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On August 22, 2016, I made an online request through Parchment to have my transcript sent from DeVry University to Capella University. I had not attended DeVry in over a year. After receiving no response, I finally called DeVry to find out why my transcript had not been released. The gal I spoke with could not figure out why. My account showed a $0 Balance, $0 Payment Due and $0 Past Due. Eventually, after being on the phone for approximately 25 minutes, she told me she would call me back. She called me a couple days later and told me the fees were associated with book fees from July 2015!

I explained that I only attended online and all of my books/materials were electronic. She said there are still fees for accessing the books through their portal. I told her I would not pay for "phantom fees" that I had not been made aware, known were being charged to my account nor ever billed for! I explained that according to my account, I had $0 past due payments and $0 balance. I told her that DeVry was "creating false charges" in an effort to prevent from my transferring to another college and coercing me into either completing my degree only with DeVry or to not complete my degree at all. I told her she needed to have the fees waived, and she stated she did not have the authority to do so. She stated she would have her supervisor, Josh, call me. That was weeks ago and I have not heard anything since. I sense a class action lawsuit may be in the future!

In May of 2009, DeVry did a presentation at my high school. They claimed I could earn a Bachelor's degree in half the time and for half the price. I originally wanted to get into medical or nursing school, but their admissions counselor talked me into a bachelor's in health services management, stating that if I ever wanted to run my own medical practice, I would need it. So I enrolled. They said my degree would cost about $25,000 and take 2 and a half years going part time. I signed up for federal loans and had a $1,000 scholarship through them. I was told I wouldn't have to pay anything, that my loans and scholarship would cover everything. They also had me try to apply for a Parent Plus loan, which was denied, so I had all unsubsidized and subsidized Stafford loans. I started with 2 classes in September of 2009. I did fine, attended 1 class in the winter (I worked 2 jobs). I received 2 Title V refunds while attending.

Every semester, I would get a statement and my account always showed a $0.00 balance. I attended 2 Spring classes. I failed one, along with my winter class. In June of 2010, right before the end of my Summer classes, I got a phone call stating I had a $1,500 balance that would have to be paid before I could register for my next class, and that I lost my scholarship because I was not attending full time. I was never made aware that my scholarship required me to go full time. I was out of state at the time of the call, so I told them I would call them when I returned. A week later, I called them back. I now owed them a balance of just over $3,000! When asked why, they said my loans didn't cover my cost and that I received a refund that I was suppose to use to pay my balance. When I asked why I even received a refund when there was an account balance, they said it must have been a mistake, but it was my responsibility.

Now, the refund they are talking about, I received in January of that year. It was now June. I had received 2 statements by June, all showing a $0.00 balance. They refused to work with me, so I was forced to withdraw. They called to start collection on the debt and refused to take less than $175 a month. I was now down to working one part time job, making $8.50 an hour, I had a car payment, auto and health insurance payments and helped pay the other bills at the time. I had no spare money to give! One person had the nerve to tell me, "You should have thought about all these bills you pay when you knew you owed us. If you can pay them, why can't you pay us?"

They began harassing me, calling constantly (in Florida, it is illegal to call so many times a day or to harass a customer). I eventually stopped answering. They sent it to collections twice, but each time, they take it back out of collections. They won't leave it there long enough to be written off. Every time I call to work something out, it's always, "You just have to pay it." It's been 7 years, I'm a stay at home mother and have been trying to go back to school, which I now can't because they refuse to release my transcripts. I was an impressionable 18 year old, looking to get an education fast and get a career. Now, I've got over $14,000 in student loan debt for 5 classes, in which only 2 of the credits transfer to the local community college. This place is terrible.

DeVry University is a for-profit university. They put profits first, then second the shareholders, third the government, fourth the employees of their fake schools, and finally the fifth/sixth taxpayers and students are last on the list in many cases are just ignored/abandoned. Now back to my review I majored in Computer Information Systems. I attended from 2013-2016. This was the most expensive school I ever attended. The classes were too fast paced, outdated e-textbooks, outdated class curriculum, and outdated software. The instructors were too lenient and have no to little knowledge what they were teaching, they passed students who have no business of passing.

