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Last updated: Feb. 10, 2018

49 Westwood College Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 10, 2018

My husband graduated from Westwood College and he is not in the field that he graduated from. He has a debt of $100,000 in student loans. We did not anticipate this situation. Is there anyone in a similar situation who has found any solutions? Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Original review: Jan. 25, 2018

I attended Westwood College from March 2014 to May 2016. I was informed of the closing and the intention of the administrators to be transferred to National American University to complete my graduation. I notified the President of Westwood that I wasn't able to transfer because of the time and I was working part-time. I contacted Federal government to get the federal loan deferred. I didn't receive any notification that I still owed Westwood for Administration loan, which isn't federally funded. I never received a bill. Then this week, I received a bill from a collection agency. I really need help with this! I have been unable to get any work as a Medical Assistant. Westwood misled me and others.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 12, 2017

Hello. My name is Charice **. I am in desperate need of any kind of help anyone can give me! I attended Westwood College back in 2011/2012 the Dallas Campus (8390 Lyndon B. Johnson Fwy #100 Dallas, Texas 75243). I was mislead by the school administrators, they lied about the amount I would have to pay back. I got my G.E.D. by mail Bluebonnet Private School, and while I was in school the administrators told me that my G.E.D. was good, but turns out it wasn't. They told me not to worry about it they would take care of it, Westwood College staff gave me a G.E.D. with a different school name on it as if I attended school there. The name on the school on the diploma says Prairie Ridge Academy.

Westwood College administrators were applying for loans in my name that I knew nothing about until I checked my credit score. I am in debt for over 34,000 dollars because of this school! The school closed down in April 2012, but my Medical Assistant Certificate says June 2012. In which I did not learn anything! The staff were leaving left and right, the remaining teachers were not concerned if we got an education or not, they just wanted to make sure they were going to get paid! The Department of Education won't listen to me. They just want their money! I can't get a job in my field because Westwood College, the name alone let other companies know that who ever attended at that school don't have the education to do the job! I hate the day I stepped into Westwood College Campus in Dallas, TX. I got screwed all the way around and now I have to figure out a way to get my life back on track! If anyone can help me in any way, I would really appreciate it!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 19, 2017

I graduated from Westwood College in 2011. I initially chose Westwood College because once you completed your degree students had the option to retake or update old courses tuition free. I felt this was important since technology rapidly changes. They also offered flexible class schedules for a working students and their Los Angeles campus was not that far from my work location. Upon graduating, I was excited because I completed my degree with 3.5 gpa while being a single parent and full time employment. I planned to continue my education but wanted to try different school because Westwood only offered a Master Degree in Business Administration and I wasn't interested.

Some years later after my deferment and forbearance ended, I began searching for a schools that would accept Westwood College credits. My search became very difficult due to the fact that Westwood only had a National Accreditation and most schools required Regional Accreditations. During my time at Westwood, I didn't think it was that important at the time because the administrators made it seem like it wasn't a big deal. They made seem like it was a good thing that would benefit me in the long run. But in the middle of completing my degree Westwood applied for a Higher Learning Commission (HLC) Accreditation. The school had all the students in my program sign a contract agreeing to change the courses to fit the HLC standards. Months to a year later, Westwood withdrew their candidacy from the HLC Accreditation.

After years of searching, I was able to find only 3 schools that would accept Westwood credits. All 3 of the schools currently have Regional/HLC accreditation but some are under investigation for outrageous student loan debt and/or in violation of President Obama gainful employment requirements. I feel students should be refunded all student loan payments and interest that was given to Westwood College. Since I no longer qualify for Cal Grants or Financial Aid, I have to pay out of pocket at the local community college to keep my degree up to current technology. Oh yeah, I currently don't work in the technology field. There needs to be some way for students to be protected from all the legal/fine print that these schools using to misled students.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 2, 2017

In 2011, I decided that I wanted to get a college degree. I was the first in my family to do so and I was so excited. I began looking into online college experiences. Being a mother of 4 with a full-time job, I needed flexibility. I chose Westwood because, honestly, they talked a good talk. Boy, did I get suckered. Like so many others, I was told that I would make a minimum $30-50k within first year of graduation, no hidden fees, constant feedback from student services on any questions needing to be answered, help setting up my design portfolio before graduation, job placement assistance, along with free retraining at no cost.

Honestly, it wasn't until I was almost done with my final class that I began to really see that there were some major problems. As my graduation date approached, I reached out to question about getting my portfolio together. Even as much as months after I graduated, I got no replies to my never-ending barrage of emails and phone calls. Needless to say, I still have no design portfolio. Approximately a year and a half after getting my Associates Degree from them, I decided to re-enroll to obtain my Bachelor's Degree. Upon contacting the school, I was told that they had admissions issues with new students in the state of North Carolina and therefore they were no longer admitting students from my state. I was heart broke.

