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When I started this school in August of 2015, everyone there seemed to be very interested in you and kept in contact with you. As time goes on the concern grows less & less. When you call you find out that your counselors & advisers are no longer there, they have been changed and you are never notified of any changes. I have actually had to call and demand to speak to management or administration to get my contacts to call me back. I once sent an email to an address that I happened to find online & within minutes I had all kind of people calling me back. You really have to stand up to these people or they will just push you over.

Just today I was put in a class with another teacher that when you make a post all she does is ask the same question to every student. I immediately called my adviser & told her to remove me from that class & place me in another class. I told her I had already been in a class where the teacher did this & it is not a learning experience when a teacher posts the same questions to every student, to me this is lazy on the teacher's part. My adviser tried to persuade me to talk to her. I told her, "No." I have tried talking to these Professors before & the ones like that try to make you look stupid & I was not having it. I told her if she couldn't make it happen that I needed to speak to management. It happened. Just beware before you enroll into this University...

So I was enjoying my time in school. Struggled with the math parts due to 15 years being out but was doing ok. Then I got into a car accident and dropped classes to recover. I found out days later that I was kicked out so I filed an appeal to be denied. I sent in all the information proving I was being truthful and nothing. Now I have all my loans kicked in and they charged me for all the classes I didn't take. Single mom trying to make it through school to better our future and because of all this can't continue school elsewhere because of the fee I have to pay back which is $4010. South University screwed me. I am writing this to warn others. Don't enroll waste your time because if God forbid something happened to you while attending they will kick you out and fine you.

There have been some "diploma mill" schools in the news lately, but I can confirm South U is not selling diplomas. If anything, a diploma is going to be hard to achieve here. The classes I've had so far are incredibly challenging, and I'm comparing this experience to my experience taking classes at Rochester Institute of Technology. I did read some bad press about a low graduation rate, and now I know why!

I was a student at this school for around 8 months and to be honest I really enjoyed the school while I was a student until the end. The classes are actually very easy because most of the instructors really don't check what you actually write. They use pre-made replies. I've had several reply post from instructors that had nothing to do with what I wrote. It's good if you just need to pass classes and get a degree, but if you want to actually learn something you will be on your own. My problem just came recently when I decided to change degree plans, due to finding out that I will be taking on a new job within my current career field and that my new employer will pay for my college if I'm taking a degree plan that is aligned with my job field. After checking with South University I noticed they did not offer the degree plan I needed to take. I also noticed that they no longer offer the degree plan I was currently enrolled in.

I found a different university that offered the exact degree plan I needed and wanted so I submitted my withdrawal paperwork so that I could withdraw after my next class was completed. Even though I was still enrolled in that next class and was doing the coursework for that class, I received a letter from the VA's office stating that since I withdrew from South University a month prior, I have been overpaid and must pay that money back. While still taking classes with South University they sent the paperwork to the VA telling them I was no longer enrolled in school there. I have completed 3 weeks of class work with 2 more weeks to go, for a class at a school that according to paperwork that was sent to the VA I no longer attend. I will be contacting the VA's office in the morning to discuss this issue with them.

Oh and just about none of the classes I took in the 8 months with South will transfer over to the new school. So my advise if you're still reading this is, if you enroll make sure you stay with this school. They will try and cheat you and punish you for leaving and your class you've spent all that money on will not transfer. But if you plan on staying with South until you graduate then this will be an easy school to pass, as long as your employer or future employer will recognize a degree from South University. Because even if they would have offered the degree plan I needed and wanted to take my future employer stated they would not pay for or recognize a degree from South University.

This is in reference to the online degree option. The academic advisor did not inform me that I had to have a nursing license in the state where I reside. Being in the military, I am not required to have a nursing license from every state I am stationed in. I did not find out until classes had already started. So when I did not get the license on time, I was disenrolled. Furthermore, the financial aid advisor did not know how to use the TA, and the dates for classes did not match the dates for the classes on, so my classes were not paid for. This was an awful experience for me. A waste of time.