In my second year I realized I don't want to work in the IT field so I wanted to change to business degree. The advisors denied me the opportunity to change my major and so I went through the major I had. All of the advisors from financial, academic, and career advisors were random each time you call them and were disinterested in the student's questions and inquires and concerns. They only cared if you miss a payment, then you can get in trouble with the school. They would deny you registering next sessions or semester of classes till you catch up on your payments and place you on academic hold.

I am not happy I finished my education here and now it prevent me from attending another legit school and other opportunities in the future. Many employers hiring did not require a degree in the IT field. They value work experiences and certifications over a degree. DeVry University already knew this before signing me up with them. They care about profits even though it ruins people lives. Almost whatever I was taught at DeVry could have been learned on YouTube or other teaching sites for many thousands cheaper price or even FREE. I learned more from general Google search than at 4-5 years at DeVry. DeVry is a SCAM and is worst decision in my life. Do not attend here... YOU BEEN WARNED.

They have completely robbed me of my degree. Every semester that I have taken I never had a balance. My balances were always paid in full then in 10/2015 out of nowhere I had almost a $6000 balance on my account for some error that they did from about 3 semesters prior to my October 2015 classes. When I asked them what the balance was from they said they issued funds that should not have been issued so now they want it back. Now in present day 09/2016, I have been scrambling trying to find funding to get them paid because I desperately want to finish my degree. They would not allow me to sign up for classes until the balance was paid. Finally my bank approved me for $3800. My account was sent to collections and I paid a settlement.

Now to add more insult to injury I tried to request a copy of my official transcripts and they will not allow me to get them or sign up for classes because there is still a little over $1000 balance on the account which I told them "if you all agreed to a settlement and you all got the money why are you all still holding my transcripts hostage." I was told the settlement will only satisfy getting them off my credit in order to get my transcripts and continue class I will have to pay the full balance.

How are they able to get away with this. This is not fair and I don't know what to do. I can barely afford to make the payments on the loan I took out to pay them and now they are still asking for money even though they agreed on a settlement. Stuff like this is why people have huge student loans and no degrees because they get completely screwed over by these schools. I just want a copy of my transcripts so that I can continue my degree at another institution. Is that too much to ask for.

Devry University has blocked me from registering for the remaining classes that will give me the 19 credits needed to complete my BA in CIS. I am very disappointed at them since they encouraged me to not change my major a few years ago when I learned that I did not get the full amount of financial aid being an online student. Even when I began struggling to make payment into my account, they advised me that I was not expected to pay the balance in full, but later changed their mind when it became more difficult for me to do so. I believe their behavior warrants an investigation for possible act of consumer deception.

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DeVry has helped me take old knowledge and recycle it for applications in today's brand-oriented design market. My online class in design fundamentals, which instructs students in Adobe Illustrator, has exposed me to the current trends in the design world. It's not only important to gain a technical understanding of the Adobe app, but to combine these technical skills with art and design fundamentals into an integrated understanding of how the information in class can be applied in different scenarios for diverse future clients. Further insights can be absorbed and added into the mix from internet sources and interesting viewpoints obtained from DeVry's online library databases. I would recommend DeVry University to anyone, but especially the non-traditional student, who may be older (anywhere between 35 and 50), working full-time, and committed to a serious career change.

My experience at DeVry University has been phenomenal. The programs are set up in a clear and concise manner. The staff and advisors are always available to help and the curriculum is always on the pulse of industry trends. I received a Masters degree 20 years ago but this has been the best educational experience ever! I find technology used and the learning format to be conducive to my busy lifestyle and the professors have great passion for their field of instruction.