I began looking and did find another online college that I enrolled in (which I like so much more). However, upon starting the enrollment process with this new college, I was informed that 90% of the credits I earned through Westwood were nontransferable!!! So, I am not working on my Bachelor's yet. I am stuck RETAKING my Associate's Degree!!! I have 50k plus in student loans for a degree that isn't worth the paper it's printed on. To top it all off, we are a family of 6 that is down to one income and can barely pay for necessities, let alone make payments on student loans. AND, because of the debt I already have I will not have the funding to pursue my Bachelor's when all is said and done. But everything I am reading is telling me I don't qualify for loan forgiveness.

I am now looking into getting a lawyer, because I got royally screwed. It's hard to set a good example for our kids when we're all getting the shaft!!! If anyone has any recommendations on a good lawyer... please let me know. I am at my wit's end. I just want to better myself and make a good life for my kids. Why is that so difficult?

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Original review: Dec. 14, 2016

I went to Westwood College from 2009-2014. I liked the fact that I could work full time and do school at the same time. My issue is that I am not is my field of study (Criminal Justice) and I'm loan so much money, feels like I should have gone to WVU or Pitt. Now I knew I would be paying on my loan, what I didn't know is that I would have 3 different loans for the same school. The highest loan being my Federal loan then 2 private loans. The thing is, if I know it was going to be like this and I owe $100,000.00 in school loans, I wouldn't have gone back to school. But now I am fighting to get some kind of help. I know it has been 2 years since I got my degree, but I can't keep putting this off. I did get a little help with my Federal, but we have some other Financial issue on top of all this that we are trying to get out of this. It would be nice if my school debt can be forgiven. I'm not even sure if my degree means anything now.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2016

I attended Westwood College Denver Co online 02/16/09 until 03/05/09. I was informed at that time I was being suspended due to failure to maintain financial responsibility and could no longer attend school. They charged for 3 semesters even though I was suspended in the 2nd week of the 2nd semester. I was told I was suppose to make payments of 150 a month to the school as well. I contacted them last year in March to get a copy of my records and I was told that the admittance officer that was on my case had taken my files with her when she left and they could not access my records.

I am now fighting to receive my records to prove they withdrew me from my education. The problem is now that they are closed no one can seem to find where those records would be held. Another problem is I did not sign any forms other than for the FASFA site and the US Department of Education has no promissory note or my signature anywhere. I was a single mother of 4 and explained to them on numerous occasions that I could not afford a single dime. The woman then told me she could find me grants and funds to go to school with. That was a lie.

Also having to find the records to get the loans off my credit is apparently not going to happen. I don't mind payments on the first semester or the 2 weeks of the second semester but I was informed all unused funds were to be returned to the us government and they were not suppose to charge them for a 3rd semester when I was withdrawn. It was illegal. I want someone to step forward and take responsibility for the actions this school has taken!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 3, 2016

I attended Westwood College 2006-2010. I did not walk at graduation due to illness. My field of study was ISS (Computer Science), Bachelor's. They never mailed degree till 2016 when they were getting ready to shut their doors. As I look over my diploma I realized why they never sent it was because it was a degree in Criminal Justice, dated 2010, not in Computer Science. I contacted the school 2 months before they closed their doors and they assured me the right degree would be mailed out. Well my Bachelor's degree was never mailed, Westwood is closed and all I have is a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, so I'm gonna start practicing law and sue Westwood college!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 29, 2016

Hello all who have been swindled by Westwood College. I am sorry to hear that we all are in similar situations. Some feel, and I completely agree, that college is not a free thing and you shouldn't go into it thinking that you are having a free ride. Most, if not all of us, knew this and really don't need to be lectured like small children about this and that not being free and you should appreciate things...etc.

I myself went into Westwood as of 2006-09 after spending 2 years in technical college training for Graphic Design. I knew it wasn't going to be free, and was ready and willing to pay as long as the education was "as advertised", and things that were promised would actually happen. Instead I was told by a recruiter that I would make a minimum $60-80k within first year of graduation, there would be multiple aspects of job placement (due to supposedly most of the teachers being in the field), no hidden fees, constant feedback from student services on any questions needing to be answered, along with free retraining at no cost.

This turned out to be the worst mistake of my life and will most likely haunt my family and I until I am dead and buried. None of the promises were kept. No help on job placement, no follow-up, no nothing, couldn't even get replies to emails until weeks after sending, and Westwood would state "we have retraining classes in which you have to buy the new software and literature." The student email that they provided during courses was erased within 6 months of graduation, so I lost all my crucial training notes and contact information that had been diligently organized for future use, emailed the school and was told "should have saved it elsewhere."

