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As one of the nation’s leading chain of beauty schools, Marinello Schools of Beauty is at the forefront of beauty education. Marinello has provided thousands of graduates with "Cosmetology Education" in California, Connecticut, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Utah. Marinello is the first chain of beauty schools to develop a proprietary educational system with more than 100 years in the beauty industry.

Our mission is to create a high-quality academic environment that provides our students with the skills and tools they need to obtain a licensed, entry-level position in the beauty and wellness industry.

For information on graduation rates, median debts of students and other important information, visit page to download the Marinello Schools of Beauty Gainful Employment Disclosures.

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Consumer Complaints and Reviews

I just went to Marinello as soon as I got out of high school. My experience was pretty easy and very good. Everything worked out fine. I was in the morning class and they taught me everything that I know now so I’m grateful. It was practical. I just love to get out there and be able to do stuff and express through hair. It was awesome and I loved it. I’d do it again if I could.

I attended Marinello School of Beauty back in 2007 and I still haven't been able to go to state to board due to the lack of education. Now I have a 13000+ in loans that I have to pay back before I can go back to school. No teacher for 6 months almost. I started taking client my first few day of school. I started out in the night class and transferred to the day class that had a teacher but by then I was seeing a lot of clients by then. I'm so far in this whole with these loans that I don't know what to do.

My daughter signed up for the make-up design at Burbank CA Campus. After a week when she asked when they were going to start make up class, She was told "Marinello doesn't have a make-up program". She wanted to drop this school but the director told her she can't or she needs to pay-off the loan. While she was attending this school I started to pay back the Marinello school loan. Once school receive check from Fed Aid & Finance Dep. lady told my daughter that she has only 20 min. to run to the bank, get cash & return the cash to them. She did get the cash & gave it to Finance dep. lady.

After 2-3 months we received letter from Collection agency about Marinello Loan. Then I decided check her credit history & find out that her name is in collection by Marinello school. Then I called director & finance rep. & they told me that we have to pay extra money to remove her name from collection & credit bureau. Even though she still attending they start asking for money. I personally was there multiple times & meet with Director & Finance Rep. IGNORANCE - FRAUD - That's what I seen & learned about who they are. I called Marinello Main office & Fed Aid Dep to file a Complaint but the answer was: "Can't help with anything. You will need to resolve this problem with school director". So I have no choice & I did paid. I paid almost $8500 to Marinello while she still attending.

Then my daughter drop the school, & they continue receiving Federal Aid on her name. We moved from to Antelope Valley & started paying back Fed. Loan by monthly basis. My daughter wanted to transfer her school transcript to continue her education in Palmdale city Marinello. I talk to the director of Burbank school about it & she rejected to give us a transcript telling me that we owe them another $1300. & papers I have it shows "0" Balance to Marinello. I told her "I'm just going to wait & wish that this school will shut down very soon". So she didn't give us transcript & my daughter could not continue her education. We ended up paying for nothing. Still we owe $5600 to Fed loan which we continue to pay monthly basis. I wish we never walk in this school doors! Now Im happy that Federal Authorities find out all about this school.

I attended Marinello cosmetology in 2013 as a older student. I expected the school to be all that they advertised and talked about in the initial tour. I soon found out that the teacher didn't teach, we saw very little demos and the teacher had bragged about having the doll heads for 5 years! How can you possibly teach students and have the same doll heads for 5 years? I started to wonder where is all our money going to? They never checked our haircuts - it was students teaching students. I was a lot older and complained because I knew I would be paying back tuition and not knowing anything about haircuts. It was very frustrating and felt like I received a very terrible education and felt stuck after getting loans for tuition! I'm now stuck paying back 10,000 in loans and I'm not one bit surprised this institution closed down. It really was a big scam and unfortunate for all the students who took loans out to not learn anything.

I was attending the West LA campus and was dropped by Ramona the school director after telling her I was out of town spreading a family member's ashes. I was able to make it back to town before the 14-day period that requires the school to drop you, I requested to switch to the night class (the school advertised flexibility and understanding) which she replied that she could not do until I completed another 40 hours (2 weeks) which I made very clear I could not do with my new job and that job was how I pay the school. She did not care, hung up on me. I have never been treated so rudely by anyone. My kit was not complete, on top of that the school does not have a microdermabrasion machine even though we are tested on it for state board. This school reminds me of a high school mean girls club run by Regina George aka Ramona.

