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Back in 2009 around July, I was tempted to their services and purchased their Ultimate Access. I had made purchases with them in the past and it did not go to a point where I was forced to pay an amount that I was not obligated to. Prior I have bought vouchers from them and maybe some other specific materials. They didn't do a good job in delivering their materials but I still got them anyway. My experience with them at that point was so-so but it's not like I was paying something I wasn't getting. They are just horrible with services. This time, I went ahead and got this $99 for the first month trial access to their Ultimate Access. There was not much information on the process and procedure.

I went through the first month and their service was worse than it was before. Every time I ask for the materials, I would never get a response until I make that phone call. Once that call was made, they then immediately processed the order. First, second, and third time requests all require my initial phone call to get the process going. I got fed up with their process and canceled it 4 days before the trial ends. I sent them an email on their website for the processing. I expressed my feelings and said I want to cancel because I am unhappy with their procedure. I said cancel.

Next thing when my trial period was over, they made a charge on my account. I called them up and told them I canceled the subscription with them. They told me that the process was incomplete and that the email I sent was invalid. They cannot cancel my order. I called my credit card company and gave all the information they need to process the unauthorized charges. The charges were reversed but they called me almost every day. Day, night, and whatever odd times they can find, they will call me. Then after, they stopped calling after maybe 3 months of harassment. A year later, they then tried again and made a charge on my account without me authorizing them.

I called my credit card company and said these are unauthorized charges. The day after the reverse charges were made, they started calling me again. They harassed me for maybe 6 months. During the 6 months, I've talked to maybe 4 of their employees that were harassing me. I figured that they have these employees leave because they couldn't make the commission from debt collecting, just like a debt collector. I told the 2nd employee to talk to the first employee that I've already explained everything that I could and that there is nothing much to say. I've had very good relationship with the 2nd caller and she clearly understands. But then for about some period after, she stopped calling.

The 3rd took over. I told the 3rd to talk to the 2nd about the whole story, because I don't want to be on the phone with them for hours. She simply said that the 2nd person is no longer in charge of my account but kept going about the same situation. If she can talk to the 2nd person then we wouldn't have to be repeating everything all over again. I clearly said, “If you can write me a letter in regards to the terms of agreement then I will pay for the reduced amount.” This letter never came and I was still waiting. I want a legal document stating that if I pay so and so and that you would leave me along and we can all rest in peace. She kept calling and I kept asking for it. This repeated for like several weeks. The 4th guy took over and talked to me. He said he would send the letter and that I was to send the amount immediately once I received it or otherwise the settlement would be disregarded. I have finally made the settlement in around April of 2011. I had to pay around $660 with the initial $99.

I just searched them today in Jan. 2012 and found that PrepLogic is no longer existing and they are now LearnSmartSystems. Wow! That was quick! They practically drove the company down. I'm a wimp. I can't afford them calling me like this. I was too nice with these guys, on all those conversations we had. They have been around for some time. I thought they were keeping up with it. I guess not. Well, I am now in a happier place.

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I was lulled into their trap by a $1 for 30 days of training. Great! How could I pass that up? I finished on Day 25 but was unable to print a completion certificate because of technical problems on their end. I was unemployed and wanting to take the completion certificate into an interview with me. They promised me that it would be fixed any day. Well, you guessed it right. Day 31 came and the account was locked. They attempted to get money from my account, and the harassing phone calls began.

Michelle would call me three times a day trying to get money. I told them that I was cancelling and that if they gave me a completion certificate--which I never did get--that I would pay them something. Nada. A year later, they somehow how got money out of my PayPal account via debit. I never gave them debit access to my account and I am now in touch with authorities to see if this is criminal behavior.

The good news is that I used my PayPal account and they've always stood behind me anytime I have ever had a problem with anyone. Stay away from PrepLogic. It looks nice but they are a bunch of thugs and thieves.

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I was making inquiries about the A+ course offered by Preplogic and was sold a trial of the course for 30 days at a cost of $99. This was purchased on 7/14/2011 at 3:51PM. I submitted a cancellation ticket via the company’s website on 08/13/2011, which was received at 10:51PM. I was then informed that this was outside the 30-day trial period by 7 hours and I could now no longer cancel the purchase. I would now be charged $2893.09 for the Ultimate Access course. An amount of $263.01 was then charged on 08/14/2011.

I have tried several times to resolve this matter directly with the company, even offering the $263.01 as a form of cancellation. This has been refused. I have now been offered a cancellation fee of $623.75, 25% of the purchase price minus the $362.01 already paid, which of course I cannot afford. I was informed at the time of purchase that the A+ training material is only accessible as part of the Ultimate Access course and the $99 was for that purpose. Stay away, spread the word about these sharks to get them out of business.

