube. Please don't bother with Netflix. It's... SO... NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!! Just try others like Hulu before you go to Netflix. I'm SORRY... I mean scamflix!!!

I love Netflix... their original programming is awesome and the price is excellent. I am bothered, however, about how they throttle movies beginning at 10 pm every night. I am a responsible data user... I know how many gb I have in my AT&T account. I monitor my use constantly. I found an article that says Netflix says they are throttling "to protect the consumer from overages." PLEASE stop treating me like I am not a responsible adult and PLEASE STOP THROTTLING YOUR STREAMING SERVICE every night at 10 pm on AT&T.

We tried the free month-long trial Netflix offered wanting to know what the deal was about it. First off, the good points. It offered new and refreshing shows and movies that were not readily available online or on cable channels with HD quality such as Jane the Virgin, Jessica Jones, How to Get Away with Murder, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Daredevil, etc. It was entertaining following such shows and I liked that Netflix recommended movies and shows based on my viewing preferences. That introduced me to similar shows that were worth checking out. Another good point is Netflix allows various users to create their own account and chose and save the shows they like.

A few downside to Netflix include the fact that some of the offered shows do not have available episodes. Since it's dependent on the internet, a stable connection with high speed is a must to be able to enjoy and maximize it. Compared to cable TV, the price is almost the same; however; the absence of news (local and international) was one of the deciding factors why we didn't continue with Netflix. Overall, Netflix is a good option for shows and movies, but it is not recommended when one's internet connection is an issue.

I've had huge issues with this stuck at 25% issue. I'll be watching a show and then they'll get stuck at 25% - same when I want to watch a movie. It's even more annoying when you take the time to weed through the many lists to find something you're actually interested in and... no luck. And yes, I've reset everything. I've backed in and out, turned things off and on. After research still nothing works and it's beyond annoying. It's getting to the point where I won't continue service because I can't watch what I paid for. Thank goodness for Hulu and Amazon Prime.

I have been using Netflix for around 4 years now, mainly to watch movies instantly, but it is becoming tiresome how they keep endlessly removing movies from streaming. I understand that it has to do with rights to the films, but come on guys, do you really need to remove EVERY good flick from streaming??? I am seriously about to close my Netflix account completely over this!!!

When I signed up for 1 month free trial I was assured no payment would be taken from my card until the end of free trial period. But payment for a full month was taken within 24 hours of taking the trial period. I have been in touch with them and they are adamant that no payment was taken despite my assurances that payment has been taken. So I have cancelled my subscriptions and got in touch with my bank. Avoid this company at all costs if you do not want any hassle.

I have one complaint about Netflix. Most of the good movies, especially good foreign films, appear in the unavailable list with delivery time "unknown". They can be in this category for years and years. If there is no intention of ever making it available, why not say so? Why keep the film in limbo?

I do not recall signing up for two separate charges or services. I thought I was paying too much for the terrible services at the $7.99, then to find out I am paying for 2 separate services and $22 a month in all?? For Streaming and DVDs. Why on earth would I want two separate services with the same company and 2 separate billings? Sounds like a scam. Then I call the Customer service line. They have no idea, and don't care. If I really wanted to waste an entire day to request to speak with a human to request I be refunded for two separate services/billings to me for however many months they were billing me for two separate services. Then I decide to read up on some reviews to see if others have the same issue. Imagine that, I am not the only one!

Totally the same type of crap that happens with Comcast. All of a sudden I have extra services. The same robotic customer service experience, the person reading a screen telling me how sorry they are for the inconveniences. I dislike Comcast and if Netflix is affiliated in any way with Comcast, no thank you! I would have cancelled Netflix long ago. This just made it simple. I cancelled Netflix today.

I have been using Netflix Canada account for quite long time. There is so many shows. Movies are missing comparing to US account, and lost serial is lost from my account. It was there previously. There is no ETA for Better Call Saul serial session 2. There is no session 8 is available for serial called Weeds. Already called customer care center but my issue is not solved yet. Like these I have so many complaints for Netflix Canada account. Please help me sorted out all these things.