I would recommend this University to any working parent, or someone looking to get a quality education working around their busy schedule. If you have a hiccup or a bump in the road they give you the proper resources to make you successful. All you have to do is ask, and they are very helpful. It is more pricier than other online courses, but I feel it's worth it. I have no income, I am just a full time student, and mother. Just make sure you speak with your financial advisor and understand how many units your funding covers. I have read other people's reviews where they discredit this University, just understand what your funding allows you and you will be fine.

I have enjoyed going to college through the on-line experience with DeVry. The Professors have been great, very helpful in helping you understand the information of the class. I have been in the medical field for 16 years and studying at DeVry has helped me overcome some of the obstacles that I have faced in my life to be able to find a career that will make me better at what I do. The counselors and professors are always there to assist you in whatever you need. This experiences has been better than high school.

If you are in search of a team of professors and staff that are diligent in inspiring their students to seek all measures in learning Devry is definitely the school for you. I once had a fear of online classes due to not knowing what to expect. Upon completion of my first class online with Devry I was certain that this was the place for me. The professors are continuously posting information that you may reach out with questions and concerns about any assignment. One is never left confused on the other end of the terminal unless the desire is not present within self to elevate to the next level. There are also live webinars that professors provide if you are more of a visual learner. In life we all need a challenge to remind self that there are always more than one route to a solution. If you are that one who stare challenge head on and in search of a team that encourage your potential to the fullest I recommend that you inquire.

I was enrolled and I was told the financial aid was all set by DeVry. I enrolled for that semester doing the work and I found out when it was time for the final exam that I was not allowed to take the final. The reason after many phone calls to DeVry - I had a balance owed for that semester. DeVry sent the financial aid back that was supposed to pay for my classes. Then I got a bill from DeVry for around $3400 which I had to pay larger monthly payments than a regular student loan. No apologies and no way to take the final. All I got for the $3400 bill from them was an incomplete for the semester. I didn't take any other classes from them. Buyer beware!!!

Word of warning... Don't go to DeVry. Costs to attend DeVry are very high. One would think DeVry would provide adequate training for job hunting and help their students prepare and find work. I couldn't even get my resume posted on their web site even after asking them for help because their web site would not update my resume. Career services only offered to help with creating a resume after I completed a survey after I finished final classes. By then I already figured out, after a lot of research and time, how to write a 2016 resume. Still no offers to help me get connected with employers who will interview me and possibly hire me. Has been 4 months since I finished final class. I have student loans building up with added fees and interest from a loan servicer (Nelnet) that I didn't even want because they are the worst ones around, and still no job. I may be financially ruined soon.

Please do not attend this school unless you want to be overcharged, uncared for, and taken advantage of. Not to mention they break laws about pertaining to your loan services and do not care to fix mistakes on their part. I have been waiting to have Keller refund my money for months and no one seems to care even call me back when asked. They keep telling me they are working diligently on my issue, but yet it has been a month. Legal a university has to disburse any remaining funds to a student within 10 business days by law. No wonder why the school is getting sued. Beware.

In 2004, I was accepted to Ross School of Medicine and my love and passion blinded me from their fraud and lack of support. Through the 4 years no one ever talk about residency, all they wanted to finish with MD so they have earned enough of their money. I contacted many time to get help, guidance and they had nothing to say than do not give up. Last time Dr. ** said your case is as terminal cancer patient that even chemotherapy does not help. Insult and lies one after other. My attach picture give you a glimpse of their fraudulent activity.

I am a single mother of 4 kids and decided to go back to school to get my career started. I didn't do much review of DeVry and that may have been the biggest and first mistake ever! DeVry is not only one of the most expensive universities I've ever heard of but their administration is very rude and seem unqualified. After dropping a course the first week due to personal issues I was told by a financial tech that I would not be charged for the course because luckily I didn't go into the second week or else I would be still charged for the class. So week or two went by and I see I was still being charged for the class. I called financial dept again and was then told the first lady told me wrong and I was going to get charged the approx $2,000 for the class! So I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor said yes employee told me wrong. She was sorry and maybe she could get management to refund that amount.

