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This school has led me on from day one. No one has the answers to any questions. They only worry about making their commission off of your enrollment. Then you'll never hear back from them. Totally bs. They will not tell you anything about the school the degree. It's like walking into Walmart grabbing a roll of toilet paper. The financial aid could take up to 5 months. Yes 5 months. You will never hear from them and they don't have any precise information on when you will get your aid. I enrolled on Aug 16. It's almost October and they are telling me it could be another 6-8 weeks or so until they "review" my paperwork. Then the financial aide told me that if I have not received a disbursement that I would have to pay out of pocket because they have a new system. What kind of crap of a school is this. I'm so shocked right now.

It's been a few years since I attended the college but I will say this: When I attended, they maxed out my Pell Grant EACH term & I didn't receive anything back that wasn't used. Because of them, I now have an additional $18,000 I had to take out in student loans at a junior college, that I shouldn't have had to take out!!! Every time I've called them about this, it's been about 4 years, I get the runaround. I would NOT recommend this college to ANYONE!!! Not even my worst enemy!!!

At first all started out well, advisors called me every week to make sure all was well and that I getting back into a good study routine. My first few classes the instructors even called and asked if I needed help. Back in May I decided it would be better financially for me to attend a local school. I spoke with my advisors (academic and financial). I was told from both of them that if I left I would be held responsible for my remaining two classes in that block. I asked "how am I responsible for classes that have not been taken?" Well, come to find out they block your classes into a group of four and allocate your money for those classes. If you take them they get paid for, if you leave during that block you owe UOP. Which does not make sense. They will keep your FAFSA money and you pay them as well, they are double dipping on students.

I have been told that I have to pay for my last class in this block because some of my financial aid money is gone since I took a leave of absence. I filled out my paper work for the leave and was told that my financial aid would not be affected. I now do want to finish my last class. I want to be done with this school. If I do not finish this class I will have to pay and I do not have the money to that. I want to know how to the rest of my FASFA that they have and get out of this class. Could someone please help me?

I want to start out by saying for the most part of my education I have been very satisfied. I am nearing the end of my journey in the nursing program with University of Phoenix. My problem with Phoenix involves the financial aid department. I am suffering a hardship and my house is in foreclosure. I try to contact my financial advisor who is never available to speak with me. I have less than 80 days till graduation with 2 classes left. They have been holding my pell grant money since June because they stated that a certain form required a wet signature. I have attended this program for 3.5 years and neither myself or anyone else has ever been required to do this.

After emailing my advisor and informing her that this was creating a hardship and my house was in foreclosure and I was going to quit school and go to work to save my house she finally responded back. The form she was requesting was filled out in either July or August and I could not remember what I had put on the form. She told me to just fill it out anyway basically at the risk of perjury. This is my money, my fafsa was submitted and approved and they are telling me that it takes 60 to 90 days to receive the funds. As students we work hard, I have struggled to maintain a 3.67 grade point average and for what? It is sad that I have come this far to not be able to graduate, lose my house, and be left with a student loan to pay off. Phoenix honor your students by hiring knowledgeable financial advisors, I could do a better job than her.

These people are CROOKS!!! I'm currently a student there, and they are holding THOUSANDS of students' Financial Aid Hostage. I know that once a student receives a disbursement date that the school has no later than 14 days to disburse the funds, however they are telling students as well as myself that it could take up to 90 days! That means it will almost be time for the next disbursement when it arrives.

I'm in absolute SHOCK that the Department of Education is allowing this type of unethical business practice to continue. They are stealing Tax Payers' dollars, and it seems like no one gives a care! This is a For-Profit school in which they no doubt have lobbyist in Washington protecting the assets. My question is who is protecting us the students?

This is one of the most blatant acts of thievery I have ever seen! There are THOUSANDS!!! Of students right now that have been waiting on financial aid for months, I know, I check the Financial Discussion Board every day. Something has to be done people. I thought this was the United States of America where things like this don't happen! Will SOMEBODY!!! ANYBODY!!! PLEASE... PLEASE... HELP US!!!

