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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2015

I am writing this here because if you criticize Kabam in the game or in their forums they ban you. Their games are extremely expensive to compete. A player is expected to spend at least $20 per week. The coding is amateurish at best. Every update introduces more bugs than It solves. When you contact customer support they are rude and condescending. If you post the customer support response in their community forums it is deleted. I can only assume they need to hide their pathetic responses to their customers. I have tried to work with them for a year and a half. An obvious coding mistake cost me $240 of progress. It would be simple for Kabam to fix it or refund my money. They have chosen to deny the problem.

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Original review: Aug. 13, 2015

Yet again Kabam drops lower than I thought possible. An alliance friend of mine has been receiving racist abuse via global chat for months on end, obviously he retaliated with some choice words (nothing that I haven't seen others write). Now he has been banned for a 5 years!! Yet the players giving out the racist abuse are still playing...I don't think I need to say anymore.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 28, 2015

Care so little for their customers, just want your bucks, mess you around all the time, don't give you what you paid for. Will be in European courts before they can say 'did you get a screen capture of that'. Do not spend money with these cowboys.

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Original review: June 24, 2015

After reviewing my bank statement I found several chargers from this site paying people to play a game which not authorized on my account... Did a little research and found that this happens often. Well you have gotten the last approx. $300.00 out of my account because I have reported your so-called business to the consumer report for fraud.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 2, 2015

Kabam is a company quick to take your money in game. But when it comes to support to its players, there is none. On 25/6/2015 their game "Ravenmarch" became non-responsive after an update. Players on Facebook couldn't log into game anymore. We send reports in forums, as their support link take you to 37games support page. 37games denies having anything to do with "Ravenmarch". Kabam yet to answer anyone on the problem. All these players spend thousands of dollars on the game, and are now stranded without knowing what to do. We hit a brick wall, and have given up hope that this issue will be resolved.

My advise is to stay away from any Kabam games.

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Original review: May 29, 2015

Was glitched for 100 billion might, showed them screenshots and battle report numbers. And they have even admitted to me in a email that their game has this issue of showing my lvl 10 elevated defense knight with all the top gear and forged to lvl 12 was unmarshalled by a lvl 8 knight with no armor. Sent them over 100 emails to get no to little acknowledgments. I sent thousands of dollars (yes I am a idiot for doing so) google play where you get this app from is in bed with these crooks, Google is getting their kick backs so they will not help anyone. I am so angry that when this country falls I will be there waiting outside Kabam corporate office to give them a taste of Texas justice. DO NOT USE GOOGLE OR ANY APPS FROM KABAM!

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Original review: April 15, 2015

This software/game company has violated its own end-user license agreements by changing programming in games post-download with required updates. They have ignored emails and requests for information.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 14, 2015

I have been playing the Hobbit since January 2014. I have spent A LOT of money on Mithril just to get cheated out of what I paid money for. I have reported this to Kabam who always say that they found no error. When lake towns were created everyone in my alliance got theirs and I did not get mine. I reported this to Kabam and all they said was "Oops sorry. But you can buy it now"! I keep unleashing might from prizes but my might counter keeps showing the same number. I have reported this as well and have not received a reply about that. I also keep losing things out of my inventory and I have not used them. I think Kabam is ripping people off and since a lot of kids play they figure that they won't notice. I'm not a kid so I DO NOTICE!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 9, 2015

I play Pirates Tides of Fortune and over the past few months I have found when I log-in to game, that my troops that were safely in harbor were mysteriously taken out and players raided and killed them for XP and PvP points. To replace these troops would take weeks or buy rubies with your credit card to get them out of the infirmary. It's obvious that the game is either hacked or game employees are playing the game or assisting friends by bypassing protocols in the programming and accessing accounts and manipulating same.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: March 4, 2015

I've been playing Kabams Hunger games, panem rising since November. Recently I played 4 different stadiums and didn't receive rewards. One of which I spent a lot of time and tickets on. I contacted Kabam and someone named ** replied, and said that I would receive compensation for my troubles (I never got) and my complaint would be investigated. He/she (**??) also asked me to use discretion. Makes you wonder why they want us to be discrete?

