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The preparation was excellent. It was worth the cost. I aced the Math portion of the test. The vocabulary is a lot harder to prepare for. The teacher was very good. It has been a while since I took the course, but I recall that she made the course material extremely easy to understand. Most of my progress was gained by using the materials provided. I took a number of tests to determine what was necessary to study. I was able to go back and study the items where I was weak. I was able to take sample tests that showed me the areas where I required more work. I went back to review the materials and was able to do extremely well on the test.

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I would recommend this because the value is great. It is worth what you are paying for the level of prep courses and expertise of these courses. The expertise of these teachers is great. They really know how to teach the courses in a way that you will be very prepared for when you test. The ease of these materials and courses are great. I am able to use whenever and wherever which is wonderful for someone like me that works and goes to school. This preparation allowed me to receive a score on the test that I don't think I would have been able to achieve if it weren't for these courses.

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The best money you can ever invest in your future is through these prep courses. If you take the time to actually follow through with it it's worth what you paid for. Most of the professors know what they're talking about and are very excellent teachers. They actually make you more comfortable to contribute to discussions and are good at engaging you with the content. All online courses can be accessed through their main database where everything is stored for you so in a sense it's a way of keeping you organized and up to date on important dates. There isn't much preparation needed on the students side as much as there is for the professor teaching the course. All you can do is have your books and material in hand.

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It was a very good value for me because it allowed me to attend the course and study when it was most convenient for me. It was also a lot less expensive than other brands currently on the market. The teachers that teach this program are very professional, and are experts in their chosen fields. They work very hard and it shows in the work that they do. I learned a lot in all the courses that I took. It was very easy to access and learn the information that I was given. The program was easy to navigate though even for a computer novice like myself. I felt very well prepared after I was completed with my course. The information was presented in such a way that I didn't just memorize it but I felt like I actually learned the information.

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Cambridge Coaching is a tutoring-only program, and is among the newest entrants in the GRE prep field, having launched in 2005.

  • Subject matter experts: Instructors know their subjects extremely well, and can offer more than simple test taking tricks and tips.
  • Multilingual: Prepare for the GRE in the language that is most comfortable for you with a tutor who really understands your challenges.
  • Teachers, not instructors: Cambridge pays their tutors from company revenue and makes sure they excel as supportive teachers.
  • Personalized structure: Tutors adjust their hours to fit your life, and only present you with the challenges that you need to reach a better score.
  • More efficient schedules: Students typically take six to 10 practice exams over 50 to 100 hours of concentrated learning.
  • Official materials: All study materials come directly from ETS, the company that administers the official GRE exam.
  • Best for Busy professionals who need highly educated and personalized attention that is flexible.

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