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I started school at the University of Phoenix online in 2011 because I was pregnant and I wanted to make a good life for me and my son. I received my associates degree and was 2 classes away from having my bachelors degree when I was suspended for not completing my 1st field experience class. I had a hard enough time making sure that I got the hours that were needed (175) because I am a single mom who has to work to take care of my son. I had about 170 completed and approved by my instructor when I was told that my hours were not going to count and that I had to redo them. I had 2 weeks to finish. Well that is not even possible! I was then suspended and kicked out of school.

I am now $50,000 in debt because of the loans and The UOP turned me into collections for $800. My degree is useless and I can't even transfer my credits to a different school to finish my bachelors degree! I was 2 classes away and they screwed me over! Please do yourself a HUGE favor and stay away from the University of Phoenix!!!

This was the worst experience. My teachers could not spell correctly. They had no idea what they were teaching about. The counsellors were no help and messed up a lot of things for me financially. I would never recommend this school to anyone. Waste of money and time.

The university employed unqualified instructors. My instructor teaching leadership yet she knows nothing about leadership. She is bias and she should be ashamed of herself. I only had 3 weeks with them and I had to withdrawal immediately once I noticed that it is a waste of money, time and effort. No one should attend this University.

So I have been attending the UOP for sometime. I became interested because I wanted to further my education and had children so I could not attend an actual campus. I completed an Associates, Bachelors and Masters (satisfied all credits 36 but my GPA is 2.95 so according to UOP I have not passed). I started to realize that they charge way too much (I am over $100,000 in debt with all 3 programs), the instructors are not that savvy and I have not learned anything that I did not already know going into the programs. The academic advisors change every 3 months and the overall service is horrible.

I am currently trying to seek out a lawsuit against the UOP. I have already taken 1 class over to satisfy my GPA for my Master's Degree but because you work in learning teams their performance affects your overall grade. When I spoke with the academic counselor who is actually suppose to support me and help me, I was told that in order for me to graduate I would have to pay to take the class over and get an A in the class.

I explained to the counselor that I understand however I cannot afford to pay for another class and I am already in debt beyond belief, is there anything else I can do? He said no I would have to sit out for 6 months (which I have done previously) and then put in an appeal. Once approved I would have to get financial aid (another loan) or pay out of pocket (money I do not have), take the class and get an A (which is not possible because of the learning teams).

I am completely over it with this school. I have paid so much money and I am in so much debt that I want to cry every time I think about it. I need to get my degree. I satisfied ALL 36 CREDITS! There has to be something else that I can do. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. In the meantime I am going to reach out to as many other outlets that I can to see if there is anything else I can do.

University of Phoenix (UOP) exists only to take your money! Over $20,000 for two years! I went through the program, but learned very little. I am not the only one who thinks this way. Most of my classmates feel the same. The teachers are highly unqualified and the students go along with it, just to get the certificate. I tried to rationalize that once I got my degree, I would learn on the job. Wrong! You need to pass many state tests to get the credential. Then you can get a job.

I finished the program and still have not been able to pass some of the tests (TPAs). I have been using YouTube to learn the information I was supposed to learn at UOP. If you do decide to attend, evaluate the program the first two weeks you go there, and you will see what I mean. I complained to my state representative, but he can't do anything. Maybe this UOP is owned by government officials and have much at stake to get rid of this school. Do research on this school. Let the buyer beware!

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This is a real review please listen... Dont go its fraud. I have my Bachelor degree in business and just finished my Master degree with this school... Its a joke, no real graduate placement. I was frauded... I am a licensed massage therapist, I make 30 an hour but can only work a max of 5 hours a day four days a week. My rent is 1575... I make 2000 a month. Why would I quit that to start in a lower position and work my way up... Isnt that what education is for, so you dont have to work your way up? I owe 120,000 dollars and I have three kids. I cant buy a house cause my debt to ratio is too high. Cause of student loans... Wow... I cant start a new business cause Im Poor and A 590 credit score. And to make matters worse now Im overqualified for certain jobs. I dont want to talk to people and act like I like them "networking". I want to apply and land the job.

