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I never went to Kaplan online and now I have student loans worth thousands and they are taking my taxes and does anyone realize how hard it is to prove, that you never apply to Kaplan. All they want is people's money and I don't have a lot of money. Someone needs to stop these people. All they want is your money, forging signatures and stealing people's identity. I wouldn't ever go to Kaplan. Quit ripping people off. These are people's lives you're ripping apart. I would like to know if there's help out there for them filing student loans under my name. Seems no one believes me but it's true. They opened accounts under my name and thousands and thousands of government money went to these con artist.

I've been going to Kaplan for roughly 3 years. The courses are rigorous and challenging. Each term is typically 9-10 weeks long. I received a partial scholarship, and student financial aid. All financing has been delivered as promised. Sometimes the payments are a bit delayed, but eventually the financial department gets everything where it needs to go. I attended University of Phoenix prior to going here. I've found Kaplan to be much more educational, with particularity, the amount of information I retain after each term. I am noticeably more intelligent, my writing skills are becoming very acute, and I can see a huge difference in the amount of knowledge I have.

Many people who go here are happy, but there's always a few who wouldn't be happy at 'any' school, no matter how astute the college may be. I can honestly say that if it were not for Kaplan I would not be able to get a degree, or benefit from the vast amount of knowledge I have obtained. I'm currently in the legal studies program, and let me tell you, it is very challenging, but worth every moment. I have learned specific legal industry data; how to write legal briefs, how to cite using BlueBook, how to use Westlaw for legal research, how to write to my audience, and much, much more. It is a rich education, however, as with any education it is fully up to me to use my education to find employment. Luckily I am also an entrepreneur, so I know how to work for myself.

So, to all of the 'class action' folks on this website... shut up and get off your lazy tails and stop expecting everyone to give you everything. Go to work and payoff the loans you agreed to accept, then finish your degree; but, this time, instead of just doing what it takes to get by actually apply yourself and LEARN something. It's up to you to retain your knowledge. Nobody will do it for you!

I have 3 children, run my own business, and I'm over 50 years old. If I can do it, so can you! My current GPA is 4.0. I work hard to maintain it, and if my financial aid runs out, which it probably won't because I haven't changed my initial degree plan, then I will find another way to pay for it. What I won't do is blame Kaplan, or anyone else, for my failure to complete the degree. It is up to 'me' in this life. Kaplan is just an information hub who validates that you are a decent person who can finish a project. If you sue you are simply telling the world, including employers, that you are the kind of person who will sue to get what you want, even if you don't deserve it. Best of luck. I graduate next August.

TL:DR version: If you want a real education without getting jerked around then go elsewhere. However if you don't mind having your student loans maxed out for a mere 10 hours of instruction in each class, and don't mind classes that teach you nothing, then maybe Kaplan is for you. I was contacted by Kaplan in late September 2015 because I had indicated on some survey that I would like to continue my education. Instead of taking their time to get things right I was rushed through the admissions process in two days because they were eager to get me started in the next term. I was a little uncomfortable with this but went with it thinking I could trust them. Additionally according to my works HR page, Kaplan was offering a 10% discount for people at my employer. With those thoughts in mind I started in late September.

My first indication that something was horribly wrong was the "admissions test" that I had to take. While I understood that Kaplan has somewhat lower standards than say, Harvard, I was still expecting a little more. I honestly cannot fathom how someone with above a 6th grade education could possibly fail this exam. My first term was a complete waste of money. $3,133 of student loans for classes that I could have taught. When I mentioned this I was told, halfway through the term, that I could have taken ANOTHER class that would see what life experiences would give me credit.

My first problem with this is that, in any other reputable college in the country, they do not require you to take an additional class to prove what you know. Instead they offer competency exams for a nominal fee and give you credit for the course. The second problem was, given how late in the term it was, I had no option of doing this for these classes.

Now to their credit the teachers for that term were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Unfortunately they had very little to teach that most of us didn't already know. My "Foundations in Information Technology" class only had seven people in it, all of whom already worked or had experience in the IT field. Due to the small class size it made it almost impossible to complete the required "discussion posts" that accounted for about 40% of your grade. Many of our classes literally consisted of the professor randomly reading stuff out of the book with him mumbling "you guys already know that..."

I passed the first term with a perfect 4.0 thinking that things would get better. I was sadly mistaken. I still had not received any funding from my student loan and I was not receiving my discount. When I mentioned this I was told, via email of course, that my employer must be mistaken as that promotion had already ended. When I repeatedly pointed out that the website, which is registered to a domain belonging to Kaplan, still showed the offer with no mention of an expiry date they finally caved and said I would qualify.

My second term consisted of a communication class, networking concepts, and "programming fundamentals for beginners." This term was like the kiss of death to Kaplan for me. Our "programming" class consisted of learning how to program in a 3D environment called Alice. While the program was admittedly fun it provided no working knowledge of any software used in a real work environment. When my brother, who has a Masters in Comp Sci and a bachelors in IT, saw this his response was literally "WTF?" "You will never use this in the real world." To add insult to injury the instructor was unable to share his screen with us so most of the work was trial and error. My communications class was even worse. A big part of the course credit for the classes is taking a one hour seminar each week. If you are unable to attend the class then you are to write a one page paper to prove that you watched it.

