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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 13, 2017

I started going to Everest online back in 2009-2010 school year. I went for Medical Billing and Coding. I went for almost 3 years but when I signed up they told me 1200 for the program. I am very angry with the fact that I find out that I couldn't even finish the program because they got rid of it! And now they are charging me 40,000!!! That is ridiculous! For 2 yr program that they got rid of before I even finish! And now I am in a bind because they are garnishing my taxes every year. They already have the past two years. Which was a total of almost 20,000. But STILL they are saying I owe 40,000. That makes no sense! I want my two years of taxes refunded back to me because I am being ripped off and they are scamming me!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 9, 2017

My city, Naples, FL was hit by hurricane Irma. I did not have power, internet service, nor telephone service for almost two weeks. Altierus, which is the name of Everest now, ended up dismissing me from the college. I did fill out a academic appeal form that was approved. However, they fail to explain that once you submit the form, you have to attend class on that same day. This was an unfair ruling.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 17, 2017

I went to Everest University online and completed them both. I did get the Associate’s Diploma in the mail back in 2014 but when I graduated from my Bachelor’s degree program in 2016 I never received my diploma in the mail. I called graduate services I remember 5 times and they said they would re-mail it to me. Here we are a year and 4 months later and I still don't have what they promised me. What should I do about this? I did complete the program.

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Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 29, 2016

My name is Valerie ** and I attended Everest Institute in Austin TX. I took weekend classes for Medical Administrative Assistant. Couldn't even tell you who the teacher was because we didn't have a stable one. I remember even attending on a day and no teacher was there at all. They would have another teacher from another department come and check on us. Can't remember much of what I learned because we really weren't shown much. Well go figure we didn't have a teacher.

Crazy that all that money they want but can't even teach you nothing. Yea I got a book and basically tried to go over it myself and I feel like my grades weren't even real. We could just get to class sign in and leave. It's like we were really just given a grade because we showed up. I hate that I now have to pay back $13,000 + for what? Not to even be working in this field. So here I am again trying to attend school to get a degree. I took this route because hey 9 months didn't sound too bad for a single mom and weekends only. But not everything that sounds good is good. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOUR MONEY.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 28, 2016

I chose to attend Everest Online in August of 2014 for an Associate degree in Business Management. I had completed 1 full year (2 semesters) and was started on my third semester and in the middle of an Accounting class when access was shut off with no warning. Prior to that happening, I had received a letter saying that some of the college campuses owned by Corinthian were being closed, but that the online colleges would not be affected and it would be business as usual. It was extremely frustrating because there was no way to make contact to find out the future status on the online campus.

Before the college closed I was carrying a 3.80 GPA, had been on the President's List 3 times and had received certificates for each time. I never received any money from my student loans and should have but they were evidently charging me fees for room and board even though I was an online student. It took almost a month after the school was closed for me to receive my transcripts. I finally found another college to attend but the curriculum was not the same, so I was not sure I had any usable credits that would transfer. I got lucky and some of them did.

So for those students saying that Everest was not an accredited school, that is totally false. I actually prefer the way Everest had their online courses set up to the way my new college does it, how they provided actual books for the courses free, and a laptop for use with the courses and the teachers on the whole were much better at their jobs. I was also one of the lucky ones who had their student loan fees wiped completely off the records. I was able to start fresh with my new school, which is much cheaper.

However, I received a call a few months ago from a bill collector for Everest saying that I owed the school money, about $300 and demanded that I pay the balance immediately. I advised them they would not be seeing a dime from me, because they actually owed me money due to the financial aid credit they had not passed on to me as required by law. I advised them they needed to send me a detailed bill showing how they came up with the amount they say I owe, and they told me I would receive something within 7-10 days. Needless to say, I have not heard from them since, either by phone or mail. So I figure that Everest was trying to continue with the fraud connected to the reason they had been shut down for.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 7, 2016

I got married in 2004. I work construction which is not a stable business to be in which was fine for a single man, but I desired more. I got a call from (Back then it was Florida Metropolitan University... Everest bought them) salesperson. She told me, "You will make more money by going to college". I told her I was making 40,000 a year. She said, "You will make more than that by getting this education".

