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I interviewed several different people from the school before deciding to attend. I was not advised the field I had chosen, Phlebotomy. They have restrictions on body piercing, tattoos and fingernail length. I have four tattoos, one nose piercing and 10 long and beautifully air brushed nails. I believe these things should have been mentioned before the State of California paid for the complete course. Had I been advised of these things, I could have made an informed decision at that time and not left to wonder what is going to happen.


I enrolled into this college under the false information that I would be in and out of this school in 5 weeks and given two weeks of the required externship that was needed in order to work with this certificate. I began my schooling on the 5th of January and finished my 5 weeks on Feb. 11th. It is now April 14th and I have yet to have my externship, meaning I have yet to be able to work. I paid them the $5,000, as did every other student. They got their money. What did we get?


My account (Apex Alarms)was sent to collections because my debit card was was stolen and I obtained a new one. My $45.99 was oomimg out monthly on my debit card. Apex Alarm representative refused to take my new card # because I didn't know my password. (July 2008) She didn't tell me at that time that she could mail my password out to me. Anderson, Crenshaw & Assoc. got my account and began to harass me and my husband to no end. They advised that they were going to garnish my husband's check, they would notify his employer to tell thim what happened, and advised that their attorneys on staff had begun the lawsuit process. I spoke to them on 10/21 and paid $250 for re-instatement through Apex. I was told that once I pd that amt. Apex would allow me to cont. my monthly fee. On 11/7/08, I contacted Apex and spoke with a supervisor who informed me that A, C, & Assoc. used false tatics to get me to pay them. Once I have paid to a 3rd party, it out of Apex hands. If I had called the company back without pymt, Apex would have re-instated me.

I contacted A,C, & Assoc who demanded that I pay them $250 today, and $250 in Dec and Jan. I advised them that the most I could pay was $100 today, $100 for Dec, $100 in Jan. The call was recorded and the supervisor refused to take nothihng less than $200. Needless to say she became abrupt and hung up the phone. Can they refuse to take a payment? I was going to mail them a $100 check and cont. to pay monthly until its paid out. What are the repuccsions of paying the collection company monthly? They advised my total amount was $2200. They demanded that I put $800 on our credit card. They had already looked up to see how much we had on the master card. I refused to put it on the card b/c of the high interest rate.


Call me daily, sometimes back-to-back, somtimes twice daily. This is for a debt of $300.00. This is for not paying for security service that I did not have. I paid an extra year and a half without knowing it and now they want another year because I failed to give them 60 days notice of cancelling my contract. I thought my contract was up and did give them notice in a payment. They told me that no one is at the payment center to read notes. So I have refused to pay them another year for nothing.

I no longer had a land line and when I called them they did not mention to me about giving the 60 day notice when I told the man that I thought I had time left on my contract and would therefore keep paying it. Now this collection company is harrassing me. They almost always call on my cell phone.

The company at first harrassed me with threats of filing a law suit and what did I want to do. I insisted that they should do what they needed as I was not paying another penny. They called back and asked me the same thing. Again, I told them to do what they needed to do that I was not paying this bill. I am not working at this time either. They did put this on my credit report. I have filed for an investigation.


After my mother had a fall in Dec. 04, We had Counterforce Security take over her monitoring which included a pendant for her to wear and press for 911 if she fell. The system quit working and repeated calls by herself and other family members failed to get her system repaired. Feb, 06 she fell and lay 3 hours before making it to the phone. She was in severe pain all this time with broken bones and resultant blood clots to both lungs and heart. She is now on oxygen and CHF drugs for the rest of her life, and she is 88. Counterforce still did not fix her system, and all this time were automatically drafting the monitoring fee despite a non working system. Now this Collection agency is hounding her causing her severe distress to say it mildly. I called Paul and asked him not to call my mother again as her blood pressure is at stroke level. As soon as I got off the phone with him, and he was the rudest "thing" I have ever spoken with, he called my mother 3 times. Is there a law in Alabama about a collection agency harrassing an 88 year old sick woman repeatedly when asked not to? I am ill my self and cannot travel there right now to do what needs to be done.

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Oct 06 a Security System was installed by Firstline Security Inc located at 370 West Center St, Orem Utah 84057. I defaulted on my payment of $44.00 a month for the home security system. In Sept 07 I rcvd a bill from Firstline Security for $761.30. I sent in a CC pymt of $537.00 I believe that Firstline was also charging me for phone service I signed up for in 06 but never recv'd. I made a partial pymt toward the total bill due that Firstline sent. I recv'd a Collections letter from Anderson Crenshaw and Assoc in Oct 07, demanding $4364.92. I called Firstline Oct 11 07 and they transferred me to the collections dept.

I spoke to the person handling my case, she said that I owed the total $761.30 plus $4364.92.firstline never processed my partial pymt. I asked for an explanation she said that if I did not pay the $4364.92 plus I still owed the $761.30 they were going to put a lien on the house, She told me she had all my credit information and she started reading it to me. Stating that she had all the information she needed. She then transferred me to her floor manager. I cannot remember his name but He told me that yes they did recv'd my pymt but if I didn't make arrangements to pay the $4364.92 I would accur additional charges of $1563.00 attorney fees a total close to $7,000 and it would be a lien against the house.

I asked him why was Firstline still sending me bills and the amt was totally different it was $761.30 he said they just didn't get around to removing me from the billing system, but my service had already been disconnected.I told him I was not working I was on SSD and wanted to know how they came to that amt. he told me that Firstline was charging me for the full 3yr contract agreement in advance and my service had already been disconnected and I was not entitled to any service I had to pay that money then take out another contract with Firstline for service if I wanted any service. The money they were collecting was not going to give me any service and I had to pay or they will put a lien on the house, he also stated that Firstline was not going to furnish any itemized bill for me to view the charges , he said that it was in my contract that they can do this. he then hung up the phone.

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