Four days pass, nothing! I reply to the email twice asking questions. Still, nothing!! Yesterday, I sent a whole new complaint. Only to be told that my complaint is a duplicate and I need to reply to the original email. Funny, I did that. Long story short, I won't continue to waste my time on this game or any other Kabam game!! I honestly don't know how they expect to keep people playing their games when they obviously don't care about any of those people. I'm not the only one that has had problems with Kabam support for this game. Truly disgusted!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 12, 2015

I never received a response on missing balance that disappeared (50). Or about losing my benefits for once a day dungeon at least four times in two weeks. Now leveling up clothes, I couldn't use my luck charm afterwards. I hear that clothes have to be the same to use charm but the evidence on where that states is not clear. I've now lost all the extra clothes. I put money into this game and many others buy your company. Please rectify something here please, for this just isn't right. I play on wartune server 36 US East game name **.

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Original review: Jan. 30, 2015

I've been playing the Kabam Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle earth since 2014. At first it was a lot of fun. I met some great people in my alliance and I'm actually still playing but at this point I refuse to purchase from them. I discovered after buying several chests and purchasing tokens that I would check in my items list and notice things were missing. At first it was just a few things. Then it started with huge amounts of might that I won not showing up. Of course I put in a trouble ticket and they would say they never showed I won or purchased any of these things.

What really troubles me is the younger kids that are playing and spending huge amounts of money to try and win chests and items. There has to be some sort of law to enforce online gambling geared towards kids. And this is exactly what Kabam is doing. Can you imagine a casino allowing a child to walk out on the floor and start throwing money around. This is literally happening in these games. I think it's time for the Better Business bureau to be alerted concerning this and if several hundred or more complaints were sent in it will get noticed and Kabam will no other choice than to change their ways and their online policies. I can see a CNN special eventually happening with these online games.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 8, 2014

I can't say much about Kabam in general however, I'm sure they allow this kind of behavior. Their game "The Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth" is run by in game players/support team who if you put in a ticket and complain about cheats and hacks, within the hour a maxed out 100 level player (who without a doubt is part of the KOM team), will find you and take all your resources and harass you relentlessly.

They falsely advertise their chest rewards thinking you'll get something great and don't. There is ZERO chance of winning what they advertise! I spent the money to prove it. I've changed my in-game name, cities and moved continuously and they still find me within minutes and steal everything I have. I recently purchased $300 worth of mithril and built my might to 700 million. They hacked me, turned my city to unhide and zeroed me out. Basically forcing me to quit the game and lose my entire investment and time I put into KOM. I submitted a formal complaints to Kabam and to date they still have not responded... Typical KABAM customer service! WARNING! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND LIFE ON THIS GAME! Its one of the biggest gaming scams out there! You cannot win and or have fun... Complete waste.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2014

This game is profitable only because the nature of gambling addiction. A perfect example of this is kabam not selling little Italy, you can only get little Italy if you are willing to gamble. You can open hundreds of boxes and still not get your deed, the more you spend the more likely you think it's going to be in the next box. They have even targeted younger children by making it possible to gamble using your phone credit. What adult would use phone credit? An adult would use their card. If they just sold the deed, people would buy it and kabam would make a lot less money. So there is no argument, the finances of this game are profitable only because of the nature of gambling addiction.

Who here has opened boxes and not got anything good and then felt crap, then a few days later opened a box and got what you wanted and felt great for a second - I have. I have watched youtube vids by certain players opening boxes and you can clearly see they literally get a buzz when they land a nice box and get annoyed when they don't. This cycle reinforces the behavior and encourages you to keep going on and buy more. I bet all of us have said many time "JUST ONE MORE" and then after that "one more" said the exact same thing again "just one more and that is it now!" and bought another and another. Be honest with yourself, have you said this?