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I was lured into PrepLogic's unethical business practices. They baited me with the $1/month trial of their online courses (CCNA) which were 4 years old (outdated). However, I had some extra time to invest in studying. So, I called them to ask that if I continued with their online program, I could cancel at anytime. I was told that I could. Then, they switched that agreement once they got my credit card number. They told me I was obligated for over $2000 in future payments. They said they emailed me some contracts which I never received. But then again, they are spam kings with all the crap email they send to bait their victims. So, it's no wonder I did not sort through all their spam emails. I never signed any agreement. I canceled that credit card and they incessantly pester me with phone calls with threats. They need to be put out of business with these unethical/illegal scamming business practices.


I tried to cancel my agreement per their agreement and they stated that I needed to use at least so much then I can cancel. So I did, then they said it was too late. Now I am stuck with a program that is of no use. The testing hasn't even been proofread and I have had to point out to them several issues with their answers being wrong.

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My story is similar to the others here and on every complaint/info board on the net in regards to PrepLogic. Their sales practices are deceiving, and their customer service is non-existent. I signed up for a $1 trial with the understanding (after speaking with customer service) that, if I wanted to continue, I would pay a monthly fee of $79. It was a subscription-based service.

Toward the end of the 30 days, I contacted PrepLogic regarding cancelling my account. After a brief chat with the operator about the challenges I was having with the training (I wanted to get the training on my iPad), I was told that PrepLogic would have an iPad app released "in a few days." I agreed to wait and try it out, thinking that, if I didn't like it, I would still cancel my account.

Their "few days" put me over the 30-day mark for cancellation. Even so, I was not concerned with getting a refund, just cancelling the service. (The iPad app never did appear, but supposedly, you can access the training via the browser on the iPad, if you upgrade your account. After waiting a few weeks for the app, I decided it was not going to be released, and I contacted Chat again about cancelling my account. After waiting over a minute for someone to respond, all I got from "Erik" were one- and two-word responses: I asked how to cancel my account and was told "ticket system." Erik then pasted a link to support and terminated the chat.

I contacted the support system and opened a ticket to cancel my subscription. I was told that I had not subscribed but purchased the training on a finance agreement. I do not believe this to be true. I was told that, if I did not make my monthly payment, they would bill my card on file for the full amount, over $900. I have tried almost every month to resolve this amicably, but all I get from PrepLogic is canned responses. At this point, I don't just want to cancel; I want to sue and get every penny back that they have collected.


I wanted to study for my IT certifications, so I came to know PrepLogic via Google email ad. I registered, and then later, I got another mail with a link to free demos. I watched some, and I must say it was very professional. When I logged onto the site again, a chat window popped up, and I entered a chat with one Erika.

What surprised me was this Erika spent more time talking about different things that are not related to IT courses offered by PrepLogic. When I asked if I could call, the answer was a clear no. I was told I could only communicate via email. Before I committed my self, I decided to google to find out what experiences others have had. I must say I am not impressed at all. This company looks like a scam, even if the teachers seem to be good.


A bunch of ** ** thieves that lie and prey on you! I cancelled my agreement as per the sales staff agreement with me, and the advertisement, plus I never received a properly working copy of my ordered software as expected and this was proved over a year ago. They take your credit card number and charge various charges that are not even close to the agreement nor what was advertised, then try to sue you to get more to pay off ** charges that have nothing to do with the original agreement. They keep offering various pay back options and then rip off your credit card and never close your account. I have received over 100 emails and phone calls from these losers and they are full of **** when it comes to keeping their word.

They also offer a university degree program that when you sign up to find out more about online IT certs/degrees it is these jokers and now they get your private information again. They prey on your credit card info and play way too many head games. I have had a variety of the problems with this freakin' ** ** company that has ripped me off several times and now they want my credit card again to "cancel my account and drop charges". PrepLogic has screwed me over so many times already! I hope you all lose everything and your ** ** business blows away! You're the most freakin' loser rip off thieving company.

Copy of latest email: Dear Joe **, Offer expires soon! Call today! We are aware that you dispute owing a balance to PrepLogic, however, this dispute will not absolve the balance from being owed for $1,122.00 on order 3239373. We show that your purchase is valid and is currently seriously delinquent. We would like for you to resolve this delinquent balance by remitting a cancellation fee in the amount of $115.00. By remitting this fee of $115.00 it will resolve your delinquency with PrepLogic and prevent any further actions from being pursued against you. You will not have any further service nor will you owe any further monies to PrepLogic. This fee is in addition to any monies you may have already submitted to PrepLogic. Contact me today to make your $115.00 payment and clear your name. Or simply visit our website and make this payment and we will do the rest. All cancellation fee payments need to be received in our office by the 10/15/2010.


