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My wife bought Sims 4 and installed it on our home computer. I sat down and tried to play the game but it kept saying that I needed to sign in to my Origin account, so I did. Once signed in it told me to enter the product code, which I did, then it told me that product code has already been used (no kidding, by my wife you freaking idiots). No matter what I did I could not play the game so I started searching for answers. Come to find out that EA/Origin won't let you play the game without purchasing your own version of the game even though it's already installed once on my computer. This is completely ridiculous! The game is already on my computer. I just want to play it on my account so that we can keep separate games/stats. I can do this with Sims 3 so why not Sims 4?

EA/Origin is a complete rip-off! I will tell anyone and everyone who will listen what a bunch of money grubbing losers EA/Origin are. I do not and will not ever support these scumbags ever again and I suggest for the good of all that everyone do the same. I know complaining here is a complete waste of my time. If I could get my hands on these losers I would do as much bodily damage as I possibly could. My wife bought this game through Amazon.com and you can bet I will be leaving my review of this rip-off game and company there too. SO PISSED OFF!!!

I have had 5 calls with EA Games and I can't believe how amazingly unproductive the advisors are. The advisors did not fix my problem and till this day they are still "working" on the issue. I had to wait for hours for one person to help me and what I received was pretty much "Let me get the specialist for you." Which forced me to wait for another millennium.

Under two different circumstances I have had to wait a week or longer when reactivating my account through Origins. Having to use Origins/EA's account, and attaching a master account that has been affiliated with Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) for years should be a simple task. Even when I provide EA with all of the correct information (like old passwords and security questions), it took two weeks the first time I was away from DAoC to get my account back, and one week the second time I was away from DAoC for over a year. Both times they claimed that their "Automatic System" detected "suspicious activity" as if my account was getting hacked; however, both times there were no signs of foul play, NOR any signs of the "person" accessing my account trying to change a password.

I was agitated, but appreciated the fact that my account was, let's say "extra secure". Now that I am back, my 7 day free trial expired, and BioWare was not accepting my new debit card information. So instead of dealing with EA's "CUSTOMER SERVICE" again I figured I could just go to Origins website and buy a time card so I can just put in a code for a 1 month pass to continue playing DAoC with my brother and my nephew. Instead of paying $14.97 (like the good ole' times before EA took over this game) I now have to pay $17.97 for a time-code through Origins. I was more than happy to pay the extra $2 in EA fees and "$1 TAX" in order to get around having to deal with EA's support system with their "High volume Queue" and terrible return times in order to let me PLAY A GAME.

So now, I have checked my bank account, and the money I spent on a time card is no longer in my available balance; however, instead of sending me the time-code I have to wait 24-72 hours so they can, "We process most orders within 24 hours. In order to protect our customers, we sometimes require additional verification and it can take up to 48 hours to complete an order."

What kind of LAME EXCUSE to terrible customer service is this? If I have all of the information to my debit card to get a TIME CARD you should give me the product I PAID for. I used a debit card in order to receive a code. If you take my money you should give me my code. You can verify that the person making this order is proper when I activate the code THAT I PAID for in order to reactivate MY ACCOUNT. This 24-72 hour wait time is nonsense. EA!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! This customer service is absolutely HEINOUS. Every time I try to give money for a product, I have to wait days, if not weeks. Is this parallel with your "excellent customer service standards?" I have now been waiting 6 hours to receive the code that I paid for. This sucks.

When playing Madden Mobile you win coins based on wins. The objective is to try to win players, head to head matches, season games and live events to earn more coins. EA does not award you the coins based on their rules and standards. They deliberately not pay out the right amount of coins. When you notify them they say it's a bug in the program and the studio team will notify you. Which they don't. After 75+ emails and over 100s of phone calls and 6 months later they still claim that their studio team is working on it. After further investigation this is happening with all their games. They fraudulently cheat children out of their winnings, so you have to buy more of their product to keep playing their games. Their customer support is in India, where 90% of them have no clue about their own product and they act like they never understand the issues that you try to communicate to them.

It's obvious that their EA support is a front to screen issues. They have no intentions of fixing issues. It's obvious they know but continue to fraudulently getting rich off children who put money into their product. It's unbelievable that after 6 months of 100 emails and phone calls, online chats and post in forums. That they can't resolve a issue. It's sad that customer support phone calls is routed across the country to India to people who have no clue about the product they represent, especially when EA headquarters is a hour and 30 minutes from my house. Hopefully someone could investigate this company who's getting rich off children by fraudulently deceiving them.