I did everything. I was told I would only have to be in school for 2 years, which turned into almost 3 years because "you need just a few more credits... Now you need a half a credit" and was told I would not have to pay until after graduation but was asked to start paying so I did start paying. I sent 2 payments of $167 and never received any receipt that I was paying them. I stopped paying and they started harassing me to pay them. I told them to send me a receipt and they kept saying "We do not send receipts" so I said NO RECEIPT, NO PAY. I never got a diploma.

The account was purchased by SAF which pays off the account for pennies on the dollar and now SAF claims that I now owe over 40,000 because it has collected interests and penalties. The jobs for the education I do not have a diploma for start at $8 to 10 an hour and are NOT paying more than I make in construction. I was lied to. I have no diploma, I was harassed, scammed, and now with "interest and penalties" the amount has tripled. Nothing but a total scam.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 28, 2016

Now before I bash this school I do want to say that my instructor and classmates were great, but this Institute was a waste of time and it really was a waste of money. I attended this school hoping to regain my confidence and to get somewhere in life. I lost all confidence in school since my future was taken from me in a previous incident, but I had to get off my **. I was looking to get into the medical field as my mother suggested because it was a growing field and thought why not be my own M.A. So I enrolled, but seeing that I couldn't do it alone I needed to have a cosigner and my mother did that for me. It was all praises when I entered in the building for registration and everything they informed me of. I was guaranteed assistance with finding and landing a job I was told. I mean sounds like a dream come true coming from where I've been, I needed this pick me up so I enrolled.

Student ambassador and graduated with a 4.0 gpa was an awesome feeling, a feeling of accomplishment. And then it was time to find a job, and that's when everything turned for the worst. I'm not sure if this school knew of my background history but I did ask before signing up would it affect my chances of getting a job and I was told no. I have a class a misdemeanor for trespassing so I figured it wasn't like I did a huge crime like murder or something in that matter. Well turns out I couldn't get a job period because of my background. I attended this damn school in 2010 of November and had my graduation held back until February 2012. It is 2016 and the rules still apply for me.

It's one thing if you know people in the industry you're going for but me on the other hand I wasn't looking for a hand out. I wanted to show exactly why I was an ambassador of my class and why my gpa was high. I was never given that chance, well only during externship. And even then I was battling those from other institutions for the same position. I've been discriminated against because of my sexual preference and let go because I wasn't able to make it in one day due to my grandfather being rushed to the er for the removal of his toes. But honestly this school has literally given me nightmares, and I don't want sympathy but I still cry at times because I know my worth and working a 9-5 in fastfood was far from my agenda of a career goal.

I now have to pay this damn loan that I honestly believe I shouldn't since I was s robbed of my future. If they knew my background existed then being in the medical field should've given them the red flag for someone like me. I recently tried for a CNA license but I asked the administrator if it was worth me even getting into the program (with another school of course) and she told me with my background it's literally not worth the fuss. It sucks because I'm not a criminal. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time such as Everest. If I could go back I would have never chosen to waste my time to this school knowing what I know now.

My mom's wages are currently being garnished since I can't keep up with the payments because I'm literally poor money wise. I hate people who feed on those who are desperate to make a change. I'm not saying everyone didn't make a career, just those I know who had inside connections. I still keep in touch with classmates who still haven't found anything to do with the career path we chose to study. I've found a website that'll let me fight this loan since I attended around the time they falsified what they could do. Please if you decide you want to go to school make sure you know exactly what you're getting into. Or you'll end up in debt like me, wages garnished like my mom and credit score down. I'm looking into legal matters in this because I feel as if I was bamboozled and ripped off. Everest you didn't even do me a favor but I plan on fighting this.

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Original review: May 11, 2016

I graduated in medical assisting as one of the top in my class. I was promised work in the medical assisting field, it was literally explain to me interacting with patients in a medical setting. As a administrative assistant to a corporate company I was offered a job answering phones & only phones for a criminal lab. Then told it went to another student & not me, without an explanation to why. After that I called every week for 4 months, left multiple messages informing them that I have not been provided with assistance with work placement. Then tried to complain, but could only get transferred to voicemails & never get a callback.