I had not missed any seminars to this point. After a couple of weeks into the term, however, I noticed that I was not receiving full credit for the seminars. When I questioned the instructor about this she blithely pointed out the syllabus stating that one had to make so many comments during the class in order to receive full credit. Every other professor would accomplish this by inserting random slides in the seminar that said something like "type in the number 83." This teacher didn't. My response to this was to tell her that I already had one class that ran long, thereby making me late for work, every week due to people treating the comments section like a chat room and that I thought it would be academically irresponsible for me to do the same. Her response was basically to tell me to pound sand, either type or don't get full credit.

The sad thing about that is that I did not attend one of her seminars the rest of the semester and achieved more points than the weeks that I actually attended.

My networking class was also a complete joke. Our instructor was very knowledgeable but would rarely share that knowledge. Our classes literally consisted of him copying the questions out of the syllabus and pasting them into a word document. That's is it. When asked questions he would reply to "ask in the virtual office" which translated into "ask your other students because my hour is done." Additionally many of the labs that were supposed to teach the subject matter either didn't work or left the viewer more confused than when they started.

My third term I was completely done with the bull. I had another class hosted by mister copy/paste as well as another networking class in which the labs didn't work. Our networking with TCP/IP class labs did not work about half of the time which required us to, again, figure it out on our own. Midway into week two I started filling out applications to more reputable schools. At this time I attempted to contact my "Academic Advisor" and what a nightmare that was. My first contact with the number they had listed directed my to the EAP line. My second call placed me with what was supposed to be the AA department. However when I gave them my name they could not find me in the system at all. After about an hour of them repeatedly asking me to just "look in the upper right hand corner of the page" and me repeating that "there was nothing there," they finally figured out that I had to call another campus to speak with my AA.

I finally did reach him and he went on and on about how much it was going to cost me if I stopped now and to just stick it out. After I hung up the phone with him I did not attend one more class. I was completely disenfranchised with the whole place. During that time I had either my AA or another advisor attempting to contact me on an almost daily basis. This irritated me even more. I would pick up my phone and think "If they would have tried that hard to teach me, I'd still be there!" Needless to say I did not pass the third term but in the meantime I was accepted to a much more reputable school. Imagine my surprise when I start getting emails again talking about the upcoming term from Kaplan! I contacted the AA again before the end of the first week and told him that I was done. All he could point out, again, was how much money this would cost me.

My response to that was to tell them to keep the 10% discount that I still HAD NOT SEEN along with my student loan disbursements that I... still had not seen in eight months of school, and leave me alone. I don't know about anyone else, but paying over five grand a term for less than thirty hours of instruction and nonfunctional labs is a waste of money. I now have almost ten grand in student loans and nothing to show for it. Oh well, I guess I could always sell my books to help a little. No, wait, I can't because I was charged full price for ebooks which takes even that option away. My advice, if you're looking to go back to school, is to find a nearby community college. If you must do online courses do your homework and choose classes from a reputable school.

I started attending Kaplan University as a transfer student. My expected graduation date was August 2014 however 3 semesters in I was told my federal student loans were tapped out. I received any notification or guidance from Kaplan University financial aid office. At the time I was able to get tuition assistance from my employer for weeks prior to start of the next semester. I submitted a form that Kaplan needed to fill out so I could submit to my employer before the deadline. Almost every day I was calling Kaplan to get this form filled out no response. It was just sitting in my document file unread. I missed the deadline, therefore I had to withdraw. I was hit with a $5000 bill. I finally paid it off after 3 years. So I decided I would go back to Kaplan in June 2016 prior to the start of the semester. I submitted all documents and kept trying to reach the financial aid office no response.

I need to know how much financial aid I was getting so I could make some provisions if I need to pay some out of pocket. No response. I live in Florida and I see on the website all the grants that Kaplan accepts from Florida. I apply for this grant. I meet the criteria. I was a full time student and I have a 3.4 GPA. I only need to have a 2.0 GPA. I called financial aid almost every other day to find out the status. Every time I called I was being told different stories that they did not participate in this particular grant program or they did participate. I could never get a straight answer. Finally, I called FL Dept of Ed who in fact told me that Kaplan does participate in this particular grant program because they are accepting funds. However, I am still being told by the financial aid office they do not participate in this grant program.

So once again I had to withdraw from school with 6 classes left to get my degree and a $5000 bill. They want to place me on a payment plan that does not fit my budget. SO I am thousands of dollars in debt and no degree. This school sucks, scam artist, they are selling people pipe dreams. Nobody in the financial aid office is knowledgeable. They just want the money. Their students do not matter to them.

I completed all of my classes at Kaplan in 2013, but when it was time for me to graduate it was not happening. What a let down. At first I thought it was a joke but later found out these ** was serious. They let me finish my last class and three weeks after the last class they tell me that I didn't have enough money to pay for my class. What! It was unreal. I don't want anyone to go through that, so don't put yourself through unnecessary heartache. Please run and don't look back. I am so interested in this class action lawsuit.