Viewing movies on Netflix has been an enjoyable experience for me, so far. They have a great selection to choose from and I like how they can be filtered by category, making it easier to look for specific types of movies that I'm in the mood to see. I appreciate the site making movie suggestions based on what I've viewed recently and I find it awesome that they have so many original series of sorts to choose from. However, I noticed that they hardly have any Disney/Pixar movies available. I think it'd be great to see them available there as they're good for my daughter and nieces to watch, and myself too. But apart from that, Netflix has been a reliable companion during days or nights of free time and relaxation.

You know I was a subscriber for a long time then they jacked up the price and I quit. So then the idiot CEO sends an email to the zillions of people he pissed off literally saying "Ok I'm an idiot please come back and I did." My bad. So now they throttle and I don't get service but still get charged. Complained and they have same "so what" attitude. Won't be back until the board fires that dishonest jerk. Hope they go out of business. Don't let them screw you.

I think the answer to so many Netflix complaints since it merged with Comcast is simple. Netflix was destroying Comcast. Comcast acquired it and is sabotaging it. My only recent complaint is the request for my phone number. The choice is now or later not never. It is small but they are starting to sound evil like Google and others that compile and sell your profile to marketers and government.

I previously enjoyed excellent, personal customer service with Netflix. Now a real live human being answers (giving the impression of personal service), listens patiently to your issue before transferring you to the "dvd department". What else is Netflix except dvd? Being in voicemail jail for 10 minutes was too frustrating, so I gave up. I no longer expect or enjoy personal, efficient customer service from Netflix. I guess they've just gotten too big for their britches and don't care.

Having been a member of Netfilx for over 8 years I was shocked to see my account canceled. I called and got Marcus on Saturday who was very nice and laughed at my name since he's a rapper. I told him how my Netflix wasn't working and he said it was because my credit card didn't accept their charges. I get an updated card every year (VISA) from my credit union but have always gotten an email from Netflix letting me know that there was a problem and that I should login to my account to update the card info... which I've done several times over the years of new cards. This time they never sent me any email but shut off my account. When I called, Marcus told me that he needed the last 8 digits of my old VISA card. Anyone who's ever gotten a new card knows that you destroy the old card when you get a new one. The new card (obviously) had a new card number and expiration date.

He said he couldn't help me unless I could give him the old cards number (of course I can't). Fast forward to the next day (Sunday), I called back to see if the info I'd been given was mistaken since, after thinking about it I realized there was no reason I shouldn't be able to login and give the new cards numbers. I spent another 45 min on the phone with Matthew with essentially the same story but this time was told that I should go to my credit union and get the old cards number. He put me on hold when I asked why I could receive the support emails but not one to reset my pword. When he came back on he said that he found that the pword email reset email was sent from a different server. Humm. Sounds like a server block to me.

I went to the bank today (Monday) and had to make the bank jump through some hoops since old card number info isn't usually stored once the new card is activated. I got the old numbers since I had 2 VISA accounts there. I called back and got the same story but asked if I understood correctly that they never sent me email notice that there was a billing problem and to update my card info so they just shut off my account so I wouldn't be able to login to update my card info. Yep. The rep I talked to didn't seem to get it so I got a supervisor (agent ID# **) Chris on the phone. He said that I never received an email because it was my Juno account's fault and it wouldn't receive their emails.

Longer story shortened... Somehow Netflix got the expiration date on my card wrong and that was why the card wasn't working. I recorded the entire call today on MP3 including the part where Chris, the "floor supervisor" hit a mute button or something and essentially cut off our conversation for about 3 min. He kept blaming the whole thing on my Juno email account. I never was able to get any one of the 4 different people I talked to over 3 days to actually hear my side. There's actually a lot more to this story but I'm trying to be as brief as possible. IE I'm getting a good deal because I signed up 8 years ago and now it's $9.99 instead of $7.99. and more, yada yada. Not sure they're worth your time.

They don't have some of the shows I would be interested in. But they did finally add one South Park movie. They need more South Park and they need Falling Skies. More too, just can't think of them. Good overall though.