Educational Partners Association

Ottawa, Ontario

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I prepaid for a first aid course in Feb. 2010 and was told the receipt was good to March 2013. I called to register and the phone number was not in service. Suspecting that I had been scammed, I searched the web for their name and came up with this website. So, I see that I am not alone! I don't usually fall for door-to-door solicitations but there was something convincing about this one.

My husband and I were approached at home in the spring of 2010 and paid for CPR training, which we were told we could take any time up to April 2013, that the courses were offered continuously and we were given a list of locations and a number to call to book. That number is not in service and in searching the web (yes, I know I should have done that first!). I realize that we have been scammed. I hope something can be done about it. We paid $120 each for the course.

On October 08, 2006 I was approached at home by a man who convinced me to buy a CPR/First Aid course. He told me that I can sign-up at any time and the locations for the courses were very convenient for me. I paid $120.00 in cash, he gave me a full envelope of info sheets and that was it. One day I decided to call to make arrangements for the course only to discover that there was no answer. I tried many times and only now I am reading that I was a victim of fraud. I never do those types of purchases and could not believe that I was convinced to do that. I hope I can somehow recover that money, but I would never buy another thing at the door again. I do not have that kind of money to give away, but if I have to I would like to donate it to a good cause. I hope they can be brought to justice.

My husband and I were solicited at our home address on September 18th, 2007, to purchase a package through Educational Partners Association to obtain Infant-Child First Aid and CPR training. We were assured that this course would give us certification in Child and Infant First Aid and CPR and that our certification would be valid for 3 years. We were also told that we would be welcome to take the course as many times as we like within the 3 year period, from the date of purchase. We felt inclined to register for the course, as we were expecting a child in February 2008.

Since paying for the course (cost $90.00 paid by personal cheque), I have attempted to register for a date (as seen on the website) on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, each and every time I call to register for the course I am told by a man named Serge L that the class is full and that I will have to call back at a later date to inquire about other upcoming dates. I decided to contact one of the locations that were listed on the website to inquire as to whether or not a course in the past in fact took place.

I was informed by the Orleans Canadian Legion that this course does not appear on their calendar for September and that it did not take place. I contacted EPA - Serge L again and explained to him that I have been trying to register for this course for over a year... he became very defensive and rude with me. I asked further questions to inquire as to what certification the trainers have. He informed me that the trainers are certified through the Canadian Council of Safety and Families. When I researched this company name, I discovered that it is Serge L and Richard T who own/operate this business name as well as the Educational Partners Association business name. Both business names list the same business address and contact info.

I further investigated these company names under the Better Business Bureau site and discovered that these men have been wrongfully using the BBB trademark without authorization and wrongfully claimed to be accredited. They have been using 3 different business names: Education Pro Active, EPA and Canadian Council for Family Safety. Furthermore, there have been 37 complaints filed against them to which none have been resolved. Also, it appears that the President Richard Tyo has been charged in the past under other business names (Globovision Marketing) and Pro Active Education (EPA) for various violations to the consumer protection act and for using service contracts inconsistent with the law. Also noted on the Better Business Bureau website is this paragraph, which I have copied and pasted for your information:

In recent years, at least 1,400 consumers do not have courses or seminars in first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) sold and promised by companies run by Mr. T. Recently, former clients of Globovision (Community Cooperation in Quebec) and Education Pro Active were contacted by phone to be offered for a fee, the first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) never provided. The courses are now offered by the Association of instructors in first aid Family of Quebec (AISFQ), whose company Mr. Richard Tyo is a director. The Office therefore suggests the utmost caution when representations could be made to consumers by AISFQ, which offers similar services as Globovision or Education Pro Active.

I am certain my husband and I are victims of fraud and would appreciate it if you could investigate this matter. I would like a full refund if at all possible but if this is not possible, I would at least like to see this matter investigated. I hope that these two people are dealt with accordingly so that others do not suffer a loss in the future.

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