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They called from mailing listing with abuse and not stopping. I gave in and paid $6,635 to learn eBay selling and the company gets half of all your profits (did not tell me that part). Complaining from places, I wrote to BBB, Consumers Affair, etc. I claimed the $6,835 as a college claim on my IRS 2011 income tax. I got $1,000 more refund from IRS on 2011 refund. Now in 2013, the IRS has sent me notice to return the $1,0000 by 4/27/13 because by law, Platinum Institute Power Seller College was not a real college. So they really now still owe me more money because I had dropped out and they finally refunded all but the $1,000 received from income tax refund. They just ignored me now. Person to call is **, 1-888-222-1143. Address is 975 E. Wood oak Lane, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117. Funny thing is they also have the same address with a different city, also Murray, Utah 84117, with same phone number, email:

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First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my previous post that was made against Platinum Institute. I over-reacted and I stated some things that I shouldn’t have. There was a bit of a misunderstanding and I was able to resolve my issue with this company and they acted in a professional and appropriate manner throughout.

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Platinum Institute caller Kyle harassed me on calling on the phone to eliminate credit card bills, buy a home, new car and get wealthy starting in a month. I told to stop calling, but he still called three more times. Finally, I gave in and joined. I used my credit card (out of the pocket expense) to pay $6,835.00 for an investment into their company eBay, which they did not own. It was only their college page. Platinum Institute would not give me my money back after one business day. Warren ** on the phone only would give me a $2,000.00 refund and to lose benefits. So I then accepted that. My lawyer said it was fraudulent way for Platinum Institute to advertise like the way they did. Credit card would not do a charge-back because I agreed to accept the $2,000.00 refund.

They also tricked me because Warren ** told me the $2,000.00 was for me and to maybe to take out a women to dine. I used to pay my credit card. Later, their coaches would call and they never helped at all and told me to get high speed internet and a new computer. Later, Warren ** gave me two more $1,000.00 refunds plus $250.00 and closed my account with them and off their books. I tried to sue in a civil suit with no lawyer from their main office and one to their branch Platinum Institute, but both times I received a post card saying "unknown addressee". Later, their office consultant Catie ** got kind of nasty saying that I should not get any refunds and I needed to have a lawyer speak to her about a civil suit case; so, I would have to pay a lawyer but they don't need their lawyer and did not want to pay their lawyer to come to a case by me in New Jersey. They also wanted--beside the $6,835.00--they would have wanted 50% of all my profits made while I pay for advertising which a Jarod ** told me was included from the start and before any refunds.

At the end, they refunded me a total of $4,250.00 out of the $6,835.00. Warren ** also told me that I would receive the rest of my money during income tax refund. When I did my income tax my agent told me that I was scammed because Platinum Institute was not a real college place. He did not like the idea of me claiming this but did a way to claim some of the money. I only received $1000.00 refund out of the $2,585.00 they kept. So I still lose $1,585.00 and the company gave nothing for it. Warren ** even told me that I may have stolen their college page, which I did not. I can't even afford to advertise. I'm now in more debt with the credit card I used charging me interest of over $435.00 every month. I even used that card to buy food for my 93-year old mother. Now, their office woman for phone calls and has called their police and also my local police and a local detective against me for harassing email and phone calls to her.

The calls really were for her company and not personally her. I guess it was guilt on her part for her company with fraud advertisements and misleading me. Their number is 888-222-1143 (ext. ** for Warren **). Their address is in Murray, Utah on their receipt and not Salt Lake City, Utah where their main office is. Also, Warren ** told me on the phone several ways that can sue me if I try to sue them and if I keep on complaining about scams with the Better Bureau and Consumers Affair which is my right. This company makes up their own laws and takes away my rights. They tell me how to go to court and that I need to pay a lawyer. They are nasty and stick their nose in my personal life and they try to control you. They know how to get away with it and to put it over on you.

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This the final part of my complaints about this case with Platinum Institute. After emailing and fighting with this company, they finally told me that I should sue them in court, over here in NJ, for this amount of money. Warren ** was telling me on the phone about 20 different things, that they would sue me, and to pay a lawyer, and go all the way to Utah. He had me so scared, that I cancelled the second trial court case, after they refused to serve the first try for a case, with an "Addressee Unknown" sent to me by my court house. Their contract was never given to me, just a receipt. They told me that the contract was not for my use, but theirs only, after I paid $6,835.00.

They then told me that they will take me off their books, and the refund was only total $4,250.00 of $6,835.00. They said that the coaches had to be paid, who did nothing for me, and just told me to get high speed internet or a new computer. I was mad because they would not show me a real contract. Catie ** was a nasty woman who always talked to me badly. She also reported me to the Utah Police the other day, who called me on the phone. They told me that I wasted their time, when they bothered me with their callers over and over again. I was emailing them that I needed the remaining $2,585.00, for my needs. So then, Catie just called the police. Warren ** and Catie ** both told me that if I keep complaining to the Better Business Bureau and Consumers Affairs, that they will sue me for a lot of money in Utah. I am writing anyway because this is my right.

