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If you're reading this Columbia House - CANCEL MY DAMN ACCOUNT!!! After YEARS of inactivity on my account I asked them, via their website cancel membership option under "contact us," to cancel my account - FOUR TIMES! I even called them and spoke to a human being who swore to me the account was canceled. I asked for email confirmation of the cancellation. The only emails I have been getting are the same Director Selection emails and pleas for me to buy stuff. My account online is still active which allowed me to send ANOTHER cancel request.

I've marked ALL their emails as spam and made it clear to them every time I have asked to have the account canceled that if they send me any merchandise it will be marked return to sender and refused. After reading about them online they're hurting for business and filed for bankruptcy in 2015. I guess do not want to lose customers. This is certainly the WRONG approach and has at least backfired on me.

I have made repeated attempts to cancel my membership and they have gone unacknowledged. I have no balance nor any orders in over a DECADE. The "Contact Us" link has an option for "cancel membership" but the requests elicit neither response nor confirmation and I continue to receive monthly "Director's Selection" emails that if not responded to could result in a default order. This is completely unacceptable. The company is no better than a scam. Avoid at all costs and hopefully they will fail and the emails will stop.

The lady I talked with, named ** , informed me that I had an outstanding debt of $128.58 from Columbia House DVD Club and that it would soon be passed on to collections. The girls wanted to know if I was ** and then wanted to know if this was my security number. I sad yes then just keep telling me I had a outstanding debt of $128.58 from Columbia House DVD Club. I have not had buy any thing from them in over 20 years.

Billed for non received items. Have attempted several times since last fall to rectify this matter with their differing departments to no avail. They say it was shipped/ I never received it. They will not credit the account because it was not returned. Now they want to send it to credit collections.

Columbia House DVD Club refuses to cancel my membership. I have sent emails, the response is always the same. They have all been returned. The first charge was $88.82. Now they say I owe them $115.00. I will get my own attorney if need be.

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On my credit report it says 148 dollars to a collection agency called RPM, original creditor Columbia House. I have never done business with Columbia House. I want this off my report as it is false.. Please help.

These people are ridiculous! I never opened any account with this company. I had never even heard of them until I saw this on my credit report. My husband and I are trying to buy a house and any negative remarks on my credit affect the process. Just in case this information is useful to anyone else you can file a complaint by going to If more people file a complaint then this company can be investigated. This is not legal!!

I enrolled and never received my DVDs. There was no post office 22-digit tracking number, but a Columbia House tracking number which only had my apartment number and city/state with no street address, even though I confirmed my full address on their website! They did this with 2 shipments and are trying to blame my post office and deny any responsibility for being idiots that can't print my whole address on their shipping label. Their initial email claimed they'd be sending a confirmation number once it shipped, but they never did. Now I may have to fight with them to get a refund to my credit card or I'll get it through other means.

On 7/5/2014 Columbia House received a payment for a DVD. I have my financial institution information that they did receive the money on that date day. It's been three months and I still have not received my refund. I requested a refund back to my credit card. I didn't want a credit to my account, just a refund of the money they took from my credit card. This is the worst customer service I have experience with them. I order it on 7/3/2014 and they got the money 7/5/2014. Within these three months I have ask them what's taking so long. No real good reason they have.

As September ends I have outstanding orders with Columbia House dating back thru August, July to June. Repeated requests for information only engender auto responses about "slight delays". Attempts to cancel are met with "your order is already processed", but it never comes! The sales pitches still come, but no product.

I am also a victim, I have canceled my membership with ch months ago and they keep sending director selections and movies. I have called and called, only to hear "yes your membership is canceled," then lo and behold more movies and selections. I have called my credit card company and ch is no longer allowed to charge to my card. Well, thought it was the end, still sending me selections and movies. Called credit card company, said there are no charges from them. So what now am I gonna get a big fat bill in the mail.. I don't know what else to do.. Anyone have any advice?

2 months ago I had fulfilled my membership requirements. I asked them to cancel my membership. They will not do so. I have been billed $14.97 twice but have not ordered anything or received anything. I have asked for a refund 5 times and they will not respond. These people could care less. They are just greedy.

