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Now I would imagine if you buy in the USA @ a vape store it would get quite expensive for the lower grade ecig kits... I buy directly from China & I own 2 200 watt KangerTech dual battery mods, & 1 50 watt, & also 2 single coil Pyrex glass sub-tanks & 2 KangerTech Protank 4 Evolved Dual coil tanks. They can't begin to compare to the Evod's. I paid I think $36 for the 200 watt. It's temperature control... & I bought my Clapton coils from China for $4 for 10 (They last months in my tanks!!).

I make my wicking from the Dollartree cotton ball bags & I order my ** Base from N Carolina 1 liter for $30 & add menthol crystals dissolved in PG. You can't just pick up a kit or mod & expect to be immediately vaping huge clouds... There is some experience involved. Exposure to ecigs (good & bad) will let your mind figure out how to work on them. I make my own coils & it's not every "easy". People oversimplify things in their mind & when it does not work out like they like they get mad... Extreme patience is needed on mods in all areas of ecigs... & DONT CARRY THEM IN YOUR POCKETS!!!

Bought a KangerTech Evod yesterday. Store did not carry the eGo-T that I wanted. Evod "looks" similar and weighs about the same. The Store has been extremely reliable and helped me in the past so I trusted them. I am returning tomorrow for a refund. The Kanger lost charge in a few hours. I recharged it quickly in about an hour and a half. Pleased. Only it now would not operate. Fiddled with it a half hour and it started familiar hiss for few seconds then started crackling and then SPARKING. Luckily it was not fully in my mouth and only MY LIPS GOT BURNED! Going online to find another eGo-T. Bought it in Arizona on vacation in March so I don't know who makes it. May have to call store in AZ. But I will do that before I ever buy another Kanger product!

I bought this mod and had it for 20 DAYS when it broke. I went to the retailer and they told me I needed to contact Kanger because it is a manufacture defect. After a few weeks of going back and forth with the company (KANGER) on proof and videos of the issue they passed it back on to the retailer to deal with the manufacture defect. They are not a company that stands by their products or for their customers. I recommend to NEVER BUY A KANGER. Battery not working after being fully charged, button malfunction that doesn't allow the extra device to work. Worst customer service and Chinese CRAP! Individuals who did get a good one I am glad you like it and hope you will never need to deal with customer service.

I purchased my KangerTech 4 months ago and neither the store nor KangerTech will honor the warranty which was a 6 month warranty. My e-cig showed charged and it will only last for about 5 minutes. After returning to the store they stated I had to go through KangerTech for the warranty. No big deal, I emailed KangerTech and heard only excuses! I received a general reply email from KangerTech stating I wasn't charging it correctly with their charger. Just a way for them to not cover their warranty. Trust me I charged it exactly per their instructions. Don't buy KangerTech products unless you like throwing your money away!

Bought a Kangertech Subox Nano. Worked poorly for a month and then it started leaking badly. Ruined my clothing and my auto upholstery. Called customer service and got the runaround. Sent 3-4 emails back and forth and then I realized they were just blowing me off, waiting for me to give up. They don't have customer service and do not stand behind their product. I've heard similar stories. DO NOT BUY KANGERTECH.

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$100 in Canada, within two weeks... battery went from 8 hour charge down to 1/2 hour on lowest setting. Retailer said I have to go to company. Company won't honor warranty and points to retailer. I'm out $100 and my KangerTech battery won't hold a charge for more than 5 minutes now after only 5 months. I'd never buy one again. It won't be long before they go out of business with the customer service they give. Kangertech already confirmed my receipt and purchase. So no point in adding it again. Already got the lip service... Thanks for nothing.

The tank was 100$ and began leaking immediately, now after 4 weeks it will not hold a charge. Kanger in China will not take responsibility and the retailer will not either.

I bought a KangerTech KBOX Mini for over $100 with tax and a few days after I bought it, it began leaking juice massively! I tried changing the coil and still leaks then changed it several more times and still leaks... I tried replacing the bottom part of the tank and it still leaked. I have tried pretty much everything even replacing the seals. I don't know where its leaking from or why. I am so disappointed and I cannot afford another vapor. NOT WORTH THE HIGH PRICE!!!