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I live in the Columbia area of South Carolina. Originally it had been my goal to attend a local college and obtain my Registered Nurses Degree. Unfortunately life had other ideas and I had a baby right out of high school of 2013. Turns out my baby was very ill and had to get a transplant at Duke hospital in North Carolina. With this in mind, I still wanted to get a higher education so that is why I turned to South University Online.

There are no online schools that are not "for-profit schools" and with this in mind I knew what I was getting into when I began attending courses online. I know it is expensive but you have to expect that. Another aspect of online school is that there is no hand holding. It is basically a self-taught experience when it comes to online school. You get guidance from your professors, and good discussions from your peers in the classroom. It is a way to get a lot of material learned in a short 5 to 10 week course and still be considered a full time student. As well as not having to pay for any of my student loans until I finished school.

Going back to the account of my personal life, my sick baby that had to undergo a transplant, the process ended up taking the whole year of 2014 to the start of 2015. The transplant failed and she passed away February 12th 2015. I was forced to take 3 months off of school so that I could grieve and set up a new life back home in South Carolina. All of my professors, and advisers were extremely understandable and helped me out with taking a leave of absence. There was a period when my student loans people contacted me to start setting up payments and I had to explain my leave of absence and my intent on returning to school. My advisers helped me fill out the forms to show I was back in school and turned in all of the necessary forms and schedules to defer my payments until graduation. Everything went smoothly and worked out.

Since then, I have been finishing up with my associates degree. I have 20 weeks left to go and should be finished by January 2017. Granted I believe I have an estimated of $25,000 for my associates degree when I get done, but to me with my roller-coaster of a life, I am willing to pay what it takes for a school that is going to work with me and help me out in my time of need. Where as an on-campus community college you have so many absences and get kicked out or dropped for so many other factors. I would recommend South University Online to any of my friends or family if they could not easily attend a local college or university. It is expensive but to me it is worth it.

Hi, I am a graduate student, counseling student at South University in Columbia, South Carolina. My name is CA I am studying to be a counselor. I have an older woman in one of my classes named Robyn **, she is between 49 and 57. She is also a professor adjunct in medical assisting. I am concerned because she bullies this quiet girl who does nothing to her. The girl asks questions in class and this older woman laughs, makes fun of her embarrasses her, and ridicules her. I get that she is trying to make this young woman feel less about herself. I hope someone does something because not even the dean, professor teaching the class, or even the chair will do anything.

I know the psychological effects of bullying and I do not want this young lady to be another statistic affected by this bullying. I also do not want any other altercation to occur. The older woman is very childish and insecure from what I see from her behavior. I think she is jealous of the young lady... This is just very unprofessional for this faculty to be acting like this. Maybe she feels she can easily get away with bullying because in this classroom she is the student, and being faculty she can switch roles to do her bullying. Maybe I should just transfer to University of South Carolina or somewhere else... This is just ridiculous. You would think bullying would stop in high school or be just between students, but a faculty bullying and ridiculing a student and being a student is just distasteful, unprofessional, and out of line. I hope her superior/supervisor would step in and remove her. It goes on every class Mon and Sat whenever.

I enrolled in the RN to BSN program at South University at the Tampa, Florida campus in February of 2016. While it wasn't my original plan, I was able to take all of the required classes online. After completing the necessary classes, I have transferred to the RN to MSN program in the FNP tract. I started my MSN classes this week. I am able to take two classes online and one, advanced pathophysiology, on campus. Since my initial interaction with South I have been absolutely satisfied. I have read many of the complaints on this site and I feel that I should respond to give another side of the story. With South University, or any proprietary institution, there are three main things to keep in mind.

First, they are a business designed to generate income. To that ends, the admissions advisers are evaluated on their enrollment figures just like a car or furniture salesman. They want to help you get enrolled as opposed to non-profit schools who are trying to weed you out. Second, they assume you are there because you are driven and goal oriented. No one there is going to hold your hand. If you feel you need a little more support, consider a local community college.

