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I attended in Portland Maine. Program was challenging and despite a lot of administrative drama I successfully completed the program and took the boards in Maine passing on my first try. I am now interested in going for my RN and no one will accept my prior learning, so I will have to start from the beginning! I'm already working as a nurse! I will need to redo all of those classes, not the mention I spent 32k for the 15 month program... Buyer beware. I was foolish... The other schools had wait lists of at least a year, some 3... So shame on me. I'm told they are in hot water with Department of Education and closed up shop in California. No advancement for me.

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Intercoast Colleges Administrators and Campus Presidents located in Elk Grove California. I am proud to say that I successfully graduated from my Medical Assisting program. My Instructor was tough! Yes even strict! But I learned the most from her, because it gave me positive challenges to strive for in being serious about learning, and having new career opportunities provided to me! No more going from job to job! I was blessed to receive a Federal grant to start and complete school!

I told the administrators that I did not have thousands of dollars to pay for tuition! It only took 30 minutes of my time in sitting down with them, taking a look at my financial options with them explaining to me that I qualified for close to $6,000.00 dollars to go to school! Wow the school was a blessing to me! Up on completion, I had no issues in being placed in a great (externship) OPPORTUNITY in a Urgent Care medical office in Elk Grove California. After completing all my hours the Medical Doctor offered me a job! May this school continue to grow and prosper. Congratulations on the new school location!

When I first decided that I would want to pursue a career in psychology, I was very enthusiastic about helping people's lives and I still am. My First time ever seeing this college was online. When I decided to look up alcohol and drug counseling looking for something that I could get done quickly and was cost effective, but was I in for a rude awakening. I first started looking at student ratings (on the website lol) thinking this was a school I would be proud to mention on a resume. So I signed up, my adviser was a quick talker, smooth calm and collected. They talked me into it. My first incident was when an accident occurred and I didn't log in much after for some skepticism. When I missed a Quiz it would say I made an 80 or when I missed an assignment a 100. So first I brushed it off as a typo, then it happens again when I go on a retreat, in which was manipulation of grades for their benefit.

My other incident was when I could not login no matter if I changed the password or what for one of the financial advisers threatened to shut me off of class if I didn't get a loan and I called and called and no one would answer before. I guess they decided to call when they wanted some money, so I continued going about my everyday life with Intercoast not picking up and calling when they need something until I called about a W and an WF because I made it to the Externship but no contact for that. Then I called and the person didn't even know what a W and a WF was. I was like wow they don't care if you can't log in and they don't care if you are looking for a legitimate college. My reason for giving in exact detail was for whoever reads this will know this college is not worth wasting months of your time on a lie told from a fraudulent college.

I went to Intercoast in South Portland, Maine. Started in September 2014 but never got to finish the class because none of the people that worked there helped me get an externship. So now Kelly the owner or whatever she is saying I owe a balance of 2 grand. I can't get my transcript unless my balance is paid off when technically I didn't get to finish and never got me an externship. This school is BS. Good thing this school is closing its campus.

Go to a college. This was the biggest mistake of my life. Caused me to be depressed. The director of the campus plays favorites and is never available. Her door always shut. I owe 30,000 for the LPN program that I was forced to test into 3rd term cause I was out too long and failed me cause I couldn't suction a patient. When I asked what I did wrong? No explanation. You just failed. After calling the scholars to appeal that was denied, so Now I owe tons of money. Refused to give transcript. Too much Crap to list. Stay away. DON'T SAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED.

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The tests were inaccurate. The new alcohol teacher is illegally conducting counseling from the school, and staff partying with students and employees. The whole federal funding is being unprofessionally used. There is no quality education or staff who knows what they are doing.

I am currently attending ICC in Orange County CA. I am enrolled in the HVAC program which is held at the Annex building in Anaheim CA. Recently I have made attempts to address my disappointment with this school. I have talked with the student advisor but nothing has been done as of now. I feel terrible in doing so but I believe that what this school does is unethical and straight out wrong. Their interest is only revenue. Our campus goes without materials, equipment, and on occasion, Instructors!

