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Every rep will tell you a different story. The company isn't the same on their jobs. Supervisor tell one story to the next. It never matches up from loan dept. to verifying your documents. Untrustworthy company. Every employee will lie to you as all as supervisor. Do not give them your business unless you want to be screwed.

Will take as much money as they can get you to hand over... What they offer in return is massively inadequate and far from regaining your "investment". This is a clear cut LOSS financially. Blatant misrepresentation, straightforward theft. SHUT THIS COMPANY DOWN. You can get more useful information for FREE at the library in a fraction of the time and not feel like a complete moron for getting ripped off!! RUN. Anyone that has been hit by this company should go here:

To report Mass Marketing/Telemarketing Fraud:
Federal Trade Commission
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If you have a complaint about any type of consumer fraud, including any type of mass-marketing fraud, you can file a complaint through a toll-free Consumer Help Line, 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or online with the Federal Trade Commission.

I saw a commercial in 2007 and called to order some books. I received the information, but 2 weeks later, I started getting phone calls from men who were asking me if I was interested in making money in buying and selling homes. At first I was upset that they had my cell number. After everything took place, I was able to recall I used my cell phone to call for the books, and that's how they got my number. I told them to stop calling me.

One day a gentleman called and asked me if I was interested in making money in my neighborhood by fixing up homes and then selling them. I told him that sounded interesting, then once he saw an opening (their very good at what they do), he told me I would have to invest in the business and he would have to send me all the information I needed. After speaking on a few more occasions, I was told that all that is going to be sent to me was going to cost $13,585.00. What was told I would get I did not get.

I received a box with the same books I order from the television. I called the number and could not contact any of the people I spoke with prior...they no longer existed. I was told that I was enrolled in an online school program. I was not interested. I returned everything back to them and called over and over again to try to cancel the credit that HSBC supposedly backed but was told that I could not cancel the credit. Someone called my from prosper learning and told me they were a coach and was asked to call to coach me into how to go into my neighbor and fix up an inhabited home for less money than what it needs and sell it to someone. I told them I could not do that.

The women said "you are stuck because there is no way you’re going to be able to get back any of the money you invested." I know that I initials documents that they rushed to have me sign but I have bought plenty of things on credit and if I was not happy with it I was able to return it, if it was not used or damaged. I was not able to do anything to get this resolved and I tried to stop this within 30 days, but got no help. I went to speak with HSBC bank in person but they said they have no record of the information. I made a complaint with BBB but it seems as though that is going nowhere because the company responds as though they are these nice people who try to help unhappy people (folks) who just did not know how to make money from their program...please assist me if you can. Thanks.

I had signed up for their coaching program after seeing their ad on Joe ** website. First off, this is a scam - you think you are signing up for coaching with him or his team, but you are not. They are just paying him to market the coaching plan. They pressure you into signing up for one of their contracts on the phone, when you do - thinking you are getting a great program - you then find out the negatives. They promise things on the phone that they never deliver. They won't schedule times with you. You have to call them when you think you need coaching. I have been with many different types of coaching and this is the first I have ever had to call them to set up appointments and not schedule a set time.

When you do call, they do not answer the phone. They do not return phone calls. After being upset, I had finally gotten through to someone, and he proceeded to yell at me on the phone and blame me for the fact that things are not working. What kind of talk is this from a Customer Support person let alone a coaching company? I will never use this company again and I would not recommend this company to anyone. Never, never deal with them.

Red flags all over the place with this company. They say that you have to be "invited" to do business with them. You have to be prepared to give them a yes or no to their final pitch to you. You have no time to think it over. You have to agree to this prior to their "final call" with you. They introduce themselves as being with John Cummuta, but when confronted about their policy of not giving you any time to think it over, they say it is not their policy, but their "partner" John Cummuta's policy. Then they defend the policy saying that it is a way to choose only those people who've done their research.

Read the complaints on this and other Consumer Affairs sites and you will see a pattern with this company. They claim to have 400 successful students; however, when you see YouTube videos of their operation, you can clearly see that they don't have anywhere near enough consultants to support that many students every week with one-on-one mentoring calls. Don't fall for this.

