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I want to cry every time I think about how I spent over 12,000 dollars on the MA program and got nothing out of it. I am still paying for this year's latter with a stupid loan that keeps building interest. This was 12,000 dollars that I will never ever see put to good use. I just really feel cheated and disappointed. The teachers were not very helpful and one of them was verbally abusive. The school was not helpful at all and when I finished graduating and was trying to find employment the career counselor was a real jerk. He was very aggressive and not a good listener. He ruined my resume and also put the wrong name on it. He kept using outdated terms. I got so frustrated with him that I gave up.

The whole experience was horrible at this school. Now that I think about it, it feels like they were only interested in money but not interested in teaching thoroughly. I could probably self teach myself and be more successful. When I would call to speak to one of the counselors they never answered or returned my phone calls. When I went in person I could never get a counselor to speak with. I would be waiting in the reception area for a very long time. Then I would go ask the receptionist what was going on and she would say they were at lunch. They never informed us on how to get our MA certification. I couldn't get hired as an MA anywhere. I really can't get hired because it has been since 2011 and I don't think that I can't test for certification after all these years. It makes me sad and depressed.

I grew up in a poor community with dreams of doing something better for myself and my dreams were crushed after this. This school is a ripoff. Please do not considering going here. I would suggest community college. I decided to do the MA program because I wanted to get in the medical field quick but I was screwed royally.

Do NOT enroll in this school if you are looking to further your education. WRONG move. The teachers do not care about their jobs, are totally complacent, and incredibly rude. Some worse than others, but I had teachers who would leave early quite often, tossing their class into a computer lab for hours on end with no specific task at hand other than homework. If you had finished your homework for the week, you were left staring at a blank computer screen for two or more hours. One staff member in particular was incredibly condescending. She would repeat back what I had stated in order to mock me.

The teachers have favorite students with whom they gossip and chat, and some students for whom they do not care. The way I was treated led me to believe that my instructor saw me unfit for the line of work I was training for. She consistently mocked me, criticized me, and belittled me in front of the class. Other students she praised and I never observed this behavior with them besides with a student who had a learning disability whom the instructor also consistently mocked. DO NOT go to this school unless you can handle constant put-downs and belittlement, lest you become an instructor's least favorite pupil.

I have had a really good experience so far at Concorde Career College. They have a great staff and the teacher make sure to help and involve everyone during the hands on activities. I would really recommend this school to busy parents and younger people. It's fast and they have different time schedules.

I currently attend Concorde Career College in Grand Prairie. The teachers really go above and beyond to help you succeed in the career you decide to work in, the thing that I love is that everything is hands on! I had no problems with financial aid or my student loans, they will work with you. Furthermore the entire staff is very nice and helpful, GREAT SCHOOL!!

The school only wants your money! They don't even help you with your career at all. I highly recommend to not go to this school. All the instructors does not teach whatsoever and has attitude like crazy including the director of medical assistant. The teachers change grades all the time and threatens you. You will not learn all the material and when you tell the teacher that you didn't learn it they just say "We will get to it," but never do. The director tells you that it's your job to come and tell her that "We aren't learning all the material." When I pay money to come and learn it's not my responsibility to tell the teachers to do their job. They have the curriculum they know what they are supposed to teach but doesn't care. All we do is read the MA book and don't do lab very much. The equipment is broken and outdated so we can't even use it to learn. They are very unprofessional!!!

The teachers treat you like you are a child and speak to us like we are dogs. We got told that we had to take our certification test the week before and the only reason why she told us is because I had to be the one and ask. If not I would have never known. And also found out the time by a student. Not the director. We had to do a practice test and the director had to grade it so we can study it for our certification test and I told her I will make a 100 on it and she told me no I wouldn't. She is the director and she is suppose to be encouraging us. But doesn't. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL. IT IS HORRIBLE!!!

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PLEASE don't give this school any of your time or money. Every person at this school is a liar. All they want is the money. No one cares if you ever become a nurse. The RN program was a waste of my time. AGAIN PLEASE DON'T GO TO THIS. CONCORDE IN JAX FL IS NOT A GOOD SCHOOL.

Do not go here. State Board of Nursing is getting ready to shut them down. They are on probation and some of their other schools have been closed by the Board of Nursing. This school is not even a legitimate school. It is not accredited and colleges will not accept your classes. The general education courses are such horrible courses. The campus president looks like a fat Boston hillbilly. She was at a welding school prior to this. She is a liar and will tell you anything you want to hear to keep you in this horrible place so that she can get a bonus. She says horrible things about other instructors to the students trying to get them on her side. She is a nasty vile woman. Don't trust her!