The part I find the most crazy is when I mentioned my schedule might change and I would maybe need to attend the night class instead of morning she said that's fine to let her know. When I finally requested and she said no I reminded her of this conversation which she replied "I was trying to help you then." "So now you are not?" was my reply and she hung up. Insane. Also according to her I have no way to appeal this decision or speak to anyone above her as she is the director of this location. Very saddened by the way I was treated as are many of my classmates I spoke with. Do not go here.

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That school is a hot mess! I TOO learned more from YouTube than the school itself! My kit came incomplete, and I was assured I would get the rest. Considering I'm being charged FULL PRICE needless to say, I never received it. I was given jobs and responsibilities that should not have been put on a student PAYING, not getting paid, to be there. In return, I was promised things I ALSO did NOT receive. When I was a level 1 there was a 4-week span where we literally learned, nor did ANYTHING! Matter of fact, a few of us set up chairs outside one nice day, sat out there the entire day hanging out, and nobody even noticed.

They have forgotten it's a "school" and treat it as purely a salon and expect you to "just know" what you are doing. I wouldn't even say salon, but more of a sweatshop. They over and double book you then rush you thru your clients. There was a span of 2 months where I maybe actually took lunch 3 times. Yet they STILL automatically deduct the 30 min lunch from your hours. You either had to put up with it, or get sent home and lose hours. And the main instructor is very rude and will talk down to you in front of clients even.

She also does this to the other instructor, in front of clients, students, etc. and will go out of her way to make things as difficult as possible for you. And don't think for a second if you are even half a$$ good on the floor that you will EVER receive a student service they entice you with because you are too busy running ragged with back to back and double booked clients. And if you DO get approval from another instructor, she will go out of her way to make sure it doesn't happen. Let's not even get into the fact they screw with your FA and money and blatantly blow smoke up your rear, and tell you what you want to hear. So what it boils down to... is if you want to add a lot of miles to your YouTube account, and be free labor in a sweatshop for a year, and be treated like you're trash... MARINELLO IS JUST THE PLACE FOR YOU!!!

I'm a student of the Overland Park campus. We were forced to have a fashion show and my boots that cost $160 were ruined moving a machine that has not worked in 2 years but still in school, leaking oils which got on my suede boots. My instructor told me to see Monte the head of the school. He said there's nothing he would do but if I was a client, he would have reimbursed me for my ruined boots. Soooo unprofessional. I'm paying to put on fashion shows and get my personal things ruined because the school don't want to fix broken machines we are suppose to learn from.

Today I have Camila from Marinello cut my hair. She did what she can but totally wrong at what I request it. I even showed her a picture how I wanted my hair done. My hair was very long up to my waist. The worst it was not supervisor the whole time. Now I want my hair growth fast back again. I need your support please.

If you are a veteran please save your gi bill money of 20,000 and go to Paul ** of a different cosmetology. I attended the Murrieta campus and just graduated July 21st. They now are holding my proof of training so I can go take the state board exam until I sign an extra $17,000 in loans. My school is 100 percent paid off. Why on earth would they need $17,000 more? Where is the compassion? They used my veteran benefits and then messed with my hours to make it look like I was there way less. I have proof of everything.

This school needs to be shut down. The teachers are so unprofessional it's disgusting. Please again if you are a veteran do not waste your hard earned gi bill for this school. They tried to use me and threaten me thinking I would pay 17,000... no I'm not paying. Extra money for money I don't owe, sorry. The truth will come out Murrieta Marinello Schools of Beauty. The money embezzlement and fraud you are running will be shutdown. What a shame. - A very upset veteran.

My daughter has been going there since about February or March of 2015. She just received her beauty kit last week - July. That kit contains everything she needs to cut hair... The teachers don't listen. I personally was there multiple times 2-4 hrs each time. I never once saw any teacher on the floor teaching. It's a free for all. Her questions never get answered... She's not learning at all. She doesn't even know how to do a basic hair trim. Most of the projects assigned must be out of pocket expense. The students are told by the teachers... "You guys waste too much products and the school will not purchase anything for assignments." My daughter can't do the assignments due to the fact she hasn't the money to buy the items. She literally walks around all day and still hasn't a clue about anything.

She signed up for the make up design. When she asked when they were going to do make up, She was told "Marinello doesn't have a make up program." That's NOT WHAT WAS TOLD TO HER TO GET HER MONEY! Now they have her by the short hairs. She was told - misled to believe they have a make up program! She wants out! I would never recommend this school to anyone... It's a flim-flam scam on these young girls.