I was frauded from my money which is due in January for the student loans... This school is good if you already are in a profession and need to go up later... DO NOT GO IF YOU ARE SWITCHING PROFESSIONS OR HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN THE DEGREE FIELD YOU ARE STUDYING. I was a certified nurse aid for 15 years and want what everyone wants, a future for my kids money to support them. Ive never made over 25,000 a year. Hoping UOP would change my life... Lol JOKE. If you are poor go to trade school... Or go to an established school so you dont have to talk to people out of state.

Their Alumni website is awful and their response is it will get better... FRAUD... I just saw an ad from UOP that says they are number three or 2 in country to have job placement after graduation... I find that hard to believe... Like I said fraud the reviews are real. The education is good but like I said no experience no job. No job placement from the school no help. Just a referral to a low budget indeed fake Alumni website with jobs for warehouse... cna... and other low qualifying jobs. I guess I'll go work with my husband at a warehouse.

No complaint without a solution... Here is your solution UOP... Help your students find careers like most schools do. Have real people face to face help with footwork. Whats the point of an education without a career or real guidance. Oh yeah mentors that dont respond... "Sorry our website was down, its fixed now". You guys have said that since 2008... Thanks for the venting consumer affairs. I hope everyone listens... Good education, no caring about students. Oh and not everyone sits on their behind wishing for a job, some people are active and I guess have the wrong networking connections. Thats right folks the most popular lands the job!!!

I wasn't expecting much from Phoenix to begin with but this school is bad beyond what I even thought possible. I can honestly say all the horrible things you hear about this school are true. I have previously attended other schools both online and in person. I am aware of how the financial aid process works in most schools. Phoenix, however, is a whole new world. They have lied to me on several occasions about their verification process and have lost my paperwork only to have me submit it again 2 weeks later. These are not even the biggest issues however.

I have been trying for the past five months just to process my financial aid with their financial department. I was encouraged to start classes without financial aid. I initially questioned this because I had not received my financial aid award yet and was not sure what would be covered. I explained grants and loans were the only way I could attend school. Week after week, I called the financial aid department for updates and was told they were still processing my information and had no updates. Two months ago, I tried to leave the school because I wasn't even sure they were still processing my financial aid. I was immediately told I would be billed for the classes I had taken and would have trouble with the department of education and securing loans if I ever wanted financial aid again.

The whole situation feels very much like entrapment. They allow you to begin classes, drag their feet on your financial aid, scare you into staying, then bill you when the situation get out of hand and you try to leave their school. As of today (almost 5 months since I began with the school), I still have no word on my financial aid status despite weekly calls to anyone that will listen. The school treats everyone like a number. If you have an issue where one department need to contact another for an answer they have to submit a ticket which then takes at least 5 days to get a return response.

The instructors are not actual professors. I have yet to locate a single one with any training in education. They are poor communicators and vague with assignments. Assignments are not relevant to the degree plans. I am taking certification classes yet all I seem to be doing is writing papers that are irrelevant to the material needed to pass the certification exam. This is not a good school and desperately needs to be shut down. They use scare tactics to retain students and are cheating people in so many ways. They are the education equivalent of payday loan companies. I cannot stress enough how bad this institution is.

I graduated in 2012 with a Bachelors that is a useless piece of paper that I owe over $70,000. Companies do not take this school seriously.

I too was deceived. Lied to about accreditation. When I went to my counselors, they ASSURED me the programs were in fact accredited and promised me advancement opportunities and assistance with advancement with the UOPHX Alumni Network. What a joke. But I am filing a "Borrower's Defense Claim" with the Department of Education. I spoke with a representative and he told me to tell everyone to file complaints so they can continue to investigate them further.

I have been attending the University of Phoenix for almost 4 years with little to no breaks to just get my degrees out of the way in my youth. I have earned one degree and am halfway through a bachelors. The classes were very educational and I do not agree with the other negative reviews about the content not being understood. If you read all of your textbooks, the content in participation forums is easy and you can create your own educational posts for participation counting. As for the school representatives and staff, they have been extremely helpful to my course stay here at the college. I do agree with one other review here that states the classmates seem dumb and are passing classes here. I see many errors in their writing and yet see them at the graduation class.

I have had difficult professors that demand a high writing ability to active, grammatically correct, formatting dead on, and mathematical equations right in written classroom forums to be counted towards your grade and overall quality points in your transcripts. To me, this matters to be spoken about against the negative reviews here that others are leaving. I loved campus life in high school and enjoy the silent solitude of working where ever I am or in a noisy environment with family. Online college has made working family life possible to achieve a higher level of education and yet I really wish many of my classmates had brains, I just focus on the main goal.