I was told all my loans would cover for graduation, and then entering my last term I was told that I would need to take out a private loan to cover $5k in order to receive my Bachelor's degree. I ended up having to have my grandmother co-sign through her bank after looking at the interest rates of the private loans through Westwood.

Multiple lawsuits, multiple complaints of being lied to, financial aid fraud, and now they closed as of March 2016! I have contact the Better Business Bureau, both Denver (and my home state) Wisconsin state attorney generals, Fox 6 news investigators, my uncle is a lawyer in Chicago and has advised me to gather as many people and information as possible so that all who have been wronged can get partial if not full tuition reimbursement. I just can't see how they are, and have been, getting away with destroying people's lives.

There is also the Obama implantation of 20-year forgiveness. I have been paying (mind you, never not paid on time going on 8 years) my student loans on the Income Based Report. Have to re-request every year through Sallie Mae and now Navient. Once Navient took over they told me to refinance in order to be on the 20-year forgiveness. Not once was I told by Sallie Mae to refinance, and that I was 6 years into my 20-year forgiveness. Talked into it by a multiple Navient employees and as soon as it went through they are telling me I never had to refinance to stay on the 20-year and should have left it alone. Multiple times I have attempted to complain and request to have the refinance taken away but told "you are stuck starting over." I am so fed up but still pay my monthly payments on time every month so they don't mess with my taxes, income, which could affect house, and young!

If anyone has found some sort of opening as to where to go with this situation, massive amounts of people are going through with Westwood or Navient, please update me. Please help, and I will continue to fight as long as I can until something is done. (UNUSED Computer Science B.S Westwood Loan Amount $87,000).

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 14, 2016

Unfortunately, like other across the U.S. that attended this school, I am stuck with multiple loan debt that was not revealed to me until I received a letter in the mail from the loan provider (after graduating) of all of the loans that this school had taken out on me. I am a single mom and when I initially started Westwood back in 2007, I was told that because I had an associate degree that I would be considered as a degree completer and the cost for me per credit hour would be discounted to where I only had to pay almost half of the cost of the program. That was a lie. They figured out a way to make me pay the same amount as others if not more.

They called me in the office one day toward the last year of me being in the program and stated that the date on my contract was incorrect and they needed me to sign another contract with the correct start date and it would include the same information that I initially signed for. I am more than for sure now that they were doing underhanded things to increase the cost of my tuition. I experienced the same as J of Tuckerton, NJ when trying to apply for a loan to get a home. My credit is in its worst condition that it has ever been because of this school. Also like Larita of Lawrenceville, GA. I was stunned that after all of the financial aid and student loans that this school received, I too was stuck with an out of pocket balance of $500.00 and was threaten to have my degree held by the school degree until I paid the $500.00 in full. I said to myself, "The devil is a liar."

Took upon myself to schedule an appointment with the dean at that time and told her that there was no way that they were going to hold my degree for $500.00. After the conversation with the dean they decided to release the degree to me and I had to sign a promissory note that I would pay the installments or they would damage my credit. Similar to others I was lied to about job placement, accreditation, and being able to return to the school and reap the benefits of taking refreshment courses for free. Now that the school is closing (serves them right) I have a useless degree and $90,000 debt of multiple student loans.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 17, 2016

I wish I was granted the option to rate my experience with Westwood College Online as a ZERO to represent the jobs I have qualified for since graduating; which turned out to be just one of the countless other issues I experienced as a student and graduate from Westwood College Online. I enrolled at Westwood College in 2009 because the greatest selling point was not only would I learn what I needed to enter my desired career field through the convenience of online study but I was promised job placement. Unfortunately their admissions process was deceptive and misleading as I am still working in retail sales, I have been working in retail for over 20 years now. I enrolled and pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design: Game Art but have not been able to get a job since I graduated in 2012.

Westwood's advisors have not assisted with job to pursue a job in animation but have not been granted successful job placement as promised. At the time of my enrollment, when I initially interviewed with Westwood, they misrepresented salary and jobs available for those in my field of study. For example exaggerating animator salaries stating they earn more than 60-70,000 per year when it turned out that they make around 30-40,000 per year. They also made it sound that it was a robust industry however there are nowhere near as many job opportunities available as they led me to believe. There is also an issue with Westwood's predatory loans and lending practices, both private and federal loans. And I have a questionable number of loans at this time, a total of 21 loans. I am confused on the total cost of my education as my student loan amounts today seemed to have nearly doubled what I was initially told tuition would be.