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First off the only reason I went to this school is to get around certain requirements of another college I really wanted to attend. Second, when starting out all was great. The staff was helpful and I got back in the groove of doing homework etc. I told my financial adviser I was transferring over to another college after I received the credits I needed to get in the other school. I also asked her when is my next disbursement? She told me in September of 2016. I reminded her of my leaving and she said I was still getting it. Then when it came down to me leaving she said "you're not getting the money unless you attend another class."

The academic adviser I had emailed me a drop notice for the online class I was taking. I posted all five weeks and did all of the assignments. The instructor didn't mark me for two classes even though I posted every week. I emailed the academic adviser on why I was dropped when I posted for all five weeks? Never received an answer from anybody. They told me I get a disbursement after every four classes, but I notice I started going five to seven months without it within my first year attending. UOP tells a bunch of hype and sell dreams they know they not going to deliver on. I'm so happy I don't go there anymore because I can cause hell on my own. Higher institutions is suppose to help you not hinder you. For the record I will never tell anyone about that school. EVER!!!

The UOP states that it is a school geared towards working adults. I signed up for a MBA in public administration. I got through all of my classes and got to my very last class. I work at the department of a children's services in my state and at times our jobs can become very busy depending on the time of year. Well I was having a hard time managing this last class with the increase of my caseload. I went from having 20 cases at the start of class to almost 65 cases by the end of the class so yes my school work suffered a little. I tried to explain this to my professor but he did nothing and offered nothing to assist me. I ended up with a "d" in the class which dropped my GPA below what is required to graduate. I was going to try to take the class the following semester. Didn't have the money, didn't qualify for aid. Plus my caseload at work had not changed much so I didn't think I would do much better.

When I tried to enroll after that they changed to curriculum and said I would have to basically start over. The school says it works with adult student. Well at 38 years old with a full time important job saving children from abuse you would think the professor would have given a few extra point assignments or something.

My advise: If you have a full time sometimes challenging job Don't attend this school.

I started the University of Phoneix in September on 2015 for Medical Billing and Coding. In the beginning it was rough but I caught on. My problem came in with this University, when every time I would call I would get very disturbing responses from every advisor that would answer the phone. They would talk to me as if I didn't know anything and almost making me feel like that could disrespect me how ever they wanted to. The more questions I would ask the worst it had became. No one had nothing positive to say always negative, it's like they were in a plot together to damage your experience. I had never been treated that before ever. Toward the end of trying to finish I felt like they were plotting to fix me for having so many questions. Almost two classes left this one Professor I had everything started of great from week 1-4 turned in all assignment, did all home assignments.

I noticed she didn't give me credit for a post that she had missed. I brought it to her attention and she corrected it and told me she was sorry. When week five came, she had done the same thing. Not only she didn't give me credit but she didn't give me any credit for my assignments. It was clear to me then that they were all in a plot to damage my educational experience. I cried for two days straight, my pressure so high I had to be hospitalized due to all the drama they had put me through.

My GPA was a 3.67, it went down to a 2.67 behind one point which left me falling the course with a D+. This damaged me to the core, one reached out to me or anything so that when, they forced me to take a leave so then I decided to withdrawal from this University. I should dropped this school in the beginning, they ruined 11 months of my life. I would never in my years of living tell anyone about this Phoenix because they will regret it for the rest of their life. I know I do worst school in the History....

I started going to this school in 2011. At first it was great and it was challenging. I loved it so I decided to go for my bachelors. I am only 3 classes away from obtaining it too. In about march/April my financial aid and my grants and scholarships are starting to not be on time and are various amounts. Nothing is like it was before. I used to get a scholarship back of $312 back every time I passed a class, but in April I never got it - June never got it. My loans in may were supposed to be credited to my account and disbursed to me. It took until June and the amount did not add up to the cost of all of my classes and materials to what I should have gotten back.

In August It was time to pay for all of my classes again - I got receipted to my account for my loans and was waiting for my fafsa to post but I got a debit memo that processed to my account again for a very low amount of money than I had figured out calculating all of my cost, but that's not even the point. That loan was supposed to pay for my last 4 classes that I had to take yet they debit memo-ed me the money and I still owe for 3 classes because they only paid for one! They are supposed to pay off all of the classes before I get what remains.