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I signed up with the hopes of learning how to build my own online business. The information provided to me at first did not apply and I could not gain access into the so called Prosper University in order to use the resources. So, I called to get the accurate information and still came up with nothing. I called them back and got the run around. I tried to cancel their services and was told that it was too late and would have to pay over $200 to cancel. Foolish me, I let them beat me down. Still unable to gain access, they still withdrew $49.95 from our account each subsequent month, while my husband was unemployed for over 5 months during this time (sole provider of family of six). I made sure Prosper University was aware of our financial ruin and was to get the help and guidance needed to be successful. On the contrary, I found this so called Prosper University to be a complete scam.

About 3 months ago, I called again, asking for them to cancel and the same load of erroneous information followed. The only difference this time was that I was told they would cancel if I paid $100. The audacity of these people, my husband is still unemployed and they see fit to hold people by a noose even during difficult times, this is not a business. These people are sharks looking for the vulnerable and naive. They should be ashamed of themselves. I noticed there was only one positive post made prior to mine about them; I question the integrity and source of the individual who submitted that information.

This company only wanted to know how much credit limit I had. When their adviser found out I didn't have, "Sorry, we can't help you." I asked for my money back. They stated, "Sorry, it's been over 30 days. You're out of luck." I called John himself at 1800- ext. **. I had to leave him a message. I stated on their record call it was a scam and they cheated me out of my money. Who are all this scam artist located in Utah?

Prosper, Inc. is everything everyone is saying. It is a waste. They will try to continue to charge you because they have a recording. Tell them you want to speak to someone higher and you also want to hear the recording. Not sure exactly what worked but I am in the process of them putting a stop to the payment. The first $199 was not worth it at all. Don't do it! YouTube some videos and buy some books. The few good comments if you notice are from Utah. On my bank statement, the charge also came from Utah.

Prosper sells their program like it's a privilege to be accepted, and all the experience you need is to know how to email.They also claimed they are committed to your success. To add, Prosper has no remorse for students who cannot make their program work for them, and it leaves them broke and in debt or offers a partial refund to keep them quiet. The success you see on their web site are the same ones they had when they started out back in 2000.

They use the same sales pitch, because it works on people with their guard down and in need of trust. It is insane what Prosper is and what they are still getting away with. No guarantee for the student who lets them max their credit card out-meaning, if you fail, you still do not get a refund. Prosper has no morals they believe what they sell is a chance of a life time when all they do is give advise on how to succeed .basically they do nothing that you could have done itself.

If you want more info on Prosper, call me at ** after 5 pm pacific coast. All I do is tell you the truth as to what happened to me, and you make up your mind as to whether I am lying or Prosper is. Prosper salesmen tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to know.

Those who have complained about Prosper University and Prosper Inc. together are mistaken. They are not the same company or are related in any way. Prosper Inc. is a company that offers personal mentor programs, not tape sets and if you look at the BBB, you will see that all the complaints logged against them have been resolved. I do not know what Prosper University is and from the reviews, it sounds like a scam but Prosper Inc. is a legitimate business that maintains a high level of integrity.

I enrolled in the program three years ago and now my internet business is bringing me over six figures. I think all these complaints are because people were either too busy, or really were not ready to make money. How weird. I think Prosper was the turning point in my life. I am now making over $123000 a year thanks to the wonderful coaching program

I applied for google for $1.00. There were two companies taking money out of my account. One of the companies refunded my money but Prosper Learning refused to return my money. They do not contact you, they do not email you. You have to pay more money when you look at their site. No one teaches you anything ;it was a big bunch of nonsense.

I logged on to the site. Nowhere on the site was it stated that I will be charged a monthly fee for looking on the site. One guy told me that he could only refund me one month because his system would not allow him to go back. They told me the supervisor was in a meeting and would return my call. When I contacted them a few days later, Mr Derek ** told me because I did not take the offer from the first guy, he could not give me a refund at all. Now,I know it is not a penalty to talk to the supervisor. I need to know how to go about getting my refund. They are taking money out my account without my knowledge. I signed up for a google account and had several companies taking money out of my account.