Third, it is expensive but accessible. For-profit schools, like South, give many people the opportunity to pursue an education that otherwise would not be available to them. For instance, the local community college nursing program acceptance rate is less than one in five. If you don't have a 4.0 and a lot of volunteer hours you are simply not competitive. Without options like South, many aspiring students dreams would stop there.

These types or institutions are not for every learner. You must be self-motivated and able to take responsibility for your own learning. The online instructors are more guides than teachers. The digital text and supporting media are excellent when students actually use them. As with most things in life, you are going to get out of it what you put into it. I would start over at South again and I certainly would recommend it to friends and family. It has been expensive, but they have given me opportunities that I would otherwise not have had.

I was at South University for a year or more and was doing well. I had spine surgery and had to take 2 months off. I was making my monthly payments and on time. When I returned, I had some financial issues due to not returning to work as planned. I asked the College to Please work with me. They kicked me out and told me I had to pay over 8700.00 to get back in. I want to finish and get my BSN but I can't afford to 8700.00 all at once... I'm very saddened.

I am currently attending South University MSN-FNP program. Another comment said this program was not accredited, but it is in fact accredited. The advisors were initially very helpful (some still are) but others require multiple emails before they will respond to questions. I chose this program because the MSN-FNP track is full-time but you take one class at a time. The classes are very condensed and a lot of information in a short period of time; however, this allows for nurses to continue to work at least part if not full time. Working full time is very challenging if you want to give adequate time to studies. You can also start the program at any time which is convenient. The price is honestly quite average for MSN-FNP programs.

I wanted to do a DNP program in-state which would have taken a year longer and cost more. Sometimes I regret not doing that. Consider that in-state programs, medical students, and PA students are ALWAYS given preference at clinical sites and "South University online" sounds a bit like a sham. This piece has been a challenge, but I have found at least two clinical sites so far.

The classes so far have been hit or miss. Some of the professors are quite good while others respond to papers and discussion posts with incorrect grammar and "text message" type replies. So, some are professional while others just seem annoyed that students are asking questions. The research class that I am in is especially awful with a professor that is very disconnected from realities of clinical practice and expecting students to have her research/PhD knowledge. She is possibly one of the worst educators I have ever experienced.

There are no audiovisual class components which is very challenging since the "lectures" are a bit of a joke (written summary of text reading which a student could compile in a matter of hours). The texts so far have been alright, and luckily almost all texts (minus one) are available in digital format and included in tuition costs. This is a big positive (on the texts) however I would highly recommend the University to include audiovisual teaching or ANY teaching for that matter.

Students basically teach themselves information with little guidance or teaching from the professors themselves. Some of the information is just required for accreditation purposes (theory, research, etc) and I am not terribly worried if I cannot recall certain nursing theoretical concepts. That said, the assessment and real, concrete, and practical classes should certainly have an audiovisual component. I have suggested this in every single end of class survey and to my advisors with no response to the comment.

The practicum portion is entirely student-driven with minimal assistance from advisors. I have not started practicum yet, but this is the portion I am looking forward to the most. This will have little to do with South University since this is student and preceptor driven. Anyway, I am struggling through this program; however, I have talked to students in similar online programs with similar mixed experiences. DNP programs do have a much larger research focus (no thanks!) and claim to have more clinical hours; however, some of these "clinical hours" are really not dealing with actual patients (come to learn from other students). So, this MSN program requires 780 clinical NP hours which seems pretty standard and solid to other MSN programs. All in all, could be a much better program and needs improvement. I feel like I have spent too much time and money to turn back now!