I play FIFA on my ps3 and one of the things I love about EA Sports is their intro. Whenever the game starts, it would say, "EA SPORTS". I would say, "It's in the game." Loudly. Haha! I love their other games as well, SIMS, Madden, NBA JAM. It makes me feel like I'm an athlete as well, without really being physical. lol

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I've been playing BF4 for awhile now and almost every time I log in to play my squad and the opposite team are invisible. Also my weapons won't load and when I quit the game it cuts my ps3 off.

I purchased Sims 4 and attempted to download Origin, it is a terrible product. I could not get it to run on my computer so I contacted tech support. Big mistake. Tech support informed me that my computer was not able to run EXC files. I just downloaded a game from another company and guess what, it worked. If my computer could not run EXC files I could not play any games or do anything on my computer. I was not very nice to him but he was not a very good tech person. I had just paid 63.59 for a game and could not use it and to top it off he spoke to me like I was stupid. I called back to get help and they sent me a link and I was told to help myself. I then told them they needed to issue me a credit. Now it took a matter of seconds for them to take my money but I was told it would take up to 10 days to get it back. This is a very bad company anymore.

I have purchased all of the Sims games and wanted to try the new platform however after my recent experience with them I do not wish to line their pockets so they can deal with people the way they dealt with me. Beware even if you do get a game to download I am sure if you have issues they will not be helpful. I told them how bad their reviews are. I checked after I had an issue, my mistake, and they did not care.

EA is a worldwide company that makes billions Off people like me and you. I have had the Same issue for over a week. I have had to open 3 cases with them Because they keep closing them after a few days of not getting a resolve so they don't look bad having tons of cases open for weeks at a time. I first contacted them because I thought I knew what the issue was. I looked up my issue on the forms and then on the EA help forms. I then requested to be called by tech support to help resolve my issue since all the forms said was that a EA tech would have to fix this issue. So I got the call and the guy (Ken) was very nice and after about a hour or so we thought the issue was resolved. WRONG.

The next day the Issue was back And 10 TIMES WORSE THAN BEFORE. I once again contacted EA and had to make Another case as the 1st one was closed because we thought it was resolved. This time there was no option to get a call from a tech Only live chat which I hate. This tech wanted me to go into my program data and delete everything in it. I think not. He didn't give any reason for this or clarify why I should do it. I asked if it would delete anything I may need or if it would harm my laptop he said "Yes, now please do it." I said "No I do not trust it" and emailed the chat to my email and ended the live chat.

I once again contacted EA and had to open another case because the tech before closed it because I didn't want to do the steps he wanted me to. This time I did the chat live since the call me option was still gone. The tech was very nice and he did try but he then informed me I would need a specialist to resolve my issue and there are none there at the time. I would have to try again tomorrow. Then they ended the chat without even a word. I look up and the chat was ended. I still had questions. I don't know about you but I work. I can not take time to do the live chat for hour or more at a time on the weekday. Maybe EA should have ALL STAFF there on the weekends too not just the same time ALL their customers have to work. I am so upset I have spent $$$ on this game and now I can't even play it when I want because EA can not resolve issues.

I purchased Battlefront for my son for Christmas. He wanted to play the online multiplayer part of the game. I purchased a year pass for EA on my Microsoft account. It would not allow him access online content. A 45 min wait for chat revealed he was not old enough, but assured me this could be taken care of with phone support. They sent me a link with no way to input my phone number. Contacted chat again and another 45 min wait. This time they gave me a useless phone number. Finally the next day I go phone support. They could not help me and referred to COPPA page on their site which explained nothing. Microsoft graciously refunded my money. Now I have a disappointed son.

The phone support advisor was rude. He told me he could not play on an underage account but insinuated that he could play on another account. I told him that I would not lie for my son as that is a poor example for him to follow. He became argumentative with me, saying he did not say to lie. I said he insinuated that I lie and he proceeded to tell me there was a difference between insinuation and the spoken word. In my mind there is no difference. I will never buy another EA product. As a parent I control the content for my son, and I am active in how he plays his games. He only plays games with me and he understands what I expect of him. It's sad that EA has handled this so poorly. Buyer beware. 13 is their minimum age for this game.

