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Reviewed Jan. 15, 2023

This game just want you to spend money, if you play everyday for the last 9 years you will get the worst drop, slow rank up system, slow way to build game $ to rank up. I am paragon and this game is getting way too slow, now they have 7* coming soon.... Paragon means nothing no more with the change of rewards in monthly event.. (SUCKS) Kabam stop wanting people MONEY all the time, work on making the game more fun, easier to rank up and improve the customer service. Kabam don't even listen to the players concern, always change stuff without full disclosure of it.

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Reviewed Oct. 18, 2022

Their customer service team doesn't care about their customers. They just say "sorry" and won't do anything to support you with bugs, errors or anything, don't waste your time and your money, really don't worth it.

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    Reviewed Sept. 27, 2021

    Maybe the worst game company around... They only care about TAKING YOUR MONEY... Any problem? Our problem, not them... They even reply, saying they are sorry, but can't do anything to help... You can play their games, BUT DO NOT SPEND ANY PENNY ON THIS SCAM...

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    Reviewed Sept. 23, 2020

    Their customer service team doesn't care about their customers. They just say "sorry" and won't do anything to support you with bugs, errors or anything. If you buy something and a bug happens due to that, they will just take your money and run with it. I played their game for 15+ months and their customer service is in a steady decline. They are cash greedy and do not find any way to compensate their loyal members.

    Why not say sorry with a few gems or gold? Even when you cancel your paid subscription after having a bad customer service experience they will not try to buy you back. They just care about their future paying customers and not their current ones. Did you know it's more expensive to go find new customers than retaining them? Kabam clearly doesn't.

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    Reviewed July 15, 2020

    Kabam's game team isn't so terrible. They make a good product and are continually trying to improve it. The community has a high bar so they react to this by largely ignoring them. However, when the collective complaints over common issues rise to a certain peak, they do start listening. All in all, I would say 3-4 stars for game development, missing 1-2 stars because of the ignoring of important issues, forcing the community to organize boycotts before listening. I am going down to overall lower stars of 1-2 stars because of the completely ABYSMAL customer support. It is truly terrible. I have never seen support this bad in my entire life for any company.

    Players routinely spend large amounts of money and do not deserve this support, which is helpful maybe a small portion of the time if you have a routine or straightforward fix (still have to wait days for replies though) and 100% unhelpful and frustrating if you don't. They claim their support team is staffed entirely by humans other than the automated reply on first contact, but they are so incredibly robotic and unhelpful and invariably fail to understand your problem that people largely still believe that everything is completely automated.

    Given the amount of money people spend on this game, please hire a competent, compassionate team of people to take over support. Have a small group of them manage routine problems such as email changes. They have a very stringent account ownership process which is fine as I understand the reason for security but even I doubt that responses are by humans because every reply is a form/ canned response.

    For example, they ask for your first two real money purchases and to check your purchase history for it, but they do not tell you whether to enter the amount the item cost with or without taxes included. They also fail to realize that sometimes if you make multiple purchases on the same day, they may not be listed in your purchase history in the exact order that you bought. And yet, even the slightest misalignment and they will tell you they cannot help you because you got some piece of verification information (they won't say which) wrong. So you end up stuck in a loop, days apart each canned interaction, only to then have your ticket unceremoniously closed with no further recourse for you.

    There is no ability to escalate your unique issue to a real person that has a brain with whom you can have a real conversation with. They don't provide this option on purpose. If you try to raise this issue with moderators in the forums because those are actual REAL people, they shut your thread down and redirect you back to the utterly unhelpful 'Support' email link. The whole reason people seek help in the forums is because Support is bad, but yet those mods redirect you back. This is incredibly disappointing. Have some of them manage bugs. People have written in and helped recreate the problem and record it, and their efforts enter a black box without so much as a humanistic thank you for your time. People don't even bother anymore.

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    Reviewed June 22, 2020

    I cannot log onto my current, active account. I had this Exact issue months ago and it was handled fairly simply. But not this time. Kabam is demanding a Load of information to "verify" acct ownership. I have done my best to comply. They completely and disrespectfully ignore what I tell them about how this matter was solved before. Obviously I would want to continue my current, Active acct that I have spent time and Money on for 2 years. Again I ask - if my issue could be handled easily before, why not now?