My loans have changed servicers a couple of times and I have asked for copies of all promissory notes on all loans several times since my loans started to come due in 2014, but only one institution was willing to disclose this information (Navient provided these documents in September 2015, I have printed copies of the MPNs that they were able to retrieve but they said that the MPNs they have only cover 9 of my loans; but no one can account for the remaining 12 loans). After reviewing all of my personal records, emails and printouts, it appears as though I did not physically review the terms for any of the loans provided by Westwood nor did I sign for each loan they are now trying to collect from me. It appears as though Westwood financial advisors inputted the information because the two MPNs provided by Navient do not show that I signed for them.

I was not aware of the number of loans and the size of these loans until I started reviewing my credit reports this year and began the mortgage pre-qualification process. I was denied the mortgage because to my surprise, the amount of my student loans doubled my income (100% debt to income ratio) and also because loan servicers had reported my account as delinquent when it was to be in either deferment or forbearance which had a negative impact on my credit score. Now onto the job placement issue... Westwood misrepresented their employment statistics and stated they guarantee job placement but kept switching advisors who never assisted with job placement. They would ask for an updated resume, would claim to email potential jobs, then I would never receive any job listings.

I would follow up with the advisor after not hearing from them anymore to find they left and that I was assigned another advisor and the same cycle would repeat itself. The first advisor was Andrew ** (left in 2012), the second advisor was Melissa ** (left in 2013), the third advisor was Brent ** (left in 2014), never heard from another advisor since. In other words, all the above is common sense social networking tactics that anyone with a brain is capable of. No degree required for common sense. Since I was not finding work in my field and was not making enough to pay for basic cost of living and loan repayment I had to defer my loan after graduation. After the second deferment, they told me I was no longer eligible for deferment and that I had to apply for forbearance.

After applying for it, ACS denied my application and sent me a letter stating that if I paid one month in full that it would bring my account up to date, prevent default and they would retroactive my forbearance status. The forbearance period was from February 2014-2015, they should have removed the 60-180 day delinquencies reported to the credit bureaus because I did pay the amount they requested when they requested it in order to have my forbearance status retroactively reinstated. I followed up on the status of my account on 8/15/14 and a woman by the name of Theresa stated that my account was retroactively placed back into forbearance and that it would be in forbearance until 2/2015 and at that time I could apply for income sensitive repayment.

Other issues encountered with Westwood: They made several errors in paperwork when I enrolled (have email correspondences stating they made errors in my start date, classes and other things). They would not transfer some credits in when they were legitimate prerequisite courses that could have been transferred. It's no wonder Westwood has closed its doors as of March 2016. All students should have their loans discharged as their institution is guilty of committing countless criminal and fraudulent acts!

Do yourself a favor and apply for Loan Discharge. When they deny your loan discharge application, appeal it, get yourself a lawyer and fight it to the very end. No one should be forced to pay back loans for corrupt institutions where an individual gained absolutely NOTHING but your HARD EARNED CASH. They delayed my graduation date due to issues on their end, changing it from August 2011 to January 2012, did not graduate until December 2012 because they made me change loans, adding a private loan on top of federal loans, forcing more loans.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 29, 2016

Well it's been more than seven years since I attended Westwood; I have traveled all around the world and I get looks from other institutions with the preverbal, "you should really look into transfer credits when choosing an accredited college as most are just for profit colleges." Every institution I followed through had the same retort, "we are sorry but we do not accept these credits." Well I didn't really feel as though the three classes I had chose for a degree through Westwood would really transfer, as also the three classes were insignificant to transfer.

I have, however, met a Westwood College graduate. A graphics artist student, nice diploma on the wall, very astute looking. With great adulation I expressed my condolences to completing a degree and the look I received from the awardee would compliment the posts in past reviews. His dissatisfaction not only with the courseware, financial aid, and lack of ability to transfer any credits, a known for the inability to find work after completion. In fact as he tried to find a job in the gaming industry quote, "I had better success going to the restroom and using it for TP!" Not my words. After viewing his financial obligations for the college, I was happy I had withdrawn from Westwood.