I could go deeper into the pleasure/reward mechanics of the brain, and the release or endorphins etc, how addiction physically works, but this will go on and this post is long enough. Kabam know the nature of addiction. They know that gambling is very habit forming. The gambling element of this game was intentionally put in place by this untrustworthy and manipulative company to capitalize on People's weakness. WHY SHOULD THEY BE ALLOWED TO DANCE AROUND GAMBLING LAWS/RESTRICTIONS? SHOULDN'T WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW THE ODDS OF EACH BOX? I WILL LOOK INTO THE LAWS OF THIS LIKE A DOG WITH A BONE AND UPDATE THIS POST. Mad: This is not a rant cos I have lost money, I am a free player. I JUST HATE THE WAY THIS COWBOY COMPANY USE EVERY SNEAKY CON THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH! Who can I report this to?

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2014

Over the past few months I have repeatedly complained to Kabam that certain alliances in their popular games were using Software that violated their policy on using 3rd party software. Even when I showed them the proof that this was happening, they did nothing but say "we are investigating the issue", and the alliances that are cheating continue to do so. These games cost money and Kabam by allowing players to violate their policies is no better than the common thief that steals from a senior citizen a few dollars at a time.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 19, 2014

I have played this game (Kingdom of Camelot Battle for the north) for over two years. It is littered with glitches, the game requires you to buy/build armies/troops, a glitch which opened my city (while I was not playing the game) wiped out over two years of progress, kabam as but sent me one automated email and failed to look into the issue, they just do not respond. There appears to be no customer service for this company, many people have experienced similar issues with this firm's customer service over the last two years, however I am afraid it falls on deaf ears. I would advise everyone to never spend a single penny on Kabam games. They are a greedy organization, bankrupt of morals, only after your money! I can't believe laws in the United States allows companies like this to operate. I have never seen such shocking behavior from a commercial organization in my life and cannot understand how they are still in business with all the players suing them at the moment.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 24, 2014

I played Kabam's hobbit and spent a lot. Several times I was promised 1 permanent buff if I chipped in 100 dollars, but got none... Several times banners announces on going tourneys or galadriels gift (which mean you can play for one or two tokens with better prizes instead of 6, and 6 token carry crappy winnings). It takes 6 days to gain 6 tokens unless you buy token chests. I had stuff in inventory that I couldn't use for 4 days that had saved me might over an active tk tourney. These stuff had made my hero gear better and with that, I had saved some troops. I have helped fellow alley members by sending resources that suddenly disappeared... My town has opened the gates by itself and the day after somebody zeroed me. 3 times have this happened.

The list can go on. Don't spend anything that has something to do with Kabam's inc. I'm sorry to say but I spent over 1000$ and all I got left is a feeling of being cheated... The game changes to only fill the kabam's wallet. I had punched their teeth out if I could. Every time I mailed a complaint, I got a weird auto reply that don't help and I don't understand. Piss off, kabam.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 5, 2014

Company cannot possibly be long for this world. One of the most poorly run companies I've come across. Pay for games, games shut down permanently, no offer of any restitution for any unused credits! Current games are out of control with blatant cheating while Kabam turns blind eye. Put your discretionary funds someplace else. You'll be much happier in the long run!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 17, 2014

Kingdoms of Camelot, I used my credit card to purchase gems to buy tokens for an in-game contest. I use 50 gems to purchase the tokens, then the game went down. When it came back, my gems were gone and I had no tokens. I write customer service, they refuse to refund my lost gems. All I get is a form letter and they close my service ticket. I hate their extremely poor customer service attitude. Kabam is all about massive greed. Make as much money as possible from a poorly written game and never give their players anything but grief. I can not recommend any game Kabam makes to anyone, because they do not care about their players.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 12, 2014

Kabam continue to push promotion after promotion stating 7-10 days payout. The majority of the time these are a minimum of two weeks after the advertised payout date, sometimes not at all. This is clearly evident in their own forum. This is not quite an accurate representation, as the forums are censored like free speech does not exist. The majority of negative comments are removed before any prospective investor can read ... Contacting customer support generally gets no satisfactory resolution, instead an automated reply that is completely irrelevant to your complaint. It is extremely rare to get a human response, let alone a satisfactory one.