Finally in 2012 the closest I got was a medical office assistant job (nothing to do with my medical education) then left to move out of state hoping for better opportunities in 2013 and been unemployed ever since with employers informing me with the same issue. "We are looking for medical assistants with certification" which Everest had told me "wasn't needed but you can if you want to, it's up to you to get it on your own". They never explained to me how. It's 2016 & to this day I'm still confused on what I can do to better my situation.

I don't know how much longer I can dodge my loan collectors. As everyone knows you can't tell them that. There’s no sympathy from their end. They just want their money any way they can get it, and now not later. All involved in this lawsuit are lucky you’re getting compensated in some way. Because some of us aren't getting -Jack-... And yes I feel like a complete moron for falling for this scam, but they make it so easy to qualify and sign up, they do all the paperwork. When you’re a full time student with a full-time job in the wrong place at the wrong time, what can I say.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 7, 2016

I attended Everest in 2009 for massage therapy. Loved my teachers and classmates but when the 9 month class was over, I tried to get the credits transferred to KVCC they informed me that they will not recognize them at an accredited school. Later when paying the one loan of $1200 off found 11 more loans of infuriatingly different prices ranging from $183 to $9986 all in one month. I am still trying to fight the loans and am being garnished for them in the process. According to a credit site that 9 month class cost me $96,469.

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Original review: March 18, 2016

I began Everest College online in 2007. I was 19 and didn't really know a thing about college except I needed a college degree. Once I got on the phone with Everest they made all kinds of promises and they never once lived up to them. I was with this company for 4 years because my credits would not transfer. I am now over 74000 dollars in debt with nothing to show for it. I cannot pay off the student loans. They did not care about me as a student. Some of the teachers were horrible. One semester for my report writing class I had an instructor that was from the Middle Eastern area. My report topic happened to be the war in Iraq at the time. He would not answer my emails and would not grade my work, and ended up failing me without even talking to me.

I had so many problems with this school. If I it to do over I would never have even bothered with school. I am now trying to find a way to get my student loans under control because I was terribly overcharged. Everest has basically ruined my life. Because of the student loans and the way they were set up, and the extra charges they took out and everything, my credit has been ruined.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 25, 2016

I want to start off by saying that most people submitting comments on this page need to first review themselves and the choices they made PRIOR to submitting negative reviews about Everest University. I do not think that it is fair for people to place blame on Everest for personal mistakes and lack of ambition or commitment to higher education. I graduated Everest University, Lakeland campus in 2004 with my Associate of Science Degree in Medical Assisting. I maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout the entire program and excelled in my externship opportunity that was arranged for me through Everest. While in enrolled in school, I was a single mother, worked full-time, and cared for my father whom had cancer. Upon completion of my externship, I was offered employment with the facility, as a Medical Assistant.

Sure, the pay was not fantastic nor enough to pay off my student loans; however, I was employed in the field and now had a chance to work my way up in the healthcare industry. I spent two years working in this facility, gaining valuable knowledge which helped in securing employment as an Allied Health Instructor and Mental Health Manager.

I decided to go back to Everest University to pursue my Bachelor of Business Management degree in 2008. Life threw some curve balls at me which affected my continued enrollment; however, I have since re-enrolled and have one term left until completion of this degree. My academic advisor has been excellent through my enrollment, assisting me in all avenues of forward success. She contacts me on a steady basis to ensure that things are going well. FA has explained everything to me, stayed on top of my requirements, and even assisted me in applying for grants (since I am capped out on Federal loans). The faculty and staff that I have contact with are awesome!

Since I am already employed in the Management field, I have chosen not to participate in the Career Services assistance; however, the department has offered assistance in reviewing my resume and providing me with job leads. Just to set the record straight - it is not the job of anyone in Career Services to GET YOU A JOB. The department can assist you in finding opportunities that are available, create a resume, and even mock-interview; however, it is up to you to GET THE JOB that you went to school for. The Everest University CS representative is there for assistance and support. They are not there to do everything for you - after all, they will not be your "tag-along" at work, so you should learn how to be independent and capable enough to search and apply for jobs on your own.