I can sum up in words to follow up with any institution during and after a tenure at any college. Not just on accreditation, compare financials closely, call other colleges and use your resources to find transferability. I am sure these credits transfer inside the realm of Denver, Colorado, well not really... two other institutions I contacted; of which an elite academy scoffed a bit with a related question as to why I would even consider using this college? In fairness the degrees look astounding, I have spent the past seven years paying the founder and associates an ever revolving amount of 13,000 dollars for three classes. I currently have two degrees and working towards another and still haven't come close to the threshold of what I had spent at Westwood for just three classes. Be wary, be forewarned, use your resources before applying.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 11, 2016

I was a student at Westwood College. I asked them before I enrolled if they were accredited. They assured me they were. I was on the dean's list a few times that year, but I struggled with Algebra. I was told after starting a new semester that I would have to take an Algebra class at another school, before I could return. They had already used the money from my student loans. I was told to contact the Dean of the Criminal Justice Department. I tried several times. I was told I could not stay. I later tried to get my transcripts, so I could transfer somewhere in state and that was difficult. I find out they are not accredited and all my hard work and money was in vain.

It is very disheartening when you are trying to work and educate yourself, and the college you were attending mislead you. I had not been in school for many years and I wanted to be a paralegal. I know there are many people who had a bad experience, but I was counting on having a good job to pay for my education. I am left with this debt, no degree and a feeling of disbelief.

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Original review: Jan. 3, 2016

Westwood College is the most horrible thing I've EVER experienced. I won't call the specific financial aid person out by name but some of them lied to me. I graduated from Westwood College-Northlake campus in 2012 and I only had one class left to take. They told me I couldn't "graduate" (although I had already walked that December 2011) in March unless my dad took out a $10,000 loan. How did it get that bad and why would it cost that much? Mind you that the interior design program was only $60,000. How it that I owe $55,000, both my parents combined owe $20,000, and I recently got a call that I now still owe them $9,000? If you are thinking about going to school, please I beg you DO NOT ATTEND THIS SCHOOL!!! Pay more to go to another school that won't lie to you about their financial aid practices, have instructors who want to be at work, and have your credits be transferable.

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Original review: Nov. 18, 2015

I am a current student with 3 weeks left in my Bachelor's program. I overall had a good experience with my instructors. My PROBLEM - FINANCIAL AID. With three weeks left until graduation, I had a $1,300 credit that has been sitting on my account. Now all of a sudden, I have a $3,000 balance with no real explanation of why this monies is due. They are saying I have exhausted my financial aid and now they want me to do a private loan within their school. I also found out I cannot get my degree with this outstanding balance. I am so distraught. I do know Westwood is in the process of closing their doors sometime in 2016 (all locations). I just feel that this school is a ripoff.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 10, 2015

I am currently a student at Westwood College in Anaheim, CA, after transition from being an online student living in NY. I literally moved across the country to attend this school. Let's start by acknowledging that just about EVERY SINGLE ONE-STAR REVIEW was about being upset that you have to pay tuition (yes folks!! That's a thing...) and then address that all of you seem to be CJ Students that can't get a job after graduating.

First and foremost - school is never free. Preschool - your parents paid for it. Elementary through high school - your parents paid for it. Taxes people. Every homeowner in the country pays for children to get their education. College - it's your turn. Get over it! If you want to have a career where you can make more than minimum wage, you're gonna have to shell out a couple thousand dollars. My tuition, for example, will come to a grand total of (just over) $82,000. Yeah. You read correctly. Am I complaining? Not a bit. Because I recognize that if I don't want to be a waiter for the rest of my life, I need to proactively make changes that lead me to the career that I want. If you don't want student loans, don't become a student. End of story. Moving on...

All you precious, precious CJ students who didn't get recruited by the US Marshals, LAPD, DPD, or CPD, or the any government agency directly after graduating... Let's start with the fact that you chose a major that probably about 70% of our generation has also chosen. Run some numbers - YOU HAVE A LOT OF COMPETITION. Not just from your fellow students, but from active law enforcement officers from various agencies, and from recently retiring Veterans. Though it is a very stable career to get into, the reality is that getting in initially may be a bit more difficult than you anticipated.

I read one review that said you graduated with a 3.5 GPA. That's great, for what it's worth. Out of the 35,886,000 people born between 1986 and 1994, how many of them do you think are going to or have graduated college? Out of those, how many do you think majored in CJ? And finally - out of those, how many do you think had higher than a 3.5 GPA??? A lot.

We have a lot of competition out there these days. Your friends in school are your enemies when you graduate! You are all going for the same job. Think about that when you're content with anything less than a 4.0 GPA. I would also recommend being a proactive student. Do more than just showing up to class. Get involved in extracurricular activities. Volunteer. APPLY FOR INTERNSHIPS so you already have a career oriented job when you graduate!!! My program chair and my instructors have already set me up with amazing opportunities that have allowed me to network with industry professionals. If you don't cease these opportunities, you are a fool.

Another thing somebody mentioned was going to accredited schools. Westwood College is accredited. Check your facts. I get a better education at Westwood than I would at Chapman University or Cal State Fullerton, which are both literally right down the street. And I would pay twice as much in tuition. Go there for what? The dorms and mediocre cafeteria food? Get real. At least at Westwood, the staff knows my name and the dean doesn't answer to shareholders.

