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4 lethal doses of insulin given to Riva ** April 2014. She was sent to UHMC each time. On 3rd arrival, a Dr. EK called the Granby police and with Don ** - the then administrator of Meadowbrook nursing home - came up with the story that there was none on the Meadowbrook staff who had given Riva the insulin and so it must be me, the daughter/caretaker, who has Munchhausen by proxy. The police did nothing to catch the real perpetrator (some nurse named Frederick - neither Don nor the DNS Tara ** would tell me his last name) and only used the information fed to them by Don and Dr. EK to totally ignore any real investigation. Instead they came up with a "care plan" that I had to sign without seeing ahead of time nor being allowed to discuss with a lawyer.

I was not allowed to be alone with my mom - only 4 hours supervised visits with a guard - couldn't feed her, bring in any special food for her, dress her, adjust her to make her comfortable, take her to the toilet, comb her hair, give her a shower. NOTHING. And my mom was 100 at the time. I was not allowed to take her off the premises and every "resident's right" was negated for her. I was refused to bring her to her eye doctor in NYC that she had missed because she was at UCHC with the lethal overdoses and several days after the appointment that was refused, she was blind. The police department NEVER did anything and although I had called at least 70 lawyers, none would help her because at 100 she was a throwaway. Athena was very aware of what was happening and they let Meadowbrook get away with the torture and elder abuse on my mom.

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This is a cloud-based software that has one of the best track records in the industry.

  • Cloud based: Cloud based software that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Fewer service interruptions and superior functionality.
  • User-friendly: Very intuitive system that is easy for users to adapt to.
  • Customer service: Customer service reps are very competent and work with users to solve issues as they arise.
  • Learning curve: The system has a high functionality, but a steep learning curve. Extensive training is required.
  • Templates: Very few templates are available for different specialties and trying to make or change new templates can be difficult.
  • Best for Large medical practices, independent physicians

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