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I was half way through my BSIT degree program this September 2016. I noticed that I could not access my ebooks from all of my previous classes in my bookshelf. I only had access to the current class I was in. Technical support told me they were experiencing the same thing on their end and they were escalating the situation. The issue was not resolved. In a previous year a student advisor called local police, who climbed in my mother's home, to see if I committed suicide. I told her that I was with my mother and all she had to do is call my mom to confirm.

Once again, I had to withdraw from the university because the did not uphold their contractual agreements. All of my online email accounts have been hacked. Jobs don't call back, but I just get calls asking me to got back to school. The online credits don't transfer to other universities like community college. Colorado Technical University only wants your financial aid. I withdrew with a 3.41 GPA. I just wanted to study. In the process, I exposed their intent, and that is a malicious attack on my future. I had a 4.0 at one time. I also noticed they no longer give students access to the Dean's list or Chancellor's list. Some people want their proper recognition for excelling. I need a lawyer, but cannot afford one. Colorado Technical University needs to be investigated and closed. There should be a class action lawsuit filed against CTU. #CTUscam.

I did three years of "traditional school" and my employer paid 22k to finish the last year and a half online. I have also used the CLEP test to pass some classes. I can say that CTU isn't for everyone, but the degree is a good one and of course has opened doors for me. I now have made over 6 figures for over 10 years and the degree certainly has helped. There is software to check against plagiarism and I believe that the school is making strides for improving. Before you get "locked in" to paying the tuition, make sure it is the right fit for you. If an employer offers to pay for your education, I believe CTU is a great way to go.

I attended CTU from October 2014 to May 2016 and graduated with honors with a GPA of 3.67. I applied for a scholarship back in February of 2016 and it was approved for 1,000 of which half applied to my account the end of July and the remainder was to be sent to me September 2016. When calling the school to ask about the funding they advised I will receive the remaining 500.00 in September but to allow 30-45 days. After this time period had passed I contacted the school again and they advised they applied it toward my student loans which I did not request them to do so. I have spoken with dozens of managers and was advised they would be crediting the account back but will then send an email telling me "I'm sorry, there is nothing we can do." These people are crooks and used something I earned and do what they wanted to. This school needs to be investigated.

I attended 8 years ago and with all of the debt is have incurred for 2 degrees they have no job placement assistance for graduates. I am still doing the same job that I was prior to getting this far in debt. The financial aid department is a joke they can't add or subtract. They sent my financial aid loan back to my lender and then said they made an error so I had to take ANOTHER loan out to pay them off. I almost made the mistake of attending for my MBA but I dropped the program. Their instructors are horrible and don't show up for classes at the date/time they choose! I'm mad I let myself get this far in debt it really isn't worth it for what I received in the long run. I'll be working until I'm 78 years old to pay them back.

I was enrolled at CTU in 2014 for my BA in criminal Justice. I was over charged for first I was told there would be no technical fee. A month into the school and here came the 300$ online fee. The funny part about that is I purchased most of my books on Amazon for less than a dollar. Their text books were so outdated. So next the financial aid was being held from me and changing amounts all the time. Higher one would charge for other things so by the time I was able to receive my money it was next to nothing.

I was stabbed by my daughter in April 2015. I called and reported it to my councilor who still despite I had full constructive surgery on my arm put me in classes I wasn't able to attend. I was charged even though I was unable to attend these classes I filled out grievances and was never acknowledged. I was treated rudely when I would call. And now I'm being harassed by the loan people for payments. What they did was not right. I need help and don't know how to take legal action.

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They are great at ruining your credit. I left the school a year ago and owed a few hundred that was paid. That was reasonable. I got sent to collections for 350 bucks and no one can explain why. This is after everything was settled ages ago and I got my transcript. They have my number and email. That place only exists to take your money.

Help! I have read many of these postings and will read more. I need info. My email is **. My wife was duped and scammed by CTU. She is very bright but would buy anything a front door vendor is selling. I support her judgment and did not get involved as she filled their coffers for over 5 years. $67,000! The recruiters had no judgment or sound advice as to what she was doing. During the time she was enrolled we were borderline bankrupt and then bankrupt, not a pot to pee in. Somehow they got her the loans, I'm not even sure with her permission, or she even had an idea what the tab was coming to. On top of that, although she has great skills and was (SP) Summa Cum Laude, she was 58 years old.