I was looking for convenience of online education to finish my BSN. I was a diploma nurse and this seemed like a good fit. I did graduate from South University with honors... which was not hard to do. I paid a total of 18,000 for two years of bad classes. The degree edit was changed twice along the course citing that the board of Nursing changed the curriculum and two of the classes I already took were no longer counted. This caused my graduation date to change not one but twice. I was aggravated but pressed on knowing I needed to finish. On a weak day I agreed to begin my MSN there at South University. It was just easy I was familiar with the online setup and the transcripts were already on file. I started shortly after BSN graduation. I was three classes in to the nine necessary for graduation and I received a dreaded call from the counselor. She proceeded to tell me the school lost their accreditation.

I asked what does that mean to me. She said "You can no longer continue." She said "I mean you can continue but you will have to pay and your degree will not be certified." Ummm... who would do this? She told me that only two way to lose accreditation: one by the quality of the education and two by mismanaging financing through student loans. South was disaccredited for financial reasons. She then said "We don't want to lose you as a student. You can wait one year until our accreditation renews." I would never wait a year for starters. I then began my search and found many universities. Only one would transfer my 6 months worth of credit work. Only to find out later they would take none. So now I am out of options. I had to start over my MSN program. What a nightmare.

I should have learned my lesson. Lastly they told me they needed payment for the three classes since the student loan disbursement would not release the fund for the classes I took. The second nightmare began between me and the credit agency as they turned me over to collections for three classes that were not counting and disaccredited. Run, run for your life. Do not be wowed by the ease of admission to the university. They are a poor excuse for a college. I will never recommend them ever!

I approached South University on January 4th, 2016, looking for information about their BSN degree. They were very efficient in providing me a path of success, and even though it was very, very expensive, they assure me that I qualified for grants, and Federal Student Aid, to the point that I wouldn't even have to touch my GI Bill, so I accepted, enrolled in the quarter, and began my path of education. During the month of February (almost half way through the quarter) I began receiving notifications from financial aid, telling me that I have to fill a 1040 amended Tax return form for my 2014 taxes because my "social status" was different than my current status. So I brought it up to my accountant's attention, and he told me that I don't have to, because that's from 2014, and I applied for financial aid for the first time ever (at South University) in 2016.

So basically, they insist on my need to amend my taxes. Now I owe them almost $5000 in tuition fees. I explained to one of the financial aid specialist that my military situation had changed (from SELRES in January to Active Duty by March), to which I was told "great! now you can use your GI Bill or TA", which leads me to believe that they don't know exactly how the military benefits work and feels more like they just want to get money from wherever they can, other than from wherever they have to. So why am I filing a complaint? Why do I feel like I was misled? Basically because I feel like all that efficiency getting me into a classroom, and getting me set up with Financial aid, only turned into a nightmare, since according to them, now, unless I file a 1040x amended tax return form, I will be responsible to repay that extremely high tuition cost at once. Why misleading?

Because it is truly a false sense of security, when the first day your are told that you qualified for everything, only to find out that perhaps you don't. During my second meeting with a different financial aid counselor, I was told that I had been selected by the federal student financial aid department for verification, and that's when the red flag came out. Now I have to wonder, why didn't South University financial aid counselors caught it on day one? If they had done their job, it would had never made a difference if I got reviewed or not by the federal financial aid department. If they had told me from the beginning about that situation, I would had never applied to that school. I believe is totally unprofessional, very misleading, very irresponsible, and simply a disgrace to the educational system. A total shame to the community.

I attended South University for almost 18 months in their MSN program. During my third semester I was told that the prior semester tuition had not been paid because the SCHOOL DIDN'T PROCESS MY FINANCIAL AID CORRECTLY. I was told I would have to take out more money in loans to cover that semester if I didn't want to risk being dropped from my third semester classes. I can say regarding the education that it was high school level at best. I would be embarrassed to say I graduated from South University. That is why I withdrew. I did not feel that the classes I took were preparing me for advanced nursing practice. Now, I am seeking admission to a not for profit nursing program. I am on the hook for the classes I took and now owe $20,000. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL AT ALL COSTS!