Lastly, every school costs money. If you do not like to amount of money that you are being charged for tuition, books, and etc. then you should not have signed up for school in the first place. You should have conducted your own research, including price comparison of your program of interest. You made the decision to sign the deal - you should have also read through the paperwork that you were signing.

So, I leave you with this tip: You are responsible for your own actions and your own future. Do not put that responsibility on others whom are only there to assist. Take action on what you want and take responsibility for what you have chosen to do. Grow up and act mature because the negative actions that you have all portrayed on these comments are probably the main reason you are not employed in your field of study or complete with your degree at another college.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 6, 2016

When I at school at Everest I had a hard time with home life. I went to get a better life. When I came to Everest I was promised all sorts of things but when I in there things changed. I started to notice attitudes changed as soon as got in. Like with my books I had to have teachers sometimes come down with. I had a hard time getting books and I paid. At times couldn't go to class and I would have the receipt to show that I had paid and still had a hard time getting back into class. It's like they didn't want me there anymore.

But it started to get worst when I had to drop out because I would get sick a lot because I would be so stressed out. My home wasn't great so when I would go to school I thought to myself oh well since that I am back in school that, it would be easier, but it wasn't. I would get told that "oh you're about to get dropped." A lot messiness with just a lot of mess when tried to do externship. I got dropped and the only thing that have to do is my externship and they're also giving me a hard time with that also. So I have tried to contact them to see if I could still do my externship and still nothing so what am I suppose to do if they don't let me do it and they told me that I have to go through them and I paid my money to go to school so I give this school a big F.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 14, 2016

I enrolled at Everest Online 05/26/2015 for Business pursuing my Associates Degree. My plans were to continue my adult education until I earned my Masters Degree in Business Management. July 2015, I received a email from Everest Financial Aid to sign a few forms to remit back. I did the next day. Financial Aid intentionally sent the wrong forms and went back and forth with me for my entire enrollment about dropping me from school because of a mistake made on the school's behalf. After 7 months of school, I was dropped. I stay pretty busy with my business and 2 days ago, I checked my Everest account and noticed Pell Grant refunds at least 3 times and a few more refunds. My entire school term, I never received the amount left from funding at all. I'm reporting Everest to the Department of Education.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 31, 2015

I also registered, enrolled, and attended Everest University Online in the year of 2009. I attended four semesters as a part-time student before realizing that I was getting nowhere fast. I was not aware of the fees that I was being charged until after I decided to withdraw from their institution. My personal information should not have been used by their Financial Aid Department for the college convenience. I have a $24,000 bill due to Everest University and not one Account Statement from Everest to show what I was being charged per semester.

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Original review: Nov. 11, 2015

I went to this "school" back in 2009/2010 only to have $5000 in student loans I can't pay. They don't teach you anything. The "diploma" I received is not valid for a job. I can't transfer my credits to a reputable college. And now at 24 yrs old I have to start all over.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 19, 2015

I decided to change careers after being a Nanny for over 20 years. I had been to the school to check it out about 18 months before actually signing up. I went in for the initial appointment and had a chance to go over some paperwork, take a tour and ask a few questions. My main concern was that I had been out of school for many years and I wanted to be assured about how and who taught the classes. I was told that Medical Billing and Coding was very much in demand because without coders, the doctors would not get paid! It was mentioned several times that if I ever needed any help to just ask and they would be there to assist me in any way possible. I chose to go to Everest instead of a 2 year program at a community college because of the time needed.

Everest would allow me to attend full time and be done in 10 months and I was able to make arrangements through the employment department with the TUI Program. If not for this program, I would have not been able to attend since I lived in Scio Oregon and the school was in Tigard Oregon. This meant driving 2 hours a day 4 days a week for nearly a year. I went through each Mod, passing with a 4.0 and graduating with the top of my class, repeatedly being on the President's list, and walking proudly up on the stage to receive my Certification in Medical Billing and Coding.

Little did I know that all the work that I have put in, late nights of studying, and moments of wanting to give up were just the beginning. I recall during classes how we would be told over and over again that after we graduated that we could not become a couch potato and to look for at least 3 employment opportunities a week. We were also required to finish 500 hours with an externship that the school would set us up with.