The main goal for me is to lead the conversation into an intelligent conversation that hopefully my classmates will pick up on and for me to graduate while creating high quality work. I had one professor who was from Florida that reminded me of a smart hippy guy in law enforcement. Very dedicated to the most intelligent conversations I ever had. And one who hated my math posts for making one wrong error. My overall satisfaction is good, but I hate the online math classes. I never in my life experienced the computerized program expects you to know it all or else you fail. The math classes are devastating for some and really difficult even for the smartest students.

I would hope that in the future they make it not so insane when you get one equation step wrong that they quit adding on more and more problems that make it never ending. Very poor design that does not teach students how to do the math, but instead making it lengthy. Those were my only three issues with the school. The professors lack of pushing for writing excellence in online class forums, the amount of stupid posts by students that makes the classmates appear uneducated (which annoy me), and the online math class set up. The school could greatly improve this by having a better system and a higher quality level approach to teaching students math that are struggling.

I am sickened beyond belief over this useless piece of paper that I received from University of Phoenix in 2013, which claims to be a Bachelors of Science degree. I already had an Associates degree from back in 2000, and all I needed to do was finish the next 2 years to complete my education. Unfortunately, I was not able to continue my Computer Science degree program because they did not offer it at UoP, so I was forced to instead get my degree in IT. Okay, fair enough I thought, at least I will have the degree. This turned out to be a horrible mistake as I took the online courses to finish my degree.

When I got my Associates degree, it was a different America, and I managed to pay it off over the years, but the cost of this pile of NOTHING that I got from UoP was RIDICULOUS!! $70,000.00 for a two year program?? Is that a joke?? Unfortunately not, and worse, employers just laugh at a degree from Phoenix, and throw your application in the waste basket. Not to mention the program itself was ignorant, and you learn absolutely nothing except how to work in a learning team, which basically means how to do 5 people's work on top of your own. Somebody NEEDS to shut these criminals down for good, and give all of their victims back the money stolen!!

I have a Ph.D. in Geosciences, and I was excited to sign up for a University of Phoenix class in Environmental Law. I had previously taken an Environmental Law class at the Colorado School of Mines that was taught by a lawyer. It was a great class, and I was hoping to have a similar experience online. Boy was I wrong. For one thing, the instructor wrote messages to the class that didn't make any sense. I'm not talking about an occasional misplaced comma or a misspelled word here or there. I am talking about posts that were so poorly written that I could barely understand what she was trying to say. I have never seen anything like this at any brick and mortar institution, including two community colleges.

I looked more closely at the instructor, and it turned out that she was a former high school teacher with no Ph.D. or law degree and no experience in the environmental field. Furthermore, it did not appear that she had any specific expertise in the very complicated field of environmental law. I wondered why this person would be teaching a junior-level environmental science class. Another problem with the class was that the teacher graded in a way that reminded me of something from high school. For instance, I received a poor participation grade presumably because not enough people responded to my posts. What is this, Facebook? I have taken other online classes before, and never has my participation grade been based on how many other students "like" my posts.

A final issue that I have with the University of Phoenix is that they clearly don't care about trying to improve the situation. I tried to call a couple of people to complain. At first, the enrollment person couldn't even tell me how to do that. I literally had to ask several times. Finally, I was able to get into contact with some sort of administrator (as opposed to a department head or coordinating professor). It was clear to me that the administrator was not interested in hearing about what I had to say. Instead, the administrator literally wanted to start arguing with me about how I shouldn't receive any participation points unless other people respond to my posts.

This whole experience leads me to believe that the University of Phoenix is not interested in listening to student feedback or in improving the quality of their courses in any way. I think that they just want to make money and hire the cheapest instructors they possibly can. I also unfortunately ended up losing a lot of money on this course. Please don't make the same mistake that I did!

I am currently attending Phoenix University. I first started in 2013, had to stop for a year and then return in 2014. When I started in 2013 I took two classes at once over 10 weeks and the classes were actually very educational and informational. The second time I returned it was one class per 5 weeks and you are put with a bunch of people that have little-to-no intelligence. I now am one class away from having my associates in accounting. But the last year-and-a-half that I've been working in school it's been a joke. They made me take the same class 4X, just call it something different.