I called to ask because I was concerned and they said they still have to wait for my grant before they can use my loans to pay for my classes - if this is the case I should have never got a reimbursement until everything was done. I find it very weird because my grant is never late. They said I just happened to start at the beginning of the fiscal year and my grant will be released by September and it is only one day away. I am pissed that my classes have not been paid for yet and the money is just sitting in my account supposedly. Every single time I call I get the same ** stories. I also have finished my certificate program in April and still have not received my certificate in the mail. When I called she said she the financial aid department is short staffed and they have to verify everything.

Don't waste your time trying to apply and/or attend UoP!! The commercials are enticing and you're lead to believe continuing your education would be a breeze. It isn't. The price they charge for obtaining an online degree is INSANE. You are essentially paying $1500 per class. The source materials alone are almost $200.

If you are someone (like myself) that doesn't qualify for aid from the government, you're forced to either pay out of pocket or get student loans. What they don't tell you about the student loans is you're awarded the loans in spurts. You're essentially awarded half per semester. It's also contingent on you attending a certain amount of course hours (something that was never explained). If that half doesn't cover the cost of that first half of what they call a semester, you have to pay the balance out of pocket. If you're unable to pay the balance to continue your classes, you have to stop taking your classes until you can pay for it.

My financial advisor didn't explain that to me when I applied. They encourage you to take what you think you may need but cannot / will not give you an EXACT amount for the program you're enrolled in. Once you are awarded your funds no one contacts you to give you a breakdown of what costs what and how much (if any) your out of pocket would be. They just suggest you make payments of whatever you want to your student account in the event what you are awarded doesn't cover the cost of your classes.

They do not work with you and are not understanding at all!! If you owe a balance and cannot pay the balance in full, they will report your case to a collection agency days later (even though they tell you it takes 60-90 days before that's done). This type of thing can do damage to your credit! The collection agency will harass you for payment every chance they get either by phone or by mail. This is hands down one of the worst decisions I've ever made. I am $3000+ in student loan debt for just 2 classes I probably didn't need in the first place. If you are considering taking online courses from an university to get a degree there are other legit schools that offer the same program for a fraction of the price.

Things may have been a lot different if they made an effort to discuss things with you in a way you understood. Instead they send you links to online seminars or generic emails. If you do call to ask questions, it's almost impossible to speak to someone and when you do it's as if you're... it's like you're bothering them. For something as major as continuing your education you'd think people would take the time to offer the best service as possible because this impacts the rest of your life. SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE AND AVOID THE UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX AT ALL COST! They are a ripoff!

Everything listed here is true. The financial aid department does not discuss costs with the student when they are enrolling. They say, "we'll cover that later." Financial aid is paid 4 classes at a time. They like to say that your excess funds "are what we get, not what the student gets." Instead of handling balances on accounts they will let it sit there 6 months and then send it to collections. They started hiring idiots who didn't know anything about education so they would believe anything the UOP staff told them.

The program was very easy. I enrolled as an employee in the MBA program. I completed my posts in 15-30 minutes and read a couple hours on Saturdays. It's mainly things that you already know, not teaching of new skills. BTW APA format is not a skill. I wouldn't consider spending 30k on a degree with this company let alone 60k for a bachelor's. The only reason I was attending was due to the fact that employees only had to pay a 40 dollar resource fee, and that was too much for what they provided with their 10 year old texts for the class. The coup d'etat was a text from 2001 in the year 2009. If you really want to save money, just look up the texts for classes that you want to take and buy the book for 100 dollars. Read the book and you've got all the information from the class. Other than that, Phoenix is a waste of time and money.

I enrolled in class on July 12th, 2016 for bachelor's of science in health administration and management with the promise that I would at least be credited 60 of my credits from community colleges. They were too quick to get me started with the promise of getting 60 credits after evaluation, they also got me to apply for FAFSA so fast. Every time that I asked for cost of education and credits awarded, I would get a runaround. I made it clear that my grants shouldn't be used to fund my education. Everytime I logged in the web, I would be met by the msg that my financial aid is under review. Two weeks passed & I decided to log in my FAFSA only to find out that loans were dispersed like more than a week ago with no mention of it from financial aid counselor.