This school is terrible. If you have any problems do not expect to be resolved in your favor. Just want to make money. Students are not interested. Nobody read your email. They have finances very disorganized. You never know when you will have your financial aid. Ahhh. Stay away from department to the class of physical assessment in the program nurse practitioner. They are bad dogs. NO recommend this school to anyone.

A few weeks ago, my husband did some online job applications. Well they led up to being called off the hook from educational institutes trying to get enrollment! Well, my husband was not interested in going back to school but I was. I had been considering the idea of back to college for a few months now. I have 2 children and am still laid off for the season, husband just started new job and our family just relocated to a new community! This was perfect timing.

Well, after being on the phone with the South University staff, I decided the school sounded pretty good. It would allow me to start almost immediately, offer me to have only a few classes at a time only lasting about 5 weeks each. This sounded awesome. So we begin the admissions process, Apply to South University Online. After awhile you begin to realize this is taking way longer than they made it seem. Then was directed to Financial Advisor who seemed helpful in most ways, but not going over my reward or info. She asked if I had any questions, but at the time I didn't because I had already became familiar with the website over the weekend, I knew where to go to find all my info. Sounded like things were right on track and I was feeling good about starting classes tomorrow.

Next, I go to find my class that I was going to start. Mind you that I never got to find out what classes I would even be taking or what classes I didn't have to because of past credits that would transfer to my program. I just began to get a bit nervous so, I decided to look up reviews on the school... I am really wanting to back out of this now. I am having a phone call tomorrow with the school to see if I have any questions in the morning. I think I may just have a few now!

I'm currently attending South University here in Savannah, Georgia where I'm earning my degree in Business administration. I have seen good and bad comments about the university and its misconduct with students. For one thing, I never had any problems with the university, but there are staff members who really do need a reality check and understand how to handle business properly.

I started South University - Masters in Science in Nursing in July 2014. Everything was great until I had a problem with scheduling. Staff members NEVER followed up. I continuously had to call, getting the Vice President and directors involved. Poor satisfaction.

I had a great medical terminology teacher, but math was terrible and I'm usually good at math. The teacher rushed through the whole thing and I barely passed. I think my classmates failed. There was only me and one other person who seemed to kinda get it. The teacher showed favoritism to this one guy. We didn't have access to our math lab over break and then we had an exam the next class. When we told the teacher about it, she shrugged her shoulders and did not care. I had to go to the Dean. There were times I would email her and get no response. I would have to message her multiple times when I had an issue. They don't show care for the students' education.

The only one who seemed to care was my admissions advisor and they fired him shortly after I began school. I don't know the reason so I won't speak on it. Then I got hit with a large bill that was about twice the amount you would pay at another college even after taking out loans and receiving a grant. It's not worth it, especially for the price. This was a huge mistake for me. Don't make the same one. Do your research and find a better school please. I went for one squatter, won't be returning.

I tried to withdraw from South University. In the process I enrolled at another school, and asked for my financial aide to be returned. I was then redirected to several different folks and none were able to assist me. Their whole goal was to have me change my mind. The reason for my withdrawal was the lawsuit against the college regarding the recruiters, and their accreditation. I wanted to save the 60 credits I currently have, and not be associated with a school that could in the future be a worthless degree.

I am still waiting for the supervisor to call me back, and help me to get my COD updated. This has been a nightmare for me. Imagine your educational goals and employment goals being messed with because you want to protect them. I would advise anyone that is looking for an education to not enroll with South University. This is a for-profit school and their goal is not your education but your money.

I began attending SU online back in 2011. I signed up, was told to take out loans, was told to sign the promissory note for my loans and then told that I would be able to attend school, no problem. Although I knew I was entitled to Microsoft Office (taken from technology fees) I had to literally argue with the school about receiving it. Finally I'm able to get it, I complete all my assignments on time and I even receive raving reviews from my peers and professors on my work. I attended the school for all of 4 weeks before I was locked out of my account. When I inquired about it, I was told that I did not send back a financial aid form and therefore was removed from my classes.