Toward the end of school, we grazed through the dental parts because we were looking in the Medical Field like doctors offices. I was placed at the last minute at a dental office in Salem that previous students had been placed at that was not a good experience for anyone. And I had found out afterwards that the only reason I was put there was because the school had a time limit to have me finish and that was the only place they could find for me. That was the worst experience ever. The manager treated me like dirt beneath her fingernails. I was just glad to be done and never have to return ever again. Patients complained of how harsh the assistants were during the exams and yet I could not do anything to help them. I had to make sure to finish this externship in order to graduate.

So after that, my resume needed a little changing and I had made arrangements with career services to get the job that I had worked so hard for. I heard so many times that I should send them a list of all the places that I had applied to so that if they knew anyone that worked there, they would be able to connect with people and get a foot in the door. My thought was, why don't you give me a list of the places where you know people work at and I will go apply there! The career services would send out a list of places for us to apply to and they were the same places that I have already found on my own such as jobs on Craigslist! Are you kidding me??? I was on every website that I could get my hands on. This is what they call career services? This had to be a bad joke.

I was told by one place that what I was taught at Everest was not what the company needed me to know. It was said many times that I had to have at least 6 months to a year experience in an office setting before I would be considered for any position in billing and coding. So how was I going to get any experience if no one would hire me, and no one would hire me without experience! I quickly realized that I was now in worst shape than I was before I decided to change careers which was the scariest thing I had ever done.

It is now at the end of 2015 and I still have no job, no income, and a lot of school debt. I kept my end of the deal by getting the highest grade possible and Everest has given me nothing but headaches, bills I cannot pay, panic attacks beyond my comprehension, and no light at the end of a very dark and miserable existence. So what do I want out of this? I want my debt cleared, my loans forgiven, my credit rating to be fixed, funds given that I would have earned had Everest kept their promises and monetary relief given to my family for being there for me when no one else was. That would be a start.

We carted around a suitcase of many books that we never even used and yet paid for. I pulled a muscle in my arm trying to get the suitcase in my front seat which I didn't have insurance to see a doctor about. I am very angry that I have been put through such turmoil and stress and this whole experience has left me with no trust in others, so self-esteem to venture forward and a debt that feels like a mountain of pressure on my shoulders. Everest should not be allowed to get away with such poor practices. They should pay much like I have now for over 4 years of high stress, no income and uncertainty of what to do next to resolve such issues.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 3, 2015

I was excited to do a changed in my life with Everest. I believed their lies. Considering that in 08 I was placed on SSDI. So I thought that I could get off SSDI and still be able to something I enjoyed. Criminal Justice, Interrogation and investigation. I was told that for the two years I went to school it would cost no more than $10,000 to $15,000 dollars. My thought "WOW, that is a lot for doing schooling online," but the rep said they had to send books to participate in classes. Ok, I know school books are expensive because I am a retired Aesthetician from the local community college. But hey I was investing in my education that is good, ha.

So I started in 11/30/09, I did the little online class about loans and signing a note. Everest said that I would have to do that every year, okay no biggie. They said the first loan would be $9,000 dollars (but it was for the whole year) when in reality it was $9,500 (I have proof). Ok that is high but for the whole year, ok. Then in 10 they did a loan for what they said was $4,000 dollars, yeah no ($9,000). I said okay this was the year I would be graduating, then I can start paying back the loans cause they said they would help with job placement, ha yeah right.

Then came the excuses, you’re not registered, we lost your paper work (4 times), we haven't received any payments yet. Boy I thought I was absentminded. The end of the semester came and I was told that I failed the classes I took. What? How is that? I attended, I did homework. There is no record of me attending. Wait, What? I copied the questions and the homework before I sent it in and it was dated. Everest said they will check into it. I will still need to retake the classes and I can take a new class now and retake one of the classes I "failed." Ok I guess. “Would I need to take out any more loans?” “No we can got it covered.” Loans I didn't realize they had taken out cause I was never informed.

