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On May 1, 2000, I registered for two professional training workshops through Sensory Integration

International/The Ayres Clinic in Torrance, California. Because I was a fulltime student at the time, I was promised a 50% discount amounting to $200 for the first of the two workshops. This $200 cost reduction would have made the total price of the workshop $200. The second workshop did not involve any price discounts and had a cost of $400. The total charge for these two workshops should have been $600.

Instead, on May 1, 2000 a charge of $780 was applied to my Visa account by Sensory Integration International (SII). In explicably, a few days later on May 5, 2000 another charge of $780 was applied to my credit card by SII. After repeated phone calls and faxes requesting attention, I finally received a credit of only $580 from SII applied to my Visa on July 26, 2000, leaving a remaining charge of $980 still on my account. I cancelled all workshop registrations and owed SII nothing.
I have been unable to get any attention or resolution to this remaining $980 over-charge. I have written, called, and faxed the executive director, Anthony Wells, and board members of SII repeatedly. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau in Torrance California and the California Attorney General. I am prepared to pursue the matter with my own attorney.
I have been over-charged $980 on my Visa account, with records to prove this.

Dr. Daniel should dispute the charge with his card issuer. He might also try sending a registered letter to the Ayres Clinic.

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