Izod Center

East Rutherford, NJ

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I recently purchased my son 10 pair of IZOD pants from the Belks in Greenville, NC, and after washing the pants, they started to fall apart. The zipper began to separate from the rest of the pants, and after four returns and exchanges, the pants are doing the exact same thing. These pants sell for $32.00, and that is the kids' price. Something needs to be done to ensure, that the quality matches the price.

Satisfaction Rating

I purchased a pair of woman's size medium pajamas after Christmas. I washed them twice. The first time they shrunk. The next time they shrunk to about a children's size. I certainly expected more quality from your product.


Yesterday Feb 5, 2010, was my son's 8th birthday. So at his birthday party, I surprised him with Monster Jam tickets for that night. He was so happy he couldn't wait to see the Gravedigger and Spiderman trucks perform. We arrived at the arena about 7:10 pm and got to our seats around 7:15 pm. But there were only two seats left, I paid for three seats. My tickets were for section 118, row 12, and seats 7,8,9. Only 8 and 9 were left. I asked the person that was doing the seating if we were in the right place. He said "yes".

When he went into the row it turned out that seat #1 was missing. The seats in row 12 went from 2 to 9. So seats 7,8, and 9 were there but seat #1 was missing which meant someone was sitting in our seat #7. So the man told us we could sit in the front row, because nobody was sitting in those seats. It was about 7:30 and the show was beginning, when we were tapped on the shoulder and told to go with a man that worked at the arena. We went with him, but then noticed he was walking us somewhere far. I asked him where are you taking us? He said to the box office. I asked him why, this isn't our fault. Our seats were available. It was seat #1 that was missing, so why are we being moved around? I told him that the seats we were in were fine.

Rudely, loudly, and unprofessionally, he told me either come on or get out of here. Right, then, and there I asked for his name and he told me Joe. I said, "What is your last name?" He said, "Joe, the supervisor." I asked again for his last name because there must be about eighty Joes that work in the Izod center. Rudely again, he said, "Joe, the supervisor" and if I don't come on then get out of here. He was so rude and loud it scared my son, who then started to cry.

After waiting in the Box Office line with Supervisor Joe, he then guided us to new seats which were now section 110 row 17 and seats 12,11,10. Supervisor Joe had pushed us 6 rows back. As we walking in, the Spiderman truck was being cleaned up from a crash. My son began to cry again. He missed his favorite truck perform. I then had to deal with a kid seating in back of me constantly kicking my seat and waving her hands around hitting me in the head. The kid behind me also spilled soda which ruined my pants.

The new seats were terrible. Supervisor Joe told us that these seats were better. He lied. We missed forty minutes of the show. I bought these tickets as a surprise for my son for his birthday and it was his birthday. He missed his favorite truck, Spiderman, because while we were being walked around the arena to the box offic,e the truck crashed and was taken out of the show. So what was the best gift my eight year old received that night at his party turned into the worst gift. Please! Help me with this matter.

I called the arena numerous times to be directed in many different directions. Nobody said sorry to us for all the trouble or tried to make an eight year old boy excited to be there after crying in disappointment and being scared we were going to have to leave. Because all my son heard was supervisor Joe saying if we don't like whats going on, then leave. Supervisor Joe was talking to us like we did something wrong. I tried to buy my son cotton candy and a Grave digger shirt to make him happy. But all he wanted to see was the Spiderman truck and couldn't. I feel like the worst mother in the world after seeing my son cry in disappointment and fear that we would have to leave the Izod Center because repeatedly supervisor Joe told us if we don't like what's going on then leave.

How sad to wake up this morning to see the gift I bought my son to cheer him up at the show thrown in a corner. And my son telling his uncle he didn't have a good time because he didn't see the Spiderman truck. Because our seats were taken and the man that works there was being mean to mommy in the hallway of the Izod. Thank you for your time in this matter. Please let me know if you can help me with a refund for ruining my son's eighth birthday. What a terrible memory for my little boy.

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