I am staring a petition from former and current students that feel the same way about this School. I believe that if we work together we can help make some changes. The president of this campus Mrs. ** needs to hear from every single one of us. The education of each and every students needs to be their first priority, not the money. You can contact me at **. Tell me a little bit about your experience. I will start making a list and let's all get together and make this right. Thank you.

This was the biggest mistake of my life. Why? Because I wanted to go to school for substance abuse counseling and this was the closest school to me. It popped up out of nowhere, and I had a friend working as a recruit. She talked it up, and I'm sure she has no clue what was in store for me. I had 1 instructor the whole time, who was absolutely wonderful, but my director always changed. I had completed my program, and I was ecstatic. When I had signed up, I was told there would be help with job placement. Lo and behold, 6 months after my graduation, which I was NEVER aware about, I didn't have a job or even help FINDING a job. I also never received my certificate and now I'm stuck at a job I don't like because this school screwed me over. Please don't make the same mistake I did.

I've had the same experience with this college. If you fail a test, they'll change your grade to an A to make them look good for their ratings. I finished the school months ago. No certificate, don't even know if I actually graduated. They say I did. Took them 5 mins to enroll me, now that I'm done they could care less. Anyone want to start a class action lawsuit, and how do you go about it? Email me at **.

I grad from this college - still don't have diploma. They said I owed $500. Contacted headquarters - got It straightened out, was told they would have it ready. Got the run around. Still don't work as ADC. Owe Sallie Mae money for nothing.

Worst schools you can go to. Whole class of 30 were taken advantage of, lied to and used. I did the Lvn program, we had 20 instructors that weren't worth a damn. Didn't have clinical sites. The instructors, about 5 of them advised us to sue them.

Intercoast is a complete joke and a scam. I started last November while four months pregnant. I was told I can take a maternity leave and come back no problem, after having my daughter I came back for one mod then was told they have to drop me for one mod and I can come back no problem. Well that wasn't the case. I called 2 weeks in advance like I was told to set up an appointment to sign my paper I needed to come back. The staff was completely new and no one knew who I was and that I was dropped. They are now trying to charge me the $6000 for not finishing the program when they dropped me completely by themselves. I feel so betrayed by this company and the lies they sell to people to get money. They should be shut down for good instead of expanding.

I went to Intercoast back in 2010 graduated in 2011. I signed all the necessary paper work to start classes as a medical student, etc. When I first began it wasn't nothing for us to work with no medical supplies... that was the first thing that lead to more unusual things appearing. Then we had gotten our book. We were using it for like 5 months then got new books that were being charged 600.00 dollars more. Also finding that when it was time for getting our cap and gown we had to pay 50.00 and an additional 200.00 for our certificate on top of the 11,000 for student loans - one was a Pell grant we shouldn't had to pay back.

They had bus tickets and didn't give it to those who needed. Towards the end we were to get money that was owed back to us. We never gotten... we never even seen Financial aid money. Until this day I don't have my certificate but they keep hounding me about paying them. Me and two other women completed the course. We were the first three who graduated from that campus in south Sacramento off of 47th before they moved to Elkgrove. They are con artists. It's not fair. I got depressed... behind the **... I went to school every day. Grade point average was a 3.8. Why would they do something like that? It's deep than that to...

Counselors and teachers are willing to help and go above and beyond. I recently had a few issues and they were a great help to get me through them.

I enrolled at Intercoast college back in 2009-2010 in West Covina. After signing my paperwork I started class fulltime. The first two weeks, the staff scrambled to get us books, proper shirts and identification. I was told from the start that my grants and loans covered everything for my classes, supplies; I just worry about lunch. I was also told classes would last 9 months (contract) went to a year (90 days) past what I was told. I have way too much to type but I will say upon graduation, I was required to pay $60 for cap and gown and $400 for my graduation paperwork that I was told was completely covered by my Pell grants and loans. Didn’t attend graduation because I couldn't muster up $460 to have cap and gown or graduation papers with a 3.98 GPA.