This is NEW item, not from 1984 "cassette tapes" but from 2006-2012 while living at **... I sent back or never accepted shipment of CDs. I asked to be cancelled and was never cancelled. I was told I still owed money no matter what.

I received my Credit Report last week and was very disappointed. My Credit Report dropped on 40 points in one week. This company appeared as RMG which I had no idea where they came from. The account had went into collection according to Trans Union Report. After researching the company and calling, the young lady stated, the account was establish back in 2007. I informed her it was not my account and my credit score was good until they reported this false information. It should be against the law for them to affect your credit after working so hard.

How can anybody help me I have Bmg and Columbia house on my credit report and I never purchased anything from them.

After filing complaints with,, the Arizona Attorney General's Office, Illinois Attorney General's Office, The Better Business Bureau, The Maricopa County Attorney's Office, and adding fraud alerts to my credit, ATG's counsel responded that they have taken this off my credit, wiped the balance, and retroactively removed it from my credit. The 2 sources that got it done are the BBB and the Illinois Attorney General. File with both of them as I did. File against ATG Credit, LLC. This fraud needs to STOP and above is how we can fight it!

Charges on 3 DVDs that I previously declined online and they still sent them to me. I returned them thru USPS back to them but they are still trying to charge me $53.88 so far. I did an online research and found out that Columbia House DVD Club is doing many nasty things to other people and even taking them to collections agencies. On their website, there's no possible way to communicate with them, the email service doesn't work, and the phone numbers do not work so you feel trapped with no one to talk to and solve this issue. I want them to bring my balance back to zero and get my account back in good standing, and then cancel my account.

I am 19 years old, trying to establish my credit and I discover this $30 debt on my credit report from AGT. I call this company and the very rude rep continually cuts me off and tells me I have to pay this debt. Negative! I will not because it isn't mine. I was 13 years old when this debt was created. I have never received any correspondence about this ever from Columbia or AGT. I believe this is fraud and I am following up. Most of the folks with this problem are saying the same thing. These companies are targeting folks with decent credit, if you read all the complaints, and are expecting them to pay out of fear for credit rating damage. I'm so not letting this go.

Same thing happened to me. I received an alert on my credit report and Trident reports me on all 3 credit bureau services for $59. I called them because I never ordered any DVD from anyone except Amazon. They said I have an account in 2008 and it's reported for collection in 2010 to the address that I never lived in, and it's not even in the same city. So I asked them nicely to remove the record in my credit report. They said I have to work with the credit bureau to remove it.

When I called credit Experian, the rep at Experian said I have to work with creditor since they are the one to put the record in my account. Experian rep also said I need to file the report for fraud or identity theft with police department. So I spent half day on the phone with Trident, Experian, and then Austin Police Department. Finally, I have the case number and police report. $59 is not a large amount but it just make me angry. The crime like this can happen to anyone. They sell my name to collection for whatever I never ordered to the address that I never lived in. Is it even legal?

I just received an alert on a credit monitoring application I use. When I checked the alert, I noticed I had two other "derogatory" alerts. I checked on it and they are both from ATG Credit for $83. I called them because I had no idea what it was related to. I have worked hard since 2006 to clean my credit and have a good credit score from that hard work. When I called ATG, they said the balance belonged to Columbia House. They said it was for DVDs that I ordered in 2007. They also said that they were sent to an address that I did not live in until the summer of 2008. I never ordered anything from them.

I had an account with them maybe 30 years ago... back when DVDs did not even exist!!! The rep from ATG was extremely rude to me and told me that the only way I would be able to take care of this was to pay it. They offered to cut the balance in half for today only. I told him I wasn't going to pay a penny on a debt that was not mine. He then told me that I could pay it then dispute it!! I refuse to pay for something that is not mine. I am disputing. It really sucks to think that they can do this and potentially get away with it.