Another thing is I've switched my degree program and I wanted to do it at an earlier date and I was advised not to and to wait and because of that I had to take an extra class that was now required by them which was one of those four classes I had to take the same time over again. The teachers could care less and I would fight back. I now have a lot of student loan debt that I shouldn't because I had a government agency that was sending me but they wouldn't accept the payment until our year in but there is loan forgiveness especially regarding them. They tried to hold on to money of mine that I took out and give me BS reasons why they didn't disperse it but once again I did not accept that.

Within three months they switched my financial advisor and my academic advisor 5 times because I guess they couldn't deal with somebody that I actually knew what they were talking about. I know they ended up having a big meeting because my government agency called and stepped in and the result was that they cut the check right away and teachers were fired for not doing their job properly and me basically having to teach one of the classes just to pass. Currently they didn't want to approve my last class and I have their "Phoenix scholarship" which isn't really a scholarship, it's just a percentage off if you pass the class and the requirements for classes and six months.

My government agency advisor send the voucher 3x and they said they didn't get it the first two. They extended my time to complete my classes and the allotted six months so they are purposefully trying to make sure I lose that scholarship. I'm taking my last class starting next week finally and once I pass I'm going to look into another school to get my bachelor's and completely intend to fight for the money that they made me take out which they probably made plenty of interest on. To be completely honest I learned maybe out of all those classes 5% of the knowledge I now have and everything else I knew already.

Once I get the piece of paper that means nothing from them called my associates. I'm taking them to higher powers whether it be the news, social media Better Business Bureau, congress, et cetera. I'm not paying back all that money in student loans that I didn't have to take out in the first place, not happening, and now I have interest on top of it. It was decent in the beginning because it was flexible and it was actually classes you learn something in but when I returned a year later it was a complete joke. I've been fighting with them over instructor grades, financial affairs since I returned and I'm going to continue once I graduate.

I refuse to accept their negligence as far as teachers and material for learning among other things. I'm a fighter and I will win and hopefully this will open other people's eyes to what they're getting into and will force Phoenix to reimburse people from a class action lawsuit. I have documented every conversation, recorded every conversation with any advisor from Phoenix, any issues I have with instructors grades, et cetera. Previous and current students will be seeing me soon and hopefully I can get some justice for everybody that got taken advantage of. One thing I'm good at is fighting for what is right no matter what it takes and that's what I'm going to do.

I graduated in 2012 with a BS in IT. I already had over 18 years of experience in IT but as a Hispanic without a degree, very few employers took me seriously. Even with 5 years of verifiable management experience and a stint as a reservist in the Navy, I was having a hard time moving forward in my career. I had just lost my home to Countrywide Financial (a whole other story) and there was some medical issues at home too. I needed to move my career forward. UOPX was recommended by my employer and the Navy so I signed up.

The classes were relatively easy for me since I already knew most of the material. That should have been a clue, but I was just as naive about education as I was about mortgages. (It's a cultural thing, unless you are Hispanic you cannot judge.) After graduation, I have applied for over 100+ jobs. Even with over 25 years total experience no one takes me seriously and even question my resume now (something I did not have to deal with before). Even hiring managers in the company I work for now question my resume and credentials, even though I have a track record of excellence in this organization and the respect of many.

So I am in the exact same IT job that I was in when I started at UOPX, making the exact same money, except I now have close to $80k in debt that I will never be able to pay back and a resume no one believes is true. So no chance of me every buying a house again and no legal resources to assist. Between the worthless degree and the hate against Hispanics (BTW I am an American citizen not an immigrant or illegal) it is virtually impossible to move my career forward, or even get another job. If I get laid off then I am in real trouble.

Unless the government steps in and fixes this mess there is no way out for me and the many in my situation. I am now an indentured servant to the student loan servicers; except that unlike the indentured servants of the past, no amount of work will release me. Even death will only cause more pain to my family, so that is also not an option (not that I considered that but I did check to see what would happen if I died).

Lessons learned... I am writing this as a warning to others out there considering any online school, or any post-secondary education (Particularly UOPX). Here is what I learned from this experience (note none of this will get me a better job). Be very careful and do your homework. It's buyer beware and government sanctioned robbery. Like the wild west, trust no one. Avoid "for profit" institutions at all cost, no matter what they offer you. If it states that it's "non-profit" that's just a legal term and it means nothing. It's still a business looking for profit.