I enrolled in Prosper University on a trial basis. At the end of the 3rd month, they billed me $49.87. I never used the program! I remembered that I never canceled the program. No problem, I thought. I'll give them $49.87 for my mistake! I called Prosper University at Phone # 1-888-783-7260 to cancel, and to try to get a refund. The rep. I talked to would not consider a refund, told me he would give me another three months free. I expressed that I looked the program over and told him it wasn't for me. "I'm not interested," I replied. He explained that I was too late for a refund. "Okay," I said, "no problem," I made a mistake! However, I do not want to participate in the program, I want it canceled.

I went and checked my records, yes they are the reason I been overdrafting since July. June 8th I got Twitter Prosper Tree casettes for 3.88, that is all I paid, they said it was to send it to you. I got the Cds an some reading about Prosper University, They have charged me july 1 and July 31, Agoust 31 and October 1and 30 49.87 5 times, overdrawing my account when I buy small things 8.oo 15.oo etc. I have been overdrawen like three times for 4 transactions, is 35.00 each. I only keep what I buy on this account

Visa, Bank of America I use on net because i Had a virus come in computer. I stopped after one day so I am carefull to not put money on it I told bank to not give me overdraft protection for same reason but they did and I lost money from my savings everytime, plus the stress it causes me not knowing why. i could not get on line to check records because the lady that openen my account said she signed me on line, everytime I went in I had no pass word until I decided to sign in like I had no online banking, but used the banking id lady gave me I finally got in,

This Prosper University has costed me alot of money and they said to take opportunity to enroll because you would just have this service. I never asked for 14 days, I only got the Cds and this was only advertized as postage, I did not go back to sign in into this so called prosper University. I am disabled and go to school and can not even afford Cable, there is NO WAY I would Ever agree to have bgiven them consent to do this, also they have have me so stress and paranoid about everything and everyone because I feel totally out of control with my money.

I did not know if the bank was doing this or whom I was paranoid about the internet and I need tio go in cause I study Graphicsm they have costed me many nights of imsomnia and unecessary worry, I am very upset about the way these people scam you and I just read another report in this site about some one else that talked about Twitter and that is how I remembered where I saw the name Prosper University,

this people are probably scaming hundred of naive people like me, promesing you can make money on Twitter and they basically just tell you alll you already know, it should be illegal, besides charging you twice in the same month, I am on a limited income. I WANT A LAWYER! Please help. when are this people going to stop abusing low income people?. Thank you!

I did not know. I have a charge that overdrew mw, that I know of, for 49.87 from Prosper University pending now, bank wont stop pay ,I can refute till it posts I did not do this transaction with them, they are robbing me. I just read one of your comments. I remember like 4 months ago I also went in Twitter and paid 3.88 for the how to make Twitter pay you money, it said basically join Twitter to make money, which I already know. I never asked them for anything else or even heard the cds, they charged me this money today without any authorization. I have to go check if they did it before. I have paid 500.00 in overdrafts without knowing why.

They advertised a $3.88 introductory offer, but didn't mention the $67.18 monthly charge that was part of your enrollment. The website is now down, conveniently, so there is no refuting that it was not stated when I purchased the initial program. By the time I got the bill, and noticed the monthly charge, the next month's charge was deducted already.

I looked into the Tweeter program that was advertised on TV and on the internet but was not interested. When I told them this, everything seemed to be fine till I got my Bank Statement and discovered that they had taken $67.18 plus a $30.00 overdraft fee from my account. This company and its affiliates are all rip offs. Beware! I live on a fixed income and $97.18 can go a really long way for me. We don't need people like that getting rich off us.

Please alert everyone! This is a scam. I was reading about a work at home ad, an ad about making money by twitting to individuals on Twitter. It was on the page. I went to that website and signed up to what they called Prosper University. It cost $3.88 and you have 14 days to cancel. I received the CD's they sent in three days and listened to them the same day. You could tell it was a scam so I called right then to cancel. I looked at my credit card and they charged me $49.95. It was seven days from the time I ordered until they charged the $49.95. I called them back and told them I had already cancelled, but stupid me, I didn't write down the confirmation number so they are refunding only half my money. I even told they it said 14 days to cancel and they said no, it's seven days. You can tell this is set up this way. They are most likely ripping off thousands of people. I'm so sad the world is such a terrible place anymore. Please warn others of this, please!

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