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149 ITT Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: April 19, 2017

I attended ITT Tech in 2014 hoping to leave with a successful career in Business Management. After attending for several months it became apparent that was not going to happen. My teachers were not educated in the least, constant miscommunication from the school about the actual cost of my classes and loans. It was a horrible experience that left me in massive debt and no job. I knew I wasn't the only with these types of complaints so I began some research and found a company Alumni Aid Assistance, they helped me process a claim against the school & I was able to get all my ITT tech loans discharged and received a refund on all my qualifying payments. WOW. The process itself cost me $900 dollars but my debt was well over 60K & it was completely WIPED!! Thank you Ruby @ Alumni Aid Assistance for all your hard work and genuine care for my situation!!! Give her a call. She's amazing!!

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Original review: Oct. 23, 2016

I attended ITT in 2010, and was concerned about how the instructors were not professors, and most were the last phase of the Bachelor's Degree. My instructors would not only try to teach the material, but were also using class time to complete their own studies. I attempted to challenge this at the school without prevail. And the credits are all but useless. Every school I attempt to use these credits at, rejected them. I would like everyone to know this, and seek out a legal remedy against the school and get their money/loans returned.

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Original review: Sept. 15, 2016

Went to ITT from 2004-2006 under false pretenses. Was told when I applied for my loan that I would have no trouble getting a job to pay for my loans, and that I would be placed in my field with enough to pay back the loan. Was also told my loan would be no trouble to pay back, and was never told this would be through Sallie Mae (now Navient) which I found out the hard way. They are hard to get through to, and do not work with you whatsoever to pay back your loan even when you tell them you can afford what they want you to pay back!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

I made a decision to go to college to achieve my Associates degree and I did it online so I could stay home without having to always leave. I thought I was making the right choice. Now I'm not sure I just finished but Itt-tech out of Indiana just shut all communication and the funny thing that they have called numerous times and not once mentioned anything about not getting your degree or shutting all programs including campuses. Worst communication between the school and students. I know I'm not alone on this but for those that are done are we still getting our degrees. I feel like this was a waste of time.

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Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

I signed up to attend ITT in the Fall of 2014 for a Business degree. I was not sure how I felt about the school once I attended. The teachers were not very good teachers to begin with. One of them was racist towards me in anything I said to her. There was a student in class that was constantly distracting us and she the teacher would say something once in a while and the student kept on. I finally had enough and told her to stop and that I am trying to get an education. The teacher then got onto me. Whatever. I reported it but nothing was done.

In Feb 2015 I had an injury in my brain that required medical leave and I gave the proper paperwork and ITT said not to worry about it. The next thing I know I was dismissed from the school. I was getting letters and bills in the mail for 1 quarter of attendance. I then decided I am not going back there and reported them to the Student Loan people. I knew this school had issues and I am glad I didn't go back. They will not release my transcript to my new school either. Now I cannot get any help from them.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2016

I attended ITT in 2006, 2007 and 2008. This is not the first time I have complained about them. I wrote a letter to the Attorney General's office about them and never got any satisfaction. I told them how the teachers weren't teaching. I told them how they promised to get me a job in what I was attending ITT for. That never happened. They wanted me to take a job at an extermination company as a customer service rep. I went to ITT to learn about computers. I am still paying the outrageous student loans, I am paying over $600.00 a month in student loans all for ITT. Now look where they are. But am I supposed to pay all the money I still owe for all their lies.

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Original review: Aug. 30, 2016

ITT Tech wronged me, and they should pay. When I signed up for ITT Tech, they assured me "teachers" would have a minimum of 3 years of applicable on-the-job experience and 15 semester hours in their subject area. This is not the case. My AC electronics teacher was fresh out of college with some kind of math degree, no job experience. Aside from him, many other unqualified instructors taught subjects they didn't fully understand.