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I went to Kaplan six years ago in CJ then when I tried to return to finish that degree they changed the standards and credits. So now can't finish. So I said transfer credits and I will earn a Bs degree. When they signed me up they knew I wouldn't have enough money to complete the program but I find out I won't have enough money. But they took the payment and was gonna take every last dime of what I had left if I didn't call to make sure again I will have enough. They have taken advantage and they are doing nothing to help me get a degree but draw many loans under my name and I have no degree.

I enjoyed the presentations of the instructors of this program... All were motivating and professional. The problem was not with them but with the amount of material that was required to be mastered in 3 weeks. The program is 4 weeks but that fourth week is 3 days of review for the test, not instruction. Even with the required 100 plus pages of reading a night, online tests, and 6 hour classroom days, the subjects taught couldn't be fully comprehended nor was the majority of national material applicable to either of the two national portions of the state exam that I took!

I completed all coursework and true/false questions which were a guarantee of an 80-90 percent pass rate. The mathematical calculations weren't emphasized at all and we were told not to worry about that as the percent of those problems were very few... There were a number of scenarios on the tests but these weren't really discussed in class. We were told to do the 4 practice ones online. I failed the national portion by one point. I passed the state at a little over 80% which was a surprise. This was my weak area according to Kaplan's coursework testing... but I obviously studied or understood that material.

I retook the National portion 2 days later and passed with a score of a little over 80%. With the level of intensity of this program, and the fact that it was classroom instruction, I expected a higher level of comprehension. My evaluation of this program is that more time is definitely needed to truly understand the material and that Kaplan needs to re-evaluate their program as far as applicable studies to prepare students for the state exam. Having taken the test twice (national portion), I believe I know. I've learned something about real estate but expected more for the nearly $1000 program fee I paid. I could have learned more if instruction had been better presented and more streamlined with more time dedicated to each subject. Disappointing.

I went to Kaplan online to try and advance my education in Nutrition and since I am already a Chef I decided to get my BSNS. What I got was shafted. I got my downloaded books and was only able to attend 2 sessions online with the professor because they had no one available any longer during my class times on my days off. I then withdrew from the class. That was 2011. Now I was contacted from the Department of Education saying I am being garnished for 2600 dollars for classes I never attended. So here is your sign.

I want to warn everyone about Kaplan. My daughter- in-law had to pay back Stafford loans for attending school she never attended. It is a mess. Anyone else had that experience. I see a class action.

Graduated about 2 years ago. Did get into cvs (but only because I knew someone). Found I could not do the job at all. Had to quit. Instructors only care about getting paid. They got the money already so complaints make no difference to them. At one point (I am blind in one eye) and was told "take off the glasses or get out." Miss ** (our instructor) just put the answers on the board and left the room before tests. Scam. Don't waste your money. My daughter also attended the same location and can't get work and she was under the same instructors. I wish I knew who if anyone is handling any lawsuits against kaplan. Me and my daughter will be in... STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL!!!!

I went to Kaplan for a while and time for me to graduate I couldn't because my financial aid was up! Not sure why. I was going for Early Child Development. I can't even finish my school I am in now because I don't have any more loans. I'm just angry.

I have attended Kaplan University since 2013. I have never had an issue until now since supposedly my funds are about to run out (so they say), and they are giving me the runaround about my financial aid. Now I must fill out a document from the tax office stating my income to even be eligible for the funds from financial aid. Instead of mailing me the documents last month (which I just saw on the 20th of June on my account documents), which the financial aid is awarded on July 1st, now I must print off the documents and fax it to them, which I won't be awarded until 5 to 7 business days, after they receive it.

I feel they are ripping me off!!! I have paid 60,000 dollars in tuition fees and now I can not get a certificate or a lesser degree than what I am trying to earn. I feel that they have my $60,000 but I have nothing to show for the money and they do not want to help me get anything. So instead of graduating next year (2017) in August I am out money and no degree and nothing to show for my debt!!!

The Accrediting Council for Independent Schools is finally revoking accreditation for schools that are scamming students. Kaplan University should be included. My brother attended Kaplan University in Des Moines, Iowa for a business degree. The teachers or instructors were local business employees who wanted a second job. Their primary interest was paycheck.

Most days of instruction included smoke breaks, lunch and other non educational activities. While all of this was going on these teacher or instructors were promising the students, who did not ask questions or complain, jobs upon graduation. When students complained to Kaplan Universities they ignored the complaints because after all they already had the tuition and students were left with tens of thousands of dollars of debt. My brother is fifty years old and has over ten thousand dollars of debt and no degree and no job.

First off I would like to say this school is way too expensive, and the so called professors they suck. The learning stinks - it's like it's a huge repeat of the same thing over and over again. Why have discussion boards when you already have seminar??? The financial aid advisors have no clue as to what the hell they are doing or talking about. They are beating the students out the money that we are going to have to pay back. I was suckered into getting an associates degree in medical assisting when I could have gotten a certification in 9 to 12 months.

What a ripoff, and the classes really suck, still had to pay for cpr, 50 dollars for a background check they already had, a flu shot and tb shot just to pass a course on professionalism. Really! I should already know how to be professional on and off the job and what to wear to an interview. I would have had to pick my own dr offices to extern at which is really ridiculous as a school. I'm sure they could have done all of this, I was charged for my footwork. So I switched to psychology to obtain a bachelors instead and this is a true ripoff.

