I enrolled at Villanova as a part-time adult student in the fall of 2007. Half way through the semester, my boyfriend who I live with and share the bills with was assaulted and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He was in the hospital for two months. When he came home, I quit my job to take care of him. This led to a financial hardship. We were so poor we could barely eat. When I called the Bursar's office to explain why my tuition payments would be late, the woman started talking very harsh to me and provoking me. After I had just told her the person I love most is on a ventilator, she told me she didn't care about the reason. The way she handled the situation was completely inappropriate. She started an argument with me and then she took something I said out of context, and tried to have me thrown out of the school as if I wasn’t going through enough at the time. I wonder if the Bursar's office goes and makes false accusations to security every time they hear something they don't like.

The whole situation was very embarrassing and when security called me, I apologized for something I didn’t do because I was concerned with my boyfriend at the time and didn't have time for this woman's games. Then the Bursar's office put a hold on my account and told me I couldn't register for any classes unless I prepaid. At my new job, I get tuition reimbursement, and if I waited to register until after I had it, the classes I need for my degree would be filled. I pleaded with the Bursar to let me register, and that the only reason why I fell behind was because my boyfriend was in a coma. But they just coldly refused. Then suddenly last spring, the hold came off and I was able to register for my summer class. I paid $1,800 for it in full. I also registered for my fall classes, but then I dropped them because I was undecided.

Last week I called and ask them to send me a receipt of the class that I paid for. With the title listed on the receipt, they did this for me for the spring semester, but all of the sudden for the summer, they refused and told me it takes too many man hours for them to create a receipt for me. Apparently, they got mad at me for arguing with them about this because when I went to re-register for my fall classes yesterday, I had the hold on my account again. I emailed my academic dean, the head Bursar, and the president of the college. My boyfriend was in a coma in the fall of 2007, and the school is punishing me for it. I've begged them to take my situation into account, but they simply don't care what happened.

I am a 30-year old adult student. When my emergency happened, I needed to keep a roof over my head. Villanova advertises they have this great part-time study program for adults, but they don't take into account a working adult will also have a family, a roof to keep over their head and emergencies will happen. All they care about is their money and nothing else. My boyfriend even called the Bursar's office to apologize for his coma being such an inconvenience to them. The way I've been treated is a complete outrage. This is no way to treat a human being!