I've kept everything (paperwork)from school awards etc. I have other sources to validate what was promised and underfilled. I was told Inter coast was to have an 80% success rate, my class had 1 student get a job in our electrical field. I regret choosing Intercoast college for broken promises, rotating changing classes. The people I had daily contact with - staff and students I had fun getting to know, but as I said too much to type as far as staff theft from school and more. I have a 12,000 dollar plus interest loan and this is all I have to show for going to Inter coast electrical program. Nice....

When I signed up, (Fairfield, Ca campus) I wasn't too sure what I wanted to do career wise. I had already worked two years with mentally disabled adults in a facility and in home setting. I originally wanted to start the LVN program but was talked out of it and referred to the MA program because I "didn't have enough experience" and I "didn't know medical terminology". They told me to give the MA program a try and if I was within the top 3% of the class, then they would automatically grant me to the top of the list for the LVN program... no waiting list basically. Before my 30 day trial period was up, I went to the campus president to tell her I wanted to transfer to LVN. Again, she looked at me like I was dumb...and again talked me out of it, saying "if you are the bottom 6 people of the class, you will be dropped and have to repay over $30,000 in loans. They don't teach you what you will need to already know. Like taking a blood pressure or medical terminology. Everyone in the LVN program already has much experience. You'll fall behind"

I said ok and am now one week away from externship for a medical assisting position. Bottom line is.. I asked several LVNs, none had any experience. There is no waiting list. Its not up to them to decide what program I wanted to go in. There is no top 3%.. but they do drop bottom 6. They are too worried about their graduation rates. And not to mention... every single staff member, including the campus president has been replaced by some young and/or easy to look at person. The last person there from 7 months ago when I signed up was my MA teacher WHO QUIT TODAY! This school is all about their money but want to give under boiled hot dogs for student appreciation day.

Their work reminds me of being in kindergarten again.. matching and stacking blue and red blocks (thinking to myself this is too easy). I have aced every single test and have a 4.0 gpa. Its not that easy for everyone but I told them in the beginning I wasn't being challenged. The hardest part for me was the phlebotomy module were inexperienced students like myself were poking each others veins for practice.. running around like vampires.. "I'll let you do me if I can do you". Supplies are always out.. books were never in on time and the LVNs walk around like MAs owe them something. The alcohol and drug counselor program people think we all look down on the because they have some ties with alcohol or drugs in their life and the new campus president treats us like we are in high school again. I wanted to come back to do the LVN program but yea, NOT HERE!

While I was looking for LVN courses I talked to to Intercoast College. They informed me that they had a class that just started and a class that was going to start in May. There was a lot of pressure to begin immediately so I began three days behind the rest of my class. I also discussed the fact I have problems with taking written test, and was told that the teacher would be willing to help. After taking a couple of the exams, I found that teacher didn't want to talk me or would offer to assist me. The teacher also stated I could not make up a low scoring test because of school policies, but students in other classes stated they could retake an exam if they didn't make the score required by the school. I also found it disturbing that the school is trying to force students to score between 75 to 100 percent on each exam when the California exam only requires a 70 percent. Luckily, I dropped before the the student loans where disbursed. Unfortunately I know several students that were dropped after students loan were disbursed to test scores being below 75 percent and now are having to repay a large student loan. I would not recommend this school to anyone.

Luckily, I realized there was a major problem with this school, before I started. Unfortunately for my boyfriend, that is not the case. I'm hoping that with help, he will be able to get out of there without owing these liars a thing. He started in November, and at the time, it seemed like a legitimate school. Since then, he has seen at least 3 different instructors for the HVAC program, and is being bounced around to different classes, in no order.

On the course curriculum, it says he will be taking all these starter classes, then HVAC 101, 102, and 103....he just finished his first AP class, and was put directly into HVAC 103, he is completely lost. This is not at all the place they make it seem when you enter. Wishing I had read all the complaints before having him enroll. Lesson learned.