I now have classes that took for medical assisting and passed them in my psychology course. My class credits have went up to 6 credits as if they are not high priced enough. (1855-2226 per class) What a rip off. So I thought about finishing up my medical assisting and lo and behold they discontinued the class. So will those associates degree's in medical assisting hold any weight. So what I am going to do is transfer my credits to a school for medical assisting. I need to leave this made up university. BSU ** University. The school and the staff sucks!!!

First I spoke with Joseph ** back in April 2016. He was helping me enroll with Kaplan University. I had some paperwork that needed to be filled out. He kept constantly lying to me and telling me that he needed my signature to release the type of information that I needed. I get into several email altercations with this man. I spoke to Marcus **. He enrolled me up for classes. He never explained to me what kind of course it was and what I needed for the course. Now I am falling behind in class. Each time I try to get help from the technology center online it is always closed. I just recently spoke with Brenda from the technology center. She does not seem like she knows her job! She told me she was going to call me at 7 pm my time but never called me to help me with downloading software to my computer that I needed for class.

The point I am trying to make is nobody at Kaplan University the staff cares about your education and how much you put time and effort into your work on your own plus not really helpful resources that they have their own line. It's really pissing me off because most of the unit assignments have nothing to do with the seminars or discussions. What does not make sense to me is how could my educational adviser tell me I have to learn everything on my own. That does not make sense that just like me asking a question when I do not understand something and the instructor does not respond which that happens very often with this business.

It is this one teacher that I extremely hate because I feel like there is no way he has been teaching for twelve years! The course he is teaching is already complex but he making the course even harder. He does not make or set examples on the course. All he shows is a Rubric of each assignments like that is going to teach a whole lot and it is not. I been going to Kaplan since this April of this year. To be honest I hate Kaplan - wish I never enrolled myself in the college program because it is a very uncourteous, uncooperative and frustrating university.

I am very disturbed with the Financial Aid Department. I signed up for and received The Every Credit Counts Scholarship ($500 per term). Their website states to fax in unofficial or official transcripts for credits. I did fax my unofficial transcripts in. Now after 3 terms, they tell me that they want official transcripts for the Scholarship to be awarded. There is an issue with yet another university, University of Phoenix with my official transcripts to be transferred. I was told on February 28, 2016 I was approved and awarded the Scholarship and it was being processed.

I was told on March 20, 2016 that no it was not approved and because I didn't have "official transcripts." It has still been on my award letter each time I get one that it was approved. I once again sent them a message last week that I was not receiving this scholarship and they sent a message back that the "processing team was processing the first two terms of $500 each term and to allow 14 days to see an update on my status." It is just a pile of crap excuse to me.

When I first began my journey into my Master of Science in Criminal Justice program online everything was great, all the way to the completion of all my program courses. I did it all while taking care of my terminally ill mother at home full time. Well in Feb 2015 my mom passed and I took a leave for only 6 weeks because I did not want to get too far behind. I made it to the end with a 3.64 GPA, which I was proud of but also mentally exhausted. My next step was to take my Comp exam after a 3 week break. Well I did not realize how much of a mental break I needed until I was on that small break. The requirement for the exam was to write a minimum of 10 pages on 4 different topics in 3 weeks. Once into the exam I struggle with getting back into school mode. Needless to say I came in shy of my 10 page requirement, so I received a grade of failing.

Professor informed me that I had a second chance to take the exam. I needed to get scheduled through registration. I contacted registration and they scheduled me for the next exam that was in 3 more weeks. While waiting, I received an email from a re-enrollment counselor that says he was sorry to see me leave. I told him I have not left. I was scheduled to take the next exam in April. He informed me that the school dropped me for non attendance. I replied, "I was told I failed the exam and was scheduled to retake the exam". This again was where the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing at this school. Once I explain my situation, he says I needed to fill out a forms to re-enroll, pay $125 for it, $50 for another background check because mine expired and I also had to speak with financial aid because I had a $150 balance.

I took out a financial aid loans and I'm trying to figure out why do I have to pay the school $150 to take my exam that I was never told I had to do. After that the counselor calls me back and says I actually need to do an appeal because they actually dismissed me due to me failing the Comp exam. Apparently the rule changed and you now only have one chance to pass the exam but no one but the dean of the school knows this, not even the counselor!!!

So now I have to reapply for FASFA, pay for a new background check, a re-enrollment fee just to retake a darn exam!!! Then to add insult to injury, my counselor won't clear my appeal to be sent in because it's not written well enough and I need to include documentation for instance my mom's death certificate or he does not feel it will pass. I appreciate his guidance but I'm pissed I have to jump through all these hoops to take an exam!! Kaplan is now the worst school ever. I have completed my program courses and all I need to do is take my exam in order to get my degree but they are making it impossible. I have worked through too much not to receive my degree.

I am so beyond done with hearing Kaplan's name. I really do not understand why they are still in business and not been sued by their students. I am so burnt by this university in the same way that most of the students on this site. I started Kaplan in 2007 in hopes of finishing my bachelor's degree that I had started at the University of Alabama. Being a new mom and a non-traditional student Kaplan admission advisors did a good job baiting innocent students in started their degrees and getting into such "high paying" jobs. What BS! Then they sell you on their financial aid, why not? If only you would know how they will be scamming you pretty much in your last term, you would NEVER sign up for this school.