When I raised the concern & demanded for an answer, they gave me a break down & in few days I saw a msg that I needed to accept the funds. I withdrew from class & they threatened to keep the money since it was funded for me. They even kept the grants that I had received without my permission. Anyway to cut the story short, I have been back & forth with them & now they are saying am harassing them. They are totally crazy & scandalous.

I would like to first off say I like University of Phoenix as far as the classes are for the working adult. My complaint is about the Financial Aid Department. I was told when I first started that my financial aid should pay my classes within 30 to 90 days. I been in school since July 12, 2016. I would call financial aid to check on the loans and see my grants are already applied. Was told 30 days should receive my reward letter. Then the next time I called the rep was very short and rude and advice me toward the end of my second class I should see an award letter. I talked to my finance counselor. He was very short with me and told me I should receive a letter so I can accept the funds. He told me I don't have enough to cover my classes so only borrow enough for my classes.

I am very disappoint I came back to this school. I am a single mother of a 7-year-old son and the refund helps us financially. I read a lot of complaints about the school and it instantly made me upset. I notice other schools you would of already signed your financial aid letter and receive your funding. I don't understand why it is taking them so long. They need to be investigated.

University of Phoenix was once a great school. When I started attending years ago, the counselors were helpful and professional and extremely knowledgeable. The course facilitators were actually teachers who wanted to teach. I think now, amid the controversy in recent years, the institution has dropped this standard of excellence and subsequently their quality staff, for reasons I can only guess. Money? Most likely. Attendance is down and UOP has experienced some bad press, so they now have academic counselors that sound like they are straight out of high school or college with no work experience or clue as to how to handle a problem with a consumer, which, in the case of UOP, are its students.

My main complaint right now is the fact that the materials, which used to be free if you opted to take the electronic versions, are $140. Problem is, if we are now forced to pay this fee regardless of whether we have tangible materials or electronic materials, we should have the correct materials for the course syllabus. However, my XCOM285 class recently changed the edition of eBook that it issues for this course and apparently, when doing so, didn't notice that the chapters are not aligned with the assignments in the syllabus.

I pointed this out to my facilitator, who acknowledged it and basically said I should do my best with the discussion points mentioned by her in the class discussion. I later contacted tech support about it who said she couldn't help while class is in mid-session. But when I looked again later, it still was not fixed. It is easy enough for anyone to look at the syllabus and the book issued for that course at any time and see that they don't go together. But no one I have talked to about this seems to know how to help or even how to give me contact information to whomever can help.

I want a refund for the materials, and everyone else who was issued incorrect materials deserves a refund as well. This is unethical and wrong. I am continuing to battle this, while also trying to finish my degree, as I am only three classes from finishing, but at the risk of retaliation (I hope there will be none). I thought others should know what they are in for if they are considering enrolling in this school University of Phoenix online.

First thing's first, I have received my B.A. at an accredited university and I decided to attend UOPx to receive my Master's in Education. Many reviewers are receiving their B.A. from this school which I hear is a horrible decision since no employer or school will even acknowledge this as a "school". I figured since I have an actual degree, getting a credential in Education would be ok and employers can see that I took actual class and went to a real school. Haha.

The problem I have had for a year now and three times in a row is the financial aid process. I have dealt with horrible FA during my undergrad years but UOPx beats them out by A MILE. This place is so sketchy and probably 95% of us attending right now have not received our disbursements and they are months late. I am talking 1-3 months late. The school claims there is a systems error because of the new program and they are not communicating correctly so those of us who have turned in our paperwork for FA are getting notices that we have not.

ALL the advisers have no idea what to do and we get the same exact answer, "everyone's situation is different" and "I would be happy to have your financial adviser take a look at your concern for you". It is all smoke and mirrors. We have all complained and bombarded the help section, demanding answers and our money. We have not received any email or quality control. It is pathetic and ridiculous. I cannot even complete this review on my internet and have to use my phone data because these people have not sent my disbursement so I could use that money for school supplies...such as opening my new internet account up.

