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My family drinks Coke on a daily basis. I literally buy a case every day and have always loved the taste and the fact that it doesn't go flat as fast, BUT recently within the past few months I have noticed that a lot of the cases I am buying have a slightly different taste and go flat A LOT faster. I can get a can out and it goes flat within the hour and used to I could leave a can sitting all day and it would still have its usual fizz. Now I am wasting so much that I am having to throw a lot away 'cause once it's flat I cannot handle the taste. The taste itself even seems different. It doesn't have as much of the familiar aftertaste.

Another problem I have encountered is the cans easily busting. I can barely touch the side of the table and it busts. The cases are made even cheaper but I can deal with all that. It's just the old familiar taste and the durability of fizz that's the problem. I understand that costs are up, but they are up for the consumers also. I have single-handedly played a part in the profit. Seeing that I literally spend HUNDREDS of dollars a month on Coke, and I feel like I and others deserve to at least have the same product because the taste and the fizz is one of the only reasons I buy it instead of other sodas. I thought maybe it was the store I got em from but I have bought it from different places at different times and still the same.

Every once in a blue moon we'll find some older product that is still the same great soda we all love but it's getting farther and fewer between. I mean, HAVE you truly been changing the ingredients or adding more water or is there just a bad batch that just happens to be still circulating? I just don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on something when it isn't what I love anymore. I'm afraid that doing this will hurt sales and profit even further and lead to even more cost cutting and ingredient changing, and if it gets any worse I'm going to have to change to something else which I really don't want to do but if it's going to keep getting more and more. Like the others why wouldn't I just go and buy a cheap off-brand 'cause as of now they keep fizz just as long. I hate to complain but I don't want to lose my favorite drink to budget cuts and just thought I would say that I CAN tell the difference.

Either there's a lot of workers dropping crates upon crates and shaking it up, or a bad batch has been distributed, OR ingredients HAVE indeed changed. Either way I thought you'd like to know so that maybe you could either fix the problem or figure out another solution that doesn't require changing the taste and the fizz factor that Coke became famous for. Thanks and have a great day. Oh and I didn't realize I needed a receipt so I do not have one on me at this time but I buy in Delbarton, Varney, Williamson WV and in S Williamson KY stores if that helps any at all.

Dasani is my favorite bottled water, but I just bought a case and something is wrong with all of the bottles. The plastic has a very weird sweet smell. It reminds me of really cheap fruit punch - just this nasty, sickly sweet smell. I can taste it, too. Don't know what happened to it, but it's gross.

I grew up with Coke and I will grow old with it. My family is addicted to Coke, and we cannot go by a day without having a taste of it. It's not healthy, of course, but it's delicious, like most other harmful stuff you would want to stay away from. But it's the most refreshing drink after eating. There's a weird kind of satisfaction when upon drinking and it gets on your throat and there's that slight roughness of the liquid passing through. This kind of feeling is uniquely given by Coke, not by any other soda. I also prefer its slightly less sweeter taste than Pepsi. It also does not have that bubblegum taste like RC or Pop Cola here in the Philippines.

I really liked the taste of the Vanilla Coke back then. I haven't seen it in the shelves of shops for a while. I've been told there are still some on sale in membership shopping stores. I most certainly don't play this way, but for Vanilla Coke, along with the cheap cost of imported booze in said stores, I might have to avail myself of the 'advantage' (forced to shop here than anywhere else instead) card.

While at a duty-free shop a few weeks back, I was surprised to find a green Coca-Cola can, a direct contrast to the red can I'm used to seeing Coca-Cola in. Curious as to what was new about this Coke Life, I grabbed a can and added it to my shopping cart. Coke Life was supposed to be a "healthier" version of the regular Coca-Cola having reduced calorie content since stevia was used to sweeten the drink.

I paired Coke Life with pizza afterward and it tasted great although not as fizzy as the regular Coke. I don't know about the reduced sugar 'cause it still tasted sweet. Then again, Stevia is a sweetener with no calories. I felt bad I didn't grab more can while I was at the store. Now my next aim is to hunt this product down in the various stores available in my city. I sure do hope I find one that offers it. Bummer.

I think I am addicted to Coke. I can't stop drinking it. There's something about it that makes me long for it whenever I'm having my meal. I've tasted a lot of soft drinks - Pepsi, Mug Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, A&W, etc. but nothing beats the taste of Coke. It is the best tasting soda for me. On a hot day this is the ultimate comfort drink, especially here in the Philippines where it can get really really hot during summer. The only thing is, it's not the healthiest drink available in the market. If you are health conscious then I suggest stay away from Coke. It has a very high sugar content that could really be bad for you.

