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I would never recommend this school for any friends, family, or even strangers for that matter. 2 months after finishing my program, I still haven't received any word on taking my national exam. Called BONENT and they haven't received any applications from STAR. Call STAR back and they have nothing to say but that they have no control over the apps once sent out. 13 months and nothing to show for it. I was a student who kept up a 4.0 gpa and hardly ever absent, and this is how they repay me.


This is a campus whose instructors and staff do care about the students and quality of education. They are extremely knowledgeable, very clean, orderly classrooms and course information that really provide a great learning experience for all students. It appears that there's 1 student who has decided to copy and paste his (or her) self-scripted complaint and post all over the internet. Bottom line...this is a great school with great programs!


To some up the laundry-list of many issues that I have with this school, I will briefly air out a few issues: Like why is this money-grabbing, greedy school still accepting students when they clearly do not have enough internships sites available? Why is the administration, admissions, management team a revolving door? Why is this school rotating/promoting unknowledgeable instructors to admissions, coordinator, internship-marketing positions? Why is it that no one has the common courtesy to stick to their promises to call you back? After they know that they have ran out of quick-talking to get you off the phone and ran out of lies that they know they cannot cover. Why is this school still in business when they are clearly still getting complaints from at least 100 students from numerous classes (of students whom have complete their in-class studies)?

Fact: This school promised, many times, that there will be internship sites available within 10-20 mile radius. This wasn't in writing, but these were words spoken from directors and admissions reps. When the in-class sessions were complete, few students were able to go on internship (be placed for hands-on/clinical). The school had many excuses and vast knowledge of nothing. Everyone seemed to have been pointing fingers and could never blame themselves or at least stay consistent with getting back to the student(s). This school has lied to students and still have many awaiting an internship. What they didn't say in the beginning was that they have the right to place a student up to 50 miles away from their homes.

So if they offer a student a location that's 40 miles away (a location of a few that has accepted a request of the school/contract, etc. in order to have students intern), that is considered an offering to the student. So if the student turns that offering down, the school records that as a student turning an internship down. Therefore, if you complain and fuss about needing an internship, they will throw up in your face about the one (or two) sites that were about 50 miles away that you have turned down. Said all that to say, they make it seem that there are many sites available nearest home that they can get you into, but it's not that simple. And it not being so simple, is the thing they will not tell you! The fact that they are allowed up to 50 miles to place you is what they also do not/will not tell until at the very end.

This school, all who is cashing out getting paid from the school and all whom represent it, is unfair and it hurts. This school has not only put people in a financial bind, but has failed everyone and blindfolded all students of the 2009-2010 classes with lies. Some students' hopes, faith and dream(s) are lost. Ask all students, interview or do whatever, they all have a story and a voice. Star Career is unfair!

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