Some people are on the verge of going homeless because they budgeted and were counting on this disbursement to come through on time. I was told this situation would be fixed by 8/6...not one damn thing has been fixed. This is the THIRD time I have gone through something like this and I am on my very, VERY last class and have student teaching left. This school is ripping us off and trying to take as much money from us as possible by hoarding our loans. I am beyond unhappy with this school and I was so blinded by quickly trying to further my education and career that I did not look at this school for what it really is. Worthless. Save your time. Seriously.

I have been having issues with this school from the time on enrollment to now. At first when I spoke to the university rep, I was informed that I would be able to take a College Algebra course for $750 because I was a veteran. I was so excited and then come to find out, the admissions rep assigned to me told me this was not the case and that I would have to pay over $1300 for the course. To top it off I am currently taking a Stats course that for the life of me, can't understand why the eCampus site keeps going down. It is now evident to me that this university is neither veteran centric or care about the quality of education that their students receive. I should've avoided this place based on all news reports about veterans being scammed. See for yourself. Just google "University of Phoenix" and "veterans".

I have been attending UoP for about a year. I have done all classwork and maintained good grades. As time for financial aid disbursement arrived, I decided to manage my own funds. Right after that, I was told I had been randomly chosen for FA verification and they requested additional documents. I submitted them promptly. I am currently living the nightmare. I have been waiting for the award letter. I have made multiple phone calls. I finally spoke to a financial 'manager', who only talked in circles while making excuses. When I asked for clarification, she responded condescendingly. I don't know what to do or where to turn. I am a single mom of a 16 yr old son. My dream is to have our own house. After reading these reviews, I feel more hopeless than ever. I wish I had this knowledge before I was talked into taking these classes at the UoP. Can anyone help us?!

I am within six classes of completing my Bachelors program with the U.O.P. I started online with them and transferred to the ground campus. Now I am FORCED to complete my degree back online because I am told that they don't specialize in Accounting/Finance degrees, but I was asked to change my degree to Business and then I could stay on the ground campus. I recently asked that my Associate's diploma be mailed out to me. Well back in May I requested it and still have never gotten it but now my classes have went from 1400 to 2100 per classes because I was told by my advisor Kristen ** that my tuition freeze was voided because I requested my diploma. She also told me that there was nothing more she could do for me.

I would have NEVER signed up with this school had I known that the only thing they specialize in is Business degrees. What kind of college only offers this? They are ripping people off at a fast pace, they are dishonest and they don't care if you pass or fail. This is a heartbreaking issue for me because I have to decide whether to stay and pay or drop out and be a failure and still have to pay back the student loans that I have already incurred. There needs to be someone who can help people like myself. Can somebody give me the name of someone who will listen to me?

I really find it funny how I've been calling for the past weeks and still no answer about where is my financial aid, so if no grants have been applied to the account I can't pay for the cost. I shouldnt be able to continue with class. I contacted the US Department of Education. They said something sounds fishy about it. I was told if I withdraw I'll owe money. The US Department of Education said that is absolutely FALSE AND A LIE. I WILL NOT BE OBLIGATED TO PAY IF I WITHDRAW, since the school has not processed anything then I won't have to pay but the school says I do if I withdraw. I am a first time college student and apparently I chose the wrong school.

I wish I had read reviews of University of Phoenix prior to taking an English course with them. At least I only lost $1000 as opposed to the amounts some people have lost. Even before this experience I would never have considered UOP for my entire degree anyway. David ** was the so called "professor" for the class I took. I think the only way to get a favorable grade with this guy was to stroke his ego right from the very start of the course.

The requirements for this class were scattered across several internal as well as external sources. For instance, there was a main class page that listed the assignments due for the current week, yet at the end of week three I received a 0 for an assignment that I didn't realize was due. You had to drill in to week three's page and at the bottom, there it was. I explained this to Mr. ** but he wouldn't work with me at all. If you find yourself with some time and want to have a good laugh, sign up for a class with David **, it's hilarious.

I was attending the UOP since last august; so almost a year. I have nothing but problems from this school since starting. After my first class finished, I was dissatisfied with the way the instructor handled not only my course work but my grading. At the end of the course a paper was and I got a message saying my paper was graded; if that's what you wanna call it. The instructor only graded about a 1/4 of my paper and stopped leaving comments and telling me to apply the comment throughout the other four pages. Not only was the paper not truly graded; I'm not a teacher and should not be left to "finishing" grading my paper. So my grade was only based on the first page and half.