Just bought star wars battlefront for Xbox one. Unfortunately, to play online you have to login. For some reason EA games linked the wrong email to the account and the help link on the website suggests to contact an EA admin to transfer data over. Well over 2 hours spent talking to TWO help specialists and still no resolution. They have to be the dumbest tech support or just not care. They literally asked the same questions over and over, told me they couldn't find my account despite being logged in, and kept referring me to the help page and tell me my problem was because the wrong account was linked to the Xbox... We went full circle. Waste of time and money. They are literally the worst.

My son just bought PS4 with Battlefront and has registered on EA account. Still he can not use multiplayer as he keeps getting error that EA account does not meet minimum requirement and got to EA account. EA account does not show any error or warning. It's real frustrating after buying $50 game and not able to use it. EA does not offer any assistance. I won't get any EA games in future for PS4.

I've attempted purchasing Sims 4 at least 10 times and it has given me the same ** error code. I used 4 different credit cards so clearly there was nothing wrong with the card I used, and something wrong with EA itself. I called customer service yesterday and someone told me what I thought to be was the solution to the problem, which was not. He said I could get a partial refund (because it was Cyber Monday and they forced me to wait 24 hours, which would be when the cost is 60 dollars, until I can try purchasing again).

So I call back after 24 hours and the call drops. I call again, the call drops. I call again, the call drops. It's an endless and pointless cycle, and not to mention that they didn't help me in the slightest. I ended up calling 5 times. Now I try to call again, at least one more time before I lose my cool, and for some reason the call option completely disappeared! So first you forbid me from purchasing a game and then you refuse to let me contact you? Pathetic. Stupid. Dumb. What a waste of my time for a dumbass game.

I have been playing the Madden series for years (since 2008). And every year I see the signs of "game fixing" and deliberate deception on the part of EA Games to influence gamers to buy in game merchandise or (packs) to improve the chance of competing at the highest level. But the game is designed to level the playing field between opponents and even negates some of the player (in game) attributes to an unfair advantage offsetting any benefit gained through the purchase of (packs). And the packs themself only give you a "chance" at a better player or elite (rare player card). It is well-known that much like FAN DUEL and DRAFT KINGS the Developers at EA play the game as well as those on social media that get access to the best cards first. The whole setup is designed to keep you constantly influenced to upgrade your team though purchases while giving only slight opportunity to win, therefore defrauding the public.

EA Electronics Inc. refused to make me a brand new account since somebody else (probably some kind of hacker) is using the original account. I have purchased in July 2015 several Battlefield 4 products. On July 15, 2015 I have bought Battlefield for $20.99 CAN (order # **). On 07-20-2015, I did buy Battlefield 4 Premium membership (order #**) for $41.99 CAN and also Battlefield 4 Weapon Shortcuts (order #**) for $15.74 CAN. On 07-25-2015, I bought Battlefield 4 Ultimate Shortcuts (order #**) for $41.99 CAN.

I have play very little but when it came to play more I have find out that I was banned from some servers I like to play on. EA technical support staff has refused to create another account and transfer all softwares that I have bought into the new account. EA states that I can play on other servers but I told them I don't play on other servers except the one I will like to play on, after all I am a customer that has the choice to choose which servers I want to play but they refused again my request even answering all securities verification correctly.

After having lots of trouble with them, I told them that I will like a complete refund of all Battlefield 4 products which again they have denied my request specifying that I can play on other servers and also refused to escalate, upon my request, to higher level of escalation. EA have shown me that after you buy their products, they really don't care and are truly sarcastic with you over the phone...

Consumer's Desired Resolution. I will like to have a brand Battlefield 4 account with more security measure to prevent this issue to happen again and to transfer all softwares that I have bought from the original account to the new account of course all this with increase security measure... Otherwise, I would like to have a complete refund of Battlefield 4 products that I have purchased in July 2015 but again EA refused to cooperate to my request.

Additional information. EA states that I can change security verification in my original account to prevent any more use of my account by a unknown user as per EA case #**. I have explain to EA technical support that I have contacted those servers that I was banned from for unknown reasons and they told me that it's my account that was banned not the username... Those servers are private and they banned the account even if the user do those changes. Can you help me please because there is no way to find out the EA president phone number?

