California Barbering & Cosmetology Apprenticeship Learning Center

Sacramento, CA

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I have been working with Shirnel and this company 9 years. Shirnel has proven to care about people and she is very active with the community. She goes over and beyond to help people get into the program. I have referred over 25 people and 15 shop owners that are very happy. I wanted to add my two cents because I have never met anyone that really cares about people.


I first met with Shirnel on March 22, 2010 to discuss signing up for the program. I made it very clear of my expectations to earn hours working with my mother who is a licensed cosmetologist. My mother works for a salon in a retirement community. The decision to go with Shirnel was solely based off of her acceptance of my demand to work directly with my mother’s clients. This would allow me to learn the nuances of the existing customers and ease the transition of eventually taking over for her when she retires.

After this verbal agreement we proceeded to start the process of filling out the paperwork. Shirnel explained to us that we needed to get an establishment license number from the salon. I was unsure if the salon had an establishment license and Shirnel assured us that it would not be an issue. I paid in full $3783.12 for my books, kit, and schooling. She then proceeded to tell me the school was moving and that I could begin classes on April 12. I did not hear from her for 2 weeks.

I called her to make an appointment to bring my paperwork in and get the process hopefully finished. I agreed to drive to her main office in Elk Grove. She looked over the paperwork and saw that it was not filled out completely. The salon had not put the establishment number down, but did give us a Federal ID number. She said that she would put a call into the state to see if they even had a number and that if they did not they would need to apply for one for $50.00. This would prolong the process even further. Approximately another month beyond the 2 months to get my apprenticeship license, I asked if she had my kit and she said she would have to check on it and said nothing of my books. She could not tell me when the classes were going to start either, just that an instructor would call me. I felt very rushed and confused when I left.

Uncertain of the whole situation I drove over to the new location of the school to see what was going on. There was a sign on the door that said class would begin on May 17th. The facility looked no where near being ready to have class. Still frustrated and scared I called her an hour later to try and clarify some things. I did bring up trying to get my money back in case this did not work out. She said that there was a 3-day grace period and would not get my money back. I then proceeded to focus on getting the license number and hoping that she would get back to me once she heard from the state. She called me a few days later asking me if I gotten the number and to tell me my kit was in. I did not feel comfortable picking up my kit with out being sure of any start time.

Again, I asked when classes were going to start and she told me that she was going to be calling people the next day or by Monday to let them know. I never heard from her. At this time I still had not heard back from the retirement facility about the number. I finally got in touch with them and they decided that they did not need the license and were not going to get one. This left me in the middle and now I’m out of $4000.00 and no salon to work for. I then called Shirnel to tell her the situation and she told me that they would not give me money back.

Every conversation with Shirnel left me more confused and I felt very uninformed. I then tried to reason with her one last time before deciding to try and contact a lawyer. She was very defensive and short, saying that she could not help me. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said that they do not talk to people and that they would tell me the same things that she is. The phone went blank and she did not respond to me. I hung up. About five minutes later a lady named Kay called from the same phone number I had been calling for the past month. It sounded exactly like Shirnel. I said to her you sound exactly like Shirnel. She just ignored my comment. I then asked for her last name and she refused to give it to me. This whole process has been so unprofessional. I proceeded with the process because I was under the impression that Consumer Affairs was affiliated with this company. I paid $3783.12 and received no books, kit or schooling.

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