Through out the course my so called professor was little to no help and insulted my intelligence on numerous occasions through private messages. When I brought this up to my academic advisor he told me there wasn't much I could do but to make a ticket and then it would have to go through a review board for processing. I sent the emails and screen shots as requested but never heard anything. Then after the class ended contacted my advisor again to check on the complaint and was told there was nothing that could be done due to the class ended and that the info would be put in my file.

Then I found out I was on academic probation because I got a C in my class and was not upholding the requirements for the program GPA. It was my first class and I received a C not a failing grade. I also HAD to take a month or so off so that my academics and with standings could be sent to a board for review to determine if I would be "allowed" to continue as a student. Skip forward a few months and my next couple classes started but still got nothing about my financial aid. I called and was told to continue with my classes and the school should receive the funds soon. After my class was almost complete I finally got confirmation my funds came out.

Now months later I get an email saying to do an exit consult and to contact my loan provider for set up of paying back my loan. I called and emailed my academic advisor and he was not in his office and would return later on in the week. So I was given the name of another advisor to speak to. I was told that I was in good academic standings and that is all he could tell me. He then told he could not help me with my financial standings and to contact my financial advisor. When asked for the information he told me to go in my profile and that could better help me. After emailing back and forth between three advisors, I took matters into my own hands because I was getting no where; and called my student loan provider to confirm some information I had received in an email.

I was told by my student loan provider that they have NOT been contacted by my school at all about funds being sent back or the "withdraw" status that I did not approve. When bringing this up to my financial advisor in a phone call today he told me, "We notified your loan provider one the 2nd of August (which is when I spoke to him originally) and that it takes 30 days to show to your loan provider that the money is being returned and goes through the Department of Education".

After asking a few more questions not only was the guy rude and insulted my intelligence; he told me that I would owe the school money because more money was sent back to the school than what was received for the classes. I said why would I owe you money? He responded with, "Because you did not complete the credits for the money received and we sent back what the lender requested back." One I did not complete the class because it did not start yet and two your school withdrew me without consulting or contacting me first. When trying to speak to the financial advisor he keep saying I did not understand and that I did not communicate things well.

On a second call he told me that I got the information messed up and he didn't tell me I needed to pay money back. He did tell me I needed to pay money back because I was choosing to withdraw. Again I tried to tell him I did not make this choice you made it for me. He told me if I wanted to continue he could not guarantee he would be able to get my all funds back to cover my classes. Then says, "Oh well it looks like you would have 140", so again if I would have had 140 left over; why do I owe the school anything? I don't! Bottom line after spending the last week sending emails and phone calls back and forth I had no other choice but to not continue my education with UOP. This was the worst experience I have ever had with an higher institute of education!

I have just started attending the UoP online last month. I am do well in my class with an A right now, but have been having problems with the financial aid department. I've spoken to 4 different people so far, and they have all told me different things. The last person, Christine, got an attitude with me and wouldn't let me get a word in. They said everything is good with my account, they're waiting on the money to be released from the lender. That's what the 1st and 3rd person said to why it's taking so long to apply my loans to my account.

The 2nd person said that I just came out of review "yesterday" and it will take about 3-5 days to post to my account. Well those days went by, and I called again. The 4th person, Christine, asked was it that I am waiting on my excess, and told me my account is in a 2nd review after they told me everything was done... No, I want to make sure I am really being awarded loans and won't waste my pell grant just to withdraw due to not being able to get loans... that's understandable. I mentioned how there were tons of former AND current students going through the same thing, and their stories didn't end with them ever getting loans, but a bill instead.

She told me to just stay in class and keep moving forward without the money right now... I mentioned the lawsuit from 09 and she told me that information was false... Her words "You need to check your sources, because no one won a lawsuit against us." I said "so you guys didn't pay about 79 million to settle..." She said, "People sue all of the time, but our school was never hurt by any lawsuit."