Long story short, I started my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice and every time I had a change in concentration i.e. from Forensic Psych to Juvenile Justice, they gave me a new degree plan adding a couple of extra USELESS courses just to get their money. They added a new program called International and Comparative Criminal Justice which of course in my mind was a great degree considering the current situation in this country. Sure enough, I changed my program but did not need to change classes. Instead of having my courses transfer over they gave me YET a new degree plan and ADDED courses I DID NOT NEED TO TAKE!! Anytime I wanted a class it was 'conveniently' not offered in that term and since I was a full time FINAID student, I couldn't sit the term out and ended up taking classes I did NOT need.

Sure enough, my last term I log in to class only to find out that I was blocked out due to a STUDENT BALANCE... Are you kidding me??? A freaking balance? For what?? Every time I call they transferred me to yet another CLUELESS advisor. I NEVER got an explanation of charges and was NEVER told of any out of pocket expense... Heck I was not even told as a FIRST TIME financial aid student that I had a certain amount allotted towards my bachelors degree. What kind of ADVISING is that? I feel sorry for so many other students including the current ones. Please DO NOT GET FOOLED. Kaplan is a big SCAM!!! Now they won't release my official transcripts and have a hold on my account? What a joke!

I will say this much. I had some wonderful professors, LOVED THEM and I hope they have quit by now, in fact I bet they have because no one wants to be associated with KAPLAN. The only true employee Kaplan has ever had was my first advisor Sheree **, who was/is my angel. Love her and I wish she told me what a nightmare I would face but now I understand why she quit. However, BEST counselor any school can have. Please KAPLAN NEEDS TO GO AND ALL STUDENTS NEED TO REIMBURSE FOR THE MENTAL ANGUISH!!!

I received a call from at the time from a unknown company. I asked who was calling? The rep refused to answer and asked for someone else. I asked for the name of the company the rep refused. I kept asking and the rep kept refusing. I finally asked for a manager and was put on hold. I held and then the call was disconnected. I went to call the number back to get a manager. I then got called by ** and was informed he was a manager from the company that just called me. However did not identify the company.

I informed him of the situation and asked for the name of the company. He finally told me he was with Kaplan University and was looking for someone and starting attacking what laws that I know. I informed him of the FTC and TSR laws regarding identify himself as ** and the company. He laughed and practically stated I did not know any laws and stated that he would love to see me in court for he can laugh at me. He kept stating he was looking for someone and I informed him this was my number. He said it did not matter that he is looking for someone. This went on as he continued to mock me until I hung up. 1601 SW 80th Terrace plantation FL 33324.

I have read a few of the reviews left by others and I must agree. Kaplan University has to be the worst online school out there when it comes to issuing refunds and communication. I have been attending this school for a little over a year and every term there is a problem with my refund. And when you try to speak with them they give you standard answer never truly helping you. I live one city away for where the checks are mailed from and I have been waiting over 2 weeks for a check, was clear sent to the incorrect address yet again. There is one person receiving for these types of issues and she lacks understanding, they never gives update or set expectation. Some terms they say they're doing updates to help FAFSA process move along quicker, it seems to make things go slower each time.

And my FAFSA went up this year so they raise the cost of my classes. Seems like something is not right with that. The professors are great but when it comes to the school itself, the staff you have to communicate with is unable to express empathy for the students. I have two friends that attends Kaplan also and they have the same problems. And the bad part is the person handling your check can only be reached by email. I sent this lady like 10 emails simply asking for next step and expectations. She took 3 days to reply. And she still didn't answer my questions. My boyfriend said it was the same way back in 2010 when he attended Kaplan. If you are thinking about attending Kaplan please don't even if you can pay for school. They are very incompetent when it comes to assisting their students.

I am DISGUSTED by the experience I have had with Kaplan University's financial aid department. First things first... When trying to contact Kaplan about your financial aid and why it hasn't posted within the 14 day time period that it must legally be posted, you will not get a response. Also, when you contact them asking why a stipend has not been sent within the 14 calendar days that they must legally send the stipend... Again, you will not get a response.

Now for the straw that broke the camel's back. There was a pell disbursement that was posted to the wrong term. I then received a refund check for double what I should have. I NEVER received any sort of notification, communication, NOTHING stating that they made a mistake on their end. The next thing I know, I receive a bill in the mail stating that I owe $1,033 or my account will be blocked from my courses.

I then called and sent numerous emails to FA to find out what I could do to fix it and bring my account back up to date. I was more than willing to set up a payment plan... I get it, mistakes are made, let's move on. NO RESPONSE. Then, a month later, I receive a final notice. My account has been blocked. Still no response from the numerous attempts to figure out how to fix my account. My next term was coming up quickly so I set up an automatic WEEKLY payment to withdraw from my checking account so that they could see that I am at least Making an effort to pay back for their mistake. That didn't go over, at all.