The only schools you can trust are those that are publicly funded by the state they are in, and even those are sometimes scams. Do your research and if you have to take student loans, make sure that you can pay it the year you take it. Do not put them on deferment. You will be sorry. If the per hour charge is greater than $400/cu it's not worth it, unless it's an ivy league.

Treat student loans like credit cards. Pay them off as fast as possible when you incur the debt and when you reach the max you can pay out of pocket, stop until you pay it down. They won't tell you this but Student Loans are toxic debt and will ruin your life moving forward. Avoid them at all costs. Remember that a degree is not a guarantee of employment. So do not bank on making enough money to pay loans back. No matter what they tell you, going to any non-publicly sanctioned/funded institution is not an investment in your future. You are mortgaging your life and getting nothing in return except a worthless piece of paper.

If everyone that is dissatisfied with the University of Phoenix would contact the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint, we all may get at least some of our money back. I went to UOP for a year. I was so dissatisfied with my classes, professors, stupid students that I was teamed with, and advisors that said everything would get better that I quit UOP. Now they say on top of the debt I have that I owe 3000 dollars more out of pocket. All they want is your money and once they get it, they don't care about you. If you care about getting good grades and work hard, you will have to work even harder because of all of the ignorant and lazy team members that need you to get a good grade. The stupid members of my teams are graduating with a masters in psychology while I had to change schools because I was so stressed from doing my work and the work of the other students.

After each class I would complain to my advisors about the other students and it all fell on deaf ears. The last class I took, I was bullied by one of my ignorant team members because she wanted so bad to be in charge. I was so sick and tired of fighting that I let her take over and I gave up. She turned in the most horrible paper that had so many grammar issues and even had plagiarism in it. I was mortified to have my name on the paper. I thought we would get a bad grade on the paper, but to my surprise, we got an A on it. I knew then that I was not getting a proper education. I am trying to get as many people to tell the BBB their horror stories so that we can get as much money back from this greedy school as possible and to hopefully shut them down.

My experience with this school has been a complete nightmare. They will tell you ANYTHING to get you enrolled into classes. I was lied to in so many ways. Being greatly deceived, I decided not to return to class after taking a Leave of Absence. This must have gotten under someone's skin because they Administratively Withdrew me then sent an email a week later demanding payment for Resource Fees. This was my second attempt to complete their MBA program so I honestly tried to give them a chance. This school is only concerned about making money and could care less about your success. Attending U of P was a waste of my time!

My experiences at the university as a professor and as a student have both been horrible. The university accepts students who cannot be successful, takes their money because this is only a business and not an institution of higher learning and pressures professors to pass students who cannot do the work. I quit teaching for that reason. As a student, the university did everything possible to make my experience horrible and to keep me taking class after class to complete a dissertation proposal. When I complained about the external reviewer, they assigned a new one who complained about everything approved by the previous reviewer. Do not go to this fake school or you will be sorry. They will take your money, you will waste your time, and you will get nothing out of it.

I'm writing to let everybody know that UOP is a fraud! I was in school for 1 yr and 4 mths before this crazy incident happen. Me and my wife was moving into our new home and I decided to take two weeks off from school to get everything situated. I talked to my academic advisor and told her the date I was going out and coming back into my classes. She put me back into classes a week early and had me a whole week behind. I think the time I was out it was being set up to put me back in school a week ahead. The school switched my academic advisor and financial advisor!

The new advisor told me to drop the class after being a week behind so now they want me to pay $2,000 dollars along with the $24,000 that comes along with the whole program and you know what's funny out of all that? During the whole year and 4 months I never received a refund check after paying for my classes! None! My wife told me that school was a ripoff but I didn't listen but you learn as you live.

Graduated University of Phoenix 2006, Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Still working in healthcare at very low paying job scale. I went to college online, hoping that I would have a door open in healthcare with my Bachelors Degree. Well that didn't happen. Working at $30,000 year job, and still unable to find a job with a Bachelors degree, so long story short. I am in default of my student loans, the loans have been sold like three times now and oh they will fix it for a fee. To the tune of $11,000. Ok, so I started out with student loan that was around $20,000 to now be at $65,000. I quit reading my mail from the Government as who they say someone else has bought my loan and now the amount has gotten so out of control. As I have said, the letters keep coming and it is someone different who has bought my loans and tacks more onto the total amount that I had before.