2 weeks went by and still no response and I was still getting charged for the course. I keep getting the runaround. I put in a change of address and new phone # with them year ago and yet they still have not updated system. It seems to be one problem after another with this school. I see the huge bill already and have only been in school 1 year. I'm a single mom with no income yet financial aid and the loans I'm getting still barely pay for my schooling. Very unprofessional, unorganized, expensive and not worth it school. Thinking about changing schools since I've had nothing but bad experiences there. Would NOT recommend to anyone!!

I graduated from DeVry in 2012. Today, June 1, 2016, I called to request my transcript and was told that I had a balance of over $4,000. When I graduated, I had fulfilled my obligation to Devry and had a $0.00 balance. I was told that I owe a balance for Keller School of Management which I did not know about because I was receiving student loans. I had to withdraw from Keller to take care of my mom. I earned my diploma and transcript from DeVry and should not be denied to have what is mine!

I attended Devry University during 2009-2010. I was enrolled for 9 credit hours for summer, fall and spring semesters. That's 27 credit hours. I was sent a budget summary of 18,000. I received $5,600 from Pell grants. Leaving me with roughly 13,000 to pay. I now owe $48,000!!! According to my credit report they took 2 loans out on my behalf from Great Lakes one for 15,000 and another for 17,000. They transferred them to the department of education and then tack on another $9,000 plus interest fees of 6,000!!! I have been fighting this for years!!! I tried to set up a payment plan for the original amount owed but every time I tried to send in my documentation the emails would bounce back via domain error! Do not waste your time or money on this university! You will end up with a ton of debt and no education!

I have returned to DeVry May 2016 to finish my BS degree. I had attended in the past and had only 38 credits left to finish. I had to jump through hoop after hoop to get re registered and get simple information that should have been very easily attained and attainable. In the previous 2 months of this May 2016 semester I had worked towards getting all the paperwork needed. I had it all together, financial aid and tuition monies lined up. I got my schedule and all was inline to start.

The first day of class I went online to get started and there was no access to my courses. I called and waited hours of phone calls and a few days later I got the problem fixed. I started class and have been attending, doing all my required work and meeting my 3 discussions per topic per class each week. Today I logged into the portal and it was telling me the server was busy for a few hours and also the Hub was not allowing me access to my course list. I decided to call only to be told once again my classes were dropped and that they were sorry, they are not sure how or what had happened.

I was told the problem would be resolved and they would get a hold of the registrar and get back with me in a short time. This was this morning and it is now after hours and not a phone call, an email or any contact from anyone to even let me know they were working on the issue or where they were with the status of my situation.

Considering this is twice I have been put off in the past 2 weeks and the fact we deal with very condensed course time I find it rather appalling and disrespectful to be treated as if this is not a major issue. It is a very serious issue when there is numerous situations always occurring and it takes most times multiple hours and days to correct things. I feel as though this institution could really care less about the high standards they profess to have. I have no desire to continue but at the same time I am almost finished with my degree and do not want to have the hassle to transfer and go through all the time and cost to get into another college. BUT, At $609.00 A CREDIT HOUR and the hassle that seemingly non stop issues that come about regularly with DeVry it is almost worth the hassle to transfer.

DeVry, You are one of the, if not the highest charging educational institution. Your staff is friendly and polite, I will it that but for the accumulation of issues and cost you take the top rank. I have been reading numerous complaints regarding similar issues and the options for some are low so getting charged with the costs of financial responsibilities become a even higher burden for a lot of students. I can't even finish my degree because of the cost you charge. It is ridiculous that people are stuck with this cost. I know I chose DeVry but only because the situation I was in at the time I started. You have the cost per credit fixed so you can't catch a break because most can not take more than 8 credits in one session. The credit break before was if you took more than 7 credits in one session??? They it would lower the cost some but still unbelievably high.

I am less than 38 credits to finish and I am struggling financially to make this work so I can get my degree finished up. Then I have to call at least once a week to get things repaired and fixed because of issues or glitched in your system. Deleting my classes and bumping my classes. This is so disruptive, and not very professional at all. I can not remember a time when attending any other college that I had this many problems with classes and online education.