I finally called Kaplan again to find out exactly what I had to do since nobody was returning my calls, and my account was completely blocked. After talking to an FA representative, I was told that I had to make a minimum payment of $800 in 2 days in order to unlock my account. ARE YOU JOKING ME!?! So I'm getting screwed because you made a mistake and overpaid me!? Without ANY notification whatsoever!?!

Now here is the kicker... I have now enrolled in a new school and was supposed to start this week. This new school requested that a worksheet be filled out stating that I am withdrawn from Kaplan and my funds have been cancelled so that I am not awarded for 2 schools. Kaplans response? "They don't do clearance letters for loans". Excuse me??? You can't confirm that my loans are cancelled after I withdrew from your school? I have 6 years of experience in financial aid. I am fully aware of the R2T4 process and I am fully aware of what can and cannot be released to students. Kaplan is nothing but a joke.

Originally, I started off with Colorado Technical University which seemed to be a great school. I never had an issue for the year and a half that I was with them. The issue started shortly after I transferred to Kaplan. I originally started off with the Bachelor of Science program with a focus in Human Resources Management. Everything went fine for the first year. Just last year, I had to take an emergency leave because my wife was out in the hospital and all my focus needed to be on helping her recover, but also taking care of my kids at the same time. I have two toddlers, one 3-year-old and one 2-year-old, so they definitely require a lot of attention. I was advised that while I am able to take this leave of absence that my degree program would no longer be available upon my return. This was troubling, but priorities first.

I returned and was assigned to a new adviser who also reaffirmed the same. I spent the next year taking management courses towards a general Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with no focus. I am 153/180 credits into my degree program and being told that the only way I would be able to gain a focus on my degree program would be to take a post-baccalaureate certification directly after for Human Resources Management. I took this advice and continued my degree program. I personally had a medical emergency about a year later and had to withdraw from my degree once more for a little bit of time to recover. When I came back in, I was given the same adviser, however she shortly thereafter left Kaplan and gave me the contact information for another adviser whom would be taking over. At this time, I had not yet had communication with her.

I was using the Post 9/11 GI Bill from the VA to fund my education throughout this entire experience. Kaplan would not even try to bill the VA prior to the 6th week each and every time. Sometimes we were looking at the 8th week before I would receive confirmation from the VA that Kaplan had billed them. At the same time, I had applied for Federal Financial Assistance (FAFSA) in order to help with the costs of going to school. Kaplan would literally hold my stipend hostage until the VA paid for my semester, so it wasn't until up to the end of the semester or after during my 1-2 weeks before the next semester before I would finally receive my stipends (if I actually received them). Most times, I had to call in and try to micromanage the stipend team because we are only given just their email address "schecks@kaplan.edu" and no other form of contact. You cannot call them; nobody inside can transfer you to them.

If you request a supervisor call, you will never get an answer. If you get an answer at all, usually it is just 3-4 words stating "check will be sent..." without a signature which is extremely unprofessional at best. I actually went a time-span of 8 months before I was issued both my current stipend as well as previous stipend due to a "glitch" in the system. However, I wasn't told this by the Stipend team. I literally had to file a report with the Better Business Bureau before Kaplan finally took notice to the issue. I was contacted by the Student Relations team who was able to get in contact with the Stipend team and get the issue sorted out. I was paid for the current period as well as back pay for the previous periods that I had missed payment. Ridiculous it took that much effort to get something that should have already been sent to me.

Don't get me started on the 1098-T Tax Team. They are nothing short of a hot mess as well. For both 2013-2014 I received 2 of these tax forms to file on my normal taxes each year. I didn't receive one for 2015. We are only provided with an 800 number to reach them which goes directly to a voicemail to which they may respond up to 2-3 weeks later. So, good luck to all of you trying to do your taxes. I noticed this issue 3 weeks after the deadline was to send out W2's, etc. When I contacted them by email at 1098t@khec.com, I was advised one wasn't generated for me. I then proceeded to ask why and they stated that all my income was considered grants/scholarships. This kind of made sense to me as the VA was covering me 100% for school, but I wanted to find out when this had changed and why I had received ones for previous years.

I got told that I was never sent one. I responded back "Really, then why did I receive this?" and added an attachment of my 2014 1098-T form that I had scanned into my computer. They didn't respond back to that. I ended up contacting Financial Aid and let them know the situation and that I wasn't getting anywhere, especially after requesting that a manager/supervisor call me from that team as the person that I was talking to didn't seem to understand that I wanted to know why it was no longer being sent to me. She told me that I would need to call the 800 number. I told her that I already tried that and they didn't contact me back. She told me that she would bring me on the line with them. Now, you would think that by this phrase that she would be transferring me somewhere internal so I could get this issue resolved, wrong! She sent me to the 800 number. Furious, I hung up and called them directly back and filed a complaint against her.

The next person was able to provide me with another email that ended in the standard "@kaplan.edu" address and not "@khec.com". They provided me with one through email, however offered no explanation. I finally gave up and contacted my tax adviser and was told that this was something that changed for 2015 only and she provided with a link to an article on the IRS site that I had not previously found before which explained everything. I finally got a call about mid-week (2nd week after leaving voicemail with 1098-T Tax Team) that also explained the change after I already had the information. Just unbelievable, but should I expect something different from Kaplan?