I am 57 years old and will never be able to get out of debt because of my student loans for which I didn't get a job with a bachelors degree. My credit score and credit rating is so bad, that all I pay things with is in cash. I have gone to attorneys who say they can help, to which they see my credit mess with student loans and they tell me, "Sorry lady, we can't help you." I even work two jobs and am a hard worker. Now I have the Department of Education that got me the student loan in the first place, who has sold my student loans to whoever. Now the Department of Education and whoever they sold my loans to all want my money. If my student loans were sold why are the primary and secondary people coming after me to collect.

All I wanted was a college education to make a better income, instead I have gotten into such a mess. I do have ADD (attention deficit disorder) and I am deaf in my left ear. And my doctor won't sign the papers to send to the Education department as she said I am able to work which I can. The papers say to get your loans forgiven you must be getting disability checks, you can be considered disabled (can't work) and they will forgive your loans.

Well I can work and I want to continue to work and want to for a long time. I just want and need help with my student loan mess. I just want my credit history to be cleaned up as those who had access to my student loan stuff have had free rein on my credit history and credit score. I haven't had a credit card in over 20 years so it isn't that that is making a mess of my credit history. Now I hear they will be taking my social security when I retire and when I do apply for disability WHEN I am unable to work, they will be taking that as well.

Let me first start off by saying, UOP was THE BIGGEST waste of time and money in my entire life. Let's start from the beginning... I signed up for Psychology, but they put me in Business instead. I was told I couldn't change it until at least a year. So I did the 10 months of 15 hour days reading and posting endlessly and literally teaching myself. Then I failed a class. So I was contacted and told I could not resume classes until I paid the failed class in full. 4K for this 1 class which I didn't have so I dropped out of program. Then I received $17,000 bill in the mail for 10 months of school. I paid it all, every penny, they took my taxes 2 years in a row. This was all in 2008.

Now 8 years later they have a NEW $4,000 bill on my credit report. They say I owe in some misc. fees. All for 10 months of nothing, these credits don't even count for anything because whenever I request my credits to be transferred to a new school they find even more magical money that supposedly owe them. Not even in the right classes... And now it's killing my credit scores. I can't get a house, can't get a new car. I am a nurse now! My husband is an Executive Pharmaceutical Rep for Cardinal Health. We have the 4K, the problem is I don't owe it! I refuse to pay this! When I call them and ask what is this $4k misc.??? They say it was for the next class I never attended so I failed it. Well that's odd, because they told me I couldn't attend any more classes until I paid the failed class in full.

Well I never made that 4K payment for 3 years. And they put me in another class without my knowledge so I never "attended" the online rooms, nothing! So how was I to know I had a class when they specifically said I couldn't attend class anymore??? It's illegal!! I've already had them contacted twice by my credit guy and they still refuse to take this off my credit report, it's 100% fraud!! I am a nurse and my entire college education was $9,600! Yet online courses for 10 months is $21,000??? Illegal??? And a scam!!!

Please I would advise anyone even considering this school to beware. I wasn't even allowed to be in the program I wanted in the first place! So I paid $17,000 in loans for 10 months toward my "business" degree, when I signed up for "psychology"!!! And none of the credits I earned and paid for in full are transferrable, they'll tell you that you owe more money every single time you pay them in full. Unbelievable!! I can't believe they are still in operation! I am going to do everything in my power to have them pay for the damage to my credit and my life!! I would like to start a petition on I see many of you have had similar experiences and I am going to devote Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, every social media I can find across the internet to warn others about this disgusting fraudulent company!

Shut these liars, and law breakers down!!! I will have my day in court eventually, and they will pay for all the damage to my credit, my life!!! 10 months of reading a computer screen in the wrong classes. They want $21,000 now? $17,000 wasn't enough? They'll ruin your credit for life, you're a minute late - they report to every single credit bureau for life! There is no cap on school loans is what they told me. It will never ever ever go away!!

My experience with this school was terrible! I attended medical records in this class online for 5 weeks and in 5 weeks my class work was not graded. I couldn't understand why this instructor graded only one or maybe two of my assignments and the rest was not accounted for. At the end of my class I was told that I failed because my work wasn't turned in and I would have to retake the class all over again due to the instructor not grading my work. How fair was that? And I also applied for FAFSA which they told me I will only get $50. Well the Financial Advisor at the school thought that was funny and so did the instructor Advisor.