I am a student at the El Cajon campus. I enrolled about three months ago. In all reality I was not going to take Cosmo but I felt connected when I walked in and the admissions made me feel welcomed. As time went I would say 3 weeks in or so, I noticed everything very unorganized and the curriculum way off! Being a new student we were just thrown with the rest expecting that we would figure things out. We did not receive our stuff till now. Things were borrowed either from students or teachers. Students talk back to instructors to the point of making others very uncomfortable! And mind you the Director of the school there and not sending these students home or getting kicked out! This is not the teachers' fault... Starts with the head and this type of behavior apparently is tolerated... Well this is not a school that I would have chosen if I would have known.. If that's the case minus will go to the lower.

Marinello has good potential and this school is nice but the people who work there are rude. I was in the back classroom for only two days and the instructor and students were gossiping about other students' confidential information. Their back classroom instructors don't have much knowledge of the program and there were a lot of days the students were teaching us because the instructor couldn't do it well. There's something wrong with the fact that the instructor can't do a good enough demo for the students that are paying the instructors. I regret ever signing those papers.

I attended the Ontario campus in 06... I was young and looking to have a career as a stylist... I enrolled in Marinello because I was wowed by them and the name... little did I know that I'd end up owing 15,000 in loans as a single mother till the day I can't pay off... when I enrolled I understood I'd only owe about 7,000. My paperwork was confusing and I was so excited to start, I let it go and continued to attend till later I saw how much I really owed... maybe in part I should have done more research but I was young and in part feel was taken advantage of...

I wish I could go back and not have enrolled. Do not enroll in Marinello. You can go to any other none name brand school and get better instructors for less... (I remember my senior instructor didn't even know how to hold a hair razor) Anyway I'm stuck with a 15,000 cosmetology license.

I went into this school for a haircut and blow dry. The receptionist called 4 students before someone came to cut my hair. The student was very nice, but very uncomfortable. She stopped to look for a teacher to no avail. When she finally came back, she said the teachers were all in the back room gossiping about something, she also said that's all they do. I found it odd that there were at least 4 clients being serviced and I never seen a teacher one time in the hour and half I was there. After my haircut, she went to find her teacher again to check it. The instructor came, I think her name was **. She quickly looked over my hair and said okay, but the haircut was not. She quickly scurry along and sat down. This school is constantly dirty and it stink. I often see little bugs flying around. This school should be shut down.

I'm an older student. I decided to finally follow my dream and start cosmetology. My advisor ** was amazing. I went through the high school diploma program and felt so much support from her. I couldn't be more excited to finally start. I attended school for 5 weeks without a kit. I had a loaner kit for 3 weeks but it had to be passed on to newer students. When talking to the registrar ** about my concerns she had an attitude and brushed off my concerns. I told her it was getting hard to participate in class without my kit. I expressed that I was already in school for 1 month and had not received it.. Instead of being apologetic or understanding she responds with rolling her eyes and saying "well no it hasn't been a month". It was 4 weeks at the time I spoke with her.. There were 3 of us girls that started together and were told we would be getting our kit that week.

We called and spoke with corporate and they were really defensive and said we wouldn't be getting our kits until after 300 hrs so in the meantime I guess we're just expected to sit and watch everyone else twiddling our thumbs.. I was really looking forward to finally starting my dream and I chose Marinello despite all the negative feedback I've heard. I'm greatly saddened and disappointed.

School has two students that have caused so many fights and inappropriate language use in class constantly causing problems to a point when twice Burbank police had to show up and the director is not handling this situation the way it is suppose to be handled because she doesn't want to lose the financial aid money from this two students, so therefore she is willing to put all the other students under so many stress and some experiencing panic attacks. The school does no background check on students when they're registering them in school because when I did the background check one of the students just recently was released from prison on felony charges.

I am a current student at Marinello, San Mateo branch. I quit my management job to fulfill my dream to become an instrument to make people beautiful. I always have my heart set to the art of beauty. I must say that going through the process of learning theories, and at the same time learning practicals made me respect the beauty industry. However, I regret to say that it is unfortunate that this organization is ran by unprofessional personnel. I have addressed my concerns and challenges with the school director, but none of issues discussed were resolved. There is also obvious "politics" going around in school.

Here are my frustrations: Ms. ** (daytime teacher) plays favoritism on her students and this is a letdown. She coaches vulnerable students to do "unethical" ways and means that is very much against code of ethics with the State Board of Cosmetology. She is condescending, intimidating and "power play" with her students. With that said, it makes it difficult to go to school. Some daytime students even transfer to night class so they don't have to experience being bullied by our own teacher!

