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Provost is an online public high school serving the states of Colorado, South Carolina, Georgia and Ohio. The school is tuition free and governed by individual state charters.

  • Flexible learning experience: At Provost Academy, a flexible learning experience includes the ability to choose course work and a curriculum that meets the time and scheduling needs of the student as well as the academic and career goals. Students can design the education for their own needs.
  • Accredited: Provost is accredited by the state accrediting bodies, just like traditional high schools.
  • No cost: Provost Academy is a public high school so there are no tuition fees. There may be costs for optional activities. Provost can also provide families with computer equipment for access to classes and may even subsidize internet costs for those with demonstrated need.
  • Personalized learning plan: Once students are accepted, they meet with an academic advisor who will help them create a learning plan to suit their goals and needs.
  • Backed by EdisonLearning: EdisonLearning has been an innovator in education for nearly twenty years and is the parent company of the various state Provost Academies.
  • Best for Students with other commitments, homeschooled students and military families.

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