Cambridge Institute of Allied Health

Altamonte Springs, FL

Cambridge Institute of Allied and Technology provides hands-on educations for all students. We have a great staff that will always work with you and make time for each student that is on campus. Students will get real life experience with their clinical sites so they know what to expect when they graduate.

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Students, Parents, health care providers please try to stay away from this "INSTITUTE OF ALLIED HEALTH AND TECHNOLOGY" business. If you really care about your family, your money and your education DO NOT EVEN TO TRY TO GET THERE. The first time that I walk in the school I felt like I was doing the best deal to accomplish what I always wanted for my education and that the money that they requested was fair according to the information that I got. Not that I have that amount of money but I thought I just go ahead and use all my savings and I just invest in this and, get it done.

The recruiter did a great job trying to sell the program. It what his job right? What else he can do, just trying to do the best for what he was hired for but it was not his fault since probably the program director "Dr Mitchell **" and Ms. Loretta ** the clinical coordinator were responsible for all kind of lies that he have to tell prosper students to get in his money maker business. They did not even have a complete plan for the course. The first students from the first course that they try to start was a complete failure since they quit a few weeks. After they start probably they were smarter than me and my other two classmates, and did not allow them to stealing their money, since they found what kind of failure program they get into.

Cambridge Institute of Allied Health and Technology is a complete failure to all the programs. Very expensive, no good practice for every programs that they offer at least I know RTs, ultrasound techs and there is not even a CT program. Hups by the way I almost forget do not even think or plan to get in hospitals inside the city of Atlanta to get your practice. NOW I CAN NOT BLAME THEM. Please do not get me wrong, the hospitals that they allow students from Cambridge to get their practice are very nice, and the techs and director want to help because their location and the amount of population that they serve is not enough for students to complete the requirements to get the boards.

Satisfaction Rating

This school as stated in all the previous comments is a joke! Half the instructors read word for word the PowerPoint so it's a 3 hour class just reading a screen and the other half are so disorganized. It's almost impossible to know what's due and when and what needs to be done. They did and will write you up if you have a family emergency and leave early. THAT'S RIGHT! I HAD A DEATH IN THE FAMILY, LEFT EARLY AFTER TELLING SOMEONE AND THEY WROTE ME UP!!! That's when I knew it was time to quit. This place is garbage and is not worth the $35k they charge for tuition.

They even had the audacity to send me a $300 bill after I quit to cover expenses? Like what?!?! Because you already took $10k from me for the semesters I attended! Don't waste your time or money. Go to another school. This place is not worth the headache. Oh and by the way, don't even THINK about wearing a sock that's not black or white, they will write you up for that as well. I love how they also tell us that we're supposed to take the verbal abuse and condescending attitudes of everyone because we are "students"... I'm 27 years, don't you dare talk down to me when I'm a capable and competent person. This place only made me realize just how important it is to do what makes you happy in life, so in that sense I'm grateful. STAY CLEAR!

Satisfaction Rating

I voiced my opinion to another instructor as to how to deal with an instructor at the Delray campus and how she speaks to me being a 43-year old mom of three. By the next week I was in the middle of a teenage he say she say war. I was also thrown into a whirlwind of gossip, put on the cellular phone with the Director of Nursing and again talked to like trash. I kept my composure, never to disrespect these educators of health and in awe of their blatant disrespect for professionalism. Our Fundamentals instructor would tell us one then contradict what she taught us the day before. I was so afraid that I'd get in debt for 21000 and not be able to pass the NCLEX. They want money. They are unprofessional on every level. BEWARE!!! Check the state stats of students passing the NCLEX at this school. Low pass rates, low education.

Satisfaction Rating

Please steer clear from this school and their predatory practices. They view you as just another dollar in their pockets. They will drain every financial aid dollar you have available and then have the nerve to want to limit you on the amount of student loan refunds you can receive. They want to basically have you borrow enough to cover their overpriced tuition and then dictate how much additional you can have in your pockets. I was forced to contact the department of student aid to report them. They hold on to your refunds as long as possible before releasing your check.

Some wait months into the semester before they ever receive a refund. **, their Campus Director/Registrar/Financial Aid Non-Expert, is under qualified to say the least to handle operations and complaints on that campus. She behaves like a young sorority chick that thinks she knows it all but ignores the fact that she allows students who don't even have valid high school diplomas to attend the school. The rest of the staff apparently hates her.