I really can't say a bad word about this establishment. The staff is absolutely amazing. They are all there to support you. They know that we pay a lot of money to go there, and they want to make it worth your while! You can get an amazing education here as long as you APPLY YOURSELF. The programs are great, and you will get a job in your field with this degree. You just have to have realistic expectations, and not expect people to be throwing six-figure job offers at you during the graduation ceremony. Maybe this school isn't for you, but you will never know until the day you walk through those doors. Westwood has changed my life in such a significant way, words can't describe it. I will be eternally grateful to the institution and I will bleed blue forever! Go Westwood!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 26, 2015

I went here for Visual Communications/Applied Science program for graphic design at the Woodridge, IL location, and they have had several staff leave and the other problem is that they hardly work with any design or ad agencies. They will do whatever they can to get you a loan, a private loan, federal loan. Then they will rack up the interest on those loans then you will find out that you owe close to 95k in student loans which is bs for such a tiny school with very minimal staff and classrooms. And that they are not accredited regionally which affects your chances of getting a career at any corporation. Dear Lisa Madigan, please look into taking this school down please.

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Original review: June 12, 2015

Started at Westwood, Denver Campus in 2011, throughout my time there I was displeased with the quality of the staff and the education I was paying for. My third term there I was enrolled in a class that on the first day the teacher was over an hour late. The second class meeting he just didn't show up, didn't call in or have a substitute (the program director didn't even know where this guy was), he simply quit. My final term there I was required to travel to the South campus to a class because they didn't have an instructor at the Denver campus to teach pharmacology.

I graduated in December 2013 and still have been unable to secure a position in any clinic or medical facility. I also have to say that it is disheartening to be attending a school where even the instructors speak badly about the institution. On several occasions I had one instructor tell us how she had to bring supplies from her other job in order to teach on updated equipment. I would love to get contact information from some of you in order that we may help each other in filing some kind of lawsuit or something because I know have student loans that I cannot repay nor do I wish to repay because the quality of my education was very poor, so poor. I don't understand how they can be in business or haven't been shut down.

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Original review: May 27, 2015

As a graduate of Westwood, I can honestly report Westwood is NOT a scam. I got a great education because Westwood does a good job and I APPLIED MYSELF. I worked hard to get good grades and had the Career Services Department help me look for work. As a result, I have a great job on my field of study. I have attended several community colleges and even an NCAA Div 1 school and none of these made the effort to help me succeed like Westwood. I have loans to repay just like I would at any school. You get out of education what you put into it.

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Original review: May 17, 2015

I attended Westwood College and just recently graduated. Not only did they give me a hard time during school, I felt their staff was all over the place. Financial aid was terrible. They were so unorganized and never available when I needed them. Does anyone know of a class action going on here in California or around the inland empire? Or any tips on how to get one started?

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Original review: May 9, 2015

Enrolled in Westwood. Unable to do the work. School dropped him out but they didn't refund money to the lender. Has now been sent to collections. What happened to the money and whose pocket did it go in? Have read several of these post so sounds like Westwood is a scam college out to money in someone's pocket after enrolling incapable people to do the work then kicking them out. How would you feel if it was you?

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Original review: April 21, 2015

Westwood is a joke. I attended for three full semesters and it was all for nothing. Don't get **. Earned decent grades, only one D no F's, but by the start of my fourth term I knew something was fishy. First of all I must admit that I should have done more research before ever attending the school, but I honestly did not know "diploma mills" existed.

To sum things up I attended one night class that consisted of students doing and presenting powerpoints each week and our professor just chimed in from time to time and the rest of night was spent talking about our own issues as a group. To top it off, in another night class (same professor) I saw one of my fellow peers literally doing all of her homework from The class on the last day of class and turning it in that same class day. I was pissed. I worked my ass off to meet deadlines and here was someone passing the class while attending about a fourth of the classes.

By that time I found out about it not being regionally accredited (I didn't know the difference), I knew I had made a mistake. I dropped out shortly thereafter and now I'm headed to community college. I tried telling other students about What I found out about the school and they all said that the school is what you make of it. Oh well, I guess they'll find out after they graduate. Fyi, I also confronted the school about the allegations made online and they didn't even bother responding. Just said that people write dumb things.

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Original review: April 9, 2015

I got my degree from them for medical assisting back in 2003. I paid for my education in full as I pay all my bills but now 12 years later I have to hire a lawyer to defend myself against them. They sold the debt to a law firm without ever sending me a bill or calling me on the phone to indicate... They believed I owed them money. When I spoke to the business office on the phone they were rude and had no interest in helping me solve the problem. This is not what I deserved for choosing their school.

