I ordered all four volumes of The Best of Bud Abbott and Lou Costello DVD sets from Movies Unlimited. They are dual layer discs and none of the discs played correctly, they skip around constantly. I thought at first it was my DVD player and purchased another to check. It did the same thing in the new player, and also in two other laptops. I contacted Movies Unlimited and they told me to contact the manufacturer, Universal, to get replacement discs sent. I did so and was treated quite well at Universal, but unfortunately, the replacement discs have the same problem.

I contacted Joan **, a manager at Movies Unlimited today, and told her of my situation, and also that Universal Studios cannot refund me for the product since it was purchased through them. She told me that since it was not returned within 30 days, that she would hear no more from me. She told me that I was imagining problems with the disc and that they opened all four DVD sets before they sent them, watched all the episodes in their entirety, resealed them, and sent them to me with the assurance that they were all working. Wouldn't that make them used? I have never heard of such a thing.

She would not let me speak and was very rude. I asked her to please listen and realize my full situation, since I want to return these and purchase a single layer 15-disc boxed set from them instead. She told me that she had heard enough of my situation, that I thought the sets were bad and contacted Universal when I should have contacted Movies Unlimited, and that it is too late and that I could hang the discs on the wall for all she cared. I cannot believe how I was treated and I would like to just return these sets and get my money back. I am very hurt that all of my past purchases and customer loyalty, as I am a movie collector, means nothing at all to them. Please help me, I am a distressed and upset customer.

I purchased these items sometime in May 2009 and received them late in that month. I have purchased many, many, many items from Movies Unlimited and have spent a small fortune with them. I am a dedicated customer and I think it is a shame that at the first sign of trouble, they throw their customers to the wind. According to their letter, I purchased the sets in October of 2007. I assure you, it has not been this long. I do not know why they would change that date, unless they are trying to hide something. However, I am going to school for computer technology, and I know that dates can be changed quite easily. When I called them, they told me that they had updated their systems and they only had records for the past six months and could no longer pull up orders placed before that time.

They proceeded to tell me that unless I had the original packing slip (which I do not), they could not track the order number necessary to refund the item. I am ashamed and disgraced to have done business with such a company and I think that they need to rectify my experiences, both with the defective products and with their awful manager. I have records of the numerous times I have contacted Movies Unlimited and how they strung me along and made me jump through hoops, all of which did nothing for resolving my problem. I could understand their situation had I not had trouble with the products until just lately, but this runaround was done quite on purpose just to extend my suffering and to disallow my returns rights.

I would like them to refund my money in full or else I will settle for the single-layered disc boxed set of the Complete Abbott and Costello collection. I believe this is the least they can do after what they have done and I believe an apology in order from that manager. After all of this trouble, I have kept good notes on the days that I contacted Movies Unlimited and their responses. I will include the dates and their orders for your observation and I ask you to take whatever action possible in order to push them enough to right their numerous wrongs. I am depending upon your help and service in order to ensure business justice is served.