This is 2011 loans - 3/28/11 $500.00, 4/8/11 $6,496.00, 12/21/11 $3,566.00. Then I received a letter stating that there was going to be a tuition increase to $4,000. Wait are you kidding me. During this time I some health issues and kept my instructors up to date on everything. They said “no biggie, just keep turning in homework and you're good.” I thought okay they didn't ask for a doctor's note but got it just in case. When I called to see if I passed the student services was excited and said yes I did, and “remember to enroll for the next classes, you’re so close to finishing and then you graduate.” Ok great. What a lie.

Went online to enroll, “you have to repeat the classes.” WHAT the DUCK. “You said I passed.” "Oh sorry we never said." WHAT YOU SORRY PIECE OF POOP. Student services was starting to know me by voice and name. I was po, student services said they would sign me up for some electives after this. Are you kidding me. But I was desperate, I didn't want to be on SSDI, so I took more classes. I asked if I was full time student why was I only taking two classes a semester. “Oh you have never been a full time student.” Okay, what is the balance of my loans, and why have I not received any information on who my lender is and where and how I can make payments. Reply I received “I have no idea. I don't have access to that kind of information, but I can see. Okay here is my number and email.”

Then 2012 loans, 5/21/12 $6,000.00, 6/11/12 $4,500.00, 12/27/12 $4,500.00, 12/27/12 $3,482.00, and then in Feb. 2013 medical and family issues I had to just drop out. Kept calling Everest to see what I had to do. After about 3 months of calling every other day and even leaving voice mails their reply was "everything has been taken care of, hope you get better and settle the family issues. We would love to have you back and you have about 17 hours left till you graduate.”

Wait what after all the classes that I have taken and the $18,000.00 dollar loans I still have that many hours, are you kidding me? Do I sound and look like an idiot (yeah, I was). They still did a loan for that 2/23/13 $1,000.00. I finally received all the financial aid info after I had to drop, but still nothing on the amount of my loans and where I can make payments. Hell I still thought that it was only the $18,000.00 but when I finally got information from Navient, six months that payments were to be made, I saw all the loans that had been taken out a total of $56,000.00. Then found out that Everest was and had been being investigated by the government, but I never heard about it.

Just today, I see that all Corinthian, Everest and other schools had shut down in April of this year. I found some sites that might help with discharging the loans so you might want to check these sites out, - look for income-driven repayment plans for federal student loans. ** - this is a form from the department of education that you can fill out and send them. Make sure to print off the reviews from here and anything that states that Everest shut down and any lawsuit information so that you can send it in with the paperwork to show that they have been having problems.

Also copy any and all paperwork that you received from Everest during and after going to school there because it will help them decide if your loans can be discharge for fraud. Note that Navient said there have been a lot, lot, lot of complaints about Everest University. I still receive stuff on my loans but until coming to this site I had no idea of what to do or where to turn. Discharging of my loans is my biggest thing. Also check with your states district attorney's office to see if there is a civil lawsuit pending or not.

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Original review: Aug. 28, 2015

I went to Everest for 3 years part time and receive my degree in business and I was shocked on how much my student loan was when I started paying. I owe 47,000 for a 3-year part time for an associate degree. I'm trying to find out if I was overcharged but I don't know where to start.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2015

Myself and dozens of other students who attended Everest College were told that the student loan monthly bill would be no more than $50.00 however it turns out that it is approximately $300.00... Also, prior to signing the loan agreement, the recruiter told myself and other students that we can transfer our credits to any college of our choice after we graduate from Everest College however it turns out that Everest College is non-accredited and credits can never transfer. They stated that it's ok to have a criminal felony record and still attend their college with or without a high school diploma. The teachers had little to no experience at all of ever teaching "anything" and openly admitted it to myself and the class. One teacher openly admitted to not knowing how to spell and asked the students for help. Our Math teacher told us he hates Math and required us to go ahead and go home early three days out of the week not spending five minutes in that class.