One day, I made a mistake on purpose in lab, and this moron gave me 100%. A mistake like that in the real world could kill people. This is what is wrong with the world today. I spoke with some current students who confirm this is still an issue. I left without completing my degree because of these unqualified instructors. ITT Tech doesn't follow their own rules when assigning a "professor", so why should I pay the price of a sports car for a sub-par education from unqualified instructors? ITT Tech breached their contract, and they should pay.

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Original review: June 22, 2016

I honestly couldn't help but laugh a lot at just about every single review on this website that poses as "negative." Half of you can't spell, or form a halfway decent sentence. The other half complain that you have an associates or bachelors and are only being paid 30k a year. One of the reviews stated their spouse used his GI Bill to earn his degree and didn't walk away with any certifications and is making $12 an hour. Well your spouse is lazy. Since my attendance I've earned my CCNA and CCNP because I went out and applied my knowledge. I haven't even graduated yet with my Associates in Network Systems Administration, yet I'm making $22/hr with prospects of a promotion.

They say straight up their credits will most likely not be transferable. They hand you all the paperwork that you blindly sign. Instead of complaining, how about you open your eyes and read what's before you. Take your degree, and push it. Nothing should be given to you. Some of the instructors don't speak English very well, but ya know what. This is America, and we're a melting pot. Stop asking for handouts, put your degree to use and stop being lazy.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 8, 2016

Hello future RN's. I'm submitting this post hopefully it will help someone. I recently took the entrance HESI at ITT Tech in Orland Park. It was difficult but I pass. The following week I went in to complete my financial aid and was told that the RN program is $54000!!! That is wayyy too much just for an associates degree. I express that concern to the lady in financial aid and she had a very nonchalant attitude. I wasn't please so I spoke to one of the advisors about the program. One of the nursing advisor I talk to was clueless about some of the valid questions I was asking about the program. So now I'm getting angry. I want to be a nurse so this is my future and the staff at ITT Tech was being very unprofessional!!

I got offer a seat into their nursing program but I decline it and I'm sooo happy!!! ITT Tech in Orland Park is being investigated due to predatory lending and have several lawsuits against them. Plus their RN program is on probation!!! Let's just say God was with me during this process with this so call school so I felt the need to share my story hopefully it will help someone!!! There are so many cheaper accredited RN program in Illinois!!! ITT Tech should be ashamed of themselves!!!

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Verified Buyer
Original review: May 10, 2016

When attending ITT in Marlton, NJ it was made very apparent to me that the "teachers" were nothing more than working professionals in other fields that were looking to make some extra income by teaching. The problem is that these "teachers" had zero experience in teaching the software programs that they were hired to teach. In every single class I took, the "teachers" were literally learning the programs as they moved through the course. I signed up with the understanding that I would be taught by individuals who had knowledge of the programs I was supposed to be learning. Well, they did not provide a single "teacher" who knew any one of the programs I signed up for.

The next issue is that if a student was failing due to attendance or just did not do the work assigned, they would drum up some other bogus assignment that had nothing to do with the course work just to say they turned in some kind of work, then they would give that student a passing grade just to move them along so they could collect their money. ITT does not care about giving anyone an education in the programs they offer. All they care about is getting paid.

I have spoke to and heard of other students who "graduated" from ITT and I hear the same exact thing every time. And that is, ITT did not provide the level of education they promised when that student signed up. For anyone reading this, please do yourself a favor and RUN the other way if you have any thought at all of signing up with ITT. They are a scam and a waste of time. They do nothing but provide bogus teachers, bogus grades, and bogus degrees.

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Original review: April 5, 2016

I went to ITT's Knoxville, TN campus from 2005-2009. I graduated w/ my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. The quality of the teachers, at least in regards to the ones that taught the Criminal Justice courses, was outstanding. I met some great people who taught me a lot about not only Criminal Justice procedures but psychology and ethics as well. Furthermore, my interest in worldly events expanded, as well as my interest in politics and how they shape the Criminal Justice system.