The school receptionist, ** is very rude and disrespectful to customers (just check out Yelp). The school encourages us to promote our school, and bring customers and potential students. But the problem is ** doesn't return calls. Why? because ** is always in Facebook or on the phone texting. What's also sad is that ** also pockets our tips from our customers who charges with credit cards - we have no way of tracing this but only when our clients tells us so. Conclusion: Success begins from the top. No matter how much Marinello advertises to promote their school, everything is futile if they can't even handle their own employees and staff. Would I recommend Marinello when I graduate? The answer is NO!

I went to the East Hartford Campus in CT and I NEVER received my certificate of completion, but you better believe they received ALL of my hard earned money. I have called the campus countless times and I have never received calls back...Even though One lady claimed they are on top of those things. In this field that piece of paper is ESSENTIAL and this organization shows no concern or help, yet when I was interested in giving my money you better believe they have followed up... DO NOT GO TO THIS CAMPUS because they have proven themselves as unreliable and have no concern for your well-being... I am very close to reporting them to the Better Business Bureau if this is not changed SOON...I completed in the summer and it is almost the middle of FEBRUARY.

I attended Marinello in 2011 at the Burbank location and it was the best experience ever. I loved the school and the teachers, so when I graduated it was really hard for me to leave. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to start a cosmetologist career.

Everybody at Marinello was very friendly and very welcoming. I attended a few different schools. I had a really horrible experience with the other one I was really interested in. The financial aid was so mean. But during the enrollment with Marinello, they had it all lined up for you. I made the choice and decided I wanted to go there. We did the tour. They sat down and talked to me about everything. They made it a really easy decision.

The way the teacher teaches, we have to ask all the questions and we don't always know all the questions so that can be kind of frustrating at first. But once

you kind of realize that it's what you bring into it, the effort you put in is what you get out of it... you have to be self-motivated. Marinello is like a family. We know all of the girls there. Like if were having a bad day, we all miss going to school because we talk to all of our girls about it. My teacher really worked with me a lot. Everybody is really supportive and professional in helping me to get in the program. My teacher will text me if I wasn't there and be like, "Hey, where are you? Get in class."

I would suggest Marinello to everybody thinking of going to a beauty school. That's the one they want to get to. Molly was helping me get my licensing done, helping direct me get my state and city licenses. That's all the help I needed but they were right there. I can't express how awesome my experience was knowing that school. I was absolutely saying to all of my friends, anyone who wanted to go to a beauty school, that's absolutely where I would send them.

My aunt brought me to Marinello. The enrollment experience was good. The person who enrolled me was really nice and sweet, and gave me information that I needed. I took the Manicuring classes. My teacher made it extremely fun. She kept you entertained with the way she taught and she made it a good experience. I really liked all the teachers, even though I wasn't being taught by all of them. They all were very caring with all the students, whether you were in their class or not. I liked doing the hands-on too. I never thought I would but I did. I loved doing acrylics and everything. I have a lot of issues at home that just was a lot to handle with the going to school and everything so I wasn't able to take advantage of the school's career placement programs.

I chose Marinello because it had evening classes. The other schools I was looking into was farther from my home, so that wasn't gonna work and another one wasn't fitting with my availability. Enrolling at Marinello was good and very easy. The person there was nice. When I was going through the tour, she really explained everything. It went perfectly fine. I took up barbering and it was a little bit of up and down, emotional experience just dealing with the instructors and dealing with different students. But as the hours went by, it kind of went away. I had to grow into it and make it comfortable for myself.

But I didn't like my instructor for the evening. I like the day instructor better. He was more thorough and had more experience. More experience instructors are better than new instructors because they don't really have a guideline or way of explaining things differently. What I like about attending Marinello is dealing with the clients hand in hand already and getting somebody with different types of hairstyles.

Marinello was located close to my home. I went in one day and enrolled the same day. It was really quick. I took Cosmetology and it was an interesting. After I graduated, I did mock board with one of the teachers and that was the best part of the whole time that I was there. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take advantage of their career externship or career placement programs. The director really wasn't on top of that. I know a lot of us tried to do it, but she just gave us the runaround so no one actually at that campus has been able to do it since she's been there.

I was going in to see if I can do an internship and heard of Marinello from one of my counselors. I was trying out different schools then so I checked it out and knew it was the one for me. Enrollment was super awesome. I got a tour of the school, learned a lot about it and met all my instructors. It was a really neat experience and I was sold to go there. I took up the cosmetology barbering course. I loved how the instructors were very hands-on and visual instead of just reading it from a book. I definitely loved all my instructors. They were always there to help and they're all amazing. And I love getting into the studio part when I was a senior. I like making all new friends and learning in-depth with how to be a cosmetologist.