There is no way to be fair about InterCoast College. After signing up for the AOD Counseling course in November of 2012, I was immediately contacted by their financial aid department to be sure that I could get $18000 in aid or pay cash. After exhausting my financial aid, I still had a balance and paid that in cash. Over the course of the next year, we were given assignments that any middle school student could do and were not given books or resources in which to study. Exams did not correspond with course subjects and instructors were changed midway through courses. Communication with staff was almost impossible due to the fact that no one wanted to take responsibility for how things were being handled and all the the student complaints that were coming in.

When it came time for internships, there was no guidance to prepare us and we were set back due to paperwork that needed to be filed and a lack of resources and contacts for internships. The administration also took their time on filing with CAADAC, which is the state certifying board for substance abuse counselors. Most of us went through our internships signing official documents as Registered Recovery Workers not knowing that InterCoast had not handled our paperwork. If facilities had been audited, there could have been serious problems.

Now, over a year later, I have been told that I am finished with school but have heard nothing regarding a certificate or transcripts, job placement assistance, or graduation. I cannot even reach the "president" who is supposed to be taking care of all the complaints. We are still being ignored and once again being told that the program is going through administrative changes, all while we are being contacted by our financial aid company and being told that we must begin to repay the loans in six months. I want my money back and this craziness investigated and stopped.

This school is a joke. I started the MHRT program in January of 2012. I took the online program. After financial aid and student loans, there was still a balance with the school which I was fine with. Once beginning the program, I basically paid 15,000 for what to me seemed like sixth grade curriculum. The instructors never returned calls or emails, it took weeks to get grades on assignments. There was one excuse after another. Your instructor was out of town, someone else was covering and there was always a communication mix up. If you complained to the upper administration, your emails never were answered and it was always the same story for a year that they were making administration changes.

I finished my course and when I called for my certificate of completion, I was then told, "As long as you had a balance with the school, you could not get your completion certificate." You were never told up front before you signed all the paper work that you would not receive a certificate completion until you had a zero balance. So ten thousand dollars in student loans later plus financial aid payments I went to school for a year and completed a program that isn't even high school level and nothing to show for it but thousands of dollars of debt.

Well let me start off by just saying that I was not too happy with the dynamic surrounding Intercoast College. I figured that I could utilize my intellectual abilities to sort of get back to the people that was suffering, possibly went to the same things I went through my life but lo and behold, Yes, this school blows sheep herds but that is not truly the issue. This profession within itself is a total crock of **. I have worked for 2 separate facilities and the common denominator is they all pay pubic hairs for compensation. I really hope that people don't get into this field for financial gain because the ** is not gonna happen, unless you're like Marty down there who is native American and got hired into tribal treatment where the casinos pretty much fund your prostitutes.

AOD counseling is the lamest position and career to ever try and pursue. I myself finally woke the ** up and went with my primary education, being psych and business development and now my income is pretty much ** on every caadac, laadac, ma...... whatever. I make Warren Daniels look like a soup kitchen volunteer. The story is this, if you really are a ** and want to get into health and human services, go to real college and get a psychology degree. All AOD counselors are the epitome of borderline retardation and I feel sorry for anyone who has an AOD certified counselor in control of their future. Thanks, Intercoast, for the harassment by the pogo sticks at Sallie Mae. Oh yeah, ** Sallie Mae too.

I went to the West Covina campus back in 2005. I had gone to the army and when I was through with my enlistment agreement, I decided to go back to school for accounting. Since I now live in Arizona, I wanted to get my transcripts sent to my new school. Lady in student services told me that I would have to come in and pay $10 to get my officials since they don't do it online. I had to drive almost 300 miles back to California to get them. When I got there and paid the money, they told me they couldn't send them and that I had to. After I sent them to my new school, three days later, my adviser called me to tell me the school would not accept them because they had to be sent from Intercoast.

I called them immediately and tried to talk to the same person who gave me the transcripts but she was on the phone with someone and she'd call me back. That was a week ago. I called the school to talk to the director but she's in a meeting and still no one calls me back. How can a so-called school do this to a person, especially one who fought for this great country? I will NOT recommend this school to anyone, not even my worst enemy. What's worse is I can't even get my VA grant because I need those transcripts that I've already paid for. No transcripts = no tuition, and my classes start in August. I don't know why schools no longer are able to ask for and receive them themselves. Didn't they use to?