I HATE Kangertech with a PASSION!!! The Subox mini (or the Subpar Mini as I call it) was my first vaping experience. It was awesome for about 18 days. Then I went to charge the device and noticed that the USB charging port had broken off. IT BROKE OFF!!! It was rattling inside the case. After talking with the B&M store where I purchased it I decided to just ignore it and buy an extra battery and external charger for convenience. Three weeks later, the tank started exhibiting the 9.99 ohm error. I borrowed a tank from a friend and it works on the mod, my brothers tank works on the mod. Just my tank doesn't hold a stable resistance. I tried all the fixes I could find online and even had an engineer try and figure out the problem. I documented everything and contacted Kangertech USA service by email. I gave them pictures, copy of receipts, Authenticity info.

I didn't receive a response to my email for 4 days. Finally, I got tired of waiting, I found out their phone number and contacted them. Their response was to send me a form letter telling me to send them everything I had already sent them except the physical device. I get the impression they didn't even read my email. Vaping isn't a hobby we do when we have time. These companies need to realize that we use them ALL DAY LONG! Mailing in the device requires me to buy a second unit. I paid extra at a local store expecting that the added cost meant added service, just like other items you buy. Nope! Screw Kangertech and other companies that take our money for their defective crap and then not take any risk or responsibility themselves in the repair/service/replace warranty process. I purchased another device that does not have the Kangertech logo on it and I will NEVER buy another Kanger product again.

I bought the KangerTech Emow about a month ago for $50. It seemed like a good deal, especially since it came with a charger and extra coils. But within two weeks the tank started leaking. I am not sure why, I think it was because of the cold, but I rarely took it out of the house so that doesn't make much sense either. I replaced the tank, and literally three days later it wouldn't charge. I had it plugged in for over four hours and the charger showed "green," but when I tried to use it it just didn't work. So now I have to replace the other half of it. I bought a $15 vape at Walgreens and it worked better than the KangerTech Emow vape.

I recently purchased a kbox mini vape from a KangerTech vendor. I had the product a couple days then the charger no longer worked in it... I used a phone charger and the only way it will charge is if the charger is pushed down on while in it! I went back and forth emailing Kangertech to have them ask me for the information I had already given them... They wanted me to send the product and all that came with it back to get looked at (which I had no problem with) but in return I asked if I could have a replacement in the meantime, considering for how much I just paid for this one, there was no way I could buy a new one. This had got me to quit smoking cigarettes!! So I could not be without one.

I wasn't looking for a freebie and would have sent the replacement back as soon as I would have gotten mine back, but obviously they don't give a ** about keeping customers. I've had a lot of people say that they want to get the one I have, I tell them to go with anything else but Kangertech, and I will tell everybody else the same thing!! I'm very dissatisfied with their so called customer care!!

I've only had mine about 2 months. First week it started leaking juice. Looked online. Use more cotton. Week or so later change out the "throw away coil". Massive leaks. Adding more cotton did not help this time, bad seal. Used the changeable coil which works better but still leaks if you don't have it JUST RIGHT. Went to go smoke outside at work yesterday juice all over my desk. Baffled as to what now. Then I noticed a BIG crack in the glass cylinder, which was even more troubling than the coils, because I took EXTREMELY good care & caution with this vape mod. I'm now looking at buying a completely different mod. DONE WITH THIS POS! What is more irritating this thing was $60. Not worth the cost!

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Kanger offers several products designed for high quality vaping. The EVOD is a starter kit aimed at first-time and regular users. It is one of the most popular and recommended starter kits available.

  • Easy to use: Easy to fill and use
  • Liquids: Large capacity for e-liquid
  • Look and feel: Attractive design and appearance
  • Vapor: The vapor has a very loose draw users will either find this great or less satisfying.
  • Flavor: E-liquid flavor is muted and vapor production is less than similar devices. This may be good for users that want less flavor and vapor.
  • Best for Light users, long-term smokers, relapsing smokers, current e-cig users

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