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Regarding Harvard University Faculty of Arts And Sciences Division of Continuing Education Extension School. I applied, was admitted and enrolled in four courses (fulltime) intending to pay with funds from the Federal Stafford Student Loan Fund for which I am eligible. Now, Harvard Extension School has informed me that I must be enrolled only in Certificate of Special Studies courses to get Federal Stafford Loan funds and that they have stopped processing my Loan application.

It is my understanding that the Stafford program provides funds for any courses taken in any fully accredited institution of higher learning without prejudice as to which specific courses I am, in fact, enrolled.

Disclaimer: In no sense and in no way do I intend to raise this to the level of fraud and I am not implying that I am making a charge of any kind. However, the action of Harvard University Extension School may be called, by other people, a misrepresentation that could be raised to the level of negligence that could be raised to the level of fraud.

I shall not make such a claim because I am not qualified to assess the merits. So, I refer you to Lawrence H. Summers whom I have contacted at Harvard to provide an explanation.
Damage Resulting: $40 application fee to Harvard Extension School, $75 application fee to Certificate in Special Studies program.

Negligence does not morph into fraud. Beyond that, this is beyond us.

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