I am really upset that I wasted so much time in this school only to fail the first couple of weeks and I could have went somewhere else! I hope if anybody decide to go to school I hope they do not go there. This was sickening that they would treat people the way they have treated us to get cash and make us believe they were being honest.

My enrollment was sketchy at best. Advisors don't explain details as far as the process of enrollment and nothing is said about the school's history of graduation rates or retention. I feel it is the enrollment advisor's job to let students know the details about their success rates (or failures). That is what they are paid for. Students don't always know what to ask if they are new or older students. My financial aid advisor didn't return my phone calls when I had questions about my MPN and financial aid. When I did get a return call, it was sometime later saying "sorry we missed your call". She claimed she was flooded with students and couldn't take my call. That excuse didn't make me feel better. I wouldn't recommend them.

Where to begin? I am a disabled veteran. I was told my credits from my associate's degree would all count towards my bachelor's. However, the day before my first class I was told I needed to change my degree. In addition, I had both an academic and financial advisor. However, the school thought it was best to give me over six different academic advisors which every time they changed my classes around.

Fast forward a year and some change and the school is on probation and they go from having classes back to back to forcing us to take breaks in between classes. In having these breaks the school started to tell the VA that my five week class went down to just four weeks costing me a $250-$300 cut in my post 911 GI bill BAH. When I spoke with the school they said the VA won't let them submit the full five weeks that we are in class and that if they did the VA would take out more money for my BAH and not give it to me. (All my conversation where recorded).

Now let's go to my last few classes in which my teachers completely stray from how they said they would grade the class paper. Though I have gone through many classes with my teachers not giving proper grades these last few classes have had the same problem and interestingly enough the school just got off probation. In one class I filed a complaint with the school and the VA. My teacher came back in week three and graded my paper with an A along with every paper. After the class, the school said nothing was wrong and I got an A so the matter was dropped. Move onto the math class in which seven students dropped out and only the remaining eight were left in week five. I filed complaint after complaint regarding the teacher's unwillingness to help and with the massive glitches in the math lab.

In week five I managed to get a tutor which was a math teacher for the in campus math and he told me my math teacher was wrong and that he has seen all the glitches I complained about. Now move onto my current class in which again the teacher says one thing and grades a completely different way. In UoP, we need to write our papers based on the APA format and in third person yet the teacher says write in APA and then grades the paper off something that is completely personally.

After I filed the complaint and send the information to the school they sent me back an email through my academic advisor saying nothing is wrong and again the teacher was correct. Heck, this teacher is even saying she is a doctor and she is in the middle of her doctorate and has not even graduated yet. This school is a fraud and a scam. I can continue to go on with the abuse I have gone through. Oh wait, when I tried to get help for my learning disability the school told me I needed to send them my entire medical record more than once. My doctors even told me to never send the school my medical records.

In May 2010 I registered for classes at the University of Phoenix. I applied for a Pell Grant, and two weeks later I was switched to a regular student loan with Dept. of Education with only $867.72. I was credentialed and taught English as a second language in Mexico and Germany. My education is over 20 years old and needed a refresher.

I attended only 6 weeks of the online course and quit. I was not happy with the lack of quality of education. The English course is 3rd grade level and constant plagiarism by other students. I devoted my time and energy to prepare essays on grammar, only to be copied and pasted by other students. I complained, but my complaints were ignored. There were no instructions, no corrections and no evaluations. My perception was that the University of Phoenix employs board monitors and no credentialed teachers to provide competent instructions on the subject. Through my essays, I felt I was the one teaching English.

I had been receiving billing from the Dept. of Education and from University of Phoenix. I thought they were one and same account. I decided to call the University of Phoenix to see if they would release me from the $800 remaining on my student loan. They informed me instead that their bill has nothing to do with the student loan. They were already paid the student loan.

The University of Phoenix is demanding $3,746.40 because I did not complete the remaining classes. Although I complained in writing to the administration and was ignored, I was informed through former student comments that the University of Phoenix destroys these student complaints to conceal these issues from the Dept. of Education.