However, as many of the other posts listed have described, as well as the allegations listed in the numerous lawsuits ITT is currently facing, my problems comes from feeling like I was mislead. I watched the first commercials for ITT when they started offering Criminal Justice programs (which the Knoxville campus no longer offers) and knew right away that was the field for me. The commercials appear so intriguing and you get the sense you will be practicing hands-on techniques in regards to forensics and things of that nature. The reality, however, was that there was no "hands-on" like the commercials presented. The hands-on experience you get at ITT involves your hands on the keyboard typing papers.

We were given a "CSI"-type kit that contained some tape, dust, and ink for fingerprinting, as well as a magnifying glass. Toys R Us sells similar "CSI" kits, but the Scotch tape and magnifying glass I got in my kit must have been of extremely high quality because it was built into my tuition at the rate of a couple hundred dollars. We also received a disc called "Identa-sketch" or something like that. It was supposed to help students learn how to sketch facial descriptions on the computer and diagram accidents and things like that. It, much like the expensive "CSI" kit, were used maybe 3-4 times total in the course of my 4 years at ITT. And I do not mean 3-4 as in 3-4 classes, I mean they literally were so useless we did not use them but 3-4 times period.

Another complaint is ITT's lax policy for students in regards to quality of work. In my final quarter, for our thesis, one student plagiarized their thesis. This student, believe it or not, was permitted to come back for another quarter and reattempt their paper. The original instructor, who rightfully was outraged, refused to go through another 9 weeks with this dishonest student, so ITT forced another CJ teacher to assist her (and for the record, that teacher was also upset, as the student should have been expelled).

Another student that went to school there failed three consecutive quarters before ITT finally parted ways with them. And some of the students I observed while at ITT were there simply because they could not get into any other school. After taking classes with students who could barely read, whose writing was not legible for a 2nd grader, and others who did the bare minimum continue to pass, I began to wonder why. Then it dawned on me that ITT's not as concerned about giving students a quality education as they are about getting paid. Why else would someone routinely fail all their classes for 27 weeks be permitted to continue as long as they did? Or why would a cheater, who stole someone else's work for their THESIS, get a second chance to do their own work?

What is ironic about the plagiary case in particular was that it was a paper for a Criminal Justice course, in which this student learned about torts and civil suits well in advance before trying to steal someone else's work. In spite of all these events and circumstances, the one thing that ITT was very keen on was attendance. You were not required to attend class every week, but it was absolutely imperative that a student not miss 3 consecutive classes in a row.

So, if you happen to be taking an English course, you can come once every 3 weeks, and as long as a student does that, they are pretty much guaranteed to pass, provided they turn in their work. And the quality of work, at least to those running ITT, was irrelevant, just as long as you passed to the next semester and reapplied for loans. Many of my teachers voiced displeasure about this rule, as they were compelled to pass a student no matter how poor the quality of their work was or how minimal their effort was in succeeding. In doing this, they undermine the instructors as well as devalue our degree.

For me personally, I feel like I wasted 4 years of my life. I met my wife there and we have a beautiful daughter and I have an incredible stepson, so for that I am grateful that I went to ITT. But went I look at my Bachelor's degree, my Salutatorian award, all of my Highest Honor Awards, and realize that I only make a little over $30,000 a year for a job that only requires a high school education and does not pay extra for college experience, I get a little depressed. My Criminal Justice degree is worthless. It has not helped me achieve a better paying job, nor has my wife had a job that pays more than $12 an hour since she graduated with her Bachelor's in Criminal Justice in 2010.

If I want to work as a security officer, I might be able to make about $10-$13 hourly, depending if I have a concealed carry permit of course. That wasn't exactly why I went into Criminal Justice. To get into CSI-type work, you must have science-related courses, which ITT does not offer. I also was clueless about ITT's subpar accreditation until I seen how many schools refused to accept credits earned from ITT and vice-versa. No community college in Knoxville would accept credits from ITT, nor would the University of Tennessee. And the same was true for ITT: they did not accept transfer credits from other local colleges. However, I never met anyone that transferred from Roane State, Pellissippi, or UT that tried to transfer to ITT.