I attended Intercoast College for less than 2 months before I left the school due to the instructor mocking me. I didn't realize at the time I had a mental disorder and could not face my class again after that embarrassing incident. Six years later, I asked for my transcripts that I needed and they refused to give them to me due to owing $470.51. I had received a Pell grant that the school received for me even when I barely attended. I will never go or have anything to do with this school again.

I signed up for Intercoast College and they had me believe I didn't need a high school diploma so I went through the program. Two days before graduation, the school called me in and said that they noticed I didn't have a high school diploma. I told them that when I started, I told them that and that the lady that was working at the time said I didn't need it. They said, "Well, that lady doesn't work here anymore." So I can walk with my class but I won't get the certificate of completion but not to worry because they would still be a good reference for me still. What the **. Now, I sit here thinking it's my fault because I'm a loser for not getting my diploma. I went from being at the top of my class to receiving a fake certificate and reference. Wow and I owe $20,000 in student loans. They just want you to sign that line.

I know some other dirt. I know a worker that was on the staff and she told me one time she was grading someone's test on an exam and she made a mistake on correcting it and then went and told her boss, the director. She said it's not a problem and they pulled the test out and made my friend erase the girl's answers and rewrite the answers so they were wrong and then made her sign a contract to keep her mouth closed. She said the student was trouble anyway and kicked her out. Omg, what the **.

I attended this college for over a year and accrued about $10,000.00 in student loans. The instructor was a joke, she was very inappropriate and then she just left for a few weeks. We had a male counselor replacement. He was kind and respectful. I finally felt like I was getting my money's worth out of the class. I felt angry when he did not come back. I'm not sure why they brought Patty back. She was unprofessional and she demonstrated favoritism in the class. This organization is a joke! If I had the chance to do this over again, I would attend a community college because this place is a joke. I would like to have someone investigate this organization.

Why are they preying on the poor who are trying to just survive in this economy? I found out that they don't help you find any job placements. They promise that you will be making $15 or $20 an hour to start, but that is not true. I am currently working part-time making $8 an hour. The sad thing is when I requested to speak to Jim, the director, he was too busy to talk to me. This riverside school needs to be shut down. It is the biggest scam out here.

InterCoast Colleges preys on people and fill their heads with lies. Their main goal is convincing you to sign on the dotted line. All they care about is that you stay enrolled past the 6-week mark because after 6 weeks, you are responsible for paying the full tuition, which is just shy of $19,000. I was going to be a certified AOD counselor, in which I completed all my classroom studies. Halfway through my internship, I ran into some personal problems with my recovery. After taking a 30-day LOA, I decided that it would be unethical for me to finish.

I was honest with them about what was going on and they just kept pressuring me to finish. That is horrible considering they openly knew I was using again and they were trying to put me back at an intern site to work with clients. I was only 2 months away (130 hours) from completing the program. At that time, I only had to go to class once a week for 3 hours. I was under the impression that all the instruction and books I had received prior to me withdrawing were paid for already. It wasn’t until I was withdrawn from the program that they told me I owed them $3,300 which I had to pay personally. The way they request the financial aid is not right. After doing research on how the federal government and loaners disperse your financial aid, I am under the impression that they were not looking out for best interests, considering that it could have been dispersed differently.

This school **. I have had the same issues. They say there is job placement, only a small number of students get placed. They give you the runaround. Don't go here! They will fill your head with ** lies and leave you in debt for the rest of your life. Even the people who work there wouldn't spend a dime to attend because they know it's **. These fake ** schools are the reason why our state is in debt!

Simply the worst school ever. A total ripoff. The placement is a joke and phoney. They place you in a low-end job so they can count you as a grad. The classes were almost a waste and you are not ready for jobs. The people are rude, inconsiderate and will not call you back. The owners and management are all money-grabbing and don't give the school enough equipment or supplies. The computers never worked. I went to two campuses (Carson and West Covina); the students who complain get paid off so to keep quiet. Don't go here! Call Sacramento BPPE at the Consumer Affairs and complain to the state!