After defeating the TOTW 6 solo challenge, I never received the TOTW 6 collectible. Instead, the game gave me a "QUICK SELL ITEM" (WTF IS THAT?). The collectible is needed for the TOTW 6 Set. I had already bought the other items needed for the set and received one in a pack. I had already spent over 300,000 coins. To start off, EA seems to have done away with connecting with consumers by phone. They only do "live chats" and "emails". The first 4 times, I chose the chat option only to have been waiting over an hour to connect to an online advisor. After an hour I just gave up (this is what they want).

The following day I chose the email option and received a reply a day later. I informed the game advisor (advisor located outside of the U.S.) of what happened and he didn't seem to understand fully what i was trying to say. Once he finally understood, he said the matter would be escalated up to some specialized team and I would be contacted later, but no timetable on when this would be resolved.

Since playing the game this year I have had many situations like this and have called them to complain. So I'm sure at this point they have labeled me a troublemaker because of so many complaints I have made. I don't get the impression the EA cares about putting out a decent product and I really don't think they care a lot about the money consumers lose in playing this game. I have a theory in the foreseeable future, Madden will be in the news and the topic will be its effect on young kids. If you're also an adult, and familiar with the game mode, you know what I'm talking about.

I bought the Sims 3 with the pets from a thrift store and it didn't have the code. So I contact them and they said they cannot help me because I got it from a third party.

I have The Sims 3 and a bunch of expansion packs. Everything was fine until I updated (as required). Now my game doesn't work at all. How does that make sense? On top of that, if I erase everything and reload the game, it works. But as soon as I update, it stops working. I think EA games is using their updates to sabotage The Sims 3 to force people to buy The Sims 4, which is crap. I HATE EA Games!

My computer had to be reformatted so I lost everything on it. I went to get Origin on my computer and I tried to log in and it asked for a security code from a phone number. I didn't recognize the phone number or ever having to do it before and I had origin on other computers before and I never asked before. I went to their help/contact us page and filled out all the information I could. Then here comes the fun part, it asked me to log in and I couldn't because of the security code issue. I tried calling the support number, but that was a horrible experience too. They never called me back or even picked up. I waited for 10+ hours. I have spent more than $500 on Origin and if I can't get into it I want all my money back. This service has really gone down the hole.

Dead Space mobile phone game - Purchased this title from the video game developing giant EA. Turns out there are literally no way of contacting the company for a resolution to this issue, let alone a refund. This game will not boot up. All I get is a 5003 server error code with a link to the company's website that filters me out from going any further because this product is not on this list to choose in order to establish contact with a rep or anything useful.

It turns out that this problem is not related to only this game title. I have done some research and found it is common to most of their mobile gaming titles. Worse yet it is an ongoing problem thousands of paying customers have been trying to resolve since at least Aug 2013! It is clear that the company has no interest in resolving this well known issue, yet they (EA Corp) continues to sell the product knowing there is a huge issue and knowing that there is no course of action that their consumers can take since they can't even be reached over this product, let alone offer a refund. This issue has affect hundreds if not thousands of customers. Clearly this company has no moral oversight of their own.

I impulsively downloaded The Sims 4 one night -- this was probably my first mistake. I own The Sims 3 and enjoy it thoroughly, so I decided to return The Sims 4 less than two hours after downloading it. I was very prompt and EA responded swiftly, providing a case number and access key to view the case, etc. It didn't seem like too much of a hassle: $40 back into my bank account within 5-10 business days, and I'd be on my way. 12 days later and no refund in sight, I decided I'd contact them again. I chatted with someone on their website via my phone, which eventually crashed, but the person I chatted with -- Andrea -- identified the issue (my refund "got stuck" :( was what she told me) and that they'd have a "specialist" look at it and try to refund it manually. "You should have it back on the account soon enough."

I spoke with a second individual minutes later, who informed me that to perform the manual refund, I had to provide my unique transaction ID from PayPal. I did so. Perhaps I'm just an impatient person, but as of today, 9 days after THAT interaction and a total of 21 days after my initial request, no refund. I contacted them via chat again (which, as it seems, only works for me if I try chatting on my phone; the website says the wait is under 5 minutes, but I waited an hour and a half on my desktop with no associate connecting with me... so I went mobile once again) and was told this by Shueb: "I just checked your case and found that it is already escalated to the specialist team and they will manually refund the money back in your account. It may take another couple days."