There is a huge population of students who can barely read, write and comprehend English!! I feel like in an ESOL class in grade school. Some programs have only a single student in class which is absolutely absurd. There was one class that had two students in it and all they did was complain. One of the girls tried to leave but they begged her to stay so they could keep the program open. Many students also complain about the smell in the front reception area (you can hardly call it that) but apparently the receptionist has poor hygiene but no one has balls to tell her. Clean this place up or shut it down. Stop holding on to student's money... there has to be a law!

Satisfaction Rating

As others have stated, this "school" is a joke! I have been in my program since January 2013 and it is now April 2013 and we have already had 3 instructors and the best one so far just quit. The director of the program is rude and will twist anything you say to benefit her. Do not waste your time! They do not care about anything but money. They say they are going to implement new items to benefit the students and have yet to do so. When asked about it, we're just keep getting told it is coming or they are working on it. Please, for the love of God, do not waste your time or your money.

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First of all, this school is a joke. I would not recommend anyone to go here. I am in the LPN program, and we've had 2 teachers leave--one was the director and the other, the actual teacher. This school does not hold up their end of the bargain, meanwhile charging $20,000 for an education we aren't sure we are even going to get. Our clinicals had to be rearranged, because the school didn't hire any clinical instructors who they claimed were not good enough. An RN with her BA degree applied, but they would not get off their pocket book is one example. So now we are 4 weeks behind in clinical hours which we do now start on July 19.

The students in the class have asked for the water fountain to be replaced; it wasn't. We were told we were getting a new school which is the cause of our fees jumping $4000.00 from the last class. We aren't getting a new school or equipment to help us learn. The staff here are rude and treat/talk to us like we are 5-year-olds.

They've even allowed people who failed the TEAS to attend the LPN program here, which goes to show it's all about the money. Now we are told that we have a new teacher who (you would've thought) would've arrived at our clinical orientation to introduce her self to us. So when we actually start our clinicals on July 19, we wouldn't be walking around in circles.

Cambridge is wanting to offer a bridge from LPN to RN next year. I would advise anyone who wants their LPN degree to attend another school. They lost the best thing that happened to Cambridge, and that was the two LPN instructors who just left.


In response to the prior complaint made in September of 2009, it should be clarified that all of the students in that practical nursing group not only graduated, but did so with excellence. They were provided with a great deal of support and instrumental tools utilized to assist students in meeting the program objectives to successfully sit for the NCLEX-PN examination and pass so they can become successfully licensed and employed as practical nurses.

A graduation ceremony was held for this group in March of 2010. They have commenced NCLEX-PN testing for their state licensure examinations, and at this point every graduate from that group who has taken the exam has passed the exam on the first try. They worked very hard and were provided with the education necessary to achieve their success. Thanks to their instructors, their clinical experience and the support of Cambridge staff and administration, who are always willing to go the extra mile for their students.

Congratulations to all Cambridge Practical Nursing students who have passed the NCLEX-PN exam. More than half of this group have taken the exam and have passed it. Cambridge has already placed more than half of these students in career related employment and is ready to help advance these graduates to LPN positions as soon as they provide proof of licensure. We are proud of these graduates and their success and we look forward to seeing them become successful nurses and continue forward in their careers!


Nursing school created with false pretense. I am attending LPN school at Cambridge Institute of Allied Health. I have decided to attend nursing school to change my career due to the lack of work as a graphic designer. The school has turned out to be a real joke. I feel that I am being robbed due to the high cost of the private school and the lack of education I am receiving. The one good thing I must say is the instructor is awesome. But now that we have started our actual clinical rotations, I realize that things are not at all what I have paid for.

We were set to start at the VA medical center in Winter Park when the VA postponed our time there (which is not an option because we must keep a schedule). Now our instructor herself busted butt to find somewhere for us to go. Now we were set to start there and have found out the school is not carrying the proper insurance. Everything that the owners of the school had planned and organized (they claim over the last 3 years) has turned out to be a flop.

I am concerned that in the end, I will be out of $18,000 and not be eligible to take the state test because we are not getting the hours we are supposed to with our clinical rotations. I am concerned that this school is going to take advantage of more people and I would love to help see to it that people are warned. Please contact me and I can give you more information and contact information of the owners.

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