Needless to say I told her that I would like to just withdraw at this time, to which she replied "you're going to owe the school." I let her know that I am well aware of that, but I rather owe for 1 class for 1380 than 66,000. It's weird to me that my two grants were applied to my account with no problem, but my loans are taking so long. This is not my 1st or 2nd student loan, and though I know every school is different things aren't adding up. Stay away from this school if you don't want your time wasted. I read the same reviews as mine, but disregarded them thinking the same thing wouldn't happen to everyone. I am taking heed to the warnings and getting out before it's too late!

At first glance the University of Phoenix appeared to be a great place to advance my education. I was sorely mistaken. I was enrolled for my associates in psychology at the time. The classes were terribly constructed. The instructors knew nothing of the subject at hand. They continuously insulted my intelligence, while failing me for simply proving them wrong.

I remember one conversation regarding cognitive dissonance. The teacher told me that the mental stress one experiences while being presented with information that conflicts with their beliefs isn't attributed to cognitive dissonance. That's a basic principle of psychology. I wanted to slap the degree off of her wall, assuming she actually had one. Instead, I remained calm and presented her with the facts, citing Leon Festinger himself. She had no idea who he was (He's the one who founded the theory of cognitive dissonance).

I was later found to be in poor standing due to not passing my "intro to psychology" class. They wanted me to repay them money for this; $3,800 some dollars. I would have been more than happy to pay them if I was at fault, i.e. failing a course, dropping out, etc. I certainly wasn't going to pay them because some instructor had difficulties teaching a course and was insulting my intelligence. After a few rounds of conversation they decided I didn't have to pay them anything, and we came to an agreement. I, of course, did repay the financial aid portion of the expenses.

Now fast-forward three years to the present day. I receive a call from some debt collector stating that I needed to pay $3,865 to the University of Phoenix. It seems they "forgot" that we had come to an agreement. I'm still in the process of dealing with this and probably will be some time. They are incredibly greedy and care nothing for education.

These people do stand not for education. All they want is money. They only mitigate academic progression at the expense of their students. Do yourselves a favor; save your time and money. It will be better spent at nearly any other university without a doubt. I cannot stress this enough. Do not attend this poor excuse of a college. A micro-degree will be worth more than anything from University of Phoenix. Good luck to everyone on their academic journey!

Since the 6th of June I have been trying to get help with getting my money from the school. Then I sent in to manage my own money because they don't know what they are doing. Phone call after phone call and now they want more forms so it can buy them time when in fact it's been way past the time. Just another way for them to stall sending it out. No help from any one. I will seek other outside help if they don't fix this. Poor school to go to.

I started school at the University of Phoenix online in 2011 because I was pregnant and I wanted to make a good life for me and my son. I received my associates degree and was 2 classes away from having my bachelors degree when I was suspended for not completing my 1st field experience class. I had a hard enough time making sure that I got the hours that were needed (175) because I am a single mom who has to work to take care of my son. I had about 170 completed and approved by my instructor when I was told that my hours were not going to count and that I had to redo them. I had 2 weeks to finish. Well that is not even possible! I was then suspended and kicked out of school.

I am now $50,000 in debt because of the loans and The UOP turned me into collections for $800. My degree is useless and I can't even transfer my credits to a different school to finish my bachelors degree! I was 2 classes away and they screwed me over! Please do yourself a HUGE favor and stay away from the University of Phoenix!!!

This was the worst experience. My teachers could not spell correctly. They had no idea what they were teaching about. The counsellors were no help and messed up a lot of things for me financially. I would never recommend this school to anyone. Waste of money and time.

The university employed unqualified instructors. My instructor teaching leadership yet she knows nothing about leadership. She is bias and she should be ashamed of herself. I only had 3 weeks with them and I had to withdrawal immediately once I noticed that it is a waste of money, time and effort. No one should attend this University.

So I have been attending the UOP for sometime. I became interested because I wanted to further my education and had children so I could not attend an actual campus. I completed an Associates, Bachelors and Masters (satisfied all credits 36 but my GPA is 2.95 so according to UOP I have not passed). I started to realize that they charge way too much (I am over $100,000 in debt with all 3 programs), the instructors are not that savvy and I have not learned anything that I did not already know going into the programs. The academic advisors change every 3 months and the overall service is horrible.