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    Reviewed March 18, 2020

    The company’s customer service is beyond worthless. I accidentally made a mistake in game and traded some t4 class catalyst that take months to accrue by being a fraction of an inch off with my finger. I contacted customer service too because they claim that they will correct mistakes like this. I was basically told tough luck and there is nothing they can do to reverse it even though I gave them all the information. It is beyond ridiculous when you spend time and money on a digital platform where mistakes like this could be easily reversed with a few keystrokes. If another business that sold tangible items treated customers like this then they would be out of business fast.

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    Reviewed March 11, 2020

    This game is a scam. Are there worse games out there? Yeah there is but this is literally the only game that has really scammed real money out of me. They sold everyone a gifting badge that you had to pay real money to get, it was the only way to get it. Then they took it out of the game and didn’t offer people their real money refunds back. Just a lame in-game units compensation which is complete BS. Because I and along with many others I know wouldn’t have spent real money just for the units in the first place. After the horrible experiences I’ve had with this game I wouldn’t spend $32 for 8,000 units let alone 850.

    And here’s how scummy this company is...at first they didn’t even want to give people back the 850 units, they tried only giving back 300 units to everyone and it took a huge uproar from the player community just to get the 850 units back. I will never give this game another penny for the reasons above but also because you can’t trust this company that something you pay for might be taken out of the game at a later date or they might nerf a champ you spent tons of resources on and now that champ sucks. The most untrustworthy company I’ve ever seen or dealt with in my life.

    I wrote a whole page of BS in this review before I’ve even got to how bad the game performs functionally now. Game controls will stop working at times in the middle of fights like blocking for one example. It feels like they purposely programmed lag into the game to cheat players because it’s been happening for about 2 years now and still no fix or even acknowledgement of it by Kabam. This game has had the same bugs it had for the past couple years that they always say they fix but when you play the game they obviously haven’t.

    They allowed cheating to happen just this last December during the gifting event and didn’t do anything about it til the event was over so they could still make their money off it. And in doing so they cheated the top spending player of the game in the 5 years history of the game and got him to quit. So if they don’t give a dang about cheating the player whose spent more money on this game than anyone in history then they definitely won’t give a dang about cheating the average common player over. Do yourself a favor and stay away from any game operated by Kabam. They can’t be trusted.

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    Reviewed Jan. 31, 2020

    I've been playing Marvel Contest of Champions for about four years. It's a relaxing way to take a break during the day and a fun and interesting challenge. The complaints about the game all strike me as silly and overstated. I've never had a problem or bad experience. I've probably spent about $100 on in-app purchases over the last four years, and I've never regretted any of them. The game does a nice job of balancing skill and chance, and updates and new characters every month keep the game entertaining. I really enjoy getting to know the Marvel universe better, working with my alliance, and just playing the game. If you have a healthy attitude about smartphone games, you'll have a great experience with this one. Don't listen to the complainers who bad-mouth Kabam -- they do good work.

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    Reviewed Dec. 30, 2019

    Played this game for years. Quit about 9 months ago and enjoy my free time. Creatively, the characters and story lines are great. Ethics wise, the company corrupts the game. A part of their game is called the Arenas. This is where you run fights to gain points. At the end of 3 days, the highest ranked players by points earned can win higher ranked and new characters. Most people agree, 300-350 wins is what is feasible if you didn't sleep much during that time based on how long fights take. There are accounts that can somehow run 700 fights in 3 days. Either they have some kind of mod on the game to have short fights, or they are run by Kabam themselves based on how old these accounts are.

    By having these high win totals, it skews the rankings and accounts that don't cheat are left with minimal rewards. This forces players who would like to advance and get a chance at newer characters, a path that requires real dollars to be spent. You need these newer and higher ranked characters to complete the later content in game. Kabam is guilty either way. Either they created the accounts themselves to inflate ranking tiers so no normal human can attain these rewards, or they look the other way when other cheating accounts do it for them. They claim they ban cheating accounts, but simply looking at the top players in each arena will show you the same accounts winning. Look up for video proof on youtube. Marvel should reconsider their licensing deal with this company.

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