Why were they encouraging her to take $67,000 in loans when she was a slightly overweight, senior citizen, with an MBA in the worst recession in 80 years. She won't be offended, she agrees, young-hot MBA's get jobs. So now we're retired but we cannot afford bowling or going out to dinner. I can't get loans. Our debt to income ratios suck, because of the student loans. Why would this system, the lenders-govt-online schools just hand out this money to someone who has a maybe 10% chance of repaying it? Anyone know of a support group, attorney, class action? I'm getting all her loan docs, transfers, what classes they were for etc. Thanks for your input.

These teachers do not grade your papers they have the Turnitin Report. And from there that is how they are graded. They give no feedback on your papers the Turnitin does. This is the highest paid university for online schooling. I wish I would of checked into it more. They tell you you have a stipend coming and turn around and they take it. How do all these schools get away with this crap and get paid for it???

I have attended CTU since April 2016, all my loans covered my classes completely for the year in May. By June I applied for additional loans to help with my expenses and only received $300 dollars of that. They even take all of the Pell grant. If all my classes were paid how is it that I only received an additional 300 dollars. Nobody wants to tell me, they say "let's calculate" and I enrolled today. I am not stupid and will be filing a complaint.

God how I wish I had researched this school before I enrolled. I was excited to start college so went with CTU since they were so FAST in getting me enrolled, all that. But, now I see that they do hold stipends. I received a notice in my email in May and June that CTU was receiving funds from my financial aid. I figured I would get a stipend as I am single, disabled and have 3 children with no child support, VERY low income and since CTU received money in January and April, I received stipends each time, I figured one was coming after CTU received theirs. Nope. Now, I'm sitting here after receiving the SAME financial report from CTU, this month that I got in June yet my stipend is said to be $550 (normally they are $1400+). CTU's accounts have been credited with the SAME amounts as before, when my stipends were $1400+ and calling the financial aid department does not one bit of good.

They will NOT explain to you how your monies are distributed. I even Sat on hold for 35 minutes the other day listening as someone would pick the line up, push a button for a recording, put the phone back down... over and over and over again. The system had given me an estimated wait time of 7 minutes. This school is highly unprofessional and I am not understanding how it is accredited. In an accredited, respected, college the staff understands that without their students they have no jobs. WHY does the staff at CTU give vague replies? WHY do some of the professors ignore your questions or not respond to you? WHY are they so rude to the ones filling their own bank accounts?

I really wish I had a professional to explain the accounts section at CTU to me as there are many amounts listed in the ($$$), but I didn't receive anything. I have been enrolled at CTU since November of 2014 with a LOA from Oct/15-Jan/16 when my eldest and only daughter died and I have received stipends FOUR TIMES! That is IT! First two were around $800 (2014) as they had talked me into the Fast Track classes, which I did pass, but they cost me the same amounts as a full term class I guess? I don't know as they would not explain it but I got credits for taking ONE TEST. I guess CTU believes that this allows for charging a student full price for a class since they got the credits for passing the test? I don't know but the federal government needs to step up in CTU because there's some major bad going on somewhere because they say they have no staff.

They say this and that when it comes to releasing stipends yet in January my stipend came BEFORE CTU received their monies! I have the records to prove it! I actually got my stipend at the appropriate time, at the same time other colleges release them, at the start of the term, not the end. That's what these monies are applied for, to help us get through school but so far I've had to fund my own supplies, take money out of bill money to pay for paper, pens, my virus protection I feel I must have now since I am going to school online. (I am DIRT POOR, for real). I hadn't received a financial statement so it shocked me to open my emails and see that stipend. The next day I received the notice for the financial statement, so there is absolutely NO REASON for them to hold stipends. They have enough staff to get paid. They have enough staff to properly process stipends, not hold them for weeks at a time.