I just withdrew again, but it wasn't for any emergency. I am done with this school and how I have been treated the entire time of attendance. There were multiple reasons for this. First off, there is only one professor that was teaching one of my courses in business (not going to mention names here), that could not relate what he was teaching to that of the case study assignments. Normally, other universities have other professors available that you can transfer into their class in order to better match the students to in order to optimize their learning experience (as somebody else may have taught it better). Wrong! This guy was the only one that was teaching this course online. So, it was a matter of me spending enormous amounts of time learning the material "on my own" instead of from him. What am I paying this school for again exactly?

Second issue was that I was lied to about my degree program having been discontinued. Yes, that's right, the Bachelor of Business Administration focusing in Human Resources Management according to the adviser that processed my withdrawal from the university. The program never went away. So, wait. You mean that I just spent a year on management courses that would have been unnecessary to take had I just been reinstated into the program? So, do the courses that I just took transfer over if I were to return to my original program? Of course they don't. I would be set back almost 40 credits in order to return to it. So, my original adviser lied to me about the program having been discontinued. That's grand. Does your school understand how the GI Bill benefits work? You just wasted my time and available benefits to have me learn something completely unrelated to my original degree.

Finally, the last two reasons are the Stipend team and the 1098-T Tax Team. I have never met two teams that were so disorganized as much as both of these were. Nobody could provide me with an explanation for my missing stipends and I would always have to micromanage this team to ensure that they would get sent to me (otherwise as shown 3-4 times previously, they would hold it indefinitely on my account). Also, please for crying out loud when I am asking for more information regarding a change such as that of the 1098-T form, please just provide me an explanation or find somebody that could. I literally sent 16 emails to your team and tried calling before I gave up. What am I paying your school for again?

Overall, the experience was horrible and your money would be well worth spent elsewhere. If everything that I just wrote above doesn't turn you away, this may be your pick of a school. Apparently, wasting money is what they are best at doing. I will be reporting this school to the VA as having done this. Maybe they will recover money, maybe not. But, if you would like to maintain your sanity between Financial Aid, FAFSA and the Stipend team, and the Tax team, I would recommend looking elsewhere. I probably won't be returning to school as my benefits are expiring and I would have to start a Student Loan to finish. Thank you for that Kaplan! I don't write this to be defamatory to the school. I write this to tell you all the truth of what happened to me. The rest is up to you if you would like to take that risk. Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy review.

Everything was perfectly fine at the beginning. Never had a problem with Kaplan University until recently that I'm a term away from Graduation. I now realize that I am not the only student who has been having problems with them. I was told that I would graduate on July 2016. Then I'm told that it has been extended to October because I was a credit short. I always kept constant communication with my academic advisor but was never informed that I would be a credit short. At all times she informs to me that I would graduate in July. But whatever... I get over it and take on another course to complete the required credits.

Then afterwards, they tell me that one of the courses that I took years ago in another university wasn't transferable when in fact, I was told all my credits transferred. So they wanted me to take on another term just for this one course. But it doesn't end there... Now I'm being informed that I have to $1,300 for this current term or else they would place a block on my courses. This is just absurd! Kaplan University is shady and completely unprofessional. I would not recommend this school to anyone. All Kaplan does is mistreat students for their money. They do not care for our education or future, we are simply but a bad investment to them.

I wish I had read these reviews about Kaplan before because I truly thought I was the only person frustrated with them. Each term it takes a minimum of 6 weeks into the term before any form of funding is applied to my account. The "reasons" I am given vary each time and they never run out of excuses. It is so distracting and stressful to have to worry each term if the funds are going to be applied correctly or not.

The stipend is never mailed out in a timely manner, I always have to call to get the ball rolling. I have one more class left after this term and I found out that they are not accredited according to ACEND (Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics) there for I am unable to be state certified in my field of study. I spent so much money at this "College" and I can't even use the degree to reach my career goals.

In addition to this travesty they don't even require basic classes that I would need as prerequisites to further my education at a College that is accredited for the Nutrition Science Degree. I only discovered all of this last term when I was getting my ducks in a row to job search and decide if a Master Degree is what I want next. Now I have to basically start from scratch at another college or give up my dream while now in debt thanks to these "knowledgeable" individuals working at Kaplan. I would seriously do your research before choosing any College and I would NOT recommend Kaplan. The convenience factor behind working, raising a family and getting a degree at the same time is why I went with them and I am now embarrassed to have wasted my time, money and effort here.

I am currently a student at Kaplan. I have been there for a year now. I am an undergraduate. I loved this school up until this term. Last term I felt like they were full of **, but now they really are. Last term I had a death in my family on top of the fact I was homeless around Christmas time. I filled out the grievance form... only to find out that was for if you have a complaint about a professor or their staff (LOL). So I left that alone. Now this term I told my Education Adviser that I was homeless and I could only get on the internet to do the seminars and my assignments would be late. He was OK with it, then he calls me and says the Dean wants to switch my classes around.

He puts me in 2 classes that requires a LOT of internet access. Right now I am failing and unsure what to do. I read the terms and conditions, and I believe I'm at a 50/50 chance of being dropped from Kaplan all because of a stupid ** education adviser who should have never put me in those classes. All that "No don't leave", "I've had plenty of students that were in your situation" **!!!