They pass the students only to have them fail their boards. Interestingly, they never put it in writing, like email, when they tell the instructors to pass the students when they legitimately failed a class. The instructors refuse, but their jobs are held over their heads. They take federal money and are corrupt with it. In the final analysis, the students cannot pass their boards and they are saddled with a lot of debt. Their NCLEX pass rate is in the 40's. Shut them down Federal Government. The campus president fired Dr. ** as he was the fall guy. 2 really good instructors resigned about a year ago and they should have had this school investigated.

This facility is a far cry from a real school. They do not tell you your credits DO NOT transfer. They phrase things very carefully to get around some legalities when enrolling you. Then after you graduate you make a 10-12 dollars an hour because employers know that the academic requirements of Concorde are so low. I wish I never wasted 18 months of my life here. Sure they have career placement however that does not mean you will want the job they offer. Keiser is a way better option.

I spent $40,000 to get my Associates Degree to become a Respiratory Therapist. I am looking into getting my Bachelors Degree and I am being told my credits are NOT transferable from my program. I was not told upfront that the school was Nationally accredited but not Regionally, which is what you need to be able to transfer credits. I now have to retake some of my credits. The school I want to attend thankfully allows the fact that I am an RTT and working in my field as part of my eligibility. I think this should be illegal and they shouldn't be allowed to charge such an astronomical fee and essentially be a fraud not being upfront with its students. Unbelievable.

I was very excited to start classes. It all seemed perfect. Beautiful school, happy looking students, employees seemed thrilled. After three separate 45 minute trips to the school to speak with my career adviser and finally reaching my appointment with financial aid, I was stunned to learn that my husband's benefits would not cover the $1,888 fee for books and uniforms. The VA only allows $1,000 per year for books and supplies which is sent to you through the stipend so you will be responsible for the $888. They did offer a payment plan ($234 per month), but I just couldn't get past the fact that had they bundled the cost of books and uniforms into tuition. The student wouldn't have to pay out of pocket. Other schools do bundle their tuition to include books and supplies. What a huge waste of my time.

Great school with instructors that actually teach fundamentals!

Cheating allowed in ST program Aurora - My classmates and I were allowed to take pictures of all our tests so we could pass our finals. I didn't do it for fear of getting caught and kicked out right before clinicals start next week. He was a lousy teacher so he let everyone cheat to make himself look good. Program director is really mean and would fail everyone if she finds out we could take pictures of our tests. I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone. You can't succeed by cheating. This instructor allows it and encourages it. Not a good way to learn. Bad school with bad teachers.

I attended Concorde in 2012-2013 for the PN program. It was difficult, but worth all the struggle. Most of the instructors cared, if YOU did. The students who missed classes, showed up late, and showed no interest, those are the students the instructors then did not care about. But who would blame them? The classes were condensed and quick, but they went very in depth on important concepts and focused on a strong foundation of nursing. I left feeling very ready to start my new career. It is expensive, but that is a choice you have to make. The classes are small, so there are time for questions and one on one. I would only recommend this school for someone who is very serious about school, has the time to dedicate to studying after class, and ready to read ahead and come to class with questions. I had a few issues with the actual school, but they are straightened out now. And who doesn't have any issues at all with any school they're attending?

I have loved my experience with Concorde from day zero. It was the best decision I have made. This school, faculty, and fellow students have become my family. And like a family, they have helped me realize my dreams of being a part of the healthcare field.

I am writing this so others won't be subjected to what I went through. I really feel I dodged a bullet even though so far it has cost me one hundred dollars. I was excited to learn about the nursing program and the advisor I dealt with was eager to sign me up. I was told the one hundred dollar application fee was refundable if I didn't decide to go there. I was told the course was three days a week and after I paid the money and was in the PROCESS of signing up it came out that the course is five days a week.

When I asked for my money back all I have gotten from them is..."Sorry, the money is not refundable." NO ONE will answer my calls. I am currently disputing this through my bank and trying to contact the school DAILY. I feel the advisor just out and out lied to me just to get my money. Don't fall for it!!! Absolute poor business practices and taking advantage of a young woman who is trying to make a better life for herself by going to college. If I had enrolled there I feel this would have continued into all aspects of the nursing program. It's all about the money and not giving a quality educational experience. Sadly disappointed in the entire process.