By the way, last stipend I waited for an entire MONTH to get. Sure did. That money gains interest, in whatever account they hold it in... it's gaining interest. I wonder just how much CTU has gained in illegally holding LOAN AMOUNTS (mine are LOANS and NOT GRANTS), for weeks or more? I confronted my student coach (the last one) about all this and I received a new student coach. That says it all and I'm all for a civil lawsuit against this school as I waited for my opportunity to come back around, in my life, to go back to school after having my babies and getting them all in school and now this? My dream is crumbling as if this school is that sneaky and corrupted then the degree I will receive won't be worth a damn dime while I'll be in debt for 10's of thousands of dollars. I keep receiving financial statements that state the SAME AMOUNTS that CTU is receiving yet this stipend will be $1000 less than the last two?

That doesn't make sense. I'm still full-time, have 3 classes this term and my GPA is a 3.88 so I feel like I am not trusted by CTU, that they hold MY MONEY (not grants, don't forget this... they are LOANS even though I am in the lowest income bracket there is in this country) because they believe I will take it and run? Drop out? Please! I can understand first year students, the FIRST term... holding them, but after that, no. I'm a grown woman with bills and children whose summer sucked again because CTU holds their mother's loan monies and also rips her off.

If anyone out there can help me, please email me at ** and put CTU HELP in the subject line please. I'm disabled and trying to get back into life and this is just knocking me down, down, down. I was depending on this stipend for school clothes and supplies, one summer activity, for my children and now it's going to be $500? I feel helpless as CTU sure will NOT answer questions or confirm where the monies are going, the amounts they receive each term (again) are the SAME yet my stipends differ? Something's up. I have added a picture of what I also sent CTU asking them to explain all this to me. If anyone has the knowledge to help me figure this out, since CTU WILL NOT... please email me. Thank you.

This is by far the worst college I have attended. First of all they are overpriced and have hidden fees that they don't originally disclose such as a $125 technology fee. Secondly if you plan on learning at this school, you need to be prepared to teach yourself. My third issue with this school is that they make you beg for your stipend. They act like they have to pay the money back instead of you. They get mad at you for calling and basically tell you that they are going to take the maximum amount of time because you called. For all of these reasons this is a terrible school which led me to the decision to withdrawal and go back to traditional college.

I attended CTU for my masters in management in 2008. I found the courses to be very beneficial to my career and goals. I especially enjoyed the online chats. They give you an opportunity to interact with your professors and classmates on a weekly basis. I decided to pursue my doctorate and enrolled in Colorado Technical University Doctor of Management program. I am in my second year and again my experience is amazing!! My professors are professionals and highly respected in their fields. I am learning so much. I love the symposiums we are required to attend. They present an opportunity to meet your faculty and staff as well as classmates. I have made many connections and formed friendships through symposium. As a learner it is important to be able to interact with others in the same situation as yourself. And I still love the weekly chats!!

I attended 2 other schools for their doctoral program and they were not a good fit for me. I remember CTU had live chats during my masters program so I inquired and was told they do offer that in their curriculum. I was disappointed and withdrew because the school was not a good fit for me. I needed access to my professors so I could ask questions and gain better understanding. Emails took to long and there were no office hours posted. The entire experience was very impersonal. I read some really negative reviews about CTU and was compelled to share my experience. I LOVE this school and have had any negative experiences since attending.

Can I sue these people for the injuries I suffered in 12-26-2015 that are now permanent? I am a vet who is in the extreme advanced stages of a terminal illness. Stress is my number one killer that lead to multiple heart failures. I have the worst case of P.A.D in medical history of the UW Medical Center in Washington state according to the University of Washington. My case way fully studied and I was deemed disabled immediately and was told I may have two years. That was in 2007.

In 2008 or 9 I cannot remember, I tried to join an online college by the name of Colorado Tech University online. During the enrollment process for criminal justice courses, I became very ill and never completed the enrollment nor did I sign any final paperwork. I then called the school and informed them I changed my mind and would not be attending. I was assured by my military liaison, and CTU staff it would not be an issue, and I would be removed from the system.

Two years later I learned this school never unenrolled me and had been defrauding the US government. Colorado Tech University used my name for over two years taking federal aid payment, or processing them at min using my name and I was not a student. I never once set foot online or off on their campus ever after I surpassingly unenrolled. This is 100 percent unacceptable and was not approved by myself. I was furious as they took well over 20,000.00 of my education fund and held it in their system. If I had tried to or enrolled elsewhere I would of learned 75 percent of my first degree funds were missing and held by Colorado Tech University.