They were very nosy and unfair from the start of their fraud callers on the phone, bothering me, and then told a lie, saying everything was included in the amount paid, even the advertising with keywords, said to me by Jarod ** (**). Also, their address on the receipt is located in Murray, Utah, and not Salt Lake City. They are a very tricky company, and they lie to get you to join, and pay a large lump sum, plus later they told me that they also get a cut on my profits. So, they sit back and take more money. Warren even said that I could have stolen and copied their college page, which I did not. I don't have the money to advertise, which they said was free.

They also made it look like I was going into a big time business, and it was only a college page. It was fraud from the start. I needed the contract before I started, and there was none, I guess. They are very sneaky, and think who the heck they are. Warren ** also told me that I can lie to my income tax lawyer, and only say that I received $ 2,000.00 for refund, and claim that I lost the rest, but it would be a chance on a lie like that. Catie **, at **, was so nasty, and just caused trouble for me, when I was just asking for justice, and called the police. I'm so afraid that their lawyers will get back at me, and I have no extra money to travel and defend myself.

Satisfaction Rating

I was called by Platinum (Institute) Web Training. The caller Kyle told me that he was appointed by another home business place (which did not appoint him). He asked about my personal business. He asked me about any high credit card line that he can use to take out a large amount of money to get me into a business, so I can get out of debt and buy a new home, car etc. I rejected it 3 times. Kyle kept calling back over and over again. Finally, after he lied more and saying that it is real easy to learn the business and I'll be rich and out of debt in one month, I gave in. Then Kyle put with second caller Jarod **. Jarod ** told me that they use "other people's money to invest". He said that he is responsible for my contract and making money.

He told me that my investment of $6,835.00 would cover everything. This includes advertising with keywords, website, buying from distributors for drop shipping business, and help from their company for setting up the website, even if I need them to take over my computer and set it up for me. Then, I was excited and I joined. They maxed my Teamster credit card for a so-called investment of $6,835.00. Later, I spoke to their third party. I asked if what their first two callers told me is true. Warren then told me that it is not. He said that I do not get any of those things. And he said his callers would not say that. Warren told me that I only get a college study page. I then told him that I was scammed and demanded my money back.

Warren then called back. He talked me back into saying there was no refund anyway. He refunded only a partial amount of $2,000.00. I wrote to the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs and fraud places. Warren and Catie ** threatened me for complaining to them, but they refunded another $1,000.00. Warren later called me up on my phone. He said he was helping me by telling me that I would be summoned for slander against their company. He told me to come to their state Utah for a case. I'm now low on money and can't pay my credit card bills. Warren just laughed on the phone saying "go get more hours in UPS", where I work part time. All their callers are at phone numbers with different ext. at 1-888-222-1143. Main office ext. is 200.

Now the update is I placed a law suit in Special Civil Suit for the remaining $3,835.00. So far, my suit card came back saying "addressee unknown" from their main office at Platinum Web Training 2274 S 1300 E # G15-367 Salt Lake City, Utah 84106. Now, I had to pay another $7.00 to resend to this address the complaint where Catie **'s office is, that has my unsigned contract and payment. Catie told me in an email that she will only speak with a lawyer for the information. They don't want to send their lawyers for my case. They want me to pay for a lawyer, so it wouldn't be worth suing them. I don't have a lawyer for my case, only myself, because I don't have money for my complaint. So, they will also refuse the summons like their main office did, unless they changed their locations. I don't know. They are playing games now, because they don't want to pay their lawyers for the case. I will keep on complaining to places until I get my remaining money back, even if they keep threatening me. I don't care. I'm going to keep complaining no matter what, until my total refund is given.

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I complained about these people once before. It all started with their callers Kyle calling me over and over again, even after telling him to stop bothering me. Then they kind of twisted the story into I would be able to pay off large debts and join a business and invest using other people's money. They talked me into giving them my high credit line credit card and "using other people's money", they maxed my card for $6,835.00 on about 02/28/11. The next day I wanted to cancel out after seeing the stretched out college page with over 70 videos and over 80 e-books to download.

I complained to the Better Business Bureau and this Consumers Affairs. They later refunded first $2,000.00 and typed on the check "Final Refund", and after the BBB another "Final Refund" of $1,000.00. So now I was told by Warren that I can use their college page to do business with eBay, and now I'm on my own with no help from them. I'm so lost and I will not download anything in the college page. Thy now still have $3,835.00 of mine. They just left me lost. I now wish to receive the rest of my money back. That credit card they maxed is maxed to the total credit line and I cannot pay it and I’m in trouble.

I need to have them refund my money so I can pay the $3,835.00 back to that card or I'll need to go bankrupt if I can even do that these days. I don't need these people to take my money and they should be investigated, because beside the money, they take from people that go in their pockets. They also take money on everything the person sells on eBay. I just want my money back that's all. I can't pay the card anymore that they maxed because the credit card bank has doubled my minimum to from $230.00 to $433.00.

I need my rent money from my paychecks at work. I'm taking care of my mother at her age of 93. I have no time to even download 70 plus videos and 80 plus e-books plus other things to download. Too much pressure on me and I'm too tired from my job at UPS. I need the remaining $3,935.00 to pay back the credit card that Platinum Training Web took from that credit card. They should not be allowed to take this kind of money from people. They make it sound too good to be true type of thing before you join.

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