I work hard to keep my credit clean. I am beyond angry at this situation. I had googled Columbia House with hopes of contacting them directly so I could get proof of the order. I don't know how I could have ordered something in 2007 to an address I didn't even live at yet. I was a bit surprised to see this site come up on the list. It sucks that people are experiencing this but I was a bit relieved to see that I am not the only one.

This company claims that in 2012, a DVD was ordered to an address I lived at in 2005. They have been reporting negative on my credit for 12 months. I was refused a refinance, and that was how I discovered this. The company refused to give me their "client's" contact information so I can contact them to make a fraud claim. They were the rudest people and called me a liar when I explained to them that I had not done any business with Columbia House B. They have ruined my credit over a fraudulent charge of $35. I paid it to prevent any further damage.

I want my $35 back, and I want my credit repaired, as this is 100% fraud, extortion, and false credit reporting. I have worked very hard to have perfect credit. I would never ruin my credit over $35. This is absolutely wrong.

I was sent a bill for $70 for an order that I did not make to Columbia House in or about 2006 or 7. I was concerned that someone had maybe used my name and mailbox to order from them. I talked to my carrier and small rural area postal clerk. She said, "No Cynthia, I have never delivered anything by them to you.” I wrote them a letter telling this and that I dispute them sending me the bill. I never heard another word and thought my problems with them were over. I checked my credit every so often and imagine my surprise this year as I ran my credit to buy a home and the lender said that I had a collection THIS YEAR for $70 for Columbia House! I was told today that I can't buy a home until I pay this bill. This should be criminal and I should have more recourse. Evil company that hurts people. I am going to see if I can fight them, but I won't be homeless for $70. I think that is what they counted on.

I was contacted by Columbia House, or whatever they go by now (they have many aliases), and was informed that I owed $24.00 to their company. I was not aware of being a member of this exclusive group. I was baffled by this phone call as I had never heard of their company, nor did I subscribe to anything that they offered; which apparently were movies and music. I informed them that I did not authorize nor did I have any knowledge of this expense, and I am disputing this. Silly me for not noting the name of whom I spoke with, who told me they would note that in their system and it would be taken care of.

Flash forward to today. I went to review my credit report, and was shocked to see that this $24.00 payment was reported to Experian, under a failed to pay. These people had the nerve to report $24.00 which affected my credit by almost 100 points! You have got to be kidding me! I did my research on this fraudulent and deceitful company, and found out quite a bit. I would understand if this was an account I knowingly neglected to pay them. This was an account that I myself did not take out, and had no idea where anything was being mailed to as I sure as hell was not receiving anything.

Apparently this account, according to the lovely gentleman I spoke with on the phone, was taken out many years ago. Now, it is 2013 and I just received a phone call now? When asked this question, I received silence. Of course, because they are **. I will be formally disputing this to the fullest extent to get this ** off of my credit. Really, a 100-point drop for $24.00 that I disputed? Starting with ** company, whom I have already called and emailed. Next stop is their collections agency who they secured, and who also practices illegal acts and methods.

This post will be put on any and every website to warn people that, apparently, an individual who has had their information used without the sole person’s knowledge, neither of which you knew nothing of, will have the above happen to them; these rats do nothing, but look for ways to snipe people. Unfortunately, I now have the matter to handle, and am determined to take those **! Don't forget to Google Columbia house, and its best friend, Bureau of Collection. You will more or less understand what I am trying to convey. Stay away from this pathetic rat of a company that needs to be put back in the sewer where it belongs.

Many, many years ago, I received (2) unwanted DVDs. I returned them and Columbia House claims they did not get them back, and that I owe $63+. I told them over and over that I had returned the DVDs. Up to this date, my phone rings at least 3 times a week from a collection firm (Calle). I have gone to the post office to report mail problems. Years later, I have a new mailman, but I still get the collection phone calls. They have a system that if a movie is going to be released and you get an e-mail, either you accept or not; and if e-mail is not read in time, they mail the movie to you.