In fact, the only school that I was aware of that ITT had a relationship with in regards to transferring credits was The Duncan School of Law, which was a beautiful school that opened in downtown Knoxville that, as of this writing, is only "provisionally" accredited by the American Bar Association and has undergone its own share of lawsuits and leadership changes.

So, if you have made it this far after reading all of the above, I cannot in good consciousness endorse ITT as a reputable school. I wish I knew more about how accreditation and transferring credits worked, and understood how important those aspects could be in regards to choosing a quality university. Knowing what I know now, I never would have went to ITT, and I am not even sure I would have went to college. Again, I was blessed to meet some great people, but I also feel distraught over how much debt I owe for school loans over a degree that is not even worth the paper it is printed on. Good luck in selecting a quality school, and beware of ITT.

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Original review: March 29, 2016

I worked very hard to get my degree with ITT online in Carmel Indiana. I cannot transfer any of my credits or find a job in Information Technology. They found me a temporary job but the Malaysian company outsourced their help desk to another country. So to find another job you must have a BA or higher. My associates degree is worthless. I have loans that are $46,000.00 plus interest.

They used out of date books, and the labs were terrible, they used V Labs and they were horrible and not written correctly. They were using LABSIM but I guess they did not want to give us a good education so they went for the cheap VLAB system and it was terrible. No support and you could not repeat a lab after it was over you were locked out. I am 60 years old and I cannot afford these student loans.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 24, 2016

I am able to retire from my current job. I fell for the TV ads. I work full time and attend ITT full time. I have been in classes were students don't show up and still attain high grades. I haven't learned much except for studying on my own. The recruiter told me this would be a hands on course in Network Service. It hasn't been. I was in one class were the teacher was removed because she wasn't certified to teach it. She had been teaching this class for two years prior. I was in another class were the instructor was bragging about her failure rate. I was in one class were the instructor was removed after two weeks because he did not pass a background check. Springfield VA is the campus.

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Original review: March 1, 2016

I enrolled in the class of Criminal Justice at ITT-Tech in the state of KY. Not even a month after I was there, I decided to move to PHX AZ. I decided that I would start school over there in AZ for the same class. Unfortunately when I get there there was only 2 ITT-Techs. One in Tempe and one in Dunlap. They ware far from where I lived. So I decided to wait a few months because I saw that there was going to be a new campus one opening up literately down the rd from my house.

So, when it finally opened I went to it, which it was on September of 2010. So I decided to go check the campus out. And when I was there, one of the recruiters came and talked to me. I told him that I was already enrolled in the ITT-Tech program and I was there to see if I could get Criminal Justice started. He said not yet. But him and the dean and the financial lady pulled me into their office, said that they would have been having the Criminal Justice class soon but not yet. But that it was best for me to join in Computer Engineering for the meantime. That way my loans wouldn't go to waste or even worse go into default mode. At that time I truly didn't know much about anything of college courses or anything like that so I trusted them. They seemed like good people. I guessed!!

So I enrolled not knowing that they took out a separate loan out without my consent. But of course the financial aid lady explained everything with her financial language and her smile. So I was dumb to believe her, to trust her and I got screwed. Now I owe 2 separate loans. They dropped me out because they said I had too many absences and that I was always late. Truth is I got fed up with their lies and their scams. I was very disappointed and till this day am upset about it. I wasted those great years of my life that I could of had spent somewhere else. Worse of all I never got any notice of my grants or nothing.