I am currently trying to seek out a lawsuit against the UOP. I have already taken 1 class over to satisfy my GPA for my Master's Degree but because you work in learning teams their performance affects your overall grade. When I spoke with the academic counselor who is actually suppose to support me and help me, I was told that in order for me to graduate I would have to pay to take the class over and get an A in the class.

I explained to the counselor that I understand however I cannot afford to pay for another class and I am already in debt beyond belief, is there anything else I can do? He said no I would have to sit out for 6 months (which I have done previously) and then put in an appeal. Once approved I would have to get financial aid (another loan) or pay out of pocket (money I do not have), take the class and get an A (which is not possible because of the learning teams).

I am completely over it with this school. I have paid so much money and I am in so much debt that I want to cry every time I think about it. I need to get my degree. I satisfied ALL 36 CREDITS! There has to be something else that I can do. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. In the meantime I am going to reach out to as many other outlets that I can to see if there is anything else I can do.

University of Phoenix (UOP) exists only to take your money! Over $20,000 for two years! I went through the program, but learned very little. I am not the only one who thinks this way. Most of my classmates feel the same. The teachers are highly unqualified and the students go along with it, just to get the certificate. I tried to rationalize that once I got my degree, I would learn on the job. Wrong! You need to pass many state tests to get the credential. Then you can get a job.

I finished the program and still have not been able to pass some of the tests (TPAs). I have been using YouTube to learn the information I was supposed to learn at UOP. If you do decide to attend, evaluate the program the first two weeks you go there, and you will see what I mean. I complained to my state representative, but he can't do anything. Maybe this UOP is owned by government officials and have much at stake to get rid of this school. Do research on this school. Let the buyer beware!

This is a real review please listen... Dont go its fraud. I have my Bachelor degree in business and just finished my Master degree with this school... Its a joke, no real graduate placement. I was frauded... I am a licensed massage therapist, I make 30 an hour but can only work a max of 5 hours a day four days a week. My rent is 1575... I make 2000 a month. Why would I quit that to start in a lower position and work my way up... Isnt that what education is for, so you dont have to work your way up? I owe 120,000 dollars and I have three kids. I cant buy a house cause my debt to ratio is too high. Cause of student loans... Wow... I cant start a new business cause Im Poor and A 590 credit score. And to make matters worse now Im overqualified for certain jobs. I dont want to talk to people and act like I like them "networking". I want to apply and land the job.

I was frauded from my money which is due in January for the student loans... This school is good if you already are in a profession and need to go up later... DO NOT GO IF YOU ARE SWITCHING PROFESSIONS OR HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN THE DEGREE FIELD YOU ARE STUDYING. I was a certified nurse aid for 15 years and want what everyone wants, a future for my kids money to support them. Ive never made over 25,000 a year. Hoping UOP would change my life... Lol JOKE. If you are poor go to trade school... Or go to an established school so you dont have to talk to people out of state.

Their Alumni website is awful and their response is it will get better... FRAUD... I just saw an ad from UOP that says they are number three or 2 in country to have job placement after graduation... I find that hard to believe... Like I said fraud the reviews are real. The education is good but like I said no experience no job. No job placement from the school no help. Just a referral to a low budget indeed fake Alumni website with jobs for warehouse... cna... and other low qualifying jobs. I guess I'll go work with my husband at a warehouse.

No complaint without a solution... Here is your solution UOP... Help your students find careers like most schools do. Have real people face to face help with footwork. Whats the point of an education without a career or real guidance. Oh yeah mentors that dont respond... "Sorry our website was down, its fixed now". You guys have said that since 2008... Thanks for the venting consumer affairs. I hope everyone listens... Good education, no caring about students. Oh and not everyone sits on their behind wishing for a job, some people are active and I guess have the wrong networking connections. Thats right folks the most popular lands the job!!!

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Since its founding in 1976, the University of Phoenix has put providing higher education to working adults at the forefront of their mission. The goal is to be convenient while still providing a quality education.

  • Regionally accredited: Many online colleges pursue national accreditation instead of regional, but University of Phoenix has programs accredited by either. They are on notice regarding their regional accreditation, but they keep their accreditation while they address any issues.
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  • Professional development courses: For those who are not interested in pursuing an additional degree program, but do need to maintain course work for professional development, this college has a range of options.
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