I'm sure EA is busy with many refunds that require the attention of all employed "specialists." I, just like anyone else, have to wait in line for my turn to come. It is just very frustrating for me to have had to prod the people at EA several times for a refund that shouldn't have taken this long, especially when it took me a fractional amount of time I spent with the game in question (as I previously stated, the time was no time at all: <2 hours) -- as one who works in customer service, I know very well that impatient people like myself exist and so I am trying harder to be patient. I just hope that my money returns to me before my case hits the one-month mark. On the flip side, an associate so kindly provided me a 15% off coupon, which expires three days from today and "cannot be used to purchase virtual currency, placing pre-orders, third party games, already on sale items and games released within last 30 days." Yay!

Your game is **. Sort out your old games before new ones come out as there is a problem - nearly a problem every week. It's stupid. Plus FIFA point are daylight robbery. You spend ** load in hope of a good player and you never get one. EA are just money grabbing nob heads and all they care is about the money. They bring games out that are not fully working just to get games out on the market. It's **. I will never pay for another EA game again.

Right now I've been waiting all day to speak to someone, or I should say TYPE to someone, about the fraudulent charges they put on my credit card. If you manage to find their phone number, it's just a recording that tells you to go online and chat, and then it hangs up on you. If you go to the chat it says it will be 5 minutes, but I've been waiting literally for hours to find out what is going on. They are selfish and horrible with customer service. I remember ages ago when I played The Sims, they expected users to create content for their game, AND host the files at tremendous cost, and not make a cent for how popular these creators made the game. They were forbidden to charge and make a profit. Just repulsive.

Buggy, crashing constantly. Origin has an absolutely dysfunctional feature which erases files via cloud sync. Imagine world building over countless hours, 4 files each averaging about 180 hours each. Imagine losing them permanently, desperately attempting to restore them. Upon asking for assistance being told that help is "unavailable" constantly, day after day. Online forums provided no solution either, as community managers wouldn't fix any issue more complex than tying their shoes. Obviously, file restoration is out of the question. It's disappointing to put your trust in the assistance of a company, and then be left out in the cold as they can't even fix a problem they started.

I've been playing games from this company since I was a child. Anyways I've been noticing every year how each game has even more micro transactions and how we have to pay for most online games after paying the ridiculous price of 59.99$. I hope this company burns in hell.

The service from EA was terrible. The team does not care about the customers, but only care about the money they receive. Will not go back to them again!

I have steam, and origin. Many games on steam, and state of the art PC with graphics equal to PS4 ($350 graphics card from newegg.com). All games on steam, including Call of Duty Ghosts, plays perfectly, never even a freeze. ORIGIN - opposite. Constantly the game will not start, then a full uninstall, clean registries with Windows cleaner, reinstall from scratch, won't play on line but can force it to offline. Then later for no reason, works on line. Next time, it does not. My kids loved this game, but ended up playing it very little. I was ripped off. Do not buy ORIGIN products. Their company is over-run with fakes and incompetent senior management. This is not their programmers people, they are super smart and want to take it to perfection. These issues are their programmers being forced to take shortcuts by managers above them that are pretending to know what they are talking about. Bad dysfunctional company.

The online buying process I've ever been through. I've gotten through airports easier. The online support staff is nice enough but not qualified to fix problems. This company needs to be bought out but someone that knows technology.

Recently my EA account was hacked and all my fifa 15 coins and players were stolen. Naturally the first thing I did was attempt to call EA but only found out that they don't have a number. I emailed them through their website and it took them two ** days to get back to me. When they did they credited my account with 50,000 coins. With the coins I lost and the players that were stolen the value of all of that was easily three to four million coins and EA completely ** me over. The service was extremely horrible and I will never play another EA game again. I would also recommend that any of you who have read this never play any EA games. ** YOU EA.

For Fifa 16, it would be nice if EA sports would include legends into PS4 and PS3. I am disappointed that legends are only for Xbox1 and Xbox360. Other people are probably upset too.

Bought a game from ea origin and was removed. Partly my fault when I got in contact. I told Origin to merge my two accounts which they said it wasn't a problem. Well hell broke loose after when I lost games from one account and my holidays gone to ruin as I'm still trying to get in touch with them and waiting time is 25 to 30 min.

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