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Heald Business College in Rancho Cordova California started a Court Reporting program July of 1993. My daughter's father talked me into enrolling in the program so I made a appointment to meet with the two people who were recruiting for it in April 1993. I was still pregnant and due May 25th 1993 and the classes would start the 1st or 2nd week of June 1993. I remember them telling us that I and the other students enrolling would be the 1st of the pioneers in breaking ground for a exciting program offered in Sacramento County, and because it was a new program getting started that they were having trouble getting the course ACCREDITED, but assured me that by the time the classes started it would be ACCREDITED. But when that time came and I had already signed up and got all of my loans I qualified for and was in the program 6 months, word got around that the court reporting program STILL hadn't been ACCREDITED!

So then by that time about 13 students dropped out, which if I had any sense I should have myself but instead I stayed until November of 1994 which by then the school still wasn't able to get their Court Reporting program accredited and I too dropped the class in November! So now I am stuck with over 60,000 in debt in school loans which when I started my total of loans came to 8,000.00. But if a school doesn't ever get a accreditation for their programs then the rule is the student is not responsible for having to pay back the loans!!

Now fast forward to the year 2009. I was taking classes at Bryon College and another student that enrolled in the court reporting program at Heald College in 1994 told me that the program was completely dropped from Heald in 1997 because the Program still couldn't get accredited!! Wow! I know there are others out there like me who are dealing with this and the fact that this School Lied, mislead, so many to make a BUCK!!

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I attended Heald for three years. I never had my high school diploma. When I started Heald had a GED program. When I actually started attending classes the Ged program ended immediately. I had a report due, did it and was accused of plagiarism. The teacher who accused me of plagiarism was fired for sexual harassment. It was hard to get a bus pass. Heald was supposed to give to students who had transportation issues. When Heald wouldn't give me a bus pass I couldn't make it to school and they tried to kick me out, gave me a bus pass then put me on a contract. Heald keeps calling me to come back at all hours of the day and night. There are a lot of other issues I had with Heald but it's too much for this.

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I went to Heald College with the idea of furthering my education quickly. This seemed like the best idea. The snake oil salesman sold me on this dream of quickly completing my education then moving on to 4 year colleges with minimum of 2 year left to complete for a BA. This WAS A LIE!!! After graduating I went to a local college that was on the list that Heald College showed me accepting. Come to find out after visiting this was a lie. They do not take credit from Heald and they have so many students that come in with the same story as I have. This school needs to be stopped. They sell a dream that turns into a nightmare. It may seem like a quick fix but they are not. Your education is meaningless outside those walls. Don't end up like me starting all over again just with a $30,000 debit attached to me.

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I went to Heald College in April of 2008 because they were offering degrees in Sales and Marketing. I was told by Cherie ** when I went to register that the Roseville campus did not offer that major, but I would be allowed to transfer to the Rancho Cordova campus in my last quarter to finish my degree emphasis. I was also told by Cherie ** it would be in my best interest to leave ARC College in the middle of the semester because the classes I was taking would not be transferable. She also led me to believe I would be receiving an AA and told me the benefit to Heald was lifetime job placement and over 90 of the graduates were placed into jobs. I was also handed a paper stating the average student had $10,970 in student debt with a monthly payment of $126.

I went every quarter in person and met with the Director of Business (Doug **) to pick the classes I needed for my sales and marketing degree. I was told I could take the classes for my emphasis online instead of transferring campus. I took numerous classes for my emphasis online, and paid an additional $175 enrollment for each class. The director of my program was fired abruptly without any explanation. I went in to make sure I was still on track and found out from the new director of business that if I wanted my emphasis, I would have to attend an additional quarter. I also found out that I was receiving an A.A.S. and not an AA, and if I wanted the AA it would cost me an extra $10,000! Also, I retook numerous classes that I had transferred from other schools, and the classes I was told would not transfer from ARC absolutely would have!

When I complained, I was told there was no one to blame but me for the mess up in my program. I was called in halfway through my program to fill out my second financial aid. I was very upset because I was told in my orientation interview that I had already been awarded all I needed to graduate. When I went to get my graduation checklist signed off the week of graduation, I was told I owed another $4,500! I was told I had to take out a private loan from the school in order to graduate that week! When I refused I was told I would absolutely not be able to graduate, I would still owe the money, and I would not be allowed back on campus to finish the quarter!

Finally, I graduated with a degree with no emphasis, and I am in significant debt for an AAS which has not led to a single job. The Sales and Marketing degree was the only reason I went to Heald in the first place! Heald also promised lifetime career placement for graduates. All of the job leads they sent came from craigslist.com and only required a High School diploma or GED and a few of them were Nigerian scams! The only job lead that actually called me back was for a staffing agency! I even called them back a year after graduation and was denied any help at all. I was told by Ms. ** that the job leads were meant for recent graduates only.

I received a $4,310 Pell Grant and the school only requested 1 of the 4 disbursements so I only received $1,200. I signed a document in my exit interview stating my loans totaled to $15,501. Once I started receiving statements to repay the loans, I realized it was closer to $22,000! With the Pell Grant I received, I would have had no out of pocket cost for my actual AA if I had continued at ARC. I have been left in financial ruin because I fell victim to Heald’s misleading and hard sales tactics.


It all started when I transferred to the Rancho Cordova campus from Roseville. Apparently, my transferred loan was canceled and had to be reinstated almost three months after I started at the Rancho Cordova campus. I went to Financial Aid to see if I could max out my loans due to lack of income. I was quoted around two thousand dollars I would get back and that I should receive it in two weeks. After such time, I checked on my advance and there was no money. I went back to Financial Aid and they packaged me for two semesters, not three, as I was told. They re-packaged me and said that I would receive around five hundred and I should get it in two weeks.

After two weeks, I checked and there was no money. I returned to Financial Aid and was advised that the tuition was suddenly miscalculated and it looked like I would have to pay one thousand five hundred dollars out of pocket to complete all courses. I told my advisor, Debbie **, of my problems and she advised me that she would speak to the head of the financial aid department and get back to me back in October. She never did.

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