And guess what, I am in default mode so I can't even go to any school. I keep getting my tax refund into an offset in till I fix my default and collectors keep giving me the runaround and they keep selling my loans to god know who. So I never even know who to pay and the loan consolidators charge me money to get it fix upfront. Am almost homeless. So ya anyway, don't go to that school at all. I promise no matter how hard you try they will screw you over and for yrs of stress that no one needs. My question is why is in anybody out there listening or doing something about it? I even try to get a lawyer to sue them and they even said they can't. So lost all hope at this point. I just pray that someone does something soon to get them. They're bad, heartless people!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 21, 2016

I graduated from ITT with my Associates in 1997. I wanted to return for a Bachelors in Dec 2013. Before I registered, I met with a recruiter to discuss my concerns. I was informed that my total tuition would be $24000 and it would take only 18 months for me to graduate. June 2015 was supposed to be my graduation date. Instead of graduating, they signed me up for another loan and told me that September 2015 was going to be my new graduation date. September rolled around and I was informed that I still had 2 classes, so my new date would be March 2016 for sure. In December, they had a new Registrar start and now she's telling me that I need to take Associate classes that was added to the Associates program after I received my Associates.

Excuse me... I already have my Associates. Are they saying that my Associates that I received from them in 1997 is no longer valid? Why wasn't I told this when I registered. If I would of known, I wouldn't had came back. Now that I had taken all the bachelor classes, I need to go take some associate classes before I get my degree. I talked with the administration staff and corporate but did not get anywhere. If I want to graduate, I guess I will need to play their silly games. After I graduate, I hope they are prepared to play my games though. For the sake of graduating, I'm going to leave it alone for now. My advice to anyone thinking of attending this school is to get everything in writing up front and save it.

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Original review: Jan. 16, 2016

ITT Tech Indiana school charging me government loan which I don't have. Bill is 34,000 dollar I don't have. I sorry sign up for the school. They kick me out for attendance. They should not take any money out my social security or tax form. I did tried go back to school but kick me out school for no reason. I have explain to them I have to work Walmart that time so they didn't listen to me.

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Original review: Jan. 10, 2016

Man, does that place suck!!! I WAS going to go to Towson State University but, they won't accept anything from ITT Tech! And ITT Tech won't even verify that I was ever a student there, even though I still have my Diploma from them. I've tried suing them but, I can't.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 7, 2016

The instructor all they want is the money but I did not learn what I got myself into the loan that I feel that they took advantage of us cause the material was not up to date all and I still feel that ITT should pay back those they request on our behalf cause the exam that was I taken for employment did not compare what I learn from ITT tech. They need to get in shape in education cause that why I want to better myself but I did not feel that I learn from this school at a lot. I felt that it was just a paycheck to them not care if we learn. I will not recommend this school to none of my family nor friend at all. They need to a big change in that school if they still want to be out.

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Original review: Dec. 16, 2015

I also attended ITT and it was a huge disappointment when all I wanted was to better myself. Instead all I got was a lot of debt and harassment from bill collectors. I would encourage everyone going through the same thing to also file a complaint with "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau". The more complaints they get, the sooner we can stop them from taking advantage of people. And if you're thinking about going to ITT, I would suggest you rethink and research what schools are good and what ones are not. If only I would have followed that advice I would not be in this situation. Good luck to you all and only when we come together as citizens can we stop the corruption and build a brighter future.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 3, 2015

I graduated ITT Tech in 2004 with a 3.4 average. What I saw take place during my two years on campus was straight fraud. I witnessed grades being changed to pass kids along. I saw classmates passing classes without doing their work and teachers that didn't speak English. When I started ITT Tech I was excited to be in smaller class size to get the attention I needed. What I didn't expect was to be passed along without learning the course. The first time I saw it was in my mechanical drafting course. We had one major project to complete for the class which was about 50% of our grade. I was the only one who completed it correctly and every one still passed with B's and A's. Strange, but ok. Then in civil drafting I didn't understand it at all but passed.

Then the big one was in Physics. I was not getting it at all and never passed the test or homework during the term. When the final came the teacher was answering questions during the test and drawing on the board and even then graded the final on a curve and I passed without understand any of it. The one that was the craziest was the last term we had to complete a capstone project which determined the entire grade for that class. The teacher at the time Dr ** didn't understand English nor speak it very well. We all had to show the project in front of the class and I believe 40% of the class completed it and one student that had been absent most of the term showed up the last day with no project and a screw it attitude. Guess what? Every one passed the class, insane!