I am wondering what I am suppose to do while I wait again for your institution to fix yet another problem. I have to wait around and then play catch up because of your mistake. What happens now they have dropped my classes. I have 2 weeks of work completed in these courses I was registered for. What happens to the work when this is fixed and I am put back into the classes??? Then again I have now lost another work day to complete my work and this is two weeks in this session this has happened. I get the apologies from your staff. How sweet. It does not help my motivation and drive to keep getting pounded with these irritating issues.

I am so thoroughly disappointed and I am losing a lot of respect for Devry. You pride yourself in being a professional school of Management. But it appears that the school could care less about the education of their students. I see no hurry or concern in my case. I have been a dedicated student and I have taken my education very seriously. I wish I felt that I was of the same importance in relations to your Institution.

I work full-time for my employer, and work for myself, in addition to being a husband and father. DeVry Online courses are flexible enough to allow me to work through the program on my time, and are challenging enough to provide a sense of satisfaction. The staff and faculty are seasoned professionals who really care about the subject and the students. I would recommend DeVry to anyone looking to pursue an online degree.

I took classes at Devry online. I agree with the rest of the reviews, this has to be the worst decision ever. I was dismissed from my associates program with only 3 classes left to take. I was told it would be a $30k fixed loan, no interest for a certain amount of time. I signed up and then I accumulated more than 30k. I asked Financial aid team, HOW??? They said my application went through after promotion expired. I was pissed off. I didn't do so well due to personal issues but now, no matter what I provide to them they will not accept it to admit me back into Devry.

I recently keep getting emails, calls, and letters about my 75k loan being late. I have a family of 8 and I don't have a good job because I don't have a degree. Devry messed up my life and I cry every night. I am stressed out. I don't have a penny to my name and they threaten me with levying my bank account. My husband still has no clue that it's past 40k. I am scared to death that he will leave me and win custody of my children if he finds out. I talked it out with a therapist and she said Devry definitely put me into depression. I don't know what to do. Someone please help me.

I attended the Phoenix campus from 2008 - 2012 for my Bachelor's in Network and Communications Management and then again in 2013-2014 for my Master's. At first, things were going well despite a few setbacks that I had with my courses. My first program cost roughly $54,000 which was paid for through Federal loans (Parent-Plus). The scholarships that they gave out were only $1,000 per semester plus my PELL grants at $1,720 per year. At the end of the program, I had about $44,000 to pay back.

After graduation, I moved to CA to pursue my career. Found a couple of jobs but was ultimately let go from both. After being let go from the first job, I decided to go back for my Master's. This is where things went wrong. The girl I talked to at the Sherman Oaks campus told me in a calm and clear manner that the program would cost only $21,000 and it would be added onto my current loan account. So the math in my head told me 'Okay, that brings the total amount I owe to about $65,000' and with interest added should be about $74,000.' After graduation, lo and behold I find that they made another loan account to Sallie-Mae (now Navient) and the amount did not match up to the original agreed loan amount to take out. So according to them, I now owe $64,000+ for a program that only cost me $21,000. How does this make any sense?!

I have been back and forth between them and Navient about this. On Navient's side, the undergrad loans are correct (even though the interest rates are absurd). So 5 years of school and 4 job changes later, this school has me slated to pay back close to $130,000 when the total amount of the loans only equal to be between $64,000 - $68,000 (this is including interest added recently to the Parent-Plus loans). Because of these loans, I am afraid that I won't be able to start to have an actual life with a family and a house until I am in my 40's!

The only good thing that has come out of this is the training and degrees I earned. As far as job placement, they only assisted for 2 months. After I told the Phoenix Campus career department that I landed a job in my field, they said "OK" and asked me what I was doing now. They hung up shortly after and never bothered to contact me ever again... and that was close to 4 years ago. By the way, it should be noted that I went out, hit the ground and landed the jobs ON MY OWN! Granted, I am now employed in my field still but the fact that they never went the extra mile to ask for my resume to send out to recruiters for possible interviews was a slap in the face. All they care about is how much money are you going to shell out? I'm still battling this school about the overage of my second account which should not have been created at all!