Everest College promised job placement after graduation however not once did the Job Placement Department ever help me get a job even after I made several attempts to contact them regarding the situation. They even went as far as ignoring my calls. Today, I still get a bill telling me to pay up. The current students prior to the shutdown of Corinthian Colleges was provided the opportunity to back out of their student loans and even get a refund however the graduate students affected by this fraud is stuck with the bill. Myself and other graduates deserve the right to back out of our loan as well as we were also affected by their fraud and stuck without jobs. Can we get some help?

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2015

I attended Everest online back in 2009, for what I believe was 2 semesters. They wanted me to go a 3rd semester, and I sent my books back, because I had told them I was no longer attending. I went back to school at a community college last year and did 3 semesters, today when going over final financial aide, was told that I have used the majority of my funding. I have less than 2 years of funds left, I was charged close to $20,000 for 2 semesters, but I'm guessing they charged me for the 3rd, which was NEVER attended. $20,000 for 2 semesters, are you kidding me? Someone has to know how to go after them. I need that money for school now and now it's not there because it was taken, $20,000 my degree now could be completely paid for with $20,000. Someone HELP.

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Original review: Aug. 8, 2015

I started Everest university in Lakeland FL back in Dec and I have had the most amazing time. I have found a very supportive school, the smaller class size and very hands on. The instructors are always there for you. They encourage their students to be the best they can be. They encouraged me to be an igniter ambassador. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a great education.

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Original review: Aug. 5, 2015

I went to school for a certified medical assistant in Austin, TX, graduated in 2010, and let's just say I would never, ever recommend this school to anybody! I had to find a place to do my internship because they wouldn't help me. And after I was done they said they would find a job to place me in. Yep, that never happened and I actually never heard from them again. But they sure did take $15,000 from me. How that happened I don't know because that school was not that much! I finally found a job as a caregiver and the sad part about that was I didn't need a college degree for that. And now 5 years later it is hard for me once again to find a job in the field I busted my butt for and paid way too much money for. Not worth it. And if I could take action towards this school I would because this is wrong!!!

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Original review: Aug. 4, 2015

I graduated in 2007. For about 1 year I was applying to every Medical Assistant job I came across. I had 1 interview out of probably 60 applications. I even tried to go thru their job placement program which was no help to me. This department told me that the jobs available are up on the wall. They never helped me with getting an interview which I was told when I signed up that this department would do.

I felt that I did receive a good education except for one of my instructors that sat at the desk and read directly from the book. I did that by myself. I did not learn anything new from her. The other instructors were very good. I still owe the entire loan of over 13,000. I had to return to my career from before my schooling which was in the financial industry. Now I can not work due to severe back, neck and hip problems. I feel that I do not have to pay the loan back due to not being able to use the education I received from Everest.

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Original review: July 29, 2015

I graduated from everest college Phoenix campus year 2012. At the time of the graduation I did get my certificate because there was a balance on a loan I had with them... I paid the loan and I still don't have a certificate. It's 2015.

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Original review: July 23, 2015

I attended Everest Institute thinking I would get a education only to find it was the biggest mistake I could have made. I went through 3 Instructors during a 10-month course. They state they are a accredited school through the NBDA only to find they are not. They told me right before graduating that I would owe more money. I applied and was approved for the personal loan only to later be told that yes I was approved but Everest never submitted it and now the lender is no longer taking new loans. They contacted me on my externship program telling me if I did not pay, I would not walk across the stage. My father then wrote a personal check to Everest so I could graduate. They never helped in finding my externship. I did as well as finding my first job as a Dental Assistant.

After graduating I later found that they are not accredited through the ADA, MDA, NBDA, or ADAA. This means that if Michigan becomes 1 of the states requiring that you are licensed through the state, you had to attend a accredited school which Everest is not. I now have a $13,000 loan with the school and have now gone back to Schoolcraft college for a real education but this also means I am taking on a new loan which I can't afford. My credit has been damaged due to my loan. When looking on job sites and seeing the need for Everest Instructors some of the things listed for the qualifications I know my Instructors did not have these.

The stuff they used to teach you was either broke, old, or not enough for every student. We did not even have to complete certain things but received a certificate for Radiographs even though they skipped over most of this. There was no training in new Dentistry Digital X-rays, Oral Camera's nothing up to date. I would never recommend this school to anyone. Once they received their funding their whole attitude changed. It was like they could care less because they were already paid. Any help or information regarding the lawsuits would be appreciated as any refund that could be applied to my current schooling as a result of Everest would be greatly appreciated. I am 47 and still chasing my career.