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We've been using Coca-Cola's Wilkins Distilled Drinking water since 2013 especially for our children. I've never had any problems with this water. In fact, it is the most trusted brand by mommies and it is highly recommended by pediatricians. This brand is expensive, however, the water is soft and tastes good. The sizes are varied from the smallest that is 330 ml I think to the largest, that is the 5 gallon. I usually buy the bigger sizes for more savings. The only thing is, as compared to 2013, I don't know what happened but the plastic containers are now thinner.

Yes, I know Coke is not the healthiest drink. In fact if you boil a can of coke until the moisture is gone, you'll see a paste of dark sugar, and it's a lot! It's on YouTube. Yes, it's not healthy but it's so delicious. At the end of a good meal, an ice-cold Coke is always a satisfaction. And it's addictive. Just when you thought you've had enough, you'd still want more! I've tried other black sodas and Coke is just different. The sweetness and the amount of acid is just right.

For the past several weeks, I've stopped drinking it, you know why? I could no longer fit in my clothes, especially in the belly part. It's either I buy new clothes or stop drinking it. Well, I drink a lot of coffee too! But after a week of not drinking it, I noticed I could fit again in some of my long sleeves. Amazing! I used to drink 2 glasses a day after dinner. Imagine what stopping drinking just 2 glasses a day can do to your body. I've got a friend and his family who hasn't seen water in their life, they only drink Coke at home! Open their fridge, you'll find bottles of Coke! And their physique? Don't ask me to describe them.

I was not a Coke drinker but when I tried drinking it after dinner every day, it's become addictive. In just several weeks, it's changed me. It was a struggle not to drink it but by sheer will, I did. I can drink probably once a week because I really love its taste. Anything good that is too much is bad. On occasions, I'd still drink. Now, I need to stop drinking 5 cups of coffee a day. Hope I could drop it to 3-4 cups a day.

I'm writing this review to give credit to the most established soda manufacturer in the world. They've been at it for decades and it has been the most popular soda brand in the planet everrr. I love everything about their products. I especially like Coke and Sprite -- the taste, the fizz, the tingling and refreshing sensation I get... everything. I don't ** care if their products have made my belly larger than ever as long as they keeps my meals and breaks much, much more enjoyable... I will drink it til I die. You bet I will.

Coke has been going flat the past 3 months. Almost all are flat, have been throwing them away. Done with Coke, switching to another company entirely as this seems to be a deliberate change of their recipe.

I've always loved Coke, even as a little kid. There's no better feeling than eating a nice afternoon lunch at home with your favorite meal cooked by your mom and having it with an ice-cold glass of Coca-Cola. Before I became old enough to drink, Coke would always be my drink of choice whenever I'm eating out of the house. I could drink an entire liter of it in one sitting easily.

Lately I've been trying to lose weight and have been reading up on the sugar content of food and drinks. I was surprised to find out how much sugar is in a can of Coke, and I read many people's experiences on how much healthier they've become after they ditched the soft drink. I thought to myself, this can't possibly be true, right? I mean how can a drink that tastes so good be so bad for you? So I decided to go give it a go and give up Coke for 2 weeks to see if it will make a difference in my weight loss.

The result was staggering. Though there was an initial loss of energy the first few days I wasn't having my Coke fix, in time I started to feel more energetic. I realized that though Coke did give me a certain energy boost after I drank it, it made me more lethargic a few hours after, and without it I could maintain my level of energy for a longer period of time. I've also been able to lose weight faster by sticking to water with every meal I eat. Not having too much sugar in my body has made me feel livelier, improved my quality of life.

So now, I only drink Coke during special occasions, about twice a month at maximum. I probably will never be able to stop drinking it, but now I don't crave it as much as I used to. It's just too unhealthy. For all those trying to lose weight, read up on sugar content like I did, and you'll be surprised. I'll always love Coke, but my days of guzzling it down endlessly are over.

I love Coke and I really appreciate that they offer various flavors. My favorite would be Vanilla Coke, although I like Cherry as well. The thing is, as much as I'd love to buy as many Vanilla flavored ones, I can't seem to find a store in our city that sells it. Big shopping areas don't have it either, although they do have the Cherry ones available. The only time I can to buy some Vanilla Coke would be when I get to go to Duty-free shops. That's not really the most convenient since the closest to my city is 3-4 hours away. I really hope Vanilla Coke can be made really available in local stores.