Come on, I did not have a computer working for a while. Years later and $63+ later, I refuse to pay and they refuse to accept the fact that I returned the movies. They really think that I 'm lying or what. I complained to the post office a couple of times about mail delivery problems. How do I know that the movies were mailed or that they were not sent back by the post office? I would not risk my credit just for 2 DVDs. It is the principle of the situation.

I received a letter today from RJM Acquisitions LLC stating that they are trying to collect $99.76 for my Columbia House DVD Club. It says that I opened the account in 2008 and that they acquired the debt in 2011. I did try to set up a membership, however, I did not have a credit or debit card but a prepaid card. Columbia House refused the form of payment. I never received a single product from them. In the member agreement, you have to have a valid card to set up membership. So, how can I have a membership when they refused my card because of their own policies? I will not be paying RJM or any other collection agency this debt; it is invalid based on Columbia House's own policy! I don't know the best way to go about ending any future harassment.

I pulled my wife's credit report and found a collections account from ATG, LLC in the amount of $96. After calling this company, I learned that the collections account was related to numerous CD purchases made from Columbia House in 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007, at an address my wife did not reside at until mid 2008. All of that is made worse by the fact that my wife has never been a member of Columbia House and has never received any of their products. Of course, that didn't stop ATG from offering us to "settle" the account for 75% of the value.

Once I told her what was going on, she immediately followed up with ATG, who largely gave her the runaround. She was told that she shouldn't have ordered these CDs if she didn't want to pay, that she should just pay her debts, etc. ATG refused to tell her how she could dispute this fraudulent claim and refused to provide contact information for their "client" Columbia House. It was at that point that I took matters into my own hands. For those of you going through the same problem, I urge you to do what I did.

I called ATG and began using their own tactics against them, asking them whether they bother to verify the debts they purchase and collect on, how was it possible that my wife could owe $96 when she never lived at the address where the CDs supposedly went to, why would we settle a debt we never legally incurred, etc., etc. The first rep hung up on me; the second rep hung up on me; the third rep transferred me to a belligerent supervisor who eventually hung up on me; and, finally, the fourth rep accepted my offer of $15 to, in his words, "just be rid of me."

I agreed to pay it for one reason only: to clear the debt from my wife's credit report. Principle would ordinarily forbid me from paying for something we didn't purchase but rectifying her credit report (we're about to start shopping for mortgages), and having a bit of fun with reps who think they can talk to people like they’re scum, was worth the $15. Hopefully my tactics work for the rest of you who are also being scammed by Columbia House and credit collection agencies. Good luck!

I was sent to collection for an order not placed by me. My name was used to place an order and sent to a different address that I don’t have any knowledge of. Now I am being harassed by collection service for a charge of $108.21 for items that I did not order or have possession of.

I agree with some of the other posters that have stated there are several movies I've purchased through this club that they claim to no count towards my fulfillment obligations. This is ridiculous! I had changed my credit card number on file, so there was no way they could charge anything additional to my credit card. But next thing I know, they are using an email address I have never used with them to take funds from my checking account via PayPal! Is this even legal?! I never authorized this! Fraud and cheats!

I was threatened by the collection agency for merchandise that was returned to them 5+ years ago and now they want me to pay $106.98. The nerve of Columbia House.

This July 2012, a collector from RJM Acquisitions called me concerning a past due account with Columbia House from 2008. I explained that I had never created an account and that someone must have used my name. I again asked for a way to speak with someone to dispute, and he refused to give me a number. He told me to get it in their website of which there is none. They insisted on a payment. I then got very upset and told him this was a scam, that I would try to find someone to speak to myself. I never found a number.

I have not ordered anything from Columbia House and I find it extremely odd that if I owed this 23 dollars, how come I never received a bill or phone call from them and 4 years later, out of the blue, you start getting calls from a snot knot collector demanding money without any proof of purchase which I did ask for and was informed that it was not his job to supply that. I also asked for proof of shipment and was also told that I should know what I received, which I explained again that I did not order from Columbia House. He then asked me again how I was going to pay the bill. I then told him to listen very carefully. I hung up the phone. I have been getting at least 2 to 3 calls a day. I refuse to pick up the phone.