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    I was seeking employment as a Human Resources Director. After a "hard sell" and promises of the world, I received nothing. I spent my last $5800.00 for their search services, including use of the "binder." It was a binder containing hundreds of 100,000 + jobs. All I got was a sheet of paper, I was told to write down everyone I knew and their phone numbers. I was then instructed to call each of them to explain I was looking for a job. That is all I got. Broken promises and the binder I never saw make it seem as though it was all a scam. After reading all of the reviews on this website, I now know it was all a scam. Buyer beware!

    This company was a total ripoff, took the money and did nothing to assist in helping me find a position. All hype and salesmanship. Save your money and avoid this organization.

    I had the same experience with them as others in the reviews, specifically with Jeffrey **, the VP in Chicago, and Chuck **, Senior Career Advisor. They did rewrite my resume but I received no filming, no reviews, no interviews. Moreover, I received a worthless list of opportunities that was outdated and non-existent. I paid $5K as well, only to find their guarantee worthless and the telephone numbers disconnected. Decide for yourself. Watch out!

    After meeting with their consultant, I was told that I would have access to a binder of professional jobs paying salaries that would be in excess of $100K. They also told me that I would be able to elevate my salary in the process. Their fee was more than I could afford. After a hard sell, they realized that I could not afford it so they claimed they would lower it for me. I paid $5,000 of money that I borrowed and got a worthless binder of jobs and access to jobs that were not even in Houston nor jobs that I was qualified for. Additionally, there were not hundreds of jobs and the book was outdated! Many of the jobs listed had already been posted for months. When I would call to ask for employment assistance, I would be passed around and get voicemails never getting assistance.

    I complied with every request they made, I attended every seminar, meeting, consultation, etc. There were about 6 of us in the room with executives and professionals ranging from a VP from another country and a sales professional in Houston. No one that I know ever benefited from a job in association with Bernard Haldane. I have 3 friends that have communicated to me their desire to obtain employment during the recession over the past 3 years. Each have told me they were going to contact Bernard Haldane and I adamantly argued they do not do so and explained what I experienced. Of course, their fees went up from when I was there about 9 years ago. One friend, a dentist, that chose to leave the profession after running a successful high end party supply and gift wrapping retail store paid Bernard Haldane close to $10K. He had not secured a job the last time I spoke with his wife some 6 months later.

    Bernard Haldane's offices are chic and professional looking, their staff dress in crisp tailored looking suits, and they even have some old guy to give you a personality and psych test. They will offer to critique your appearance and interview style. They claim to film you in a mock interview and then critique it with you. I never experienced the filming. They will rewrite your resume. That was the only positive experience I gained from Bernard Haldane. By then I had the "binder of jobs" which was worthless. This is their hook. I literally gave away $5,000 that I couldn't afford which ultimately ruined a relationship from the person I borrowed it from because I was unable to secure this high paying job and repay the loan.

    One last thing. They claim they charge because of their level of service and the companies they will expose you to do not do business and advertise with other "recruiters" out there. So in essence, you are being given the "pass key" to a gateway of high paying jobs that other job hunters are not aware of. The companies that Haldane has listed in their binder will pay you an elevated salary which will enable you to recoup the fee in the first few months of employment with the new firm. They also said that you may be able to find an employer that will like you so much they may reimburse your fee to you.

    Letter to BH & Associates: I am writing this note to request you to refund the money I paid you since I did not get the kind of service I expected. I registered with your company in 2003 and at the time I was unemployed and financially in serious hardship, still I paid you by charging against my credit card a sum of $5,350.00 with the hope of receiving some good guidance and all I got was being shuffled from one counselor to another with no positive outcome. No one has tried to contact me since your office was relocated from North York. In a time of good corporate governance we would expect a company like yours to better treat its clients. Kindly review my file and refund the money to me.

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    This is so embarrassing, but a friend lent me the money for the Haldane program and they took her for $5, 000. If they are being sued, I would like to get her her money back. That was 10 years ago, and I still have not made enough money to pay her back. What happened? Same story as what you have on the website. Exactly the same.

    Secret Data Bank? What they offered me were some dusty books with jobs that had been printed up from listings - the listings were old, and there were no contacts with hiring managers. That is the key. If they didn't have contacts with hiring managers, then they should not imply that they do. They do not. And they lied, and took $5, 000.