Ok now two years went by before I finally did enroll and my health was better for a while. I signed up for medical administration. After about three months I learned the school website rather well and found all my CTU documentation. This is where I learned about the two years they took my money. I was confused why there is two accounts in my name. So began a series of calls to the school inquiring about those funds. CTU ignored my request and refused to answer me why they took that money with zero permission. This went on for weeks with no resolve. Each time these people became more and more hostile to the point it became a swearing match and screaming over the phone. The issue was never resolved.

Next I get really sick from the stress this has caused. I also forgot to mention I have PTSD in the form of provoke rage. It takes someone to set me off. I don't just go nuts without provoking from another. When I get this way it lead to heart failure. Twice during my admission I had a heart attack after fighting with CTU staff. When I called to get recovery time off and a medical refund excuse for the class not complete I was refused both times. They stole my federal aid then rebilled me again.

Then later I was put in a class where the teacher was a friend of the very same people in the aid department. This teacher immediately starts falsifying my grade and began failing me deliberately with F grades. I have never got Fs in my lifetime. I'm a straight A student. So I call the school immediately and demanded a full refund and be placed with a new teacher where all of a sudden I was getting As again for the exact same class.

I was double billed again. This situation has happened at least 6 to 7 times. Cost close to 15,000.00 in stolen federal aid. Then I learn other students lots of them were having this exact same issue with this school stealing and when students complained they were terrorized or ignored like myself. For three year I fought, screamed and cussed at these people demanding a refund back to the feds. CTU refused and took my paperwork for the funds in question offline and erased the information from the CTU system. Now there is only blank pages posted.

Next in 2015 I was placed in a class with a man as a teacher. The day before the end of our session we had one last live chat online. The entire class was asked to join. Not one student showed up out of 30 plus students. This raised a red flag. Next 15 minutes into the class there is a knock on a door where this teacher is located. It was a women who came into his class. Next thing I know the teacher vanishes into the background with this women and all I could hear on my end was what sounded like sexual noises. Now my issue is I paid for this class and it was not a class at all. In fact there were no class duties performed at all. That day I was just ripped off plain and simple.

Next I immediately called this school and filed a complaint. At this point I was enraged by what just happened as we had children around that day. I scream and cussed. Yes and I called the police in Colorado where the school is located and the F.B.I in Colorado and Florida where the teacher is located. I also called higher education department. CTU denied all allegation claiming the teacher did zero wrong. Well I have the digital recording proving otherwise.

Ok before we go on back. When I was denied time off the first time in 2012 or 2013 I can't remember my contract was clearly breached by the school multiple times that year alone. I was forced to call the highest authority. They called CTU warning them of the breach. CTU refused me time off again and this time started a all-out fight on the phone with some ** women. Again I was stressed to the point of dropping after that fight and required medical assistance. At this point the education general officer was furious and called CTU immediately. The very next day CTU gave me the time off by force of hand by the state of Colorado.

If you have ever seen any form of CTU advertising or talk to a admission advisor they will clearly tell you one can come and go as they like. I was told from day one there would never be a issue taking time off, my classes would be held and the funds returned for future use. Well let me be the first to tell you folks this. When you try to leave these people become bullies immediately. Not all of them but a select few I had personal run in with.

Ok after all of this nightmarish hell I went through I let things cool down for a while. Then CTU starts sending me emails asking me a veteran to support a wounded warrior program for future students. Wow. The gall these people have asking me a question like that. I responded immediately telling them exactly what I thought after the hell I was put through and nearly died twice from the abusive treatment I got from CTU staff. I basically told CTU's president to go screw himself and told them exactly why. This is very upsetting to me as a vet that these terrorist staff are out there promoting the wounded warrior programs. REALLY. These jerks told me to my face twice they did not give a crap about my health or my situation and if I continued I would be violated right out of school.