I was recently enrolled in the surgical technology program at the San Diego campus and it was one of the worst decisions and experiences I've had. I maintained 4.0 GPA and almost perfect attendance. During my final simulation surgery I was told I failed for multiple reasons which were incorrect. I challenged the grading with the school and the decision to expel me was upheld. My instructors and the program director told me that I needed to control my nerves due to "test anxiety". I addressed this issue. I practiced my skills every day and was told constantly that I was doing well in lab simulations. After my final simulation the instructor told me that I had to meet with the program director because I didn't pass. I said to the instructor "well I thought my composure and my 'nerves/test anxiety' was under control". The instructor told me that wasn't the issue at all.

Upon arrival to the director's office I was told it was my nerves and test anxiety that ultimately lead to the grade received. I was told two different reasons why I "failed" my final simulation. The instructor didn't finish grading my simulation even though I had completed the entire surgery and was answering questions at the end. Which is an indicator you completed because the way their grading system works is if you're marked as a fail at any point the simulation is to be concluded. My "fails" were marked well before questions were to be asked.

I feel that the instructor had something personal against me. I was able to confirm this suspicion with other classmates as he made his dislike for me obvious. He had used profanity against me in lab in front of my classmates. He made derogatory comments about my weight. I escalated this to management at the school and to the corporate office and they didn't really take what I had to say into consideration, which tells me they condone that type of behavior by their staff.

Did not get what I paid for. I was told the school and Instructors will all bend over backward to make sure that I would be successful and graduate so I can become a RN. I asked if the school was accredited and they said yes. This was misleading, because they are in the sense that you can take the NCLEX exam, but no other school in the area will accept the credits. So once you find out that you have been lied to and want to transfer to a good school, you can't, and you have so much time and money invested you have to keep going. After they soak all of the money out of you that they feel they can get, they toss you aside.

The instructors don't even try and teach you. The Dean of Nursing will not accept responsibility for the school or the instructors. She puts the blame 100% on the students and tells them that if they didn't learn enough to pass it is their fault and if they say anything negative about the school or instructors, she says that the students just refuse to own up to any personal responsibility, because it is up to the students to learn not up to the instructors or school to teach. If the students can just buy books and teach themselves and then take the NCLEX to get their RN, then why have schools? I graduated and passed my NCLEX not because of this school, but in spite of it. If you are thinking about going to school at Concorde, then all I can say to help you is to Run, Run, Run --- Run far and Run fast... Save your money, check out a lot of different schools before you pick one. The Community Colleges usually have good programs. Good Luck.

I am currently finishing my first term. I have loved the experience so far. First, it goes by so fast. All I have to say is study study study. Make you some flashcards. They really help. I can't believe I'm about to start term 2 off site clinical. Trust me, do the program! They say LVNs are phasing, but really, there are so many opportunities for them! And pay is good 18-22 dollars. And if you want to bridge, do it. You get experience and further your education! :)

I am currently suing Concorde. I was removed from the Radiology program with only 23 weeks left to finish. I was removed from the program as the result of a verbal altercation I had with a technician at the hospital. I was given permission to perform a comprehensive examination by senior technician; a second technician came in to room and started to take over my exam. I advised her I was doing comprehensive examination. She claims that my actions at the hospital put a patient's safety in jeopardy. I have yet to be told by the hospital or the school how my asking to complete my exam put a patient's safety in jeopardy. I was allowed to complete the two-hour exam on my own.

I do have a lawyer working on my case, but this has been dragged out for over a year. I am now trying to get some media attention behind this. I have had some response from 9news. I'm trying to get more people to write in about the problems they have had with Concorde, get more attention. Please take the time and email 9news so hopefully we can stop this from happening to others --

I attended concorde back in 2004 to 2005. Took a massage therapy course, they had advise me I will be a licensed massage therapist. However come to find out on the 7 month. It's just a certification. And that I will still need to pay for my own state exam and I would need also need insurance. Which will cost about $400 to $600. And that they do background checks. They stated they will find us jobs and they had me at an office answering phones... and doing some collections. What did they have to do with massage? I asked if they can find me someone else, they did and placed me in a salon where the lady had me give her client hand massages while getting their hair done and she would bring her daughter and had me watch her while she worked.

It was like concorde did not have a communication with employees from this jobs. I got discourage, as I have no high school diploma and no license because right after school who can afford with no real job? Now I have to pay back more than $11k in loans that they got. They should have paid for the license and insurance. And advise everything upfront I didn't even know I have to repay anything back. Because they didn't even explained it to me correctly.