After contemplating for a while I decide to return to school to further my education in hopes of getting a better paying job. I came across the University of Phoenix online courses. Not knowing the difference between for profit and nonprofit school at the time. I enrolled in this school like an idiot. Now I'm living the nightmare of how I'm going to pay off a $70K with interest student loan (Navient who has started harassing me lately requesting me to pay $822 a month). My degree received from the University of Phoenix is completely useless.

I'm now in my early 40's, can't purchase a home because of the student loans. I mean this is completely mind boggling to how the federal government aids allows for-profit schools to operate and back them completely. There should be some type of laws in place to protect unknowingly future student from predatory schools. If I could do it all over again I would walk away from furthering my education, because in the long run it has been more of a hindrance than help. Word of the wise for any thinking attending University of Phoenix (or Strayer University) it's a rip off and it won't help in the end.

I went to University of Phoenix for 2 years. I got my associate's degree. I was supposed to be able to write a bachelor's degree but they failed to sign me up for classes for 4 months. After receiving my associate's degree in the mail I went and signed up for another College. Phoenix charge me for a class and my bachelor's degree which I did not take, now they are saying I owe them $1,000. I got lucky enough that my credits transferred to my new College. And I haven't heard from Phoenix since they decided to charge me for those classes which I have not even paid for.

My first class with them was awful. The instructor belittled me in front of other students when they asked her a simple question. They took money out of my financial aid that they were supposed to, which of course messed me up for my current College because now I have to pay out-of-pocket for a few classes. University of Phoenix can suck my big toe!!!

The University of Phoenix is a terrible scam. Their "for profit" education shows in the lack of guidance, and the money gaining tactics that they use to keep you from graduating are atrocious. The financial advisors are purely thieves and the academic counselors do absolutely nothing to advise or to even keep students informed of anything. Be forewarned, run from them.

I was coerced into signing up for 2 Bachelor's Degrees programs to have a double major but with the school class load and work, it took me 11 years to work on my education. So when I went back to University of Phoenix to complete the program, they said now I could only have one degree because the other was no longer valid. I paid for two. Well let me rephrase that, they have billed all of my loans for two. The degree I received, a BA in Business Management is useless. I have interviewed for many positions, have 20 years in the industry of manufacturing, and cannot move up with this degree. They bill for classes without keeping you informed, the classes were $900 a piece. They do not offer programs to help you find a job, as I was told, and the school advertising of being accredited was false.

I started attending the college in 2012 and most recently I am no longer attending the school because I failed two classes in a row and supposedly I have to appeal to go back to the school in August 2016 to finish up with my Associates in the Arts with a concentration in Business Fundamentals. So angry with the school that I filed complaints with the FTC, Justice Department, and the US Department of Education Office of the Inspector General. I'm very disheartened by the way I have been treated by the school.

University Of Phoenix is my worst nightmare, I am traumatized by this experience. I regret and hate myself right now because of enrolling in this school. I need help. I need to know where to go and what to do to fix this issue. I am being charge of something that I did not do. I want to seek legal action. The staffs at this don't communicate to students.

I received an email from someone in this school stating that I was being suspended until 2017. I tried to reach out to the person several times but no response. I called dispute management regarding this issue. They claim they can't help, I have to get in touch with this person. This person is not responding to my emails and phone calls. I am being wrongly accused. The doctor provided me the letter. I submitted the letter to the school and they are questioning the letter. Before even giving me a chance they place me on suspension. The letter has the doctor's name, number and address is on the letter, but they are still questioning the letter. The doctor is insulted by this and they are telling me they called the doctor's office. And based on the doctor the school never called. What should I do in a situation like this?! Please help.

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Since its founding in 1976, the University of Phoenix has put providing higher education to working adults at the forefront of their mission. The goal is to be convenient while still providing a quality education.

  • Regionally accredited: Many online colleges pursue national accreditation instead of regional, but University of Phoenix has programs accredited by either. They are on notice regarding their regional accreditation, but they keep their accreditation while they address any issues.
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  • Professional development courses: For those who are not interested in pursuing an additional degree program, but do need to maintain course work for professional development, this college has a range of options.
  • Teaching programs: Many online programs are limited to technology, business, finance and health fields, but University of Phoenix goes outside the box to include teaching and the social sciences.
  • Know admissions requirements upfront: To find out additional information about admissions, many colleges require a phone interview, but University of Phoenix publishes their requirements on their website.
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