Right away this school sent multiple violations in a attempt to scare me into submission so I would shut up about all this crap above. I refused and again told them exactly why. After fighting with CTU staff again over missing funds, my treatment at school, CTU staff acting like terrorist and bullies my stress level hit critical on December 26th 2015. I went down from the worst heart failure yet. This time serious permanent damage was done to my heart and I nearly died. I was minutes from death and suffered heart and spinal damage. That's now irreversible and may only have 1 year if I'm lucky maybe a little longer.

I called this school again from ICU ward the next day telling ctu what happened. Again these maniacs started arguing with me and refused my time off. A fourth breach of contract. After a week of fighting they finally gave me the time off and claimed to refund my money. They did not. Instead they waited for me to recover and immediately began stalking my email and phone daily to get me to re-enroll.

I waited and decided regardless what the terrorist are doing I still have a obligation to complete my education. So I call these people and was reenrolled only to learn one week into the class these terrorist when only wanting to be paid the very day I received my aid package from the feds CTU disburses the funds so they can get paid. They kept half of 4000.00 for that session and sent me 1500 plus as stipend to my bank account. That very same day CTU robbed my bank account stealing those funds without my permission. That was my money. Not CTU's.

Then just minutes after I find out what they did I was sent a dismissal from school notice. Their reason they claim I filed a false sexual claim against the teacher. Then they claimed I made threats of health and harm against CTU staff. This is outright slander and a lie. I never threatened a single person with anything more than laws suits and federal action against the school. I warned this school multiple times they are ripping off the wrong person for the simple fact I'm a US army national guard vet with direct ties to the White House. I was ignored.

There other issues where my foul mouth toward staff they claim. Yes I am guilty of yelling. Why? They provoked all of this not I. The only thing I did was constantly complain because I'm dying and can't get around right anymore and wanted their help correcting these issues. Instead of getting the help I needed as a handicapped vet I was terrorized and labeled by the school as a troublemaker. You're damn right I am. After someone steals thousand in my name defrauding the system. This school funding is all I have other than SSI each month. These people stole my funding and left me in the street. Now I have lost my stipends I depend on to survive. What this school did was a clear violation of my civil rights. It is discrimination, fraud, possible conspiracy, bank robbery, breach of contract and a act of retaliation by this school.

After I was kicked out and robbed again by these people I began to call them again. This time enraged by what just happened. The very next day the CTU president tried to settle with me through the Ombudsman. What this moron does not realize is the fact this Ombudsman was the one that nearly killed me in December of 2015. These people to refund my bachelor's funding for 2015-2016. Well the funds they took. Then told me I would be immediately released so I could go elsewhere.

Well that great in all but there is a massive issue. CTU used up over half the fund for my previous degree when they stole thousand from me. It would be a complete waste of time transferring to a new school as I'm short about 20,000 dollars. Thank to CTU's crap and thefts I would never graduate and these people knew this the second I reenrolled. This last time they sent me a notice telling me this. Again I was furious as there is no reason why I should be short one stinking Penny if it wasn't for their staff mishandling funds in the first place and the very reason this nightmare began. I'm lost here folks and in desperate need of a attorney. This school want to settle now. I refused their offer.

I'm seeking damages for all mentioned above. Full reinstatement back into school immediately and I'm also seeking compensation for the heart failure and the permanent damage it caused to my body for life. I also seek that CTU pay back every single Penny they received over a 5 year period from the federal aid program as well as grants paid. I have no legal responsibility for any part of it. CTU pays any, and all fines imposed by the states involved to include the federal government.

I would like CTU to pay all bachelor degree cost plus a living allowance tax free paid in full to the school of my choice in addition to any settlement won. I am also asking that CTU be banned from any form of handicapped programs if it involves federal or state funding. I also demand they be banned from any wounded warrior program worldwide as a direct result of what happened to me as a vet. I would also ask all transcript be permanently release and I be immediately reenrolled back into CTU until I see fit to leave if ever. I also ask all violation be immediately removed due to the simple fact none of this would of happened in the first place if it was not for fraud against my name. They caused and provoked all these complaints.

I am sick to death. This school is allowed to operate like a wolf advertising their sheep. These people are criminals that need to be dealt with immediately by attorney and the feds. The proof is on their servers right now. I need an attorney ASAP. Please the school is offering a settlement right now. I would like them to pay your fees as well.

