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I took two classes at Blue Steel Security school in Brooklyn, New York. When I arrived there, they looked at my license and told me I had to take the 8-hour pre-assignment class and sixteen hour on the job, instead of the 8-hour annual and a fireguard training class. When I sent in my license renewal, the state told me I had to take 8-hour annual. Now I am screwed because I can't get my license renewed, thanks to this school.


I was searching online for a security guard training school so I can obtain my 8-hour security certificate for a new job. I then found Blue Steel Security Guard training school's website and called to set up an appointment to come in. On June 2, 2009, I went to the school and paid $25 to get my certificate, sat in the class from 9pm-4pm and watched a couple security video's. When it was over, I finally received my certificate. I was so happy thinking I was one step closer to getting a new job. On June 16, I went to a different security agency to obtain my 16-hour OJT (on the job training) certificate when the instructor informed me that the 8-hour certificate that I obtained was a fake. He could have taken my $50 anyway and let the job tell me that my 8-hour certificate was a fake but he didn't, and told me that I should try to get my money back.

I then sent Blue Steel Security Agency an e-mail telling them what was said by the instructor, and that I am now seeking a refund of my $25. I received a call back from Crystal **, the school director, saying that I was not getting my money back and that the certificate was an official certificate. I feel cheated out my $25 and even if I can't get my money back, I would like some light shined on this fraudulent so called business so that this does not happen to anyone else looking to better themselves. What can I do?

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