I purchased a 30-day trial for $99. The first day, the download and setup programs would not install on my PC. I contacted support, they asked me the same questions that I included in the email. They were not helpful, they told me the tech support installed okay. They did not resolve my problem but kept asking the same questions and information I had provided. I contacted them on Saturday 9:30 by telephone and 3 chat sessions that did not connect. I wanted to try to resolve the problem, speak with someone in sales and/or cancel the subscription. Customer support is open at 9:30 and I've received calls on Saturdays. I was unable to get through and had a family emergency.

I sent an email on 9/11 to cancel the subscription. The 30th day was on 9/12. They put through 8 transactions and overdrew my account for $7810, putting through charges of $2916, $2000, $999, $599, $499, $499, $199 and $99. I am currently unemployed so they have overdrawn my account and subsequently exhausted all my funds. I've had to cancel my account at the bank and don't know how I'm going to pay the expenses this week.


The business practices of Prep Logic leave little to be desired. Once you sign up for "Unlimited Training", you are on the hook for over $2900. When will their practices end? How many people have been taken for this kind of money? It’s no wonder they are still in business when you can take people for this kind of cash and then they laugh in your face when you ask for a refund. Just be forewarned, if you don't have money to burn, then do not use Prep Logic.


I had purchased two $99 "deals." It consists of study materials for 701 & 702 A+ Certification along with two free test vouchers. Soon after I received confirmation and receipt of my purchase, I received an email from Kent ** with a subject line, "You." It was a hectic time in my office so I ignored it, but kept a mental note of it since I thought the message had to do with my voucher. Later, Kent contacted me by phone about my "career path" and how I should consider pursuing all of my certifications with Preplogic's 30-day trial. He asked me to look over what he was sending and we would talk about it later. I said yes, agreeing to review his advertisement, but somehow that allowed Preplogic to charge my credit card $2147.00 for their 30-day trial promotion.

At this point, I am disappointed with both Capital One for allowing Preplogic to get away with this fraudulent charge by not standing by one of their very upstanding customers (and risk losing an account) and Preplogic for getting away with their sneaky and sleazy sales tactics. How have they been able to get away with their fraudulent business practice? Why hasn't a Federal Better Business Bureau charged them for their crooked behavior and wiped them out of business?

Presently, I am still involved in a "dispute settlement" with Preplogic. As of recent, I just received a FedEx from Capital One stating that they will now bill my account for $2147.00 since Preplogic has finally sent a rebuttal after trying to bill by credit card a second time. Their rebuttal is appalling! There is a printout of a one-sided conversation by a Preplogic rep (Jenna **) to me, whose name I am not familiar with. They also enclosed a copy of a receipt that I never saw nor received. Capital One is asking for my response. I think I need to first get over my shock as to how deceitful these folks are before I respond.

Preplogic wants customers to contact them regarding their claims, but they have a complicated customer service response system where the consumers must first create an account before they can contact the company. The company responses, but the consumer must go back to check. I don't subscribe this practice. If I have a complaint with your company, you better be available to hear it. Preplogic charged me $2147 for an "unlimited access" deal, but never took back the two charges for $99 material included this "unlimited access" package. What are you guys up to, Preplogic?


I signed up for the trial and now they want to charge me $2500. I don't have the money. I am unemployed and it is impossible to pay this plus they refused to cancel.


I signed up for a one-time payment of $99 (US). Then I tried to cancel within 30 days, but there was no link to cancel. I tried reaching the sales rep who signed me up. I spoke with him once briefly, and I told him I was not happy with the service. He said he would speak with someone and get back to me. But there's no call back.

They had been trying to get into my bank account. And when I got paid, they went in and took everything. When I spoke to someone, they said I didn't cancel in time. I told them I could not find a cancel link, and that on the last day to cancel, my father died. I finally put in a ticket on their site, telling them I wanted to cancel. But it was too late, according to them.

They took $211, $499, $199, and $50 in 3 days. I explained that I was off work, because I was disabled for 3 months, and the money they took was in insurance policy my father had left me. I don't know when the next time I'll get paid, because I have a worker's compensation claim pending.


