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I have documents for 2005, 2007 and 2010. I am not sure what date was the actual date that I purchased this diploma but I can provide all the papers I have, I kept everything. At that time I spoke with a person named Dominic, I even have my ref #. I recently applied for a position at a hospital I have been trying to get into for about 6 years and finally they wanted to make me an offer but I was told there was a problem with my high school diploma. I didn't understand because I had my high school diploma.

Further research was done by the supervisor because she really wanted me on board. When she told me they couldn't hire me because my High School Diploma wasn't from and accredited school, I was floored. So I took my Belford High School Diploma to the HR dept to show them that there must be a mistake because here it say it's an accredited school. They told me it's fake. I can speak further about how angry and disappointed about this but I think that would be obvious and what is the point of putting it all on here.

Anyway, I have to move on and stay focused because I am a 56-year-old woman who is unemployed because of this but now enrolled in an Adult Education program obtaining my High School Diploma and hope to have it by March of 2017. The hospital has asked to let them know when I have my HS Diploma. Hopeful. Please help me and tell me what I need to do to get my money back and/or sue for damages. I look for to hearing from you soon and thank you for your time and assistance in this matter.

I did the test back in 2011 and passed and then I had to pay 249 for the diploma and I tried going to college with it but they wouldn't let me. I didn't think it was fake till I finally tried to look back up the website and all this fake stuff started coming up and then I seen that the diploma was fake, too. So got scammed out of my money and got ripped off out of my diploma so basically screwed. And I didn't know a lot of people got reimbursed for that. So now I got to try AND get my diploma another way somehow after all this time.

I paid $400 to attend Belford High School classes online. And when I tried to attend a college they told me my diploma was fake. I was really hurt because I wanted to really further my education and I can't. So I wasted my money. I want somebody to fix this situation because this is not fair.

It is very simple. I took the online courses and acquired a diploma that no one recognizes. I am trying to get a job and they won't consider that I have a diploma or GED equivalent.

I paid for my so called diploma and come to find out it was a fraud. I still have my confirmation number and every number that I received from them holes. What can I do?

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IN 2008 I PAID BELFORD $500.00 to take the online high school.. So I have never needed to use the diploma. So I was employed with this job for about 6 months and there's a state policy to show our GED or diploma and when I did I was told that I'm being fired for having a fake diploma and the state may prosecute me.. So now I'm very stressed and can't believe this has happened and how evil people can be. I'm a hardworking mother and now maybe unemployed soon. I would like to seek justice.

In the year of 2008 when my daughter was born I did research on a high school diploma. I came across Bedford High School. I enrolled got my high diploma in the mail after passing the test provided online. I send out a 250.00 dollar deposit and received my diploma. I enrolled in college for about 3 months when one day the admissions office gives me the devastating news that my high school diploma was not valid. I cried and felt like everything I accomplished and all my effort was for nothing. They removed me from the school and here I am without my money back or no college credits from which I earned. I contacted Bedford high school and they would hang up the phone.

I got scammed as well. This was like 6 years ago and still want to get back at them but don't even know how to start. I got ripped off $360. It's all fake and yeah they are all Arabs. I spoke with one. Just lies and lies. Still want my money back. Couldn't get into college. An embarrassment not knowing it's fake.

I went online to better my education and took the online high school diploma course from Belford High School... Need I say more... Don't do it, it's a scam... I am so hurt right now about the whole thing... I would love to file a lawsuit against them and will try... Any advice is valued, please let me know your thoughts.

I received my diploma from them, and it is fraud. I could not even get a job with it. I am very disappointed with them. I would like to have my money back to get a real diploma. $250.00 is a lot of money to give away.

I went online to get my high school diploma so I could go to college. They said they are accredited and I asked can I go to any college with that, they said yes. So I did all the grant applying and footwork to help pay for my college. Then when it came time to enroll I could not, because who they were accredited by is not recognized by the office of education or the council on recognition of post secondary accreditation. My college faxed them a letter saying I was rejected and when I tried to get my money back they said, I can have 186 dollars back out of 250 dollars for a service fee.

I got a high school diploma from them for $250 because I didn't finish school and I wanted to go back to school to study criminal justice. Well, I did the test back in 2007 and passed. I got the diploma and was completely happy up until it came time to choose a school. I applied to every school I know of in the state of Georgia that was close to me and was heartbroken as no school accepts the diploma. I called Belford to ask why and all they would tell me is that Belford High School is an accredited institution recognized by two renowned accreditation agencies for online education, namely, the International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities (IAAOU) and Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA).

When you get a high school diploma from Belford, you benefit from having the recognition of these accreditation agencies and to apply to other schools and get rejections letters to prove that they were not accepted. I started calling schools: Strayer University, South University, Ogeechee Tech, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah State University, DeVry University, Armstrong Atlantic State University, Georgia Southern University and Colorado Technical University online. I called these schools and was told they didn't accept the diploma and that I needed to get a state approved GED. After all those calls, I called Belford back and told them I wanted a refund on the fake diploma and they got very rude with me and told me the same line again and then hung up on me.

At that point, I was very upset and called Strayer University back and spoke with a rep. He advised me to look them up on an accreditation locator and guess what, International Accreditation Agency for Online Universities (IAAOU) and Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA) are not located on the list of accepted accreditation groups for anywhere that I can find. Also, if you go to a high school locator, Belford is not found either. At this point, I was ready to explode.

I called Belford back for the last time and demanded to speak with a supervisor. I was told that they weren't putting me through because they could help me with my problem. So I, in not so nice words, yelled at them and told them what all the schools were telling me and that I had to go get a state approved GED to go to college because the diploma was no good. They gave me the same line again, so I told them that I looked them up on both of the locators, high school locator and accreditation locator, and that they were not on there and I wanted to know why. Again, all they said was that they were accredited internationally, so I told them they would be hearing from my lawyers.

I am now saving up money to sue Belford for fraud and I am currently going to school for my GED to go to college. I recommend to everyone trying to get their diploma online to look up the schools first and if you can't find information online about them, call your local college and they would be more than happy to look up the school for you and tell you if it is accepted. But do not go to Belford High School online for anything. I am not the first person to sue them or have problems with them. If you just type Belford High School online, all kinds of scam and fraud links come up for them about their diplomas and much more!

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