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Club Z has offered in-home tutoring services to over 300,000 students since 1994. It offers a variety of services to students ranging from pre-K age up through high school.

  • Offers a pre-K readiness program: Parents of very young children can hire tutors to help their kids gain the skills they need to succeed in pre-K or kindergarten.
  • Proprietary tutor matching system: Club Z uses its own matching service to help match students with tutors.
  • Hires mainly certified teachers: Most tutors are certified in the subject area they are tutoring in, ensuring that they have sufficient expertise to help each student they work with.
  • Study skills programs: Students who are struggling in class may benefit from general study skills tutoring.
  • Individualized instructional program: Tutors create an individualized, customized program for each student they tutor to ensure that the student gets the maximum use out of the service.
  • Best for Kids who are failing and special needs students.

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Club Z!
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17425 Bridge Hill Ct
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United States