The classroom/lab was great. It was clinicals that have been an absolute nightmare. PD threatens to fail us when we are almost through with our clinicals. Her way or no way. Required to do paperwork that isn't even required by the Assoc of Surg Techs, but created by the PD herself. I do not need to be treated with such disrespect. I am a grown up and expect to be treated like a grown up, not a little child. Completely unprofessional and bordering on abusive. Got pulled out of the middle of surgical cases just to come back and do her ridiculous "student advisement" and told I would be dropped from the program just because my paperwork wasn't up to her unrealistic expectations.

Don't get me wrong... I love working in surgery. But how humiliating is it to be pulled out of your surgical case and sent back to school. Should be fired, then program would be OK. The stress of constantly trying to do your best, and it's just never good enough for the program director (who came from another program that was in trouble with the Dept. of Education). I can write this now because I am done in two days and it's too late for her to kick any of us out of the program. Thank God. Bye, bye Concorde.

Program director threatening to fail us if we don't jump to her every demand. Don't know what it is with this woman, but it's more like being in detention camp than in a career college. She is the rudest, most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with in my life. I cannot believe that Concorde lets her get away with talking to us the way she does. It's downright abusive. I am NOT a disgruntled student......I am a mature adult who paid for adult education. Adult. Not preschool. PD should not be in the education system AT ALL. No other educator would be allowed to treat students like that and still keep their job.

I am only a few days away from being DONE, thank God, and I have a job waiting for me. My grades are great, my attendance is exceptional. I just hope the PD lets us graduate. What a ** control freak she is!!!!! Makes your life a living hell. Seriously unprofessional, unqualified and just unbelievably rude. Pulls my classmates from their OR's just to have them come back to school and sign all her ridiculous advisements. Advisements that go into your student file for any little thing you do that goes against what she wants. She is like a frigging Nazi drill sergeant. Seriously. Don't dare cross her, or she will make sure she fails you and then Concorde pockets all your money.

If I talked to an employer the way the PD talks to us, I'D BE FIRED ON THE SPOT. It's abusive. We will be taking this to the top, once we graduate, if we graduate. Not that it will matter, though. No attorney in town will take on the monster Concorde. Don't complain or they will fail you and take all your money and put it right in their pockets. Think twice about going into this particular program. Really.

I'm a Veteran using my GI BILL for the Dental Assistant program (9mo). I had completed 1 module (1month) with a 91 average for the previous module. I'm on day 5 of the new module and each module a new instructor is assigned... I live in San Diego which is a huge metro and morning transportation is dicey. I live 15 minutes away and allow myself 30 minutes to get to class (also note I'm a single parent and cannot drop my son off at daycare any earlier than 0730). I drop him off at exactly 0730 he is the very first child through the door!!!

I then hop back in the car and head to Concorde Career College located in National City. I'm literally stuck in traffic about half a mile away from what I assume to be a traffic accident. I immediately contact 2 classmates to inform the instructor of my situation. The time is now 0742 and I'm doing everything I can... While I'm practically forcing my way through traffic and getting there as fast as I can... Meanwhile my classmates had informed the instructor of my situation. Mrs ** remarks "If she's not here she's not here" translated "Not my problem!!!"

I arrived at school at 0810, entered the classroom, asked if I could take my quiz, was told "NOPE" while she rolled her eyes (super professional). I replied ok bye! I refuse to sit and watch as I'm refused the ability to take my quiz!!! This is a FOR PROFIT SCHOOL THAT IS SOLELY FOR THE PROFIT OF THE SCHOOL NOT THE STUDENTS. Instructors choose when to make accommodations and when to not care!! Typically the "instructors" do not care and you're on your own!!! Instructors will take 4 day weekends and have sub instructors prepare you for their test whilst their excuse for everything is "I don't know what will be in the test. I haven't seen it. It's not my test"... Then when the instructor is there Mrs. ** "I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD BRING DIAPERS & WIPES" as she stormed out of the class on 02 March 2015 for no reason but to be HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL.

Instructors are late, unprepared to teach the day's lesson, lack knowledge of the subject given to them to instruct, rush out of class at every opportunity, are eager to talk about anything but actual class, have a hard time staying on task. Supplies in the lab are typically out of place meaning on a given tray you will have to try to locate missing instruments in a cabinet full of disorganized instruments!! Students are told they can practice their X-RAY skills during tutoring hour and then told that X-rays are not allowed during tutoring hour... There are a lot of things you're told that WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Think of this "school" as a daycare in the hood. That's how we are treated like misfit children who don't know any better!!!