My experience with Marinello was really great. I had two different teachers because I chose two different times. I was at one set morning and one set night. And they both had different styles but they're both really great. I love them both. The management, the person that was running the school, was a little disorganized and totally understandable because working a lot of stuff, it's a lot of responsibility. I think she just definitely needed to be more organized. There were some times when we were out of a lot of things, and it would be a while till we had it again, sometimes we put our own money and go buy something at the store next door. It was kind of funky the way she ran it, she was kind of really rude. I know every human being has emotions, and they go through stuff everyday, but she was kind of that way everyday. I think she just possibly had a lot going on in her own personal life that possibly could have clouded the way she handles herself at the school. But other than that, I like the school. It was great.

I took Aesthetics and the enrollment experience was also great. Learning about doing practicals on facials was my favorite. Doing the hands-on work was the coolest. They wanted to help me get a job, they wrote my resume, all those things like they had to be done, but I already had a job lined up. But if I didn't, they would have been amazing for that. I love the entire staff now, they're awesome.

I was looking at different schools, but Marinello has this friendly and happy vibe when I walked in there. My enrollment was good. I took their hair course, and I learned pretty good. But I wish there were was more to learn. My favorite part was working on clients - having a bond with a bunch of my clients that I used to have there.

My aunt attended an aesthetician program in Reno through Marinello and she recommended it to me. I went and did a tour twice, both by Brittney, and they were both great - she's the reason why I chose this school. I took their cosmetology program and happily I was able to find a class schedule that accommodated me well. They have a challenging curriculum, we have the serious parts, but I learned a lot there; most of the teachers are really good. I tried their career externship/placement programs and I'm actually going for an interview right now. I would always recommend Marinello - I learned to do something that I knew that I would enjoy but then learning to do way more with it - it just gave me hope.

I wanted to join cosmetology first and Marinello was close to me. I had to pass there a couple of times so I went to check it out. But then cosmetology isn't what I wanted. I told Jessie what I wanted to do, and she said that being an aesthetician would be better. I joined because I really liked Jessica - how she explained the whole school and everything. The teacher I had was amazing because she wasn't basic with information. She went above and beyond. She would read the screens but then she would add like so much more information to everything and so I felt like my education was so much better because of her. My favorite part was that it was so hands-on.

It was a great experience. My teacher was great, the receptionists were nice, and everyone was so helpful. And there's a phone you can call about any questions like payments.

My first choice was another cosmetology school but the person who takes care of enrolling people wasn't very friendly, so I chose the Marinello. I took up the manicuring nails technician. The enrollment was very fast and easy. However, the learning experience is kind of poor. We really didn't have a teacher. We had an instructor that was split between the nail techs and the level one cosmetology, and she was in the cosmetology more than she was in the nail tech. So it was kind of like we taught ourselves or we learned from each other. We'd go home and look at YouTube videos and kind of work with each other. It wasn't the teacher's fault. She tried. They just said they didn't have enough students to have two instructors, so it was kind of you pay all this money (almost $3,000) to teach yourself.

A lot of the students at that campus have failed the practical examination, so we have to all retake it. We would all do our own theory and towards the end, we'd get new students that made a big fuss about it. The director of that campus would come in and do theories, but it was the last month, three weeks, and I was just kind of over it by then and I studied on my own. I couldn't do too much complaining because I had a government scholarship so if I did too much complaining with them, they would have completely pulled it out, and I wouldn't have completed the program. So I didn't make a big fuss about it, but it was an issue with that campus.

They shouldn't have a program available if they don't have an instructor for it - to have one instructor that's teaching completely two different worlds. The teachers and directors have heard all these things I have mentioned. They just said it’s up to the corporate to decide if they can have another instructor or not. As a nail technician, I wouldn't recommend them, just because there isn't a teacher. Now if I was doing hair and cosmetology, I would recommend Marinello.

I was looking into a lot of schools because I wanted to learn cosmetology in school. I decided to go to Marinello because around here it was either the community college and there was another kind of like an adult school and out of all of them, Marinello looked like it was the most helpful. Not just in school but after you get out. Anyway, the enrollment process was fast and it was good because they helped us out with everything. And the teachers were very helpful -- not only with the studying, they are also hands on a lot, too. Overall, I was really happy. I just passed my exams last month, a week before Christmas.

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