The teacher Dr. ** was there for the two years I was there and hardly spoke English which was very hard to understand his teaching. He would teach and we would all look at each other like WTF. I really felt that we were just pushed along and as long as you put in effort you graduated. Now I'm in total debt, out of most of my VA money and of course do not work in my field. Thanks ITT Tech.

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Original review: Nov. 17, 2015

I went to ITT from 2009-2011 the only way out was to finish their 2 year program. I found myself repeating classes that was already taken at another school that should have transferred over but ITT would say one semester that it wouldn't transfer but after the fact the class should have transferred. Coming up with the best schedule that would ensure that I would graduate in a timely manner wasn't their concern. Their concern was to get as much money out of me as possible. For instance most classes have prerequisites. Setting up your classes to ensure you take those class was always important. It never happened, either the classes weren't available because of not having a teacher or the school was doing away with the program and was talking to students about changing their degree program in the middle of program. All of this would mean you having to take additional am classes and graduation rates changes.

That was my issue. No one would take any of the classes if I just transferred before actually obtaining an associates, so I had to stay with it. I graduated in 2011 but all of my student loans were maxed out and I'm left with 10k due to ITT. No job. The information taught was so outdated that most employers would have to retract everything. The school promises they would give you the tools and pay for you to obtain 2 certifications and they took that away after my first semester. This is NOT a good school and it serves them right to be sued.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 19, 2015

Yes I am a student at ITT Tech. I would like to say that I think they should provide books for the class that the students are taking. Like for HM1310 that is Information Systems and Technology In Healthcare. Some of us do not have laptop at home or have any type of internet access. It is hard for us to read our books on our phone, tablets, etc. The school should have books for all medical students. It is easy for us to study and read and understand our homework. We can't copy or paste because that is a law for copyrights.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 2, 2015

I went to ITT tech and spoke to a recruite r who told me ITT could not accommodate people with disabilities. I was told the electronics class would teach me the field I wanted to learn. Only after attending and speaking with the head of electronics was I told, they didn't teach what the recruiter said. I feel lured in under false pretenses and fleeced. They refuse to refund any monies, and now have collection agencies calling. They have taken my tax refund. I have filed a lawsuit in Greenville, SC against ITT Tech.

ITT has a Pain Funnel. This is the paper they give to recruiters to make you feel you're worthless and will always be broke without their education. ITT can no longer be a member of the BBB due to complaints. ITT is being monitored by the government, mainly the Dept. of Education. ITT has been charged by the SEC. ITT does predatory lending and makes loans to people who cannot pay. Over 60% of students will default on loans.

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Original review: Sept. 30, 2015

I have been going on ITT Tech University since Feb 2015 and things were going great. In July I decided to change majors. I called my recruiter, was told everything would change and when my start date was in October 2015. In between then and now I have been given wrong information then got transferred to someone who can't help me. I was told to take classes that I was not supposed to be registered in and was told at first not to log in, then 2 weeks in, log in. I need those classes. So now on 2 classes, 2 weeks behind.

In between that time I tried calling again, left messages, no one called back. I then spoke to another recruiter and was told I needed to do financial aid which this whole time no one told me. I was suppose to get a call and nothing. I then get an email from financial aid on my current major because they need new info. I explained my situation and he told me 2 weeks ago he would have my recruiter call me. As of now, no call. He was nice enough to within the 2wks to follow up and I told him no phone call.

Time is getting closer to my new major start date and I haven't gotten far. I feel that the classes so far have been great but when it comes to trying to change majors, no one wants to help and now it's at a point where I am looking for a new school. I feel that they do not want you changing majors when it's my right to. I am also going to be writing a letter to the president and letting them know the way I was handled.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 25, 2015

So I've been attending ITT Tech for about two weeks now. So far, the experience has been anything but educational. More entertaining and stressful. This school reeks of a business model. Even on internal systems, the staff are labeled as "employees" rather than teachers. The fact that it’s a "for-profit" establishment is evident around every corner. They bring cupcakes and host stupid events in attempt to win your loyalties. Twice, I've purposely submitted corrupted Word document files as assignments, and both times I've been given a passing grade.