Mind you, I had to sign up, take out loans and prove my identity and NOT ONCE was I asked to mail in any information. Not only that, but I specifically told my advisers if it's not a form I can sign online, I cannot send information in. 3 years later I cannot attend school anymore because Financial Aid says my loans are in default. South University wants to force me to pay 2 grand, and I can't even further my education to get a high paying job in order to pay off my loan. They literally screwed me over. I'm going to reach out to my attorney about this because this is just wrong.

I cannot begin to explain the degree to which this school was the biggest mistake of my life! Please listen to what I say and make note so this does not happen to you! I have lost a 10 months and thousands of dollars and felt ashamed that I did not listen to my gut or the other reviews that I had read. I thought everyone will jump to the Internet to complain. I will finish even though their graduation rate is only 7%, by far the lowest I was able to find. I'm an A student dedicated. The manipulation, schemes and lies have actually caused me to have chest pain. I was repeatedly told by the admissions counselor whose name I will never forget that I did not need anything but the 12 core nursing classes to complete the Rn to bsn program. When I only had 5 of those classes left another 12 classes appeared on my schedule. Wow that's the first rn to bsn to last 2 plus years when I have taken almost all of them.

The admissions counselor wanted nothing to do with me at that point. Referred me to my academic counselor who began to give me papers to help argue some of them once I found course descriptions all the while being fake and neglected to help. I would have a manager and the so called recorded phone calls up and doing some work. It is game! Please listen. I dare to see if they will respond with anything in writing and to do your research.

They just settled a 99.5 million dollar lawsuit for a reason. They have a 7% graduation for a reason. I will be happy to share my experience. Someone must protect online students and adult learners from them! I contemplated being done and doing what I needed to stick to my timeline and doubling classes and then I realized I do not want a degree from this school at any cost. I would not take a degree from them free of charge. I am going to contact and work as hard as I can to ensure this does not happen to others. If you concerns or questions please contact me!

Back in 2011 I signed up to go to online school. The person who ever was doing the sign up process he was completely sales man, but either way it didn't matter to me because I wanted to go to school. I wanted to do Associated degree on Computer science and I was told FAFSA will cover my all tuition and fees. About week later I had to go to my country for personal emergency reason. So I call the administrative that I need to quit school because the country I am going to neither have internet to continue education and I don't know when I am coming back. Besides that country doesn't provide electricity properly. Out of 24 hours you might get 5 hours electricity.

I came back to USA May 2012 and receiving a letter for Great Lakes who is loan servicer. I never opened the mail because I thought it a scam, but I end up opened on 2013 one of the mail and see a loan of $10,999 loan under my name. I tried to contact school regarding this. They do not even want to talk to me about it. This school really a rip off and SCAM. I attend school for a week and got billed for $10,999. I am going after school. Going to hire lawyer. Is there anybody else who thinks this school is fraud please contact me as well. Thank you.

This school is horrible, the cost is outrageous, the counselors are uneducated, unprofessional, and unwilling to assist students. In the beginning, you will receive calls constantly until you start questioning prices, your financial aid packaging, or course transferability which none of their general college courses do. When I received a academic scholarship in the amount of 1600$ (amount of one class), I was so excited. Only to find out that when I had informed them that after I completed my 9 courses for the academic year, I would be transferring to a traditional college and wanted my financial aid stipend to be mailed to me. I was first informed I could not have both, either the stipend or the scholarship. I choose my stipend since I had a student loan of 10,000$ and Pell grants in the amount of 5000$.

But with classes costing 1600$ each, it left 400$ which at this point I was aware of, only to have my financial counselor lecture me that this money was only to be used for educational purposes. What a joke!!! So I have 400$ to cliff test out of my general studies (English comp I and II and 7 others). The 5 week courses are hard to keep pace with, it is a full time job if you actually do the assignment as you are supposed to. Most of the discussions I found difficult to fully participate in because most of the students couldn't make up complete sentences, let alone spell. I am in my last class of 9 and have books of emails between myself and my academic and financial counselors which proves how uneducated and unprofessional each is. I asked for copies of my placement tests and the name of each, only to be flat out told that they can only give me screen shots. I do not suggest anyone attend this school. Not worth the money, hassle or headache.