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Original review: April 8, 2015

After much research on which school I wanted to attend, I decided to go to Westwood College Online because according to all the sites I went to it was one of the best fields for the degree I was interested in. I was contacted shortly after requesting additional information from an advisor who was interested in getting me enrolled as soon as possible and after asking the general questions I agreed to attend. I was informed that I would need a certain computer in order to handle the programs I would need to run, so I purchased the best one I could that met all of the requirements and started classes shortly after.

Upon completing my first semester I called my advisor and inquired when I would be starting classes that pertained to the field of study that I was interested in since I had another class next semester covering the same thing. He seemed confused and informed me that the class I took was correct. When I told him that it was not the class that I thought I registered for and told him again what I was wanting to go for he then informed me that they no longer had that course and that it was dropped the semester before I started. So instead of informing me of such they threw me in the most expensive degree they had and I am now having to pay for two semesters of worthless knowledge even though I only attended Westwood for one semester. Overall, I would not recommend this school to anyone who is serious about obtaining a degree, this school is a sham and is nothing more than a money racket. Biggest regret ever.

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Original review: April 2, 2015

I started at Westwood August of 2013, after being bugged by an Admission rep. Thought it was going to be a good experience. I've tried to keep positive throughout the whole time but now I'm at the point of forget it! I've noticed when I put Westwood on my applications and resume, the response from people is horrible. So I stopped putting it anywhere and have gotten more responses from jobs... not in my field of study. I've decided to change my degree and plan on attending a different college. I've had a lot of the same issues as other reviews I've read. Westwood Loan Forgiveness 877-260-1539. Guess there's been a lot of complaints about Westwood. My husband found this. Wouldn't hurt to call and see what they can do.

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Original review: March 17, 2015

I first enrolled at Westwood in the summer of 2003, just a few months after graduating from high school. I wanted to enroll in their Architectural Drafting Associates program. One of the first things I was told was that after completing my education, I could transfer to another school to continue my education as the credits would transfer to any school in the state. I wasn't in a position to go to school for 4 years and then look for a full-time job. The whole reason I went there was so I could be finished in less than 2 years, get a job, and eventually enroll in another school a few years down the line.

About the time I was ready to graduate I began hearing from other students ahead of me that their credits were being rejected by every school they called. As it turned out the credits are 100% worthless because the school was not accredited. The school did not help me get a job, I had to do that completely on my own. I personally applied for dozens of jobs before someone was willing to take a chance on me simply because I was young and had a decent understanding of Auto CAD. I was one of the lucky people who managed to find a job, but through no help of the school. The school has since closed down and is no longer even in the state of Texas! About 2 years ago I went back to community college, and not surprisingly had to start completely over from scratch. Westwood College was and is a scam.

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Original review: March 4, 2015

That place was a joke, I knew I was in trouble after attending my first class, the instructor at the time stated to us the only reason he was there was so he could get his DR. But the naive me decided to stick with it. The next set of course weren't too bad, we actually had someone that knew what they where talking about. But after that 2nd set of course it started to go downhill horribly.

As you said once we got a good instructor they fired him before the next term and we ended up with a guy that had no business teaching Computer Networking. The guy never had any education in the field, when asked a question he had no idea what we were even talking about. And for some reason they ended up making him the head of that department. On top of that, there were terms where we had classes with no instructors and had to self study. Why the hell did I have to pay out the ass to teach myself? We did not get a decent instructor until our last term and by then it was too late.

Now on the loan side, yes that's all-- they are our salesmen. At one point I was struggling to make payments but I made them, then half way through I get called to financial and get told I do not have to make any more payments to the school because of a new loan, I was like "wow great." But at the end of the year I get told I do not get my diploma because I did not make payments. I told the office what the girl told me on the new loan, and was told well she doesn't work here anymore and that it did not take effect. What a load of **.

At the time of graduation I had pretty decent job, not in the field, but I been there for 4 years. However I wanted to get into the field that I studied for. I went to student services and they lined up an interview. I went and found out the job was only for 9 an hour but it was in the field and I would get some work experience, so I accepted. Turned in my 2 weeks at my current job and went to work at the new one that was supposedly a guaranteed contract job for 6 months to a year. After 2 weeks we were all let go. So there I was jobless. I looked for work for the next 6 months and could not find anything, even entry level positions wanted you to have experience, so instead of going homeless and starving I took a job-- bar tending with the idea of looking for work as I went.

