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After only 5 out of 30 days of using their standard subscription monthly plan. I've decided to move on to another website builder. But I would like my refund of $29.95 before moving on. And so I opened 2 cases and 1 ticket and technical support could not process my refund, technical support said I need to call billing during open hours Mon-Friday 8am to 6pm Central Time in order to get my refund. So I called billing and what they said blew me away. And that was they do not offer refunds no matter if you make the refund request within 5 days, 15 days or 30 days or even the day after you just made the payment. And the billing rep said that I need to cancel my account before the same subscription goes through next month.

All they do is take you money! Their refund service is worse than Weebly, Wix and Shopify who will offer a refund upon your request within 30 days or less. Unlike BigCommerce who does not offer a refund at all no matter if you make the refund request even under 30 or 15 days or 5 days or the day after you just made the payment. Don't use if you ever want a refund! Please they won't give it to you like weebly, wix and

Satisfaction Rating

From setting up my two stores, to importing content, to getting a custom template implemented for our stores, I was nothing but pleased with the process. The account manager assigned to my account was responsive to support requests as well as very helpful in escalating the issues to other people when he needed some additional support/info. The customization options are excellent and allow for easy changes to be made by even non-technical team members.

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BigCommerce is a global e-commerce software company that has offices in Australia as well as in the United States.

  • Offers e-commerce tutorials: Users can take lessons online to learn how to set up their stores and how to market.
  • Ease of use: Website design template is easy to use, making setup a snap even for the most inexperienced user.
  • Bulk uploads make it easy to create product listings: Users can upload information about all their products at once, speeding up the catalog creation process.
  • Storage: Low-level plans offer only 5GB of storage; users must pay extra in order to be able to upload large numbers of pictures or videos.
  • Transaction: Users may have to pay fees to complete certain transactions using this software.
  • Best for Small businesses, mail order businesses

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