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It happened to me and I have been with them since '08. The first 3 years is ok with a little mishaps here and there. Then it went downhill from there. With all their server maintenance occurrence, you can bet that your store will stop working as it should be. It will never be the same... Errors upon errors, from customers wasn't able to check out, wrong username, wrong password, wrong captcha, no products in your shopping cart, social bookmark, share and likes never work and all they could tell you is "Sorry but I could not resolve your problem." It must be on your end, or your bank, or Paypal but never them! I spent so much money paying for SEO people, seeing customers come in droves just to see them leave out of frustration because their damn shopping cart doesn't work!

So save yourselves a headache and your business and look somewhere else. From 172k/annual credit card sales went to 130K+ to less than 100K/annual sales... I will attach the last year and this year's income for reference from the dashboard then 2014 from the report. I wish business owners who lost money using 3dcart's service should be compensated or have the money that was lost return to us. We lost all these business because of their incompetence and their system that doesn't work. It's a long shot but I'm hoping that someone will initiate a Class Action Lawsuit against these them. I will be happy to join.

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I build websites for a living and have used/am using 3dCart for 2 of my customers. These are simple carts and are working well. I think that 3dCart is a good choice for someone starting out with e-commerce. The cart is easy to set up. Telephone support is fair to good. You only get to talk with Level 1 which is annoying when that person does not know the answer. I would recommend 3dCart for someone starting out with a small number of products.

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3dcart must be having an internal contest for worst customer service ever going. We currently have 3 websites with them (soon to be 0). We have been trying for 3 months to have them cancel one of the sites. After following the "instructions" posted on their admin site, they continued to withdraw fee every month. After 2 months we called and were told they will not cancel any service unless they have a verbal request (not mentioned on their website). We then called twice but received a message that nobody was available, please leave message. We did, three times. Month 3, still no refund and withdrew fees again. After calling again we spoke to John, who told me on the phone that he saw our request to cancel from back in June, but of course he couldn't help us, we would have to speak to billing.

We asked for John's supervisor and we were refused. John said, "That's our policy. I can't forward you to a supervisor." AND it was company policy that he couldn't forward my call to billing, I would have to contact them myself. So I emailed billing, got an email back from Tiffany, who essentially said "Yea... sorry... I can't help you. It's policy to need a verbal request."

I told Tiffany I called 3 times and left message to call back. She said she never received any message although she too saw the request from June. Tiffany also said she is available at any time to speak to customers. I asked her for her phone number so I could call her right away.... never heard from her again. The "**-you attitude 3dcart employees have with the people paying their salary rivals the worst in the industry. Do whatever you have to to keep your business with another merchant. I may pay more but I'm moving my remaining two websites (I have the $129.99 per month Power Plan) to another merchant.

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3D Cart’s founder originally wanted to bring shopping cart functionality to small businesses. Today, this hosted e-commerce software offers many other functions to businesses of all sizes.

  • Versatile web design options: Users can customize their store site in almost any way imaginable, with over 70 templates and a wide variety of tools available.
  • Easy inventory management tools: Easy inventory management tools. Users can easily manage single pieces of inventory or all their inventory at once, and can mark certain products as up-sells.
  • SEO and blogging tools: 3DCart offers both SEO tools and blog integration, making it easier for users to generate content and check it for SEO.
  • Web design: Users may have a hard time designing their site, as the web design tools tend to not user-friendly.
  • Bandwidth: Even the highest-priced plans limit bandwidth, so large sites may run into problems.
  • Best for Mail order businesses, brick and click businesses

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