If you go here good luck. The education is below par. I learn more on YouTube than I do from these instructors. I was in contact with my career counselor who did not notify me of the "dental assisting program" strict guidelines prior to signing my contract and since you will not have the same instructor start to finish the guidelines vary per module... It's just luck of the draw which is such crap since each instructor wants to reteach you "the correct method". IT IS WHAT IT IS!!! I refuse to let my hard earned GI BILL go to the pockets of these THIEVES!!!! I plan on only attending public colleges/universities with a set policy and an ACTUAL LEARNING PLAN!!

RUN!!!!! What a waste of time and bigger waste of money. The school is ripping you off in tuition for credits that are not transferable to ANY school (unlike a Community College degree or diploma). They have not formed good relationships with local hospitals and therefore blame past students for the reason why your clinical experience is bad. While the instructors I had were good, it matters not as they have nothing to do with your experience outside the classroom while you are their student (the instructors change often). I often heard complaints about the school from the hospitals while I was a student from the school in that same hospital. The attitude of the school is to continue pushing that 10 ton rock up hill. We will lie to cover ourselves AND you already owe us money.

This school is the worse school you can go to. The staff doesn't even care about your education. They will push you through just until you get to the end and you don't know enough to pass the predictor or the nclex. Now let's talk about this predictor, it's an ati test that is suppose to tell you how are going to do on the nclex. Well here at Concorde to pass you need a 63 which is equivalent to getting a 73 on the nclex and guess what, that's failing!!

The curriculum at Concorde is not properly planned out. I can't tell you how many times we had multiple exams in one day some of which were 10+ chapters. It's nearly impossible to overcome. We also have some instructors who because they have a higher level of education they feel like you should already know all of it and can talk to you anyway they want.

A unprofessional instructor should not be teaching professionalism. When an instructor is approaching the campus president and director of nursing because her entire class is failing because they are lacking the skills that they were suppose to get in another class and they say "well the students are not my first priority, making money is." What does that say about this school as a whole?

We have approached every problem we have had since the start of the program and nothing has happen. Now it's 6 terms later and half the class can't graduate. Now they are looking for answers. We have no clinical site besides nursing homes because we keep losing the hospitals because of our reputation and it's horrible.

Concorde is a self teach college. We learned drugs and injections off of a YouTube video "like really look at like this." If you were a patient in the hospital would you want someone sticking you with a needle who learned off a video and has never done it on someone or even been able to practice on a fake arm or etc like promised when you first enter the Concorde tour?

When you come to the Concorde tour they make it seem so perfect. Well you ever hear if it sounds too good to be true it usually is? Well that's what it's like being enrolled at Concorde. Please people read this and take my advice: do not come here. It's a horrible school. Don't waste your time and money. Sounds good to finish in 15 months but go to a good college like FSCJ and get your education the right way. Don't ruin your life. I promise you it will be hell. There is so much more to say about this school but just from what was said above I honestly don't think i need to discuss anything else!!

When I contacted this school, I wanted to join their LVN program. Well I didn't pass the nursing test they required to be in the program, so my admissions rep told me about how great their Surgical Tech program was, and that I qualified to be in the program. He told me they were #1 for graduates and their graduates would get hired right away because they were that good. Well, I decide to take the program, it was very expensive 30,000. I had to take a loan out and my mother had to take one out but under her name.

Well, our first instructor was nothing but lazy and didn't know what she was doing, and they replaced her with someone else, only to have them for a month or two. We went through 6 instructors and 2 program directors. We had problems with our sites, also, not everyone got the training they needed. Also the admissions rep that helped me get in the program was fired, maybe a month or two after starting school, they changed admissions reps a lot. Well when it came down to doing the state test, only 2 people out 30 in the class passed the test, and only 1 got a job. This school is nothing but lies, they lied about getting a job right away, they lied about they were top school who passed state exams and they lied about their sites.

Now my mother and I are in debt, thanks to this good for nothing school! Please don't consider this school and its lies. All they want is your money and nothing more. Run away and look somewhere else.

NOT military/veteran friendly! They ASSUME you have PTSD, own firearms, and are a danger to society! And WILL expel you because of RUMORS about you and without any evidence against you whatsoever. They also like to lie in official police reports so you get arrested. I'm still looking into how to sue them for this but am not finding any luck because in their student handbook it says they can pretty much terminate anyone anytime. If anyone has info on how to sue them please let me know.