The state of Colorado has just been informed again of this nightmare as of 4/2016 and plan to take action right away according to the director of higher education. This school was fully aware of my medical conditions and terminal illness from the very first day of enrollment and I reminded them monthly for well over three years only to be told they don't give a crap. Really don't federal laws say otherwise for a public school?

Below are the charges I feel are appropriate for this situation and laws broken: Discrimination by business establishments, including discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, disability, medical condition, genetic information, sexual orientation, citizenship, primary language, immigration status, and other protected classifications. Disability Access Rights, Education Rights, including Equal Access to Higher Education. Sexual Assault on College Campuses. Breach of contract, Retaliation, Slander, Theft of federal funding and possible bank robbery.

If one was to look deep into all of this you will learn in every situation where CTU claims I violated policies. They provoked every single situation that lead to the outcome of policy violation. I only complained about missing money, staff issues and time off every single time over 3 to 5 years. As a result of CTU actions I'm tens of thousands of dollars in medical debt to the state of California. I was terrorized and bullied. My money was stolen and I have permanent physical damage to my person.

I've been retaliated against and thrown out of school and now have no federal aid thanks to these jerks and may be homeless as I no longer have a way to pay rent for housing. These people deliberately destroyed my life as a result of my complaint. Now I'm forced in a position where I'll be required to pay back the loan using what very little I get from SSI and I can't even afford to eat. At this point once monthly bill are paid I have no help and no idea how I'm going to make it. I can never work again. Please help me

P.S. Several California attorneys told me I need a personal injury plaintiff attorney in Colorado Springs. I live in California but go to school in your state online for three years now. I'm a straight A student for the most part. If a attorney read this and are interested in immediately helping resolve this matter. Please call right now. The clock is ticking as of 4-5-2016.

I attended CTU for my masters and the month before graduation I applied for student loans to cover the balance on my account prior to graduation. CTU then collect my 9/11 GI Bill and the student loans. I specifically asked to use only student loans now I no longer have any 9/11 GI Bill to use. The catch here is that CTU then returned my student loans without notifying me. I'm now stuck with a balance of over $1,000 and no way to pay the amount. I was told since I graduated there is nothing they can do.

I'm utterly disgusted with this school and regret ever attending. All they have done is rip me off financially and continue to rip off other veterans and military members for their education benefits. Now I'm unable to get my transcripts until the balance is paid and left with a debt and no financial assistance. I would never recommend this school to anyone. The university should lose its accreditation and be closed down so as to prevent other veterans from getting ripped off.

Financial Aid - Yes, they work their butts off! Admissions - Yes, they work hard! Students - Well, I did. Not sure the other stuff submitted and read in class was for real. My former ground university wouldn't have been giving A's and B's on papers like those... Plus, I submitted some very unlike me, work...when I was stoned out on anti-anxiety pills. Blood pressure and dealing with that type of stress is not a good thing. They don't care if you're financially ruined, filed Chapter 7, or on mood altering moods with a doctor's recommendation you don't pursue this.

Teachers are somewhat OK...except they are given the lesson plan by the school. How I know this? I retook a class that I was two weeks into with another instructor, and guess what? Exact same work! All of the "live chats" are the same basically, and are so boring! The presentations are not original by the teachers either. If they are...then those people need to go back for their undergrad. I owe them a fortune and their billing/collections department calls me every week if I am a few days late with my payment. When they find out you don't have $3K lying around, then they'll work with you. Just don't do it!

Rip-off, not fully accredited. Takes student loan in your name without your permission. Most online instructors never reply to messages and end up with ungraded work causing student to fail, just to try to get more money from retaking classes.

Colorado Technical University uses guerrilla marketing techniques to capture Veterans and exploit them for their GI Bills and the betterment of their FOR PROFIT status. Not only was I duped by a CTU recruiter, being told that my school would be absolutely free and everything would be taken, when in reality I had to use financial aid from the US government plus my GI Bill Awards in order to maintain enrollment, but now they are reporting me to credit bureaus, hindering my ability to obtain the small business loan I need for a semester of school that I never attended.