My son inherited my dad's sensitive stomach so his pediatrician recommended we use Wilkins in preparing his milk. Since then, no more tummy problems for my baby. This is the only distilled water I trust for him and I'm not afraid to recommend it to other moms.

Coca Cola drink is surely one of my guilty pleasures. I should not be drinking too much of it, but what else can I do? I seem to have been addicted to it since I was a kid. I wish there is a way that it can tastes as good without being too much of a health hazard. However, I have observed that its tastes varies. It tastes better in a glass bottle container than in plastic, or in can. Coke makes each meal more exciting. But sadly, I really have to stop drinking coke, lol. And I would rather stay away from Coke Zero, I've heard it causes cancer.=( True or not, it also does not tastes that good.

Anyway, I would also like to comment on one thing. Way before, each Christmas, this iconic drink/company use to put up very festive Christmas decorations in their Coca Cola Plant here in my city. We would park nearby just to see their "Santa Claus with all his deer" display, sometimes decoration will be about the nativity (depends on the theme, it's different year to year) but sadly, right now all they put up are Christmas lights and nothing more. I wish they could do things the same way before, so my nephew and niece could enjoy the same Christmas tradition.

I was never a fan of soft drinks mainly because of the sensation in my throat when I drink them. I don't like the feeling at all. That's it. However, summer in the Philippines this year is crazy hot! So the few times that a liter of Coke Zero was available at our house along with pizza, I drank at least one glass, and it was gooood! I must say it's a real good refreshment on a hot summer afternoon.

I'm not satisfied with Coca-Cola. I can't get what I pay for. Too much carbonation makes the taste much less sweeter... too close to being tasteless. Coca-Cola is also one of the most expensive carbonated drink in the Philippines. A 1.5-litre bottle of Coca-cola costs 55 - 60 pesos while a 1.5 - litre bottle of other brands costs 45 - 50 pesos.

For the last two weeks, the Coke we purchase has a horrible flavor. This is in the 2-L bottles and the 12 oz bottles. We have gotten several bottles with too much carbonation, so much that it affects the taste. Now we have been getting some that the carbonation is fine but the taste is wrong. Kinda sour. We have been dedicated customers for many years. Drink nothing else. PLEASE recall or get these problems fixed ASAP. Please have your flavor chemists check better.

When going on to your site re this: "Buy1 Get 1 Movie Promo" Expires on June 1st 2016. I discovered that the Promotion is over. What gives? I purchased a case of Coca-Cola Zero faithfully from Wal-Mart every week, along with my groceries. If the Promo is over, why are you servicing Wal-Mart with untrue gimmicks? I am 80 yrs of age (born in 1936). I am a widow and still an active Realtor. I would never deceive a client with false info. I am not a "Happy Customer". Your dates are conflicting re PROMO. I find that you a World Wide Company.

Over the last 45 days all of the Coke I've purchased has been flat. It doesn't even have any fizz when opened. It tastes like water with a little Coke flavoring. My husband takes 1 drink & pours it out. Tired of wasting my money, I am switching to something else.

Today I bought a 6 pack of 16.9 oz bottles. In one of the bottles I saw something floating in it. I took pictures of it and the rest of the 6 pack. Now I'm afraid to drink this product.

Further checking determined that the toothpicks did not come from the can, Coke got back to me quickly. I informed them that the toothpicks had been in the glass - thus no issue with the way the product was processed.

Original Review

Several days ago I poured a can of Coke into a glass. I found two toothpicks floating in the Coke. I do not use toothpicks. I emailed an address I found on the site to report the discovery and ask if there were any identifying numbers I could give them so they could locate the company that filled the can. I have not had a reply from I hate to think of what might have happened if I drank from the can rather than pouring it into a glass.

Just wanted to report to you how I bought bottled Fanta from a store in Abraka and it was full of dead insects... I was so disappointed that a company like Coke will be so careless and endanger our life. It’s wrong and ever since then I cannot stop thinking of the harm your product can cause unobservant masses. Also same week my friend also bought our product containing rubbish too… The two bottles are stored properly for confirmation. It hasn’t even been opened. Pls get back at me.