I went to InterCoast College in Riverside, CA in 2007 for the medical assistant program. If I could rewind time, I would have never gone to this school. They made everything sound so good. But in the end, it was nothing but drama. The instructor had her favorites. That caused problems in class. After a test, one of the instructor's pets missed two problems and cried because she wanted an A+. Our teacher told her to wait after class and they'll talk about it. While finishing my notes after class, I overheard the instructor tell the student she'll give her an A+, but she can't tell anyone because it's not fair.

Another issue we had in class was the certificates that were given every month for attendance and honors. The instructor's pets complained that it wasn't fair that the same people were getting awards every month. So, the instructor gave awards to students who didn't earn them. When it came time to learn about medicine, the instructor couldn't teach the math part because she didn't know how. So, I taught the class. For someone who has been teaching this course for years, I find that funny that she couldn't explain to us how to divide the dosage.

One Saturday, our class got together to go feed the homeless. Before we left, I received a call from home saying my aunt had passed away. I told my instructor that I wouldn't be able to go and I won't be at school for a whole week. I asked her if I can turn in my assignments when I get back. She told me not to worry about it and that I was excused for the week. When I came back, my grade dropped from an A to a C. When I asked my instructor why, she said it was because I missed a whole week of assignments. When I told her what she said on Saturday, she told me it's too late to make up the assignments and there's nothing she can do about it. A week after that happened, another student had to leave for a funeral and wouldn't be back for a week. The instructor told her to bring in the bulletin from the service and she will excuse her. I finally had enough of the drama. I went and talked to the principal. I told him that I wanted to quit because of our instructor being unfair with her grading and the way she treats some of the students. He told me to just hang in there and that I was almost done with the class. All this drama happened in December, a month after I started.

Now that I've graduated and looking for a job, InterCoast College is no help. They've changed their career advisor three times since I've been there. When I leave messages for people in the office, they never call me back. When I come in to see the career service advisor, she's never there. And when I do talk to her, she wants me to email my resume. When I do send my resume, she never responds back. Because of this school, I owe City Bank $11,985.50. My loan was $9,995.50. The bank calls me everyday asking if I have the money to pay for my loan and I don't. I'm going to community college and can't receive financial aid because of my student loan. I advice people who are looking at this school as an option: Do not go to this school! Go to community college. Take your general education towards your major and then transfer to a university.

I have been attending Intercoast College in Sacramento, California. Upon my start date, August 18, 2009, I signed up for financial aid. My first academic year total was $15,096. My second academic year, $1,850. Intercoast College said that I qualified for $10,000 in financial aid and would have to take out the rest in loans ($6,946).

On the Lender Disclosure and request form, I requested Citibank as my lender. While time passed by, I hadn't heard anything back about the loan. So I assumed, financially, everything was taken care of. Now months later on April 28, 2010, I was called into the financial aid office and was advised that I needed to sign a Retail Installment contract, due to an error in their system. I was made to sign this contract because Intercoast College said that they wouldn't be able to receive financial aid for me because I had been attending Sac City College and that school received my financial aid.

The contract stated that for 124 months, I, Jamari ** would pay $150.00 every month and would not receive my completion certificate until the balance was paid in full. I agreed and signed. I contacted the main office and they said they don't approve contracts for cash payments for over two years. I am at the point to where I don't know what to do. In May 2010, I received an e-mail from EdFund to sign a MPN. Intercoast College now has requested loans in my name that I had no knowledge about, nor signed or agreed to, from the lender, Sallie Mae.

On May 27, 2010, a month later after I signed the Retail Installment contract, I got five papers in the mail (notice to student of disbursement of funds) advising me that Intercoast College has received $9,500 towards tuition on my behalf. I have withdrawn from the program as of June 17, 2010. I believe this school has misled me, defrauded me, in many ways. And furthermore, I have been a victim of fraud. I've spent almost a year of my time trying to better myself, achieve a higher level of education, to be a great example for my family and peers. Now, it means nothing. I'm unable to get a job without my certification; all I'm left with is balances owed, with the school and the lender, Sallie Mae!