Do not attend. If you take a love one to the hospital or if you have a love one in a nursing home in Jacksonville Fla, you may need to inquire what nursing school they attended because Concorde graduates can't do basic nursing skills, pulses, manual blood pressures. I doubt if most of them even know where they are located. But don't blame them, their leaders have no integrity, their DON and ADON and their instructors that will do anything to keep their job. Concorde of Jax has a bad reputation in Jax and I proud to say I DID obtain my previous nursing training from them. I really feel scared to think that these instructors, DON and ADON, once took care of people. But I guess that's why they are at Concorde, no one else will hire them. Don't attend Concorde. You will not get the education or skills it takes to become a proficient nurse. Do not attend this school. I am in a lot of debt with no results in advancement in my nursing skills. The State Board of Nursing really should take a closer look at this school. This is dangerous. I recently worked with some of their graduates.

I'm currently in the DA program at the kcmo location. I have two months before I go out on extern. So far I have found faults but overall I would not say it's a waste. There are plenty of DA jobs around My area that require no experience but I thought a little background learning would make me stand out. Getting enrolled was annoying. I was called in numerous times over a two week period for things I could have done at home or over the phone. The program is pricey I've even been told that by a few doctors but it's what I chose. It only took a month for me to start from the time I went in to the time my class started. My first instructor was a woman that was well educated and that had been a CDA for 30+ years. She was unorganized at times but she was never unfair and other students liked her as well.

The Director of the program was also well educated having served in the military and working in the field for many years. He would visit the classes and help in the lab. He was fair and just, all around a good guy. Unfortunately for some reason he either left or was let go. At the moment there is no Director for the program which has caused a little un-organization. Since moving to the 'back half' (last three classes of the program) I have began to really loathe the lecture portion of the day. My new teacher is much more laid back but because of that I feel l like I'm not really learning and retaining information. She does not really show us how to do things in the lab, rather students that are one or two classes in front of me are showing me how to take impressions and make models. During our 2 hour lecture the instructor tells us what portions to highlight in our books and what information will be on the test, which I don't mind, but we skip most of the chapter.

We often finish lectures early and spend 45 minutes to an hour just chatting or on our phones. Before quizzes and tests she read the question out loud and we review. This is nice because I am getting higher grades but bad because we don't have to study as long as we remember the answers to the quizzes and tests. My biggest concern is going out on extern. I have heard mixed reviews from girls that have previously completed the program. Some have a great time in a great office and a few have even gotten hired on at their extern sites. But there are some that get placed in offices with rude drs and rude staff. The most recent class that went on extern had a girl return after only one day in an office because they refused to change out instruments for clean ones (the office was just wiping off used instruments and using them on multiple patients). The extern coordinator found her a new office immediately and so far she is much better at her new extern site. Overall the school could do better and could be cheaper but I would still recommend it to other people.

I am currently enrolled in the ASN program and I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone!! RUN AWAY, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!!! My admissions rep lied to me about clinical sites, furthering my education and the schools reputation at hospitals around town. I've been there for a year and two months and have had 3 DON's, 2 ADON's, 2 Dean of Academics and countless number of teachers who just walk out on their jobs. It must be as bad of a place to work as it is to be a student.

I payed $2,000 for a pharmacology class where we learned NOTHING. We had 1 lecture on the first day of class and that's it!! The rest of the class was self-teach. We had to learn dosage calc on Youtube and meds on our own. When it was brought up to the DON she said she would take care of it and NOTHING happened. I know a student in my class who never passed one test in the class and finished with a B. I was told by one teacher that their raises were based on how many students passed their class and the class grade average. I am sure that changing grades cannot be legal, I know one thing, it's definitely unethical!!!

Clinical is a joke!!! We spend 95% of our clinical in nursing homes, long-term care facilities and otherwise inappropriate sites for Med Surg RN students. Our clinical instructors even talk about how horrible the clinical experience is at Concorde. We are supposed to do 8 hours in clinical but I can count on one hand how many days we have actually done a full day (after one year of clinical's). Usually, it's about 4-6 hours. I know that they lie to the state about how much time we have spent in "clinical simulation". It would be a shame if they were reported to the State Board of Nursing...

Needless to say, if you're in the Jacksonville area and shopping around for a nursing school, go to FSCJ. I know the waiting list is long and you may not get in at first but trust me, you will get a much better education and experience. STAY AWAY FROM CONCORDE!! I hear similar horror stories from other private schools around town too. My hope is that at least one person reads this and I change their mind about attending this circus show!!