I went and purchased 4 cases of Coca-Cola. I get home taking them out of box to find all the cans sticky to the point that they are all heated together and I find the reason one pop can is unopen and empty can and I go to pull the can out of the box and the bottom ring of the can is all cracked so I pull it out and slice my hand open from the sharp piece that was looks like too many cases loaded on top of each other. Anyways I had to go to hospital. The cut just would not stop bleeding.

I was given three stitches on the top of my finger. The doctor said I cut the worst spot I could cut and since it was so sharp that is why it went through the way it did. Now this is not the first time this has happened but it was the first for getting stitches over it. I don't think I'm going to be staying a loyal customer since I enjoy my Dr Pepper too so I will write my decision after I find out if this cut gets infected cause the pop being dried on and glued by the heat. I wish your company would care more. The worker should have seen that case all wet. Should have taken off that case as part of your Job.

My father bought a Fanta bottle in Madrid, Spain 10 days ago. Before he open the bottle he saw that there is something in the bottle. He is lucky because he didn't open the bottle to drink it. It's a little, small, black piece. 10 days later still we can see it in the bottle. All I can say is, "You have lost a once loyal customer, Coca-Cola." My father is very disappointed. He doesn't want to drink anymore any of Coca-Cola Company's products.

I bought a can of Fanta the promo can 440 ml for R8.00 and when I opened it, it tasted flat and like water so I offered to return the can to the vender and she did not want to change the can or even taste to see if it was flat. I am very, very disappointed and the way this matter is treated. The lady said she sold 40 cans and there is no issue. She even mentioned something must be wrong with me. It seem as if Coca don't accept returns if there is an issue because why would she make fuss if you guys are not giving her problems to return the stuff. I had to throw away the can with the drink so I wasted R8.00 and I had to buy a Coee at another vender. As of today I am very upset about this issue. I will not support a company that can't accept their mistakes and refund customers. We don't want your product for free. We are paying for a service. Under the can code: BB044Mar16AHI.

I bought this outdated coke out of a Coca-Cola vending machine at St. Charles Mall. I called Coca-Cola and Customer Support Supervisor named Roger id#** told me he would only mail me a coupon and refused to refund my money. Good luck with that. #Coca-Cola #stcharlestownecenter

Hi my name is crystal and I just want to let coca cola company that a few weeks ago I bought a 12 pk of cokes at HEB and even though this sounds ridiculously all of them were out of gas, my husband was pissed but now he doesn't want to hear from you guys. I just hope that this doesn't keep happening, or else y'all are going to lose more clients.

I worked for Coca-Cola for 7 1/2 years and it was by far one of the worst experiences I ever had. The DCM was a flaming alcoholic and often showed up to work barely able to stand, but somehow he was able to hold on to his job. Coca-Cola is a corporation that truly embodies the slogan "the end justifies the means" and they use many corrupt practices to keep the shareholders in money. Often told that as long as the year end numbers were good, they (upper management) didn't care how the numbers came about.

I was asked a couple of times by my manager to do things that were not ethical, and turned him down too!!! When it was asked of our internal controls person why she let things happen that did her reply was "There were so many things wrong at Lansing Coca-Cola DC that she just had to shut her door." Nice, this company treats their employees like crap and their customers like crap and hopes that just because of their name people will still come back.

Complaints against Coca-Cola Company (Sprite Brand). I bought the Sprite tin of 8 FL. oz from Walgreens and served to my boss in a party. He insulted me when he found the empty and sealed tin served to him. I lost the party and boss and friends. I have seen that Coca-Cola is negligent in supplying the sealed tin of Sprite without quality check. The bill number from Walgreens is ** 11/20/2014 and the print on the bottom of tin, as a batch number for processing is JUN 01115CYB: 4245 14:15. My mobile number is **, Pl. Contact me as soon as possible. The error on the part of Coca-Cola company is serious. I am ready to show the bottle and receipt physically. I am ready to proceed for sue.

I purchased two Powerade zero drops 3 fl oz and when I was half way through the second bottle it sounded like there was something in the bottle. So I took the cap off and dumped the rest out and found chunks of something in my bottle. Hopefully we can fix this problem the batch# on the bottom is- july2715AZB01481.

Tried to find out about the winners for the contests to win prizes. They told to go to a link that only says 503 error. Someone should investigate who really wins the My Coke Rewards Sweepstakes. It may be a scam like the McDonald monopoly contest was in the beginning. They should make it a lot easier to see who won if anybody won. How does one find out if these are legitimate sweepstakes or not. I believe people should not play until they provide winners and where from in case it is employees.

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