    I lost everything, absolutely everything. I was coming from Japan and working to sell my skills to an American firm. My friend lost $5, 000. I never found a job, lost my daughter back to her mom in Japan because I could not support her in the USA, and her lawyer proved that, I left the country, lost, lost, lost. Haldane took me for every dime that we had, and I at least want my old friend, who hates me to this day, to get her money back and then some. Here was a woman who was trying to help her friend out and they saw that, and really, really took advantage of that. I want her to get everything. I don't want a dime because it wasn't my money. She lent it to me, and I still cannot pay her back.This happened at Haldane's office in down town Pittsburgh, PA. They set that office up in Pittsburgh because there are so many mid level managers out of work there. Vultures!

    I just read through the many complaints about Bernard Haldane Associates. I just thought that I would add a Canadian flavor to the stories posted. In 1997, as I was in career transition, I paid for Haldane services, or lack thereof. It quickly became obvious to me that ... I had essentially lost my money. I eventually found a new job, but Haldane certainly had nothing to do with it.

    Now, step forward to 2006. Again, I am in career transition. A few weeks ago, I came across a web advertisement about services to professionals in transition. On the company web site, I was invited to submit my resume for evaluation. A few days later, I receive a phone call inviting me to a face-to-face meeting at the company offices in downtown Montreal. What a surprise. I meet the exact same person that I had met at Haldane, although I did not make the connection immediately.

    It is only when she started to throw her sales pitch at me that I quickly recognized the Haldane signature. When I returned home, I consulted my file on Haldane (that I had kept all these years) to find out that indeed I had just met the same person (by comparing her current business card and her former Haldane business card). Obviously, I did not sign up for their services this time around. My point though is that the Haldane scam seems to be well alive under different names. I cannot imagine that this occurance is specific to Montreal. So I invite all my unknown colleagues out there to be very careful.

    I answered an advertisement in the jobs section of the Columbus Dispatch of a Sr. Management Position thinking it was a job opportunity, but when I arrived for what I thought was the initial screening interview, it was a high-pressure sales pitch for their career counseling services. I was told that not everyone was accepted into their program. That they only dealt with a select group of highly trained and talented, skilled professionals. The recruiter also showed me statistics of the placement rates and copies of letters from satisfied customers that they had placed in high paying jobs.

    They promised me the inside track into the hidden job market, referrals, job internet sites that only industry professionals had access to, etc. All of these tools would assure that I would easily get a great job, and make it well worth my investment of $5200. That cost would cover 3 years worth of career marketing support, as much as I needed. I was told that the support would continue even after I secured a position. That's what makes our program different, I was told. We stick with you throughout the process. This included a resume makeover, marketing guidance, a career marketing campaign, access to the data bases and job listings, etc.

    After my initial investment, plus my weekly visits, and being unemployed for nearly 10 months, I never did secure a job through any efforts of, or leads from The Michaels Group. I secured employement from an internet job posting that I found on my own. (The Michaels Group preaches that only 3% of jobs are found through the internet. They say you must use their secret job referral methods). So my loss was the $5200 (minus 10% for paying up front) and my pride for being taken in by this promise of help and guidance.

    This Career Consulting firm just scammed and ripped me off. The company advertised on Monster for high level positions in executive management. They use this scam to attract people that are vulnerable and desperate to find jobs. Unfortunately I was one of them. They promised I have a great potential and they can help me find a job in 2 to 3 months. They said we will first prepare your campaign material and then put you in front of companies to interview. I paid over $5,700.

    All they did was to help me edit my resume and a few hours of workshop to teach you how to ask for a job without being direct. In essence they teach you to use dishonest approaches, they call indirect. After two months of unsuccessful search, I asked for a refund. I was willing to pay generously for their services up to that point. I then realized that I am not alone. There are hundreds of people like me that were suckered in and ripped off. I hope an Attorney General or someone in the legal profession come to a realization that so many people are deceived and do something about it, and take legal actions against this company. Apparently the company uses different names from time to time. They introduced themselves to me as an old 65 year firm of Bernard and Haldane. Shame on them for taking advantage of vulnerable people just in the time when they badly need help.

    I was laid off from the IT industry back in Oct 2002. Bernard Haldane contacted me, representing themselves as executive recruiters. The interview turned out to be a high-pressure sales pitch in which I was told I would be put in touch with high-level, high paying executive jobs that were hidden from the rest of the job market. To access these unannounced jobs, I would be given access to some exclusive Web tools and sites. I paid over $8000 for their services with their many promises about jobs. They never found a job for me. It even affected my marriage.

    We used our savings to fund this hoping it would speed up my employment prospects. What a joke. It use pushed us further into debt and eventually bankruptcy and divorce.