Kabam employ marketing tactics that can only be considered gambling. I assume their drive into the mobile market is so they can target children, who would need to use their parent's credit cards for online purchases, but can use their mobile plan to gamble on their cellphones. NOTHING of value in game is sold outright. Everything is sold as a "chance to win" and it has been admitted that rates are actively manipulated during promotions to suit their target metrics. Following is a standard Kabam promotion, which they push out 2 or threefold per day:

"Feb 11, 2014: 4x Trudy! Trudy! Trudy! Trudy! Trudy is now TERRIFIC x 4! Drop rates on the top tier items have been multiplied by 4, for a limited time! Trudy, the newest member of the Camelot Mystery Box crew, has gone...TERRIFIC and has terrific prizes waiting for you in the latest Mystery Box! Contents in Trudys Mystery Box include: Squires Hourglass OR 10K Aetherstone OR 500 Hussars OR 500 Halberdiers OR Masters Token +12 OR Masters Token +13 OR Masters Token +14 AND 20K Food OR Masters Token +15 AND Squires Hourglass OR 10K Aetherstone OR 500 Hussars OR 500 Halberdiers OR Masters Token +12 OR Masters Token +13 OR Masters Token +14."

No odds of getting the valued items are given, and in fact the majority of boxes contain only the first item listed in each section, which are basically useless and worthless. Bugs and glitches remain unfixed for many many months, while these gambling promotions are continually pushed daily. This company's marketing style needs to be brought under gambling laws to allow some transparency and accountability. Odds for any chance sale should be shown. If I was a parent I would be very concerned about my child installing any app on their mobile device from this country.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 20, 2013

Two weeks ago, Kabam started a tournament on a new domain. 408 was the domain number. The tournament stated that if you were to finish in the top 10 in 2 of the 3 tiered tournaments, you would be given raffle tickets for a +9 Master Token. I was the only person to qualify for the raffle tickets finishing in the top 3 in all 3 tournaments yet someone else won the +9 token. Nobody there will explain to me how I lost and nobody there will grant me the prizes that I should have won.

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Original review: May 19, 2013

I made purchases for hundreds of dollars. Sometimes, you don't receive your items and there is no customer support to help out. The game itself is glitchy and filled with bugs. Again, their support team (if such team at all exists), does nothing to help. This company is rotten inside out; they are anti-social and disrespectful and clearly have no idea of what quality means! Stay away from anything they have to offer.

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Original review: April 28, 2013

If something goes wrong, it takes forever to fix. Support is so ** that once they cut and pasted the wrong response that had nothing to do with my issue. By the time they fixed the problem, the others have gone beyond you and you are at a disadvantage. You would have to spend money to catch up. They refuse to refund as well, leaving you with a game you have invested in but cannot really use any longer or as effectively. Support tickets are closed without you knowing and you think someone is working on your problem but no one is. I have heard the same complaints from others over and over. Games are very glitchy and there are times when lag is so bad it takes over 30 seconds just to click on something. You just watch the wheel spin over and over until the graphic finally comes up. The games are good, but the glitches that have never been fixed for months make people quit in the end.

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Original review: Sept. 13, 2011

The system errors in the Kingdoms of Camelot mpg social games and surfaced fraudulent gaming concerns. Informing the customer service of the errors were a waste of time as they encourage the consumer of the virtual goods to make additional purchases as a solution to their mistakes.

I intend to charge back every penny spent and I will be encouraging all players and social network friends to do the same.

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Original review: May 7, 2011

I play an online game called Kingdoms of Camelot on Facebook. I have spent thousands of dollars playing the game. I have sent in numerous reports to their complaint department regarding cheating, bullying, and threatening behavior towards me. They have never stopped someone from playing and continuing to abuse me. They never kick the hackers out of the game, regardless of how much proof is supplied.

I have asked them to supply me their requirements of what they legally need to provide for player safety, and I still haven't got a reply. I have asked for my money back numerous times and have been told that they won't do that. After all the money I have spent, they refused to provide a safe environment for me to play the game in. They refuse to get rid of cheaters and abusive players and they refuse to return my money. How can this be legal in this day and age?

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