This school is a ripoff. Academic counselors are sales people that will say anything to bolster their sales! Then they're shady in ethical practice are all covered in their policies and guidelines. It basically says "If we screw you it's your fault." Don't get screwed. If you're looking to go back to school deal with a school with integrity!

My experience was similar to the posts from others; I enrolled in the MBA program. The recruiters are salesman that only care about signing you up and making commission. I was told that my first semester would be online, but thereafter on, campus courses would be offered. I was also informed that my financial aid (FAFSA) would cover all of my tuition, neither of these turned out to be the case.

Once enrolled, I was simply registered for online courses and never heard from anyone regarding program guidance or had any human contact. I couldn't reach the program chair and the courses cannot even be considered school. There is no lecture or any material other than reading a book on your own, writing papers, and doing pointless online discussions. I stayed for a few quarters and kept asking why there were still no on campus courses, I was lead on and campus courses never happened, I assume this was just a sales pitch.

Put simply, you pay Ivy league prices for far less than a community college education. The WORST part was that I was told my FAFSA was covering all my tuition and I was continuously enrolled in courses. After I stopped attending (to attend a real program) I received a bill for $11,000. I now have a bill for $11,000, student loan debt, learned nothing, and am having to obtain an attorney on top of full-time work and school.

This is a company (not a school) that will say anything to make money and clearly do not fear lawsuits. Do NOT enroll. Tuition will not be covered under the graduate prices, you will not learn anything comparable to any real school and this huge waste of money may ruin your chances for further funding at a real university in the future, as it did mine. If anyone else out there is forming a lawsuit I would love to join.

Many of the reviews sound like they were written by young people who do not understand that when they sign anything they are contracting – making an agreement that is legally binding. I am not so young and do understand that, but did not understand that although I told the person who registered me for classes that my end goal was to provide services to veterans. No one told me (and now I fault myself) for not learning that while the school is accredited that the counseling program was not (it became so last Summer - 2014). I also fault myself for not shopping around for the best program at the best price. South is EXPENSIVE and offers nothing that cannot be found at other universities at a better price. The bottom line is that I should have been more careful and I hope reading this will insure everyone is before choosing a college – once you have signed ANYTHING, you will be stuck for some money.

South Finance counselors and registrars are given rewards for signing people up – numbers count for them so they say things that they should not. One example, incoming students during my last year there, were told by the registration folks that they could be licensed to prescribe meds by completing this program. Our, then new, program director, did not believe this until so many students confirmed it. There was no way EVERYONE was making it up. The bottom line is that NO MATTER WHAT you are told, if they are not willing to PUT IT IN WRITING, it is not true. Several of us consulted an attorney about suing, but he said that unless we could find a former employee that was willing to support our allegations it would not be successful. I admit I did not even try to find one. BUYER BEWARE.

Hi. I am very disturbed by my experience with South University Cleveland. To be honest I didn't do any research beyond looking at it to see what BBB said about them. They said they were an accredited school. And their reviews were good. I didn't see all the negative reviews until I went looking. Backing up to the beginning,

This past March I was online filling out applications where I sent up by phone what I thought was an interview. It was not, the man I talked to was Will from gitgats, he was a career advisor. First thing he asked was if I ever thought about furthering my education? I said, "Of course", but I can't afford to at this time, I don't want to owe money and go into debt when this is over. He said. "Not a problem". He went on asking me questions, answering his questions, he had gotten in touch with Kim from South University and we talked for a few minutes. Was talked into meeting her and seeing the school. Figured what was the harm? Thought I would check it out and say, "No". Um, didn't happen.