They are Veteran Blood Suckers and should be ashamed to call themselves "Military Friendly." I have started a magazine in Colorado Springs called Military Discount Magazine, and I will use it, as well as any other resource I can to ensure that my brothers and sisters in arms don't make the same mistake I made by trusting them with the GI BILL awards that I earned

OK I wrote some reports. Tried to get the teacher. She left no info on site or her work plus the faculty leader just plain ignored me and plus my v.a from hollow brook drive CO which will be nameless. I think she has a lot to do with it as well. Because I think the professors most of them not all have those counselors in their pockets. Preying on vets that don't kiss butt. This school tries to have all commercials. This is why they are devils working there unless you are a good butt kisser. Just saying this school has had bad rep before and they are good for not contacting you unless it's financial or something that regards those certain screwed up teachers it bad as well because most of the white female teachers are racist. I'm done with cap. I really hate this school.

I have been getting the run around from this school. I left CTU in good standing (with no money owed whatsoever) and requested transcripts to be sent to my new school. For some reason the transcripts are on perpetual hold. Although I do not owe the school any money they will not release my transcripts. I have talked to the admissions, accounts, records and registrars offices to no avail. Every person tells me they don't know why the transcripts are on hold and promise to call me back but no one ever does. I can't start at any other school until they release my transcripts which seems like will never happen. 100% unprofessional. I cannot believe this is an accredited university.

I graduated from CTU online in November of 2013 with a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Human Services. While I went to this school, I was guaranteed a career coach during my schooling and for a short time after I graduated and that never happened. I also believe that they are demanding more money from me and that is why they are withholding my transcripts. I don't understand why I still owe them over $4000 still when all my student loans that I received when I attended this school for 3 years should have paid for it all. I have called the student accounts department, student registrar department and still don't get any answers. I am very upset with this situation. I can't move forward with my education due to the fact that they are holding my transcripts.

Before and shortly after starting the MS in Management/Homeland Security, I was told several times that this program was exactly the same as the one offered by the U.S. Navy and I would be able to work in Emergency Management. This however isn't true and I graduated in 2014.

I am a graduate of CTU online. I graduated in November 2011. I moved to Florida because my husband, after 27 years of being active duty army retired. I am in the process of continuing my education at the university of Florida in Gainsville. I paid to have my transcript sent from CTU. I am being told NOW, I have a hold on my account from a balance due in November 2011. I called the student records department. I was told that the balance of $698.45 is from where I started, which I do not remember, the Bachelor program at CTU online from November 13 to November 27th. I am told because I logged in for 2 weeks out of the 6-week course, that I owe this money. I was told to contact the registrar's office. I called and was told the same thing, that the amount is owed from those 2 weeks in the Bachelor program. He transferred me to the supervisor of advising, for which I was told this same thing.

But after speaking with this supervisor who was not very understanding at all of my situation of being denied my transcript for my Associates degree, for which I earned and it's being held hostage, for 2 weeks of courses in a bachelor program I do not recall taking, he advised me to contact the supervisor of student accounts. So, once again, everyone I'm speaking with sending me to someone else and no one really giving me answers or trying to help me, I asked for the supervisor of student accounts. He states to me, that "I see you owe the amount for the Associates degree," not the bachelor degree for which I was told by 3 people prior to him. Now I have another different answer. After speaking with 3 different people and getting nowhere, I contacted the President of CTU. I am also sending a letter through registered mail. Also, contacting an attorney.

I've completed my MBA in the year 2012 and had owed $2500 on my last course which I completed. My name was sent to collections, which I had no problem with. I've paid the collecting company based on an agreement we made, based on the reduced cost I was offered. I've already paid and it seems as though CTU plans on keeping my Diploma and Transcripts. Due to the fact my name was sent to collections, two different companies by one purchasing my debt from the other. Shouldn't my name be off of CTU books in regards to my account being sold, not by their collection department, but to another collection agency? Not forgetting that I paid the collection in full based on our agreement by settling for less.

I hate CTU because they took out subsidized and unsubsidized loans out on me and I never requested any loans. Then they haven't even billed the VA for my tuition. What is wrong with this school? It needs to be shut down for life or more VA veterans will be scam.