    I have read each individual complaint regarding Bernard Haldane, and understand completely and agree with their sales tactics. During my four-year of unemployment and continuing, I signed up with Haldane’s Providence office in April 2004, I also closed my IRA to pay the fee of $5,000. I did not feel hopeless, but I was desperate to find hope and a new path. Everything they discussed with me I had already had done numerous times prior. So why would I even think of paying for this service.

    I was able to justify the expense as the following:

    1. I just moved from LA to Providence, because I lost my job. I actually live 100 miles away (R/T) and had no idea where to go. This gave a reason to accrue the weekly travel expense (a write-off), get dressed and get out of the house at least once a week.

    2. I needed a fresh perspective because I felt everything I was trying/doing was not working.

    3. Therapy sessions, which offers no interaction focused on my perspective and I wanted to focus on someone else’s – as they would handle the matter.

    4. I had only a handful of individuals who I could talk to and if anything they brought me down verses bringing me up. Once I started, I no longer had to subject myself to my friends/family way of thinking. Within a short period of time my personal relationships got better, because the topic wasn’t about my career or job hunting.

    5. I eventually started to arrive earlier and sit in the waiting room having a complimentary cup of coffee (a $4.00 savings). I met a variety of professionals – who were in the same boat. Just to have a professional discussion a variety of topics was therapy alone. Being out of the work force for a long period of time, I need a way to stimulate my brain (before it oozed out my ears).

    6. Haldane’s downfall was when they started offering services to middle and lower management. I was actually glad that they sticking to their guns about charging a higher fee. I figured they would only entice senior-level/C-Team professionals (I could not afford to join the local country club). I can remember attending their Tuesday group seminar when I first signed up listening to my fellow new members – only to say to myself, I would have fired/laid you off too.

    7. The best selling point. My service contract covered a period of three-years. During which I can utilize through their member’s Web site -- Hoovers, D&B, etc. If I subscribed on my own these online services would have cost me close to $3,000 per year. So in actuality, I saved $4,000 ($9,000 minus $5,000). I use Hoovers more than I read my horoscope.

    8. I even suggested to Ms. Diane Zarwick, President of the Providence office, that I would locate a few local restaurants who would provide a set rate and host a mixer once a week, etc. Her reply to me was that they started doing that at the office and no one showed. She stated that most individuals just want a quick fix and although everyone talks about how they want to network – they really don’t.

    I just finished my first of three years and the Providence office's phones are disconnected and my access to Hoovers doesn't work.

    I contacted Bernard Haldane and Associates based on a vague but promising newspaper ad. They continued to perpetuate the myth that they would help me land a job by offering contacts with what they called "key deciion makers'. I paid $500 to be "coached" how to interview, importance of "power dressing" for an interview. I wa sgiven a Myres Briggs test ven though I told them I wa sfmiliar with the testa nd knew my type (form multiple testing) was INFJ. They re-did my professionally-done resume using management terms incorrectly and phrasing text gramatically incorrect.

    When we parted ways (with them keeping my money) they pointed out "there are no guarantees in life" so I didnt land a job. The service they offer would be bneneficial for a college or high school grad who has never worked before and knows nothing about interview etiquette. However all those basics are NOT worth $5000. Interestingly, I showed my Haldane resume to a friend who does resume and she was aghast that a "professional" had done that.

    Like many other people, I had a very bad experience with Bernard Haldane Associates in Maitland, Florida in 2004. They gave me a very smooth sales pitch stating that they have contacts available and would be able to find me a position within 60 days. The talk and sales pitch sounded good until I found out the real facts. Originally, I was told the charges would be $4,000 for the entire services. In addition, I was not told that signing paperwork and approving of the steps in finding a job would simultaneously reduce the amount of refund.

    Here is where it gets even better. The original charge of $4,000 was a deception by Maitland, FL. In fact, they charged me $5,364 on May 5, 2004. This is where the fun began. I e-mailed a letter to the President of Bernard Haldane and requested a refund for the services. In fact, I had not even completed all of the steps “in the process”. A woman called me back and would only offer $500.00 in return for the $4,000 investment. I kept telling her that the real amount of money invested was $5,364.00.

    In the late 1990s I solicited services from Bernard Haldane to assist me in my job search. I got a loan for approximately $4200 for the service. They promised me that they would help me get into the hidden job market. Its been so long so I do not have my contract. Well, I had to pay the loan back without getting ANY job opportunities to interview for.