They pulled out all the goodies. Said all the right things. She showed me around. I loved the place. I met the Dean, the career person who sends out the job sheets. A few other people. They were all smiles. I felt welcomed. We went back to Kim's office where she started getting out a folder full of information and a few days later I was back being enrolled in school. Then we talked about payment options. That's when I informed her of my job situation. That I could not pay anything toward school and that I didn't want to owe money when this was over.

She was sneaky and said all the right things. She said that if I had to pay anything, it wouldn't be much and it would matter since I would be making so much money. She said how they would help me get a job in the field I was going into. She never said when or was very specific about it. But lead me to believe it would happen soon. But the sheet of part time jobs ended up being jobs from around their area and for jobs I could get around my area. They didn't help me there. I then signed up for "financial aid" I remember signing for that because it was online. They got my tax statements as well. So they knew how much a year I made. So they used what I would be making in the future and gave me two BIG loans. Nothing was said about loans in the meeting at first.

When the financial aid papers we're ready, Kim sat me down and discussed it all with me. From my understanding the financial aid and pell grant did not need to get paid back just the loans but they never called it that so no warning bells went off. By this time they should have because I did ask for a dollar amount as to what I could be looking at for repayment after graduation. She said I'd have six months until repayment. I fully didn't understand the papers or what I was signing and the felt pressured and deceived into signing. While I take full responsibility of my part in this mess with the school and the loans because I signed. They had my transcripts from my last college and must have known that I had a little learning disability.

I think they took advantage of me. I am very upset and dissatisfied with my experience here. I just want out of this loan. So far I haven't really been able to get the full amount of what I owe. The school sent me an email and they want me to do their exit counseling and that link leads me to the financial aid site. I'm very concerned that I never even had financial aid in, think it was all in writing because when you put in my information to go to my page, they said I'm not there. Right now I am pulled from the school but my page should still be there since technically my account should still be open since I haven't made a payment. I couldn't get o there before I got pulled but things happened so fast I didn't get a chance to ask about that.

Anyway I'm still at the beginning of finding out just what I got myself into. I'll know more this next week. So far I know I owe 6000 and I think the number may go up. Unfortunately I have no way of paying this especially since I won't be getting my good job anytime soon. I'm stuck in these stupid dead end jobs that are getting me nowhere. Thanks to this school my credit was all I had now I'm screwed. Not happy about this. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. I am looking for people for a class action suit. I'm not looking to get money, I just want my credit good again and to owe the school, financial aid and the loans company no money. That's my idea of a perfect world. Thank you for reading.

Before the untimely death of my father, I let Kassie ** know that I needed to skip this IT course due to my computer; she coaxed me into staying in the class stating it wouldn't matter if there was a computer or not--BIG MISTAKE! Fast forward to the day my father died. Dr ** told me I would only have until the end of the course to turn in work--wow! The end of the course was in 5 days! Lastly, as well as strangely, I would never hear from my academic advisor, David **, until I didn't post for class. When he did call, there was not empathy in his voice, just told me to send over the death certificate and contact the professor-- things happen to people all the time. Oh did I mention my mother just passed February 2015 and that they would have been married 46 years! Strangely enough, there are constant phone calls from Dave **, the academic advisor. I would not recommend this school to anyone! $1608/class is extremely expensive! BEWARE!

I was enrolled in Jan - asked to be dropped because of work and instead I was withdrawn from all classes. I attended a course on Sat for 4 hours and was charged $1,295.00. I'm a single mother of 3, can't get transcripts until that is paid either.

I went for 2 semesters and ended up dropping because of personal reason and got slapped with a $1000 bill. I barely make enough money to pay the bills I have now and I want to go to school to better my life and make more money so I can afford to pay off my debts and live a little but because of this debt I can't go back to any school because South won't give me my transcripts. On another note they are ridiculously expensive, almost 20K for an associates in Medical Assisting whereas you can go to a Technical College and get the same degree for maybe 3K. Do yourself a favor and do not go to this school.

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