Attending this school is the worst decision I've made in my life. The school simply sets to up to forever babe in their debt so that you'll never be able to transfer or attend another school. They take your loans and do not apply it towards your classes. Their internal billing system is design to keep you owing them. The government needs to get involved to shut this school down. It's going the eventually affect the U.S. economy as its burdening students with debt as well as depriving them of their education. The modern day Bernie Madoff of the school system.

I have recently had a change of heart. I feel that this college could be a very good college if they would make sure that their educators are providing material that aligns with the required course material. Students are responsible for their choice in degree programs, and with mentioning that, we can all say that teachers are good to steer us in the right direction, but shouldn't be taking the place of student advisors or mentors. Teachers should reflect upon their teaching materials and skills to make sure that students are receiving them in a beneficial manner. I give this school a 4 star rating because I actually did learn from this college, and it is where I have gained a bulk of my knowledge from. My biggest complaint and nobody can ever determine when teachers go rogue but my issue is teachers who aren't consistent, especially if you have had that teacher before. The material covered for the course, problem-solving using java, was covered by a book that covered those materials but the teacher was not using the book for the course?

Writing Java stacks is relatively straight forward, just as writing pseudocode for those stacks. The teacher for this course was completely rude and condescending but we all have met professors as such. Albeit, at least, those teachers provide ample material for the students to find the solution at least. This professor literally began pulling the course from the seat of her pants. I didn't waste my time dealing with this teacher and I am also not going to blame the school for this teacher's inappropriate behavior. The only thing that I will say is that the teachers need to put in more effort to align themselves with the students and material. Students who choose a bachelor of science program, are aware that this program isn't a cakewalk, that is why it is the teacher's job to provide material that allow us to grasp the concepts of the course. I have recently transferred, and I absolutely love science. I will be graduating after one more semester. The recommendations of the teacher at CTU, told me to go into the, "Customer service field." Nope! I may not be Einstein but I know when a teacher is trying to actually teach, and in support of that, teachers as such are much appreciated in the scientific community.

My new school is 100 times more difficult than the courses at CTU and I am not looking for it any other way because I would like to be prepared for the real world. This institution needs to work on its faculty ASAP!

Original Review

I wasted 2 years of my life at this school. 3.60. The advisory, financial aid, success coaches and teachers are just in it for the money. They would give a grade to make you meet their quotas. I wish I could get my hard earned veteran's benefits back from this money trap. The student success coach even says, we are like McDonald's. Wow! This speaks multitudes about the education system.

They are very misleading with the wording of their fast track eligible credits/costs. When it says you are eligible for a certain number of fast track units, that is not what you are allowed to take. Make sure of the exact classes you are allowed before enrolling.

I finished my MBA at CTS and before that my Associates and Bachelors. Once I completed my MBA and had paid for all the school and passed all the classes, I was waiting on my transcripts to apply for jobs. I called them asking for it and then I noticed in the accounts section that I had a new balance of $200.00. They call it a graduation fee. I have graduated twice from CTU and was never charged this and now they say if I don't pay it, they will not give me my diploma or transcripts until I do. They are holding what I earned for hostage now, because they want to at the end and after all classes have been finished and passed another chance to get more money.

The school is already more expensive then most and now they want to hold my transcripts for ransom. Is this even legal. The school tuition has already been paid for and I passed all the classes, but now they add this fee and say until we get it you don't get what you spent years paying for and attaining. I would never recommend this school to anyone! This is Bad Business!

CTU gave me the best education, and I base that on attending 3 other colleges. I was treated fairly and I found out most of the administrative pressures they put on me came from having to comply with federal, state and higher learning commission standards and expectation. The only people in my cohort who had problems were those who brought the problem on themselves because they did not work, or if they ran into other issues, expected a freebee. This school is open enrollment, meaning they don't screen out people like state schools do. Faculty was fair but firm, staff were helpful and patient. If you suffer from entitlementitis, that is you think you are owed a free ride, no school will work for you. This school made me work, and my new employer recognized the school's quality.

The teachers don't care about the students. They won't answer emails for days if at all. The advisors don't care about their students. It don't matter if you are sick or not. The teachers there are students as well and expect you to know everything. As soon as I can I'm quitting that school.

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