In hindsight, I never thought it would be as excruciating an experience. They made it sound so easy that a caveman could do it (no pun intended). I go in, do the work, graduate, land a job and pay back the loans. Sounded so easy at first. Never thought that I might have to take a school to court over the fact that they made a second loan account behind my back. Frankly, I was elated to see that they are being investigated by the FTC. I hate to say this because I made some friends with my professors at the Phoenix campus but I hope that they shut them down. No one should ever have to go through what me and many other former and current students at this institution are going through now.

I'm attending Devry Online at the moment. I'm just taking a 10 month certification program that I was told I could afford with my Fin Aid. Now I'm in the WARNING Zone of exhausting my funds and only halfway through the program. When I call the Fin Aid dept they just give me the runaround and different answer from whoever I get on the phone. I'm pretty sure they are taking more money than is needed. I keep running the numbers to what they told me in the beginning of the cost to where we are now and nothing makes sense. Be very cautious about taking out loans with this for-profit school... They will make it sound easy; then when you're halfway through will exhaust all your funds with no job prospects...

I want to put out a warning to all students, especially those who are looking for an accredited online education and wanting to use their GI Bill benefits. My experience with DeVry was academically good, but they forced me to sign promissory notes 'just in case'. I informed the financial aid department on several occasions that I was 100% covered the GI Bill and there was no need for loans. They assured me this would be for last resort funding. I went about my education and was, in fact, learning a lot when I started receiving refund checks. I made several calls to inquire about my account but every time I was assured I had no balance and to go ahead and use the money.

Towards the end of my program I started receiving notices from Federal Loan entities showing I was in debt to them for loans taken out in my name. I called about it and told them I knew nothing of these loans and would not be held liable. They were sympathetic but they couldn't help me out. I contacted the VA and the gentleman went through the system and informed me that since they had indeed sent in payments their side was clean. I agreed. He recommended I file a formal complaint through the VA system, which I did. Within days I received word from DeVry parent group asking for a teleconference with the Ombudsman. I attended the teleconference which only lasted about 5 minutes and gave them all my information and my story.

Unfortunately I hadn't written down names during the past two years, didn't think it would come to this. Within weeks the Ombudsman sent me an email giving their decision along with all the evidence against me. Funny thing is: when I inquired about the telephone conversations I knew had been recorded all those times I called, I was told they do not keep the recordings more than 6 months. And yet two years later the Ombudsman was able to obtain transcript copies of those recordings! They agreed to pay back only a portion of the loans taken out and in turn sent me to collections for the other half. I told her that I was not responsible for any of the loans in the first place. It has been a very stressful situation and I do not recommend this school under any circumstances. All this occurred between Jan 2013-Jan 2016.

I started my bachelor's degree late in life. At 54, I didn't have high hopes of achieving my goal but I took a leap of faith and walked thru the doors. From the moment I first met with the administration adviser, I felt this may actually be obtainable. He made me feel so comfortable and showed me what they could do for me to help me achieve my goal. He was able to take my previous classes and fit it into a curriculum that fit me and my goals. That was 2 years ago. I am now 3 sessions from finishing my bachelor's and the experience has be so fulfilling. From the professors down to the tutors, DeVry has helped me excel in my daily job and has given me a new confidence in myself to strive for even greater. I have out grown my current position and look forward to seeing what doors DeVry has helped me open. Thank you DeVry.

So I obtained my G.E.D. when I was older and decided to attend college that same month. I have always heard how well the Devry name was and figured why not... Huge mistake since I live in a small town and could only attend the online courses. First mistake is to do online courses when or if things don't go well you have to reach the place via phone or email because you can't travel to the main office. My first semester went really well actually. I did the classes my adviser told me to take and what the maximum student aid would cover. I explained my financial situation the same way and explained to the adviser that I could only take what student aid would cover because I was in between jobs at the moment.

