At the end of November 2010, I was interested in re-enrolling in cosmetology school (I had to drop the program previously in 2007 after my father became very ill. The Salon Success Academy would not allow me time off to take care of him). I contacted the Salon Success Academy's Upland campus (where I previously attended) to ask how I go about getting my official transfer information. I spoke to Yvette and she informed me I had to wait until the school sent me paperwork. I would then have to fill it out and send it back with a cashier's check or money order. This whole process would take 4-6 weeks. I informed her I lived in San Diego now and would be transferring to Marinello School of Beauty within the next 2 weeks. I asked her if there was anyway she could fax me the paperwork, so I could take it down to pick up the transcripts in person. She hesitated but agreed. She faxed the paperwork to my mother's work and I filled it out.

On December 3rd, I drove from San Diego to Upland (after getting the cashier's check from my bank, Chase). I physically went into the school. I spoke to a student at the front desk and she informed me Yvette was not available. The front desk adviser (who had been working there since I attended in 2007) told me I could leave my paperwork with her and she would give it to Yvette. I did not think it was an issue since it was made out to the Salon Success Academy. I thanked her and left. On December 4th, I was admitted to San Antonio Community Hospital and underwent an emergency surgery (I had my gallbladder and appendix removed). This is the reason I did not follow up with my transcripts immediately. I was in the hospital recovering.

After re-scheduling my start date at the end of Jan. 2011, I had begun to try and follow up with the Salon Success Academy. I had realized by Jan. 11th I had not yet received my transcripts. I spoke again to Yvette and she told me she would look into it and get back to me that afternoon. That afternoon came and went. She never responded to my continued attempts to contact her. I left countless messages and each one was ignored.

Finally on Jan. 26th, my mother was able to get a hold of Yvette while we were in the admissions office at Marinello School of Beauty San Diego. My mother asked Yvette what the issue was and what the next steps were. Yvette responded: "I have tried to get in contact with your daughter. She is ignoring my phone calls and I will get back to you when I can get back to you." I was shocked! She had lied to my mother! Then, my mother informed her I had been in the hospital and had surgery. That was the reason I had not gone in myself. Yvette then responded with the most outrageous comment yet. She said and I quote, "Oh really. What surgery did she have?” (like she was trying to catch me or my mom in a lie). My mom let her know I had emergency surgery and they removed my gallbladder and appendix. Yvette's response was, "Oh so now she had her gallbladder removed too? I thought it was just her appendix. I will get back to you when I get back to you." And then she hung up on my mother. I was appalled.

Not only was she rude to me, but now she was rude to my mother in front of my new admissions advisor. It was then that my admissions advisor, Danielle, contacted Liz (my new registrar). She asked Liz to contact the school to figure out what was going on. About 15 minutes later, Liz came back and explained Yvette had been extremely rude. And Yvette had claimed they had not received my money or the paperwork. That was another Lie! Immediately, I got on the phone with Chase to find out if the check had been cashed (since I made it out to the Salon Success Academy). It had been cashed that Monday, Dec. 6th, 2010. They told me the bank can give me a copy of the cashier's check and the proper paperwork showing the cashed check.

I let Danielle know. So, we went to financial aid to speak with Edna, my financial aid advisor. Edna suggested that I contact NACCAS (the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts & Science) to file a formal complaint. Apparently, when you make a formal complaint, someone is supposed to contact the school and you regarding it. I said I was definitely going to do that. Edna suggested I contact the school one more time and just let them know you will be filing the complaint. I contacted the school again and asked to speak to someone regarding NACCAS. I was immediately patched through to Susan, the school director! I explained my situation to Susan. She sounded a bit upset with me! She said she would resolve my problem, not because I was threatening to report them to NACCAS, but because she "wanted to". She told me if I brought in the proper information, I could get my transcripts not in 4-6 weeks but the next day. I agreed and told her I would be in the next day. But I said I would prefer not to deal with Yvette since she had been so rude to everyone. Susan told me I could speak with Tammy and she would have my information.

On Jan. 28th, 2011, I drove from San Diego back to Upland to get my paperwork. Before I got to the school, I stopped by the bank to get a notarized form with a copy of the cashed check and my account statement to show Salon Success Academy I did in fact pay them. I arrived to the school at 11:00 am and told the front desk I had a meeting with Tammy. They took me back to an office that had about 8 different women in cubicles. I told them I was there to see Tammy regarding my transcripts. A woman at the one desk stood up and said, "I am Yvette. I have your transcripts." I was upset but I tried to be cordial and just let it slide. I showed her my paperwork from Chase and Yvette said, "That means nothing to me. I need another 35 dollars to give you the transcripts." I responded why did I have to pay another 35 dollars. Yvette responded, "I mean you have to pay the $35."

This conversation went back and forth for almost 5 minutes, until I finally stopped and told her I would give another 35 dollars if I could just get my paperwork and leave. I filled out a paper that literally took 2 minutes. She handed it to me and said very snarky, "Next time even when you have surgery, you need to fill out the proper paperwork." Yvette smirked and threw the paper on the counter. I looked at her and said, "I did have surgery." I actually lifted my shirt in front of the entire office and showed Yvette (as well as everyone else in the office) my scars on my abdomen. All the women were stunned. I put my shirt down and told Yvette: "I don't have to justify myself to you. You have been rude to my mother, to the administration at my new school, and to me. You need to learn some manners." I grabbed my paperwork and started to walk out of the office. As I walked out, Yvette stood up, slammed her hands on the desk, and yelled "you're welcome!” I turned around and stated in a calm voice (which got her more worked up), "You want me to thank you for doing your job? You are crazy lady." As I walked out, she continued to yell but I kept walking.

I ended up driving back to San Diego to drop off paperwork at Marinello. Once they opened up my paperwork, they noticed that the transcript they gave did not have the same hours my drop paper work said. I contacted the school once more to find out. They "legally withheld my hours and operations because I was not transferring to another Salon Success Academy". So instead of 731 hours, I now have 624 and have to makeup the hours they shorted me. I am to the point where I am willing to pay the extra money so I don't have to deal with Yvette or the unprofessional administration at Salon Success Academy in Upland, CA. This is evident by the 19% student retention rate and a graduation rate of 69%. This school is horrible, especially Yvette! They are thieves and are not professional! Avoid it like the plague!