I received a Bachelor of Science and two Master's Degrees from Kaplan and did not get the promised jobs. I was a single parent and was told as a paralegal I would make at least $50 an hour, I made $10 an hour so I went on for my Masters being told that I would be able to jump right into management only to find out that I could not without the prior experience in the field. I was told I had to take out a personal loan and did so for $5,000 with only $500 needed to cover my tuition shortage and somehow the rest disappeared and I owed $5,000 which is now $10,000. No assistance and no answers just money owed that I do not have the job to pay back.

Kaplan University mismanaged my Federal Student loan. I enrolled as a student at Kaplan University (KU) mid 2012 with promises that I had enough funding up until I graduate. However, I received notification two terms prior to December 1, 2015 that I will reach my limit of funding from FAFSA as an undergraduate of $60k. I received an email stating that I will need an estimated of $22k for the next three terms which includes room/board, transportation, computer, personal, and banking fees. In KU terms these charges are called indirect fees.

I questioned the fees due to being an online student and I received a reply, via email stating that I was charged direct fees. I spoke with my lawyer after I compared my statements from FAFSA (Nelnet) and my ledger from the web portal of KU. The charges that we debited from FAFSA and my expenses from KU was not adding up (I am also a certified public accountant).

I was advised by my lawyer to request an official ledger from KU. I sent an email on Monday, November 16, 2015 requesting a ledger expecting a reply within forty-eight hours. However I received an email today, Tuesday, November 24, 2015 stating to go online. I called KU Financial Aid Department at (866) 458-2008 and spoke to Marcey. She stated that I need to email ledgercard@KU.edu and request for an official ledger. I was upset because I received an email eight days later with the incorrect information. I am getting the runaround for a simple request.

This is not the first issue that I had with KU. I claimed bankruptcy in 2014 and I had to contact my bankruptcy lawyer due to KU refusing to write off a balance. I contacted the Better Business Bureau (Complaint Case Number **) and there were no solution (although they told me to call the financial aid number for a resolution). After three days of being on hold for over an hour; there was not resolution. Currently I sent the proper paperwork to be on a payment plan. However I was told that I was denied due to claiming bankruptcy!

Since I am not able to make a FULL payment to the school, I am not able to (ironically) receive my official transcript. I called Kaplan (after several harassment calls and emails) and was told that they did not receive my denial letter from Sallie Mae nor my application. The funny thing was that I saw the paperwork scanned in KU's web portal. Today (March 29, 2016) I was told that I was denied because I claim bankruptcy.

Bottom line: I would like know EXACTLY where my FAFSA funding went to and be refunded as well as a transcript to forward to my lawyer and accountant. I was told to go online for an official transcript but I was told from different officials as local universities in Colorado that Kaplan should and am suppose to honor my request. I have worked very hard the past three years to achieve a bachelor degree: but to no avail I am not able to graduate due to "fraudulent" financial activates from this for profit organization.

I was a Kaplan student couple years ago. When I signed up they ask me if I wanted to receive the money left over from the financial aid from each class or if I wanted to put in my account so when I was ready to pay them back it would not be too much. I told them put it in my account. According to them I received two checks for the amount of $1126 and $131. I never received anything. Once I found out within two weeks, I let them know that I never received anything. They told me that I did and that I have cashed them out. So I asked for a copy of the checks if they had it because I did not have anything at the moment.

They did send me both copies. When I saw them and looked at the signatures I realized that somebody has cashed them out and it look like signature but it wasn't. I took it to the police and they gave a copy of the report. I spoke to someone in Kaplan. They told me to send it over and they will do the rest. I did send it and I also kept on calling and emailing them to find out what was going on. NOBODY GAVE ME AN ANSWER. The only answer they gave me was that has already passed 1 year and they couldn't do anything about it and now I have to pay up for something I never got. DO NOT TRUST THEM.

I called today concerning funding that was supposed to be received already. Again was given the runaround by the financial aid department about Kaplan's system being down and how this is a Kaplan Problem only. Us students were given notice that the system would be fixed by the 15th of March and all checks would be fixed and sent. Well here it is the 22 and still be given excuses. Now I am being told they are reviewing their packages after awards letters have been given and they were already paid by the government for student loans and grants as I have my award letter for the January term and have not been paid yet to date, and have completed my term and am done with Kaplan and their **.

They rip students off, build up their hopes and steal their dreams. Students should be given all their money back period and should not be held liable to pay this school and this school needs to be shut down! This school is fraudulent in every way! I am so done with Kaplan and their excuses especially after I have my paperwork showing when they were paid! Yet they want to hold students funds with their excuses. They had one thing correct. It is just a Kaplan Problem! Them ripping off people and guess what they are no LONGER A BBB ACCREDITED INSTITUTE. DO NOT TRUST THIS SCHOOL.

My experience was horrible at this school. Beware it's a scam to all those thinking of joining this school, don't join. You will encounter unprofessional staff plus they will insult you which I took to heart. The teachers are a joke, don't know how to teach for their life. The students are also arrogant.

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With a 76 year history and one million students each year, Kaplan University has an established reputation as an exceptional educational provider.

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