It took almost 5 years later to even find something in the field and that was call center help desk work. However with those 5 years the loans grew and grew, and one point they wanted me to pay almost 700 a month, which was near impossible without working, luckily for deferments. Needless to say the only reason I am working in the field now is due to me self teaching through the 5 years I was not working in IT.

And I was able to land an entry level position because of that. Looking back I realized a few things: Westwood is a joke, I never should have wasted my time, the community college TCC offered the same courses for cheaper and Even the course material I took at westwood did not relate to anything that would get me into that entry level position for IT. I am an major dept now because of this.

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2015

I applied for a student loan. Got in a bad car accident a few days later. I asked admissions to cancel my loan. They insisted I stay enrolled. After several calls, they agreed they would fix my account and file the proper paperwork so I would no longer owe student loans. Come to find out a few laters, I still owe the loans and my credit is destroyed.

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2015

When I first got accepted to Westwood College Online, I thought my prayers had been answered. Finally, a college that didn't seem too expensive and offered a graphic design major (Visual Communications) that I could do at the comfort of my own home. I had been told by a friend about the college and called, where I was on the phone for over two hours with an admissions counselor, hearing all about how great of an opportunity this would be for me and all the doors this would open for me if I attended. By the end of the phone call, I was already enrolled and accepted. It all happened so fast, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was so hyped up with the excitement from what appeared to be a great program, I didn't think too much of it.

At first things were great, courses were fairly easy and I was excelling in them, and I was quite happy knowing I was doing so well. However, after the first few semesters I began to realize a few things. For one, the courses I was enrolled in that pertained to visual communications were all very broad subjects, where it felt like they only taught the bare minimum of what was required for the course.

More often than not, I found myself having to use programs that I never intended on using for my graphic design career (which meant more money spent), and my courses were not very helpful. As soon as you finally got the hang of something, the course was over. The courses I was required to take did not pertain to what I wanted out of my degree, and there was no way to pick your own classes. There was no way to focus in certain "minors" (such as typography, photo manipulation, etc), every student took all the same courses.

There was no way to customize your college experience. Whenever you were struggling with a certain project, the instructors were not very helpful, so I often became "study buddies" with other students in the course through emails, trying our best to help each other out. I also began to notice that even with very poor work submitted by other students, they were still getting praise from the instructor and were never told what they should work on to improve. When I realized my work was being treated the same way, as well as everyone else's, I realized that this school did not care about its students, their talent (or lack there of), or what they submitted for work. Someone who worked very hard to create a beautiful project was graded and reviewed just the same as someone who submitted a very poor project, who clearly had not been understanding the material.

I soon realized that most teachers didn't seem to care what level of talent you had, just as long as your work was turned in. I can understand why this would be nice for some and even sound like a good idea on paper, however, these instructors were setting up their students for failure. Critiques were not very constructive, and very rarely were people given direction for where they could improve on. When I realized I could pass in something beautiful that I worked really hard on, or submit a sub-par, mediocre project and get just about the same grade, I knew something was wrong.

The more I began to think critically about my situation at Westwood, the more I realized I hadn't really learned much at all. Except for a few tricks here and there that I learned along the way of attending, I had just about the same education as I did before ever being enrolled in the school. Most of the courses that did not pertain to my major (mandatory courses) were very simple and felt a lot like classes I took while I was in high school. My biggest issue was that I did not feel challenged, I did not feel more knowledgeable for having taken all these courses, and I was just as lost as I was before enrolling.

After a year and a half straight, I finally decided enough was enough, and withdrew from the school. I was paying an asinine amount of money for an education I didn't feel like I was getting. When I called up Westwood and expressed my wanting to leave, they didn't fight with me at all and were actually very helpful and it only took a little bit to get the process done, which lead me to believe they were used to this kind of thing happening.

Over the years I've looked around online here and there, and it turns out a lot of people have had the same experience as me. I decided to enroll in a local community college shortly after I left, only to find out that all of my credits that I accrued at Westwood did not transfer. In fact, they did not transfer to any school in the state of Massachusetts. I was heartbroken, angry, and felt like I was scammed out of both money and a higher education because of Westwood. All I have to show for it is $30,000 of debt and the lack of funds to both pay that back, and to pay for a real college education at a different school.

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Original review: Feb. 3, 2015

I attended Westwood College Online for Graphic Design from Aug 2008 to Oct 2010 and am paying Sallie Mae loans in the amount of 58,000, 12,000 in Private and 46,000 in Fed for an Associates Degree that is Not accredited anywhere. I was also promised job placement, the school is in Colorado and I am in Ohio so that didn't work out!! I liked the teachers but the financial burden is unbelievable for a piece of paper that is nothing more than burning material.

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