As a former active duty service member, I'm fully aware of how military "push-button advancements" work. This is just a civilian counterpart. I feel that ITT Tech is the biggest waste of my hard-earned GI Bill. Sadly, I'm in such a pickle where I can't financially drop due to the income the GI Bill provides. It's truly a shame that I have to waste such great benefits on such a crap establishment.

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Original review: Sept. 16, 2015

My name is Mark **. I attended ITT Technical Institute from 2006-2008 at the Norwood, OH campus. I obtained an Associate's Degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. After graduation I found a job in my field at a cabinet company. After two months, I was demoted and my hours were cut. I worked in my career for a whopping total of 2 months and haven't used my degree since. I went back to the ITT Career Placement Center multiple times and told them I needed help finding a job. They got me one interview at a temporary agency. The rest of the time they said that they had nothing and were unable to help me. I did get several other interviews from submitting countless resumes online and nobody would hire me.

I am now working for a factory and barely making $30,000 a year. In six years I have never used my degree again. When I graduated in 2008 I owed $41,500 in loans. At this writing I owe over $45,000. Right now I am paying $255 a month on just the private loans. The rest (the government loans) are all in deferment because I cannot afford to pay on all of them. The private loans, according to multiple discussions with Sallie Mae then later Navient, were not eligible for deferment. I was set up on graduated repayment plans over a period of 5 years until they were exhausted. You can get a forbearance on these loans but only four times, and you have to pay $50 per loan. And to be quite honest, I am not even sure I signed up for these type of loans. They were not explained to me at all and when I had questions about what I was signing, the financial aid adviser rushed me through the process.

All I know is I graduated in 2008 and I still owe over $43000. I paid $161.50 a month for over 6 years and now I am paying $255. Where have these payments gone to??? I want it noted that I have never once went into default with these loans. Because of these loans and the restrictions they have, I cannot pay the government loans back until I pay this loan. I cannot go to a regular school and get an actual valid degree because I simply cannot afford to. This whole experience has left a devastating impact on me and I am afraid for my own child to go to college. It is a horrible feeling to know you are going to be in debt for the rest of your life.

ITT used deceptive recruitment practices to lure students into enrolling to receive their federal financial aid. These students then receive none of the valuable career skills for which they enrolled in the program and they leave with enormous amounts of debt. Subsequently, they can't find a job, they default on their loans, and taxpayers dollars are wasted in the process, all while these companies continue to profit off of student loan debt and federal financial aid. Only by my wife working and me working together, and the grace of a higher power, we are not in the situation many people we talk to are in.

I will not dispute that I do owe the government money. I did go to school for two years on their funding but I do believe I was deceived about the type of private loans I had. I was told I would be making a good living as a draftsman and that it would be a solid foundation when I wanted to go on and be an architect. It was all lies and I have paid a heavy price for these lies to my pride. ITT built an empire on broken promises and shattered dream and they used federal monies to do it. I was the first in my family to graduate from "college." What a laugh ITT has had at my expense. Thank you.

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Original review: Aug. 30, 2015

I recently was audited by the IRS from a 1099 MICS I never reported in 2013 (which I never received to be able to report it). It states I owe over a grand in taxes due to them paying off interest on my peaks loans. I called ITT Tech Corp and they said I couldn't get my promissory note. I had to call Peaks for it so I called Peaks and they said I had to get it from ITT Tech. I also asked them if ITT had ever made a payment. They said no. I found where the "payment" was made but the numbers don't add up at all. I request from the ITT Tech Corp the payment records for this and the numbers are way off... They stated they paid 6400 in interest towards my Peaks Student Private Loans and the records add up to over 8 grand and the principal balance never changes.