We would like to thank our customers for taking the time to post the experiences in this forum. Reviews like these are how we are able to learn and grow as a company. I am not personally familiar with the circumstances of these reviews, though I welcome the opportunity to assist these customers and find a reasonable resolution to their concerns. I invite our customers with a concern or question to contact me (Mark **, customer care manager of PrepLogic) directly so that we can work together to address their questions together.


We had been inundated with what can be only described as a landslide of emails advertising PrepLogic's services. These emails subject lines ranged from "Pass your exams. Guaranteed" to "You aren't fired", then we got a phone call I believe from a Mr. Kent ** in April 2009 who was very persuasive, talked to me several times and managed to convince me that PrepLogic Services would work for us here. I had explained to Kent that we wanted to start a training process here in Uganda for our staff and it seemed that PrepLogic was a suitable solution. I was informed the subscription would allow two simulates users but in reality, more could online. I had explained that our internet was not so good in fact, would make the service unusable. He said, "no issues, the product can be sent via the post" which it was.

We been having various communications with PrepLogic over the last or so months. The latest is with Christina, who seems to be somewhat single-tracked to say the least. Now the fun and games start, we had finally received the product about 3-5 weeks there after. We tried to use the product and found various issues to do with connectivity. We changed our ISP and when on the new fiber that had just been laid from India to Kenya and then to us here in Uganda, still no joy. So we had contacted Kent via email, explained the situation and asked to have the service stopped. We had not heard back from Kent for some time. I then started looking for other contacts. I even went on their site and submitted my complaint online. The response took well over a week and nothing happened, I will try again.

Kent did get back to us in the end and then put us in contact with Ms. Christina ** of accounts receivable and seems other relevant departments. We had several communications which seemed hopeful at first, but soon became clear Christina's only job was to delay us stopping payment only. PrepLogic has managed to offer not one solution within our entire communications, which tells me that they are not interested in solving the issues in anyway only getting your money no matter what the cost to the client. The latest two email clearly stated "Discontinue your monthly payments and continue your certification training, and the other "More access for free". When I finally caved in as I said "okay let's do it just so we can close the case", I got an email back saying "If you make your final payment with me, which is $598.64, I can give you extra 6 months off. As an extra bonus, I can give you a discount of $50.00 off. So I would need to collect a payment of $548.64. Thank you".

Sorry, I am confused. Why would I make a final payment for a service I cannot use (and we had already offered this before, it was not then deemed a suitable response than it's not now)? Do they not read the email and where does the free access comes in? The English PrepLogic uses is somewhat confusing and deliberately misleading. How is it free if I pay for it? What is wrong with them? To be clear, we have not been able to use this product in any consistent manor as we have stopped trying to use it for over 4 months completely. Africa is not exactly a major focus as yet for the rest of the world, but it will be and I will ensure PrepLogic's name goes far and wide here. Africa is a small place.

What is going on? These people seem to be not only single-tracked but treading a very fine line between complete misinformation and outright fraud/theft. I would like to know what I can do about these people. They deliberately hoodwink their clients. They seem to be nothing more than petty criminals, but I guess with the money involve, it's more like a soft form of organized crime in reality. Unable to get clearance now for other similar services, so I cannot train our staff accordingly. This is quite important and IT training and certification on international level is impossible here, has really affected the moral of our staff as well as stopped any further possibilities of looking for similar services elsewhere. It's very disappointing that an international company can behave this way.


On December 16, 2009, I spoke with Kyle, Senior Account Manager, Prep Logic. We spoke about Prep Logic's Unlimited/Complete training package. Prep Logic was advertising this for a 30-day trial. I told Kyle that 30 days was not enough time for me as the holidays were coming up. He offered me the access for 3 months and I told him I would accept that. After making the purchase I noticed the email confirmation only had 30 days. I immediately emailed Kyle back and informed him to change the confirmation status to indicate 3 months trial with a next payment day of March 17, 2010. He replied back to me that, "The confirmation email will look a little funny right now. Customer service will contact you to adjust everything."

I never received anything from Prep Logic to show the 90-day trial and in fact even canceled an Exam Voucher for $250.00 that I had purchased from them initially. Since that time I have been back and forth their Receivables Division and specifically, Michelle. I refuse to be bullied or intimidated into paying a fraudulent sales order that does not honor the verbal agreement that I was promised and indeed contacted Prep Logic and Kyle immediately after receiving the email confirmation.

Kyle never disputed the verbal agreement as he knows I would have immediately canceled the order. At the present time the only consequence I have is numerous harassing phone calls and emails from Michelle and the Receivables Department. They have attempted many misleading and all told all out lies in order to try to intimidate me into paying for the fraudulent order that was promised to me with a 90-day free trial. Company Profile

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