During the second semester I stated the same thing to the adviser, that I could not cover any extra classes and would only be able to take the maximum amount of classes that student aid would cover. He explained that the last adviser was incorrect and could have given me an extra two credit hours. So I figured "hey sign me up for those so I can move along faster". I asked him 3 times if he was sure about it and explained that I could not take extra classes due to not being able to pay for them at this time.

Around 3-4 weeks passed after I started the semester and I received a bill in the mail from Devry University. I was "whats this?", opened up the bill to find a huge bill for extra college credit hours that my student aid did not cover. I called Devry at that time and spoke to several people because they kept pushing me around to different people since no one wanted to help me. Finally spoke to someone who said I could cancel the class and not have to worry about the bill. I cancelled the class with them and then a few weeks later received another bill.

I called back and did the same run around until I spoke with someone who stated that I have to pay due to canceling the class after two weeks after the class has started. I was extremely vexed at the school and more upset that I kept getting the run around. I explained my situation to them and they started passing me around over and over. After around 2 months of calling and being thrown around and around I gave up. I figured I would take a breather and call back and try again at a later date. They ended up sending my file to a debt consolidator. Now when I call they don't have any information of me being there and said my file was sold... I owe 19k for 2 credit hours and the fee just keeps getting higher with interest...

I have asked to receive copies of the phone call and they stated it was for their personal use only and they could not send me any copies. I spoke with an adviser today and he just kept asking me why I have waited years to get this taken care of and there is nothing he could do. He just kept saying that he would have got this taken care of at the time of the incident if it was him. I asked him to help me get it taken care of now and he transferred me. Surprise!!!

I attended Devry University North Brunswick in 2002 to 2010. I graduated and received my bachelor degree in Networking. Then I started working on a masters degree in Educational Technology. I told them that I couldn't pay any out of pocket cost and was told "you're good". So I continue my education and they said I'm getting half of my tuition off because I was working in the Board of Education at that time. Then after I finished, reality came, I am 100,000 in debts. I am sinking in debts and can't find one job to call me for an interview because of the lying that they said they would help me find a job and place me in a job so that I could pay this money back. I even applied with them and they didn't hire me in their own campus.

DeVry University has changed my life for the better. I love this school because DeVry has taught me that hard work does pay off. We have fantastic staff, professors, and the deans who diligently take pride in helping DeVry students reach their academic endeavors. I am extremely proud to be a part of this school. DeVry University really cares about our Academic success and it shows. DeVry has taught me that being a leader is not a position it's your actions. So to all the future DeVry students, if you have alot of ambition and drive come to DeVry University.

I have to say out of all the schools out there with online programs available Devry has a great line up. I chose BBA in Accounting and so far so good. The 8-week fast track semesters are good if you can keep up outside of work etc. Plus I find it awesome that each instructor works or did work in the field they are teaching.

I am currently employed as a Senior Manager at an Atlanta based IT company and I made a life changing decision to further my education. I have a challenging career which requires me to travel on a regular basis and demands around the clock attention. In addition, I operate a non-profit organization which mentors troubled teenagers. My life is busy! I knew I would set myself up for failure if I attempted to attend a brick and mortar campus but Devry University provided me an alternative solution, "online" education. You have the ability to choose any school that provides an online degrees but Devry University sets you up for success. They have assisted me every step of the way - which I interpret as, "failure is not option." If you take the time to read my review, "thank you" and know when you choose Devry University - you've made the right choice.

I'm currently a full-time employee with LA County/Probation Dept. and attending Online program with DeVry University. I'm very please with the program that allow me to work toward my goal in achieving my higher education in Networks and Communication Management while working full-time to provide comfort living for my family. My goal is to enhance my career with my current Department and I'm looking forward to complete my program in 2017. Thanks to all the support I received from the faculties, the Admin team and most of all the Robust technology that DeVry have designed to make that available and convenience for people like me.

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