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Original review: July 22, 2015

Could someone tell me how can you apply for a grant and did not finish, then a year later you owe 28,0000 in loans? Then I call to see what are going on - Everest staff get smart with you and give you the wrong numbers to talk with someone.

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Original review: July 16, 2015

I attended Everest Institute in South Plainfield NJ. I graduated in 2014 for Massage Therapy. They told me they take care of my license for me and they pay everything. 1st of all that was a lie. I had to pay for my finger prints that they was supposed to refund me. NEVER HAPPEN. They told me they took care of my license. A year later my job ask if my license came in yet. I told my job "not yet. I'm going to check with my school." I called Everest and they told me it was deleted off the states and they told me it was MY responsibility to take care of it. Meanwhile they told me THEY TOOK CARE OF MY LICENSE!!! Stay away from this ghetto low class school no matter how good they may make it sound! False Advertisement!!!! They don't work around your schedule...

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Original review: July 15, 2015

I attend in September 2013 for only 3 weeks for the nursing program. I told the nursing department I couldn't attend anymore because my father got both his legs amputated. I need to take care of my parents because their health was declining. Also, the price for the program just kept bothering me $46,000 for an licensed practical nurse program. After only 3 weeks of attending, couldn't go any longer. I still have brand new books, supplies, uniforms. And they charged me $4,420.57 - PRICE GOUGING FOR 3 WEEKS. I am disgusted, I can't afford that. That is outrageous. I want my money back. PRICE GOUGING.

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Original review: July 3, 2015

I attended Everest Institute in downtown Pittsburgh in 2007 for Patient Care Technician. I graduated in 2008. I still don't have a job for what I went to school for. The school is nothing but lies. They don't help you find a job and they don't care. This school is a scam and I really feel sorry for everyone that is getting suckered into going. All the promises was never kept. I think the school should have to pay for scamming everyone. I have 2 student loans that I'm trying to pay on with no JOB.

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Original review: July 1, 2015

I clicked on one of those dumb Everest ads while applying for a job, on a whim. Was called, went in for a meeting, initially thinking their business program might be something worth considering. I was swayed away from that and very strongly encouraged to enroll in the dental assistant program, despite having zero personal interest (or background) in the field. It was my own (poor) choice not to put a stop to things right then and there. The real reason I was encouraged to enroll in this specific program was because my admissions rep was pushing for a nighttime dental assistant course at this particular campus and they needed more interested students for that to happen. I looked like an easy target. Turned out, I was.

I attended one class, the instructor was AMAZING! The one standout. But she was just subbing for the regular instructor and made comments throughout the evening about how things weren't in their proper place in the classroom/lab, and how instruments and the mock operating area hadn't been properly cleaned after the day class had left for the day. (It was obvious to the naked eye. Dust on the x-ray equipment and specs on the dental tray.)

When I make the call to say I was withdrawing, I was met with backhanded compliments that were closer to insults, and warnings that my only chance at success in life was to stay with Everest, because none of my real world job experience, nor creative talents are worth spit without their guidance. And being a dental assistant is totally artsy, since I'm such a creative type. Even though there's no real world application for creativity. Maybe next time Everest is sued, or this campus shuts down, their employees can sell used cars. They've got the tactics down pat.

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  • Variety of degree programs: While many colleges offer one or two degrees through their distance learning programs, Everest Institute has several options in fields like business administration, accounting, healthcare, legal and IT.

  • Hands-on career training: Translate classroom knowledge to the real world with hands-on training in a job setting.

  • Quality instructors: Professors through Everest Institute have used their degrees in career fields, giving them insight into the pain points of future potential employers.

  • Multiple campuses: More than 60 locations and a broad range of online courses give students a lot of flexibility about where they will take classes.

  • Career placement office: Go from the classroom to a direct entry career using the on-campus Career Placement Office.

  • Best for: New grads and promotion/job seekers.

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