I sent certified letter requesting my promissory notes after I spoke with a legal counsel and they said the IRS had been circling ITT Tech for a long time and that my situation sounds fishy and suggested I request my promissory notes by certified mail which I did and I believe I have one sitting at the post office now waiting for me but I did not think by paying interest on a student loan was taxable income and that they had to notify me of making that type of payment beforehand. Any suggestions or legal guidance would be appreciated.

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Original review: Aug. 12, 2015

I & my wife were current suckers of ITT Tech. They talked a nice dream but in reality they are sucking you dry and if you try to sue they will get a lame brain attorney to argue that the students upon entering ITT Tech signed an agreement that you will go through their arbitration agreement & that's defining if you don't have an order of guardianship or not you cannot pass that. That's why they keep winning. The students must refuse to sign that, it's unconstitutional. To the person that stated they wanted to do a class action lawsuit contact me as I already have a current lawsuit in federal.

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Original review: July 31, 2015

I am trapped in this Peaks loan through my "Private College". I am starting to believe this is all a scam to obtain more money out of their students. My loan was for $10,000., my financial aid advisor told me this was the smallest interest rate loan. My interest rate on the loan is 14%. My interest cost me more than the entire loan itself. I wish filing a Class Action Lawsuit against the school, as well as against the lenders who approve these loans with the astronomical interest rate. It reminds me of the lenders who approved the housing loans for the people who were incapable of paying the high interest rate. This stuff has to stop, students should not be punished for trying to make a better life for themselves. What can I do? This loan is impossible to pay and nobody wants to re-finance this. Really the laws accept this?

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Original review: July 29, 2015

I studied for my AAS/EET at the Austin Campus from 97 - 99 and finished my BS/TCT in the Hayward campus the following year. I had a mixed bag of instructors, some were challenging and the others were not. The text book material was very thorough in the core subjects (electrical, computer programming, and wave theory for specific examples), however the pace of the classes and the integration of electrical theory with calculus were missing. An upside to ITT was not having the volume of elective classes that are associated with typical universities, allowing me to focus on the math and science classes. The school places emphasis on getting you in the door on entry level positions, but by no means does it qualify the student for research and development or higher engineering positions, or a PE for that matter. These require additional certifications and schooling.

The Austin campus had good and challenging instructors for students who wanted to learn. The placement office in Austin was helpful and landed me an entry-level temp position in a telecommunications company making about 25k/year to start. I was well prepared for that position, but my advancement from there had nothing to do with the school and more about tenacity on my part. ITT will not land you a job making six figures, but they do help getting in the door and the rest is up to you.

The dislikes I had about the school were credits not transferable outside ITT, and the tuition expense did not seem commensurate to the value of the degree. I had about 30k in student loans after GI Bill assistance was factored in. This was 15 years ago, I can't imagine how much tuition has gone up since then. Also, the degrees are misleading (Electronics Engineering Technology, Telecommunications Engineering Technology, etc) using the word engineering when the math was not the caliber of an engineering degree at a university.

An earlier comment about Associates Degree from a Community College is true in that the education is better and the credits are transferable, however the job placement isn't there with typical Community Colleges. Also I can't speak to the lab work in Community College, whereas its use in ITT was invaluable in learning some of the electrical theory. ITT is well suited for adults who work full time and don't have the hours in the day to attend a University as a fulltime student. You can attend ITT at night and work fulltime in the day. However, if you're 18 and freshly out of highschool or with financially supporting parents/family I would recommend another path.

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  • Certification and degree programs: With both certification and degree programs, students have the flexibility to decide whether or not they need a more immediate educational solution, or they can put in the time to earn a 4-year degree.

  • Program variety: With six different areas of study, ITT Tech offers programs in business, electronics technology, information technology, drafting and design, criminal justice and health.

  • Military benefits: As a part of many service contracts, those in the military are able to apply funds toward their higher education. ITT Tech is able to accept military benefits.

  • Year-round classes: Take classes on a schedule that makes sense for your with four semesters available per year.

  • Advanced degree programs: Earn a masters degree online through ITT Tech.

  • Best